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another boring day... [29 Jul 2003|04:27pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Bringing on the Heartbreak ]

hello everyone. sorry i havent updated in like a century, but nothing has been happening recently. summer has been pretty fucking boring! let me just say for the record..GUYS SUCK! they lead you on and make you think they like you, but then suddenly they come up with the famous line "i don;t like you enough to go out with you".. wow what kind of bullshit is that? you can tell me how much you like me and then just drop me like im nothing. guys dont realize girls have fucking feelings. anyway ... moving on i;m sick of that stupid subject! all my best friends go out with someone and of course im the WINNER who doesn;t have anyone. it;s all good though .. i don`t mind. i don;t need someone to make me feel all special + what not. im really happy for them. my school year is going to suck so bad next year. my favortie teacher retired and so did the math teacher. now all that we have left is Mickey, but she's my girl so i gotta love her! lol .. i really want to get out of this shit whole place called Bayonne. i need to meet some new people. not saying the friends i have i want to loose, but i mean i`m sick of the same old things, the same OLD BOY SELECTION. well i have to go get ready to go out .. hopefully i will write soon. lol comment me =)
<3 always - j0rdan


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