12:42pm 04/08/2003
mood: lazy
music: Bury Me- Finch
hey kids, turns out i have no idea what im doing on this and i can't figure out how to make it pretty. so untill someone helps me, or i figure it out, its staying ugly. anyways i went to maine this weekend with my mom and sisters and caitlin. it was pretty exciting. friday morning when we were about to leaving my mom yelled at me and i walked out and she came and picked me up in the car eventually. then that night we went to boston and hung out there. then we went up to maine and couldnt find a damn hotel room anywhere. it took like 2 hours to find one. but anyways, next day we went surfing, super fun. i want to be a surfer chick i've decided and move to the coast and have crazy partys by the beach everynight. too bad im stuck in clifton park. so t hat night we went into town. caitlin and i were getting pretty pissed off cause of the extreme lack of teenage boys. there seemed to be plenty of 30-year-old gay men though. yea eventually we ran into this car full of boys. we hung out with them for awhile untill they turned out to be complete assholes and abandoned us in a parking lot :\....yea so we thought we were stranded cause the stupid trolly driver we talked to said that there were no more trollys and he wouldnt drive us anywhere and he fucking flipped us off. bastard. but then some nice trolly driver came and drove us back to the hotel where we broke into the pool and went swimming. yea so that was pretty much my whole weekend. on the way home we stopped at some flea market and i've decided that i hate old people. they are gross and fake. no points this weekend :( damn the asshole wannabe ghetto boys! so if you know anymore about this journal thing than i do (if you know anything at all its probably more than i do) let me know because i want to make it pretty.
later kids