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28th March 2004

10:15am: So I found out my sister isnt pregnate. Ive been working for the past couple days lol seeing that I didnt write any for a few. Anyway...Ive been busy, I took my best friend to the airport two days ago in which I made an ass out of myself when I knocked over some paper holder things for coffee and lol the funniest thing happend one of the girls said that will be 15 dollars and I make a smart comment back go me. It wasnt the embarssing. Hmm Renee was so nervous about going to see her friend in new mexico. The sad thing is that when she got there she called me the next night and was crying. I guess she likes this guy a lot. He likes her to for more then friends...but everytime his phone rang he would forget that she even was there. She was crying and smokeing a lot and she said she wanted to come home and that its ugly there. Poor thing...then the subject got to sex and I told her about my vib and lol she said she needed one because guys are dicks. Anyway Patrick came over and we hung out until he had to go to see melissa his best friend. Eugene was over and he got fresh with me thats a no no. This morning before work which lol is still before work I went to breakfast with my friend Cris...who is a weird one. I met this one guy named Adam what a charmer Im not trying to get close to him though for fear of being hurt...isnt everyone but I know he already fall for me...what is it with that? Hes sweet though and when I call him I always get his brother and think its him Im going to california in a couple of weeks. To bad me and Greg arent still going out...its not like he wanted me there anyway hey if he did he wouldnt care about anything but that. Well thats over with anyway it would have probably been a good time for us to see each other would have made things better. We are all going up to six flags...repeat I am not going to see my ex lol. Uhm so we are spending a day at six flags and a day at the beach yay. Hmm who knows maybe I will meet this Adam person :) not saying anything but who knows. Now its time for work oh good news on that front. Im being placed permantley to bad they dont know that Im going to be going to part time when I start college hehe...I feel like Im accomplishing stuff. Im gaining more friends too....I hung out with some girls at work last night for an hour it was good for me. College is coming up and Im looking for another job on top of the one I have. Time for work another day in hell.
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25th March 2004

9:21am: Ok so a couple days ago..
I went to my first sex store and I bought myself a vibrator who needs a guy when you have something like this its a seven incher and it looks like a dick I didnt want one that looked like one but lol its just makes it more naughty anyway it goes in me like a nice fitted glove hmm who knew I could take it all lol it hits the back of me but it feels good hmm. We can talk about this stuff right ? lol ok anyway I will if I want dont like it leave hehe.
9:13am: AIRPORT
So my best friend Renee is going to see this guy shes been talking to his name is Josh lol. They are both trying to get me to talk to his younger brother who is 19 and in the army. Im not into that lol...anyway shes going to be going to see him tonight in new mexico thats where he is at the moment. Shes haveing weird dreams about her flight crashing tonight. I get to take her to the air port OH YEAH! I love driving the freeway now going 85 ON A 55 switching lanes as much as I can!!!! LOVE IT. Ive been taking it a lot because I have a friend well hes a new friend lol hi Patrick. He lives in Chandler and thats a far ass way out there. Lol I got lost the first and second time I went there. I love his step dad and his mom and sister and brothers are the koolest anyway. Lol back to Renee I got to see her naked!!!naked I tell you!! Lol I have bisexual thoughts and Ive had them about her b ut jeeze. I wasnt expecting her to ask me to come into the fitting room with her as she takes her clothes off to try bathing suits on. Hmm my mind was raceing but I would never do such a thing lol. We are going to california in late April for her brother Traviss birthday and hes bringing along a friend and Josh is going its going to be fun. Three days for six flags and what not beach too oh yeah. Hmm Im actually feeling good today other then the fact that my sister might be pregneant but thats ok...her fault lol. We are getting alone better though Im buying her a test today after she gets out of school shes only 15 almost 16. Today is my day off and Im bored already.
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24th March 2004

10:07am: First entry of my life
Ok so as I mentioned in my profile...Greg my ex broke up with me almost a month ago. He was the only guy I actually ever loved. I show my feelings weirdly. Im not a virgin havent been for a while...and this even gets me but I liked him so much but yet I didnt do anything with him...I wanted it to be special and in my eyes I guess it wasnt. I know thats hard to understand he was the one for me...I knew he was but I know that I would have hurt one of us more. Yet I hurt myself by doing it with guys who were lesser then this guy the man of my dreams. I believe that is that biggest thing that broke us up. And your thinking if it was it wouldnt be a good relationship...well I think it was...he just wanted to feel wanted and I didnt show it good enough. Now we dont talk our last converstaion I said some very mean things because I was upset....I guess he found someone else already. I miss him so much my heart hurts when I think about him. I try not to but I cant help myself I just remember all the good things...the letters,the kisses, the love...If your reading this Greg I dont think I could say sorry enough for putting you through and wasteing a year of your life. I didnt mean anything I said that last time we talked Im just hurt.
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