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Monday, September 8th, 2003
4:38 pm - working class boys dreaming of girls from far away points
Blue info
Your Heart is Blue

What Color is Your Heart?
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right on the money quizilla, as usual :-P

sooo, not much has happened, gave Jennay her ticket today. Rebecca still doesnt know if she wants to go cus Jordan is being a dweeboid lol. We alllll should go, it would be fun ya know? Not much has happened school wise, still keeping low downs on getting in a relationship or whatnot, not like I'm capable of getting a g/f anyway tho lol. Um what else, Oh yeah I was doing my book presentation in English and sum1's cell phone kept ringing! How rude! but i could care less i dont have any real friends in that class anyway so who gives a fuck right? We did a thing in health and it was fun, we did a number line of how far we wanted to live till, i picked 90. So we drew 5 year increments on the line and out in 5 goals we wanted to acheive. I put down, college at 23, have six kidsat 42, retire at 67, get my own country at 70, and have my own tv sitcom when I was 76. Then she read off some things that might limit our lifespan, and they each had a certain amount of years they took off. I ended up losing 23 years :-(. I didnt get my sitcom or my country *sniffle*

cant think of anything else at this el momento, cya later blurty


current mood: jealous
current music: Further Seems Forever - Snowbirds and Townies

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Saturday, September 6th, 2003
8:34 pm - The worst is can have the best of me
omjc soo much happened yesterday its hard to remember it all... I'll go in order of major events...

School was cool, had fun. After school I looked around for west or mo cus west was driving mo home and i was gonna chill, but i didnt see them. So I walked to where we parked the car in the morning and it wasent there. Walked back to school for like a 1/2 hour and finally ran into them. So we dropped Mo off and headed to the ole LCM.

We went to Kleins and I got my 70's sunglasses <333 So we left and headed to CLifton to meet some ladies. We got there and talked to rachael and britt for a minute and got Arby's. Then FUCKING CHRISSY WEST'S EX GF SHOWED UP(she is such a bad person, im not gonna tell u why but trust me)!!! She was trying to make him jealous n shit so we were like fuck this shit, and she fucking called me a poser LOL!!!

So we left and I called chrissy on her cell and bitched her out, and so did west. So we were high on adrenaline so we went woman cruising at Xgates. We got a couple ladies smiling at us but thats about it. Then we moved on to Colonie Center for more beautiful girls lol. We found Mcduff. West and I were still rowdy so he flipped him off. It was great, then we ran into him and his friends again and they talked shit to West, but he held his ground and told them to fuck off it was great. So we left, then they found us at a red light and told us to follow them to fight, yea 2 vs 6 at night, w/e. West said we'd go but we just ditched them and sped away, kinda pussish but really, kinda unfair.

So we went to his house and went to bed. Thats about it, but omg it was great, I felt like I was in a 80's teen movie!

current mood: crappy
current music: New Found Glory - My friends over you

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Thursday, September 4th, 2003
3:36 pm - Thought I'd toss this in to :-p
You have a dominant kiss- you take charge and make
sure your partner can feel it! Done artfully,
it can be very satisfactory if he/she is into
you playing the dominant role MEORW!

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current mood: rockin out
current music: American Hi-Fi "Flavor of the Week"

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2:59 pm - omjc the first days over
First day of school, over and done with. It was actually pretty fun, I loved every second of it. That probably seems wierd but you got to understand my perspective... I love being around people, especially ones I know cand am close with, it just gives me some good feeling. Kinda dorky I know, but I'm trying to focus on the positive and not the negative like I usually do. Plus I had my school supplys, my cinniman gum, the garden gnome for my locker, and my trusty yo-yo. I was prepared for anything.

Oh yeah I gave Jennay her duct tape, she seemed happy lol so thats good. She reminds me of myself kinda, with the happy outside but the sad confused inside. But thats ok cus we're cool kids and thats all that matters! lol wow im a nerd haha oh yea Jennay told me if neither of us have dates for prom we should go together. I tried tellin he that she deff wont have that problem with not having a date but she doesnt seem to beleive me. She'll seeeeeeee, but hey I wouldnt mind going with her, but thats still a long time away.

haha oh yeah my chem lab partner is lyndsay gaylord, which sucks lol cus I'm pretty sure she doesnt like me, ooo well. Leah's in my lab tho so thats cool. No english with any friends :'(

Well until I can think of anything worth saying later ill post again

current mood: pleased
current music: NFG - Better Off Dead

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Thursday, August 28th, 2003
7:03 pm - new outlook
IM feeling better now. I talked to Julia and found out some really gay stuff melissa did. Oh well. I know i gotta get over my feelings for her, cus even if i ever do get a chance i know it wont work. Plus she appears to be friends with heather again and i dont want anything to do with her ever again.

Went school shopping yesterday, got some pants and tshirts. I also found one of my books on sparknotes so i dont have to read that one now <333

Damnit i smel like cinnamin. and its giving me a headache :-\

I really cant wait for school, having a social life will be pretty cool again. haha oh yeah i almost forgot, me and rebecca had a nice chat about pop culture last night, i must say for two asshats we made a few good points. Friggin Posers. I think i found a new favorite song to add to my collection. 3eb - Crystal Baller. I should prolly not listen to it to much cus if i do ill start to hate it.

current mood: headache >:-|
current music: AFI - God Called in sick today

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12:26 am - i wanna be your crystal baller
This is so wierd. She's the only girl thats ever done this to me. The only one that can bring a tear to my eye with the thought of her being with someone else. Why the fuck do I care so much...i care so much it hurts...

current mood: cold
current music: 3eb - Crystal Baller

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
9:19 pm - guily by association
You know that feeling you get when you love someone more then anything, but you know you'll never be with them. I do. Lets take a trip into history...

November 2002
My friend is trying to help me out after me dumped by my current friend Kim. He tells me to talk to his cousin who is single. I begin talking to her, and we get close. We talk almost everyday on the phone, and I develop a unique friendship with her, and we tell eachother everything. Soon we start to hang out and i realize I like her more then I think. We try to meet up more but she constantly never shows up. I get angered a little but i care to much to stay mad.

December 2002
We are still friends and we get even closer. I start talking to her cousin Heather who is also her best friend. Things are going good, but one day I can feel she's not feeling well so I try to help but instead she lashes out at me which hurt me pretty bad, considering I am in love with her at this point. We make up after a few days which is releiving. Things go back to normal.

January 2003
I go to her house for a new years party. We had a lot of fun, but she seems to try and avoid me the whole night, and doesnt talk to me much. Me and heather continue to get closer, but i dont see her as more then a friend. Then I find out about John. He is heathers ex who is a real jerk. He broke up with heather b/c he cheated on her, with my friends cousin, who I like. I find out she is in love with him and it pretty much crushes me. We get in a fight about it, and we dont talk anymore. In my saddened state heather asks me out, and I say yes.

February 2003
Me and [censored] continue to not talk, and it lasts for long time. Me and heather are still going out. Things are going good and I get news that {censored} is going out with john. I could say everything thats wrong with him but to spare him getting his shit told to everyone i'll just say this, he wont go far in life. She claims to be in love with him. Their uncle dies and heather is about to break down and i say something wrong. she breaks up with me near the end of Feb. me and [censored] still are not talking

March 2003
this was the worst month of them all. [censored] and heather make up and she is still dating john. soon they have problems and break up. me and her get close again and make up. i still feel that she lovs him even tho she doesnt. she leads me one again and i find out she is trying to get back together with john and just playing with me. one night online heather begins to harass me and insult me, i ask to talk to [censored] and she tells me shes making up with john and never liked me. John even threatened to beat me up if i didnt stop talking to them. Broken hearted i give up hope, and never talk to them again.

April 2003

I still dont talk to them, on easter i see them at church, i coldly ignore them, but the look on [censored]'s face seems like she wanted to say something to me but couldnt. Later that month she calls me and tells me shes sorry for eeverything she ever did to me, and she wishes we were like we were before. She said she is an idiot for never giving me a chance, and that i was the sweetest, nicest, best guy she ever met. (heather said the same thing when we were dating). I tell her we'll talk again, but i still have my doubts.

June 2003
me and [censored] are close, but not as before. The wierd thing is, my feelings for her never changed. Through everything she did i loved her. I still do but lets finish the story. Im a mess from heather and her and what they did before. I allow [censored] into my life again and hope something will happen. Nothing does and i start to try and forget my feeligns and just be her friend. I go out with another girl, and I can tell [censored] is hurt by it.

July 2003
things arent going well with me and suzi, and john has come back into [censored]'s life. I hate this knowing he isnt good for her. I tell her to forget about him b/c all he ever does is hurt her. she tells me shes done with him but i know she still is in love with him. The rest of the month goes on like this.

August 2003
Me and suzi break up. {cencored} seems to be over john, thankfully. I just wish i can be a part of her life. Her step dad dies of cancer and she's heartbroken. I try so hard to help, but i cant find any words that would help her. I feel like an idiot. I want to be with her so bad, i told her i still loved her like i did before. but she feels that she ruined our friendship. I havent seen her in person since february. things are unsatisfactory now. we dont talk as much, and it seems like im not part of her life anymore. but i love her, i know what ur thinking 'ur only 16 u dont really love her"..,but your wrong, i'd do anything for her, sometimes i dream about her, i know thats reallly wierd but its the truth, nothing bad tho, just like dreams of memories and things i wish would happen. im stuck in this circle and i dont know how to break out of it. and now it seems like we'll never be together and we might not even see eachother that much anymore.

if i think of anything else to add ill post again later....

current mood: depressed
current music: Linkin Park - Papercut

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Monday, August 25th, 2003
11:53 am - Sweet chin music...
Yesterday was friggen awesome. I went to Don's house with Sean to jam a little. I played the Bass Guitare for the first time, man I loved it. I thought i was doing ok, and they both said I was catching on quick so thats coool. I actually played some of a song with them. btw sean plays drums and don plays guitar. I learned some white stripes, nirvana, and a bass riff don made himself. It was koo, we're gonna try to do it again on thursday. Well im out for now, later gator

current mood: tired
current music: Mudvayne - The Patient Mental

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
2:03 pm - There is no spoon
Whoot Whoot!

Sup g-money's. Its been a few days, sorry bout that I jsut haven't been im the updating mood in a while. But I'm back...for now at least. Well, here's a quiz I just took:

What Is Your Animal Personality?

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Cool eh? Well here's what has happened lately. I broke up with my g/f, but it was cool b/c she said she felt the same way but didn't know how to tell me. It feels good to be single again, less stress and crap. I'm freeeee. Hmm what else, oh yeah I'm gonna try to learn the Bass Guitar cus me, sean, and don might start a band. I have my doubts but hopefully I can learn the bass cus i'd love to be in a band.

OH YEAH I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!!!!! Hell yeas man, score one for me. I also bought like $200 worth of T-Shirts for school, muwahaha. I'm also shopping around for a new TV for my room <33

I'll finish with this:


The ULTIMATE personality test
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current mood: calm
current music: Unwritten Law - Before I Go

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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
2:10 pm - Spanish Rap is awesome
Last night me, mo, and west were crusing around to malls n such creating havoc. It was fun, we followed some 10 yearolds and mimiced everything they did for like 15 minutes and they never caught on. Then we starred at the people at the fitness center working out, I think I freaked em out. Oh yeah, then we went to Colonie Center and sang the Hanson song "MMM Bop" really loud. That was fun. haha i almost forgot, we tried on a lot of hats at the holloween store. They got the coolest friggen hats in the world. They prolly even had an asshat somewhere. My favorite was the giant cowboy hat like the one in dumb and dumber.

Later that night we sat in West's basement watching a bunch of cheesy teen movies on digital cable. Oh yeah we caught a turtle in a pond and now its in a fish tank in his room. We named him Fuck Up cus he's pretty fucked up. I got work today from 3-9 cus I'm covering for Hershil. Damnit He annoys me. I'd much rather stay home but I told him I'd cover or him so I gotta go in. Well, I'm out for now. C'ya later alligator...

current mood: indifferent
current music: The Air conditioner noise..burrr its cold

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Monday, August 11th, 2003
12:11 am - blah on the future
wow I just got really depressed all of a sudden. I was watching American Pie earlier and it got me whole life has been going by like a blurr. I'm going into my Junior year of highschool...where did the time go. I don't want to grow up yet, I want to stay with my friends and keep my simple life. It makes me kinda sad to think about the future, will I have friends like I do now, what will I do? Maybe I'm just being paranoid...I dont want my life to pass me by. Will I fall in love, will I have a life worht living...I think I need to stop worrying about these things though, I'm just stressing myself out.

current mood: discontent
current music: Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life

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Sunday, August 10th, 2003
9:21 pm - Yes, I copied Wendy...
A: AFI - God Called in Sick Today
B: Blink 182 - Whats My Age Again
C: Cake: Comfort Eagle
D: Disturbed - Down With the Sickness
E: E-Town Concrete - The Pheonix
F: Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot
G: Goldfinger - Superman
H: Hootie and the Blowfish - Let Her Cry
I: Incubus - Out from Under
J: Jimmey Eat World - In the Middle
K: Killswitch Engage - My Last Serenade
L: Linkin Park - Session
M: Metallica - Fade to Black
N: New Found Glory - Congratualtions You're Beautiful
O: Offspring - Pretty Fly for a White Guy
P: Pantera - Cemetary gates
Q: Queen - Princes of the Universe
R: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californiacation
S: Saves the Day - Nightengale
T: Tenacious D - Explosivo
U: Unwritten Law - California Sky
V: Vanilla Ice - Too Cold
W: White Stripes - Pretty Good Looking
X: Xzibit - Say My Name
Y: Damnit Can't think of anything for "Y"
Z: Zwan - Endless Summer

There it is yo

current mood: anxious
current music: Rob Dougan - Furious Angels

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Saturday, August 9th, 2003
5:33 pm - Online Quiz time!
Say Anything...

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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current music: Ozzy - Bark at the Moon

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5:06 pm - And If I claim to be a wise man, it clearly means I don't know
Hello Craig. Life has been, well, gay lately. Firstly work yesterday was stressful. We had just pushed about 20 carts in, and it was very hot, so we were pretty tired. So we sat down for a sec and got some water so we didn't get dehydrated. Then the manager came out and told us to follow him. We went to his office and he talked to us about how its not cool to sit down b/c it makes the company look bad and the other employee's look bad. So he threatened to fire us if we ever did it again. Then Feris, a lower level manager said we embarressed him in front of his boss and if we did it again we'd lose our jobs. So in a fit of rage and anger I punched a wooden wall, dented it and pretty much sprained two fingers. Cool eh?

Work today wasent any better. Around 12 I got really sick, I felt like throwing up, I had a migrane, and I was having cold chills. I felt like shit. Now I'm home in my air conditioned home and Its oh so comfy. Rented Me Myself and Irene, classic movie. Oh yeah Matt, West, and Matt's g/f visited me at work. It was nice to see familiar faces, cheered me up a little bit. Oh yeah my home dogg Shaun got caught by his g/f cus he was talking to his ex. Sorry bro.

current mood: stressed
current music: Led Zepplin - Stairway to Heaven

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Friday, August 8th, 2003
2:28 pm - The Matrix Has You...
I'm watching the matrix, I heart that movie man. I'm really really bored right now. Ugh I have work today from 5-9. It's only 4 hours opposed to my usual 8 hour shift. I want to do something tonight but I can't since I have work at 8 tomorrow morning :-(. Me and Melissa have been talking about hanging out sometime, that'd be cool seeing as I haven't seen her since like January, lol its been quite a while. Looks like it might rain later, fun!

Damnit I have to do my summer reading project. I havent even begun to read any of the books yet. I don't even have them now that I think of it. I better get reading or I'm screwed. Gay Summer English Projects.

I think Angel is back on TV. I liked that show, and since Buffy is all over Angel is all I have left. It's a good show tho, with vampires n such. R.I.P. Buffy, I'll miss you spike! He was my favorite baddass vampire. I saw PotC again yesterday. Thats a good movie, Jack Sparrow is friggen asshat awesome with his cool braided mustache. I like him cus he seems like a fuckin psycho all the time.

I can only show you the're the one who has to walk through it.

current mood: drained
current music: The Matrix in the backround

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Thursday, August 7th, 2003
10:47 pm - I feel like I'm da hotdog and y'all be da bun
Yo son whaddup in dis piesh son. This is my FIRST entry in my kickass Blurty. Zehr gut ja? muwahaha! So far I have one friend, Sir Becca. She is the fucking coolest kid on the EARTH. OMFG if anything was cooler then Becca I'd shoot it in the face b/c its not natural. See...I wrote good things, so will you let my grandparents go now? PLEASE?! Ok Blurty is boring me now...and THIS FUCKING PENGUIN WONT STOP THROWING ICE CUBES AT ME....*crashes and booms* ::Rocket Launcher goes off::

Lets see him try that again....

current mood: horny
current music: Relient K - Forward Motion

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