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Sunday, March 23rd, 2003

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    Just a short one...
    Back in the library quickly, cos I'm going to go watch Sarah dance in a show at the Royalty Theatre in about 15 minutes.

    Been another interesting week, naturally, as it was the ball on Friday night.
    Spent ages getting ready, and as soon as I've had a chance to scan some of the photos, I'll put one up here. Sarah took some, and hers cam eout really well...

    Anyways, so Chris decided to confess his undying love for me, and follow me around all evening, which most people would probably say ahhhh to, but this is one of those guys that has been this close to facing a restraining order for irritating the fuck outta me, and calling me a slut amongst other things. And then he turns around a says something like that... granted he was as pissed as a newt, but the only place that leaves me is smack bang in the middle of confusion.

    Anyways, I basically told him to leave me alone, and that if he really meant what he was saying he'd talk to me when he was sober, but I haven't heard anything from him so far so I'm not holding my breath - Men are such twats!!

    Right, should probably go if I want to get to the theatre on time. Catch ya all soon

    love Lizzi xxx

    p.s. Any ideas on what to do about chris would be very welcome... I've had one so far that involves impaling him on a paddle... (though that would only happen in my latest fic, http://www.geocities.com/succ_story)

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