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    Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
    11:16 pm
    ok im gonna start tonight by showing something that happened at warped

    scene 1


    scene 2

    xxxxxx < > xxxxxx
    xxxxxx < > xxxxxx
    xxxxxx < > xxxxxx
    xxxxxx < > xxxxxx
    xxxxxx < > xxxxxx

    scene 3


    and a loud crash was heard during suicide machines it was fucking insane
    anyway, warped was fucking great, and i think i just wanna go have a ciggerette and go to bed

    sorry for the short entry, noone reads this anyway so it dosent matter


    Current Mood: drunk
    Current Music: dropkick murphys - umm sing loud sing proud cd
    Sunday, July 27th, 2003
    4:20 pm
    alot goin on, got a girl from down state'd number and screenname, hope something comes out of that
    anyway, baily got me to go get megan for the show last night, i have a huge crush on megan, as everyone knows, and i was mad at baily untill i realised what she was trying to make me realize... that im pretty much over the fact that i have no chance with my dream girl ^.^
    after the show i drove megan home, with baily, and then drove baily home, we got to talking about things i dont talk about often, and i ended up falling asleep in her bed with her, oh well, shes leik a plutonic friend and almost family to me so it dosent matter too much, we watched anime and j-rock videos and lookd at crazy japanese magazines, and books... i felt all girly, oh well, baily always brings out the best in me
    i dunno im in an ok mood

    Current Mood: ditzy
    Current Music: DJ irene - Open your Mind / Infinity
    Sunday, July 20th, 2003
    12:37 am
    im so alone
    yeah, i havent written in awhile... there isnt much i felt the need to write...
    just that i am insanely lonely... this just sucks so bad
    i dunno what else to say

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: moulan rouge soundtrack - your song
    Monday, July 14th, 2003
    9:08 pm
    your god be damned


    why do you people bother me so, im betting your either going to come looking for my diary or go cry youself to sleep just like you say you do... and you have every right to be here... if i wanted this to be private, i would have made it private
    just this pisses me off.... old mistakes comeing back to haunt me, why wont you hate me? i do everything i can to distance myself from all of my exes... but you keep comeing, i dont want you, i dont want to be your friend... i dont want to have to fucking deal with you
    then you come back, and try to gilt trip me into being your friend... your argument is all wrong, to guilt trip someone you have to hit a nerve....
    oh well, why am i giveing lessons
    im sorry if you do read this... you should have thought before you bothered me again


    Current Mood: frustrated
    Current Music: children of bodom - HATE ME!
    Thursday, July 10th, 2003
    8:48 am
    what to do?
    i am bored... i came to work today.. for a change... like the first time this week,
    im tired, but im ok with being here now cause noone is bothering me, and im gettin payed pretty well for it, i just gotta sit in the cold-as-balls room (please note, i am aware that balls are indeed not cold) and every now and them work on some codeing
    i hung out with john and dan last night it was fun,
    im still alone, no matter how hard i look, i never find anyone...noone likes ross, it really is a rule

    Current Mood: uncomfortable
    Tuesday, July 8th, 2003
    8:38 am
    nooo i cant use wheeee... cause i have already
    hmmm, went and hung out with dan and nathan last night, it was ok, id much rather have played.... oh well
    damn dan and his infernal sexyness... i was trying to hit on some girls but theyd rather crawl all over him... oh well, i dont blame them
    im so bored at work, i came in to do one thing, and have it done already... now nothing untill lunch, and after that, nothing till i go home and play warcraft 3 ^.^ so fun.... i got owned last night, oh well im learning... i dont wanna play humans... id rather play orks... cause they is 'ard not leik da weedie 'umies... ok, the geeky talk has ended for this entry
    brig left me comment... yay, she is the first... and proboly the only
    i dunno whats up with the ... today...
    oh well

    Current Mood: stressed
    Current Music: Pennywise - Faster than the world
    Sunday, July 6th, 2003
    9:21 pm
    we practiced a little, i never managed to track down nathan, oh well, i got to sing, too bad john is better, and im better at guitar, i wanna sing in a band...
    im so goddamn lonely,
    i dont know what to do, i think im gonna call someone, this cannot be inturesting to read, oh well, im tired

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: sean paul - Get busy (dont ask, i like this song)
    9:21 pm
    we practiced a little, i never managed to track down nathan, oh well, i got to sing, too bad john is better, and im better at guitar, i wanna sing in a band...
    im so goddamn lonely,
    i dont know what to do, i think im gonna call someone, this cannot be inturesting to read, oh well, im tired

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: sean paul - Get busy (dont ask, i like this song)
    5:03 pm
    its over, im not giveing in
    got reall drunk last night, im irritated at john, its not his fault but hes late... oh well, we where gonna practice tonight, guess not, oh well
    i got allotta compliments last night, went to a party, it was fun... thankfully i didnt have to drive
    i need someone pretty bad, this just

    i tried to write something else... just a start

    thiese cuts wont heal,
    only when i think of you
    do they sting and bleed,
    all over again
    breatheing in over chokeing tears
    force a smile to make you're day
    or so you said
    as you walked away

    at least im writeing, not good, but its more than nothing
    oh well

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: Get Up Kids - Red Letter Day
    Saturday, July 5th, 2003
    9:36 pm
    sorry i was late, i was out spoiling my liver
    other girls are not what i want
    cause they wont hold me like you,
    and i know that
    you are over me
    i just wish that
    i could be too
    now your in his arms
    and im all alone
    sweet drown my sorrow,
    washed down with a handfull of pills
    buttefly scars as the decorate my arms
    what i wouldnt give for one more night
    just to be with you
    just to be with you
    where are you right now
    fucking him in the back room
    where i took you just a week or two ago
    i told you i loved you
    well i was just lieing to myself
    in my arms you will never again be
    other girls cant compair to you,
    and i cant seem to scrape my heart off the fucking floor

    photographs and memories, scatter my heart
    places where you used to stay
    now broken and shattered on the floor
    left behind like so many others
    the other day i thought of you
    i saw you the way i remember you
    just like you remember me
    in the dark, remember?
    put on my sweater and i walk into the cold
    feels so much like you
    just without the fights
    or the lies, i told me to stay

    ok i tried to write a song, or something, drunken crying and whatever else goin on, im lonely,
    jessica hooked back up with her ex today, that means i have lost any chance with anyone i know, so oh well, so i just finished my carton of orange juice, and am trying to focus my eyes to type,
    this drives me crazy, jess and i had a big fight today, oh well
    i fucking hate theis shit
    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
    10:44 am
    Name: Ross
    Birthday // nov. 23, 1985
    Sign: scorpip/sagitarius (i read them both and take the worst)
    Sex: Male, but im pretty
    frum tha//: is that supposed to sound leet or something?
    Nationality: english, lotta irish in there too
    Screen Name: LokiPunkX
    Hair Length: sholder
    Hair Color: blonde
    Eye Color: grey green
    Piercings: soon
    Tattoos: *quotes rockey horror AP line* "yeah i have a w on each ass cheek, when i bend over it says wow, when i stand on my head it says mom, when i do cartwheels it says wow mom wow"

    Color: gray
    Perfume: ummm, i dunno,
    Cologne: nag champa? i dunno
    T.V. Show: T.....V.....?
    Movie: Clockwork orange / that movie bai had was good, i think izam was innit, but i dunno
    Band/Singer: kyo, davey, greg graffin, kulaha, myavi, hide,
    Song: right now? NoFx, bath of least resistance
    Radio Station: corruptradio.com
    Subject: to search and siezure under writ of law
    Hangout: umm java jive is gone, ummmm i dunno, my room,
    Fruit: i like apples
    Month: november
    Season: Winter
    Holiday: saim hain
    Saying: stfu

    »Do Questions
    Do you believe in love at first sight? yes
    Do you get along with your parents? no
    Do you think about suicide? yes
    Do you drink? not often
    Do you do drugs? not often
    Do you smoke? im working on it
    Do you think you have multiple personalities? no, yes you do, no i dont, yes you do, shhhhh you know what i said about that, guys im trying to sleep back here keep it down...

    »Have Questions
    Have you ever smoked? yes
    Have you ever done drugs? yes
    Have you ever drank alcohol? yes
    Have you ever gotten drunk? yes
    Have you ever made out with just a friend? *laughs*
    Have you ever used someone? yes
    Have you ever been used? Yes
    Have you ever wanted someone you couldn't have? pretty often

    »Best Questions
    Best person to talk to: john, megan, jordan, carrie
    Best feeling: LOVE
    Best thing in the world: being accepted, or sitting with happy hot chocolate here listening to diru and sleeping
    Best stuffed animal you own: biscit, my little puppy ive had since i was born
    Best thing that happened to you yesterday or today: flirted with mitz

    »Last Questions
    Last time you cried: last night
    Last movie you saw in a theatre: rockey horror...
    Last movie you rented: pink floyd, the wall
    Last movie you bought: Evangelion, end
    Last song you listened to: guttermouth - can i borrow some ambition
    Last song stuck in your head: shawn paul - get busy
    Last song you downloaded: goldfinger - superman
    Last TV show you watched: robot wars
    Last person you were thinking of: sara

    Last person you talked to: Lauren
    Last person you hugged: rachel
    Last person you kissed: rachel
    Last person you slow danced with: abby
    Last person you yelled at: dad
    Last person you called: caroline
    Last person who called you: betty ann
    Last person who told you a story: pere, funny computer geek storys
    Last person who made you smile: mitz
    last person who made you laugh: joel and john
    Last person who said they love you: rachel said it, but not really, its hard to explain

    Who lives farthest away: jaime, or steph, (yeah steph, japan is farther than washington)
    Who lives closest to you: john or pere
    Who is the tallest: joel
    Who is the shortest: me
    Who is the meanest: jeesus
    Who is the nicest: rachel
    Who is the loudest: jerimia
    Who is the smartest: pere
    Who is the craziest: hmmm, chad
    Who is the most violent: joel
    Who sings the best: john
    Who dresses the best: me of corse ^.^
    Who makes you laugh the most: john
    Who makes you smile most: george, i dunno, good friend
    Who can cheer you up no matter what: john
    Who has a crush on you: creepy 14 year old freshman *hides*
    Who gives you a funny feeling when you see them: jeesus
    Who do you turn to the most: carrie

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: NoFx - Bath of least resistance
    10:31 am
    might as well just sit this out
    not that great of a day, i was 30 minutes late to work, shit, didnt get in trouble, but i really shouldnt make a habit of it, i talked to mita and melissa some last night, i think i was being a little to flirty with mita...oh well

    Mita: i just found out what kind of kiss i am
    Me: oh really what kind?
    Mita: entranceing

    little later

    Mita: my stomach is like so ewwww
    Me: i doubt it babe, you weigh like what, 14 lbs,
    Mita: no acually i weigh 86
    Me: *sounds of dropping his chopsticks in his takeout and almost falling out of his chair*
    Mita: your makeing fun of me arent you?
    Me: no, i dunno, my reaction was one of those you know, ummmm
    Me: entranced...?

    trying to flirt, none too well, who cares, hot skinny chick, yay!!!!

    not much else s going on, i have noone nearby, and all i have to talk to on aim are ex girlfriends,
    i noticed my arm has healed considerably, theyre are still scars, but oh well,
    i need to go to godwill soon, i dont have a gray shirt anymore, i lost mine at the end of pied piper, the one i have on in that pic *points*, last time i was there i say a few, and they will proboly aways have one, just something to think about
    i dont feel like writeing anymore

    Current Mood: apathetic
    Current Music: RUDY - What's New?
    Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
    1:38 pm
    first entry
    i think thatll work
    thats me, and this is my diary, welcome and there should be more comeing

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: Don't Tell Dick - Wake up
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