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Sunday, January 12th, 2003

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    trophy girlfriends wrapped in stained glass
    could he think that this might have been love

    shallow pools of absinthe sin
    where only the worthy can sit and wait in elite gardens of thought and perfection
    waiting for everything to change once again
    doomed from the beginning because of the cruelty of this rule

    in his mind, she is everything
    in mine, his beauty lasts far past days of sin and longing
    when the moment was perfect in its imperfection
    and you always wished you had said more
    because in it eternal clawing, you forget the details

    warm lips and awkward clinging
    when you see something that wasn't ever there to begin with
    when you wish that something was there to begin with

    maybe you didn't realize at the time, that she was the one
    the one that could save you
    the one that would love you
    the one that would complete you

    in your incompletion, you become something else
    in your own time, you become something unrecognizable
    and you wish that things were different

    because trophy girlfriends, sexless, timeless
    wrapped in glass with china doll faces
    are forgotten and replaceable
    but this prana,
    this time
    this moment
    was forgotten long ago
    and he cant seem to find her now

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