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[11 Oct 2003|04:47pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | shut the fuck up ]

been up
been down
been here
been there
been in
been out
and nowhere
is better than

so yeah, lots has happend, but hmm...fuck it. new site. if you want the adress, i'll hook it up. otherwise, you'll have to just deal with the sparse postings i dole out to your hungry minds :)

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i cant stand it [28 Sep 2003|11:11am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | tool~prison sex ]

i screwed up again. and life is seeming pretty monotone. pointless, even. i cant take this. i already snapped last nite, but at least i got taped together last nite. sleep mends well, for now. a temporary sense of sanity.

so much work to do. no rest for the weary. whatever. i'll live. i hope.

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[27 Sep 2003|01:55pm]
hey, there's a friends only entry...tell me if u want to see it
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shrinking violet {your beauty is so vain} [24 Sep 2003|05:14pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]
[ music | low~kelly clarkson (hell yeah...pop roots showin...) ]

i bite my tongue so hard it bleeds )

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i think i'm dumb... [21 Sep 2003|05:48am]
[ mood | nauseated ]
[ music | dumb~nirvana ]

so wow. school. LOVE.

which is which? are they the same. i think not.

so i'm loving school...
*MATH~mr. v is the best, and me and matt and c.Lo just shit around...but learn, too!! and i understand it, so yeaaaaah man!
*ENGLISH~ok, it's hard, and Mrs. Hubis is a bit...out there? what ever. but i like her. like, she seems stony and bitchy and what not, but she kinda reminds me of me at a much older age. funky. but yeah, i can see myself being a bitch but having a secret smile to myself about it cuz i kno it's for 'the good of the student'. heh; i'm already an old lady at heart.
*SPANISH~ haha...Mrs. McConnel doesnt even pay attention to me in that class!!! i <3 it! i'm such a slacker in spanish; o well, it's like...ew; learn english, because i'm lazy and i own your spanish speaking ass. i'm an ass. anyway, i could totally skip that class without being noticed, cuz there are 34 kids in the class, and it already takes 10 minutes to get through roll, so i dont think she'd notice. and it's the only class i'm chill in. im not even there. chance is still hot.
*CHEM~o wow...Sr. Pat will be the death of meeeeee!!! it's so much work!!! i'm going to curl up and die, but not with musical tallent:( and wow...it's sooooo freakin hard; i'm going to DIE!!! but it'll be fun ;D
*AP~ wow, i like this class...it's some pretty hefty work, a lot of studying and reading, but i can totaly do it. i'mma ace it. i see a 5 in the future, if i work at it. and it's cool, cuz it's actually interesting. and i sit next to cool people, except...well, you'll get that story later
*THEO~ o dear, the only class i truly hate so far; ms. thomas is satan's lesbian spawn. she should... *shudder* i dunno,but she should stop being evil. [NOTE: i just got a pop-up for a lie detector with some sexy blonde on it. so do blondes lie a lot or are they just trying to sell the product? random thought of the day.] and so ms. thomas...i'm just going to lie low in that class and answer and do my homework and be a good little robot, cuz if i fail it, which i REALLY want to, my g-ma is going to take me outta SMH and it's really not worth it. i <3 the spartans waaaay too much.
*Driver's Ed~ whee!! so much fun!! and i'm not even driving!! i just want to know everything; i want to devour the knowledge. i want a friggin 5 on my driving part of the course. oh, and it'll be mine. no doubt. #66 represent!!
*Phys Ed~ ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew!!!! but my shoes are comfy.
*ACTING II~ love it. marti cummings is my best friend and i love him to death!!! aah...acting is going to rock this year.

so there ya have it. and all the classes...well, that's how i feel. i love school! sophmore year isnt as bad as i expected.
you are so five minutes ago )

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LDKFJA;LSDKJFDL;KJ BLURTY!!!! [09 Sep 2003|06:40pm]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | doin the cockroach, yeah! doin the cockroach, oh yeah!!! ]

damn yoooooooou, blurty!!!!!!! it suspended excusemydust!!! what bastards!!! god, if they delete this one, i will just...roar. and more than roar.


aaaaanyway, yeah, guess i have to update this one in the major way.
well, school's started. mucho fun. except a couple thing makes me nauseous. SICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! yeah. eww. people suck. especialy........anyway, i just wish some people would give me a reason to have faith in them, or like them. that would make me oh-so-happy. i want to love everybody, but i'm having my troubles with a few. oh well, guess i'm not a good christian. i can live with that.

and classes:
SPANISH~over run by freshmen; way to demean my intelligence; not exactly a booster to be a sophomore and have a lil froshie out smarting you. nix. jen eum and erin mccullife, and some other sophs phased up, so there's cool people and all. and last year's class. jeeez, i love those kids
ENGLISH~hubis could...eh, be worse. it's gonna be tough. lots of el studying:/ but matt meyers phased into my class, so that's major joy! and the people are always cool. english wont be as fun this year, but who knows; maybe i'll learn something. i think that's the whole idea...
THEOLOGY~oh jeez, shoot me now; ms. thomas is a FRUIT-CAKE!!!!!!!!! we're gonna...clash; unless i work on my suck up skills; which i really dont feel like doing. if i dont like some one, eff 'em; daaaayum; i love being a bitch ;)
LUNCH~ok, not really a class, but i must complain, because i dont have a fucking table!!!!! it got stolen!!! woe is me, tear tear, slit wrists, not a big deal...i know, i know; but really, i...i dont get to sit with my friends. not at tables i want to. i wish that...rrrruuughhhgghrurrrhgugh; and i wish that i...meh; i know what i mean. anyway, lunch will get better once a couple things get out of the way of my pleasure; and i shall make sure that happens;) cuz, ya kno, i'm a god.
ACTING~meh...oh! marty cummings is in my class, and i LOVE HIM!!! and bailey kung, who i've always wanted to meet, is in there too, so it wont be that bad. hopefully. mike everly is still there, though...:/
DRIVER'S ED~ wheeee!!! i'm a kick ass driver, i know it, mrs. rosa will know it; 'nuff said.
CHEMISTRY~that's right, kids, i'm in mother f*cking chemistry>:] muahahaha...i'm so elite. and cocky as shit. dont you wish you were me? well, before you go ahead and say yes, just consider the fact that i'mma have a butt load of work, cuz sr. pat seems like...yeah, i'm getting butt loads and butt loads of chemistry shit. goody:) but then next year i can take AP AQUATIC BIO, which will be major fun-eth. XD mrs. joyce rocks with a vengance.
GEOMETRY~aaah!!! mr. v is the effing man!!!!!! he rocks. and i think he'll be my favorite teacher. he mite be the joe taylor of sophomore year; BUT I WILL NOT DO WHAT IT TAKES THIS YEAR!!!haha...i'm nutty.
AP US HISTORY~=^O yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. i mite drop it. but i wont, cuz the g-rents wont let me, but i should, cuz it's more work than i'm used to. ugggh...i'mma have to study and shit this year :/ ew. i love just skating by with what i absorb in class and the work i decide to do:( o well. work i must, and work i shall. and the senior is prettty cute.................;)
FREE~we'll see...on F day

ok, aaaaaand oh! oh! oh!
john, this frosh at sallies is really h0t, and i got his number at the sallies dance, but he's a freshman, and i dont wanna corrupt him. he's so bright, shiny, new! untarnished, virgin, and innocent. oooh, how i would wield my crafty powers to turn him to the dark side ;P whoo! i'mma dork!! XD

ok, so um...yeah; damn, blurty, you suck!!!

but you, the reader, you probably dont. unless you're..........................................sucky.

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this is the end of loserchild... [28 Aug 2003|12:06pm]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | magnified~song 7 ]

yes. this is el fin del 'loserchild145'...but fear not! just comment on here if you want the new blurty journal thing. i'll give ya the hook up;)

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyo [21 Aug 2003|03:42pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | frank sinatra ]

yeah man...i'm boring this week. spent most of it cleaning, and now i have a movie deal-y in the works for tomorrow nite. and no aim at this house =^O gasp. hehe...anywho, i'm bored, sarah [the tot] is annoying the buh-jeezes outta me. yeah, i'll survive. and i have to finish my summer reading and write two essays. gah. wish me luck

x to the tina

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i wanna eat your brains [17 Aug 2003|11:04am]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | kissing you is like kissing an ashtray~curl up and die ]

i'm going to masacre my goddam cell phone; it just wont stop ringing while i sleep. oh oh oh!!! better idea!!! i'll turn it OFF!!! that'll teach those miscreants to bother me while i slumber. honestly people, let's stop calling at 4:30 in the morning o_O [jef:P] haha...anywho............................................

hmm...what have i been up to? well, yesterday lynn and mark had friends come over. chris was the cooooolest mutha there; and she's really a mother:D yeah, but...uncoolness: she got a phone call saying her friend had been murdered =^O yeah; shocker; the friend's husband strangled her...aw man, talk about a buzz kill. but things went back up. mary beth and sean were eh. brenda and jamie are always cool. mary beth did, however make a seriously kick ass apple cobler that i now have the recepie for XD yummmmyyyy. and chris's kids, danny and liz, are the coolest kids everrr!!! i was talking to liz, and she did that puppy dog things little kids do with bigger kids [follow them around and giggle and just be cute] and so we were talking about teeth, cuz she has 2 loose ones and she pulled one out =^O yeah man; that lil chick is hard core; and she's a cheer leader!!! six years old; man, i hope i was that cool when i was little. and there were crabs. yum.

it was also 2 very cool peoples' birthdays yesterday...mi madre y miguel. but i couldnt talk to my mommy cuz she was out:( *sigh* and yeah; mike's birthday sounded good from what i heard. i wonder how many comments he got about his hair.............hmmm *ponder ponder ponder*

anywho, that's about it. i canceled with melissa for a crab feast to go to lynn's niece's b-day; that should provide as a good place to do some summer reading. and yeah. man. i wish i was special. you're so fuckin special.

anywho...that's all folks!! keep rockin in the free world

~>the X<~

hey dan, i'm listening to a cuad song...what now? huh? huh? <3 ;)

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rock on, me... [16 Aug 2003|02:02am]
indie prick
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well we already knew that...:P


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oh ya...lovin the last one the most-est, tho;) ['nutha quizilla spree] [15 Aug 2003|11:46pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | pledge~orchid ]

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BWAHAHAHAHAH [15 Aug 2003|11:34pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | neutral milk hotel ]

Power Rangers Movie!

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yeah, rite [15 Aug 2003|11:21pm]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | anthems for a 17 y/o girl-bss ]

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update #984398 [14 Aug 2003|12:44am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | city of catepillar: a little change could go a long ways ]

Blood hungry cannibalistic unfit family ties
In a series of knocks to the young girl's head side
Come write me a letter and paste it on my refrigerator door
Inspected inspector i think we've found something over here

Jesse!!! just come look at what your brother did here he did away with me
Stay until wednesday and write me a child - like letter pretending
At war here in thursday let's make this our last day at home by the fence

yeah, been a while; what with the grounding and knowing parental units have this adress, i'm feeling pretty insecure with the journal...


went to the mall today with kenny and jef; aaaaaaaaah...fun; i missed those kids; we went in hot topic and i saw crockett, too...who i hadnt seen since 8th grade. wow. good times. i ate all of jef's fries...hehe.

i'm on parole

been swinging on that love vine
dont quite know what i want to be mine
just looking for the right thing and choice
just want someone who loves my voice
i need something concrete
a spiritual plane where we meet
i need a boyfriend
i need a best friend

color me blue145: what do u hate about me?
Davechap1010: hnm
Davechap1010: i dunno lemme think
Davechap1010: u mean personality or wut
Davechap1010: ??
color me blue145: anything
Davechap1010: lets c
Davechap1010: i dont really hate nething bout u actually
color me blue145: hmmm
color me blue145: strongly dislike, then
Davechap1010: lets c
Davechap1010: that u r so abusive

color me blue145: what do you hate about me?
xBegin The Endx: nothing
color me blue145: c'mon
color me blue145: there has to be something
xBegin The Endx: not really
color me blue145: hM
color me blue145: so then do you LIKE
color me blue145: me?
xBegin The Endx: yeah
xBegin The Endx: of course
color me blue145: really?
xBegin The Endx: yes
color me blue145: o
color me blue145: i didnt kno that
xBegin The Endx: yeah i have ever since we met
color me blue145: but you liked rachel!
xBegin The Endx: yes that was a waste of my life
xBegin The Endx: she is a tease lol
color me blue145: haha
color me blue145: i <3 her
xBegin The Endx: so what made you bring up asking me if i liked ya
color me blue145: i dunno
xBegin The Endx: oo
xBegin The Endx: yeah do you like me
color me blue145: well
color me blue145: i dunno...like, i do
color me blue145: but
color me blue145: then again
color me blue145: i kinda dont
color me blue145: idk
xBegin The Endx: yeha
color me blue145: i'm really weird at the moment
color me blue145: i dont have any real crushes or w/e
xBegin The Endx: yeah
color me blue145: but i think i would date you, like, if it came up, ya kno
xBegin The Endx: yeah
xBegin The Endx: wow i am saying yeah like 50 times in a row
color me blue145: yeah
color me blue145: lol
xBegin The Endx: well 3
xBegin The Endx: i dont know why i do that
xBegin The Endx: do you hate anything about me
color me blue145: that i dont see you enough
xBegin The Endx: yeah i kow
xBegin The Endx: yeah so like what did you like about me
color me blue145: a lot
xBegin The Endx: yeah
xBegin The Endx: what specifically
xBegin The Endx: u there
color me blue145: srry
color me blue145: yeah
xBegin The Endx: ok
color me blue145: ok
color me blue145: umm
color me blue145: ur looks
color me blue145: and talking 2 u ur just cool
color me blue145: idk
xBegin The Endx: ok thats cool
xBegin The Endx: those are two good ones
color me blue145: lol
color me blue145: yep
color me blue145: wut about me?
xBegin The Endx: umm definetly your smile and you are great to talk to and just you bein yourself

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at chanae's [10 Aug 2003|11:08am]
[ mood | dirty ]
[ music | roam if you want to...roam around the world-some b52 song ]

always at chanae's...erm...going to mainstreet with the main mikes...fun; yeah; marley fest last nite...muy muddy; ONE LOVE! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand vasko bailed TWICE last nite...so he better come today or ELSE...so bye:)

i'm so boring.

=+=+the x~~~>

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WHOOO FREAKIN HOOOOO [08 Aug 2003|07:59pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | crazy love-beyonce ]

haha...yeah, my madre let me on the computer
[praises allah]
and later i'mma go get chanae at the municipal building...long walk...fun.

TOMORROW!!!!!!!! goin to mainstreet with vasko and chanae *joy and rapture* yeah, and people should come, cuz i think we're gonna see a movie later soooooooo word

ok. haha

last nite ran thru the rain from the cops...hehehe i love bein me; it rocks!!!!!

and i am

so later. :*


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grounded...yum [05 Aug 2003|04:13pm]
[ music | silence is golden, beeyotch ]

sadly, today is today. yeah.

um...so it's been for f*ckin ever since i wrote in this thing...cuz i got motha f*ckin grounded:/ yeah, what evs. it was that damn picture trail site. interesting shizz that happened:

-went to cecil county fair and saw the pigs; got sick, didnt ride too many rides
-chanae came over; went to the EE and saw a band her video class instructors were in; ran away from my little sister's dad for no reason in the end, but went to chanae's b*tchin a$$ church and stufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
-my uncle broke into our house, destroyed our piano, got arrested and is, duh, kicked out.
-my little sister is staying with us for a week cuz of some more of that custody BS
-i havent been wearing a lot of make up:D

and yesterday i went to the beach. it was cool, very wavy, until it stormed. got some MINOR surfing in...erm; yeah, boring me. oh, we got 2 speeding tickets in an hour rushing to get home; way to go, billy. and i drove a 4-wheeler like a bat outta hell; i rrrrrocked that mo-fo. oh, and i'm not allowed to curse on-line anymore...we'll have to find ways to get arround that;) eh...i'm cheating by being online; gR...i miss my journal; and i'm going into more detail on all that shizz as sooooon as i can.

resolved drama with ashley again...maybe this time it isnt a facade of a resolution, and will sustain itself waaaay into the school year. um........................................surfed; minor-ly; as in 2 waves; as in i suck. i'm in a bad mood. my back hurts. ew.

goodbye; cant wait to get back on aim;



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your heart [25 Jul 2003|11:56am]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | fuck and run=liz phair ]

x0merxdexnoms0x (11:50:05 AM): what does the word love mean to you?
I am Rhy (11:50:37 AM): 1 a (1) : strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties love for a child

[patrick's sub profile journal entry]
love [7/23/03 8:11 PM]
love is the undefineable word that drives ppl crazy. of course for some it is a good thing, but it can easily be turned around to something horrible that you thought you once knew the meaning of. love cant be held on to because we are human and imperfect. people think they know what love is, but they can not. they can be close to it, but no one will really know what this feeling is. the feeling is unexplainable. people can experience the feeling, but it will never follow thru to tru love, cuz something will always go wrong in relationships, which automatically takes trust and love away from the relationship. Yes, much love can be brought back to the relationship in time, but it will never be completely restored to what the love was originally. As more things go wrong, more love is lost. it can not be helped tho, for we are human, and full of mistakes. As much as you love this person, the bond you have with them may crumble know matter how much you love them. You are human and you will make mistakes that will hurt this person. Its just the way things are. A relationship is also a give and take and if you dont do both it will end. the end wont be a peaceful one either. Life is short, great, and full of oppurtunity, dont waste too much of it on "relationships". They can be a BIG waste of precious time.
Mood: pretty crappy:'(
Music: fall out boy_ patron saints of liars and fake

SheheartstheWho: In addtion to the word 'love' being completely devoid of meaning and its value being obsolete, love is simply pretty goofy.

good morning, world. today i'm going to the cecil county fair...YEEEEEHAW!!!!!!
and then chanae is coming over for another larson weekend; hehe...we're going dirtbiking:D that should be fun; more bruises to come;)

and i'm kinda re-kindiling a friendship with someone i thought i had lost it all with...i really missed that kid; i think i will always have an attatchment to him, but never again the romantic kind; both paths led to almost certain destruction of self and friendships; *sigh*...at least he's single again!!! whoo-hoo!!! he's been with this chick for almost 6 months; shoot me. but anyway, we're friends again...i <3 u davey!!

i'm so high on life rite now i think i could fly

the truth hurts, and lies make you feel better, but which causes the most pain in the end?
god only knows.

<3con carino<3

esta una chica tonta, BUT I DONT CARE ANYMORE!!!

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what is love? [24 Jul 2003|10:50pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | tainted love ]

what is love? well, here's what everyone had to say:

encajes del sol: rose

XXvBaLLaNgEl36Xx: when u wanna be with someone 24/7 n no matter how much u try u cant get them outta ur head n u place their happiness before ur own n want them to be completely happy before ull ever be able to be...even if it hurts u.....n even a glance from them fils ur stomach with butterflies n makes ur heart beat faster n slower all in one

RideBAKERordie: i think it's when 2 people care about eachother so much, that they know that they couldn't find anyone else like that person, and they can be everything to them, they're both VERY attracted to eachother, they're best freinds, they can laugh together, talk a lot, and every time they're together, it feels like the first time they met all over again. and you can think, and realize... there is no one else on earth who could mean as much to me as this person

xxthelotusxx: the strongest attraction that your emotions can handle
xxthelotusxx: i once heard somebody say like...why don't i feel like i love my mom...and the answer the guy gave was that we become sort of numb to most of it...because if we felt the love we have for our family..it would be too overwhelming
xxthelotusxx: and it can be overwhelming at times...hence why we do stupid thigns when we are in love
xxthelotusxx: love is an odd emotion...its so two faced its nnot even funny...because it can make you feel your best...or worst(as cliche as that was i felt it was necessary to state)

xBegin The Endx: when two people can do anything any and everything together and not feel stupid

Davechap1010: i dunno
Davechap1010: y
x0merxdexnoms0x: asking everyone
Davechap1010: ok
Davechap1010: wut does love mean 2 u
x0merxdexnoms0x: a promise of pain

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damn flash [24 Jul 2003|06:33pm]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | wonderwall~oasis ]

the pictures came back pretty crappy from the concert. dammit.
i'll write more later.....maybe................... ..........................

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