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[19 May 2004|07:48pm]
today was a long boring day. nothing fun happened in school. everything seems to be really boring these days..like nothing fun happens anymore...maybe cuz its toward the end of the year and everyone just wants to get the hell outta there. I joined a gym a few days ago with my mom...we went today. it was a lot of fun...hopefully ill stop looking so disgusting.

one thing that makes me really mad is my dad. i know it takes time for a family to get used to the whole divorce setting but it seems he comes over so much...i know he has to see my brother but my mom knows how my relationship is with my dad and i think it would be nice to take into consideration my feelings abouth aving to see him. i mean it really hurts to see your own father show so much love towards your brother but show you nothing but hate...and i dont even know why he hates me...he has no reason too. but thats between him and himself...because obviously he doesnt want to tell anyone why he despises me...i dunno but it really hurts a lot...cuz he does things purposely to show how he loves my brother and not me. like he always makes sure to give my borther money when im around...but i dont get anything...he always does things with my borther but im not invited...it really hurts knowing ill never have a father...ill never have a father to go running to when im upset...or help me with school...or to walk me down the isle when i get married...but id rather have no father than him as one...but still it isnt right cuz i know i didnt do anything for him to not like me he just has his own issues...i think he never wanted a daughter to begin with or something. o well it only makes me a stronger person and it really does make me independant.

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