09:13am 25/03/2004
mood: amused
music: anything from theformat
So my best friend Renee is going to see this guy shes been talking to his name is Josh lol. They are both trying to get me to talk to his younger brother who is 19 and in the army. Im not into that lol...anyway shes going to be going to see him tonight in new mexico thats where he is at the moment. Shes haveing weird dreams about her flight crashing tonight. I get to take her to the air port OH YEAH! I love driving the freeway now going 85 ON A 55 switching lanes as much as I can!!!! LOVE IT. Ive been taking it a lot because I have a friend well hes a new friend lol hi Patrick. He lives in Chandler and thats a far ass way out there. Lol I got lost the first and second time I went there. I love his step dad and his mom and sister and brothers are the koolest anyway. Lol back to Renee I got to see her naked!!!naked I tell you!! Lol I have bisexual thoughts and Ive had them about her b ut jeeze. I wasnt expecting her to ask me to come into the fitting room with her as she takes her clothes off to try bathing suits on. Hmm my mind was raceing but I would never do such a thing lol. We are going to california in late April for her brother Traviss birthday and hes bringing along a friend and Josh is going its going to be fun. Three days for six flags and what not beach too oh yeah. Hmm Im actually feeling good today other then the fact that my sister might be pregneant but thats ok...her fault lol. We are getting alone better though Im buying her a test today after she gets out of school shes only 15 almost 16. Today is my day off and Im bored already.
Ok so a couple days ago..   
09:21am 25/03/2004
  I went to my first sex store and I bought myself a vibrator who needs a guy when you have something like this its a seven incher and it looks like a dick I didnt want one that looked like one but lol its just makes it more naughty anyway it goes in me like a nice fitted glove hmm who knew I could take it all lol it hits the back of me but it feels good hmm. We can talk about this stuff right ? lol ok anyway I will if I want dont like it leave hehe.