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    Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
    12:42 pm
    so buisy!
    geez, today jess is coming to do work together, tomorrow I have to work all day, thursday I have to finally do my history project, friday I have to go to a yl parents night out thing and watch kids, saturday I have to volunteer all day, sunday I have a sign lang. thing, which reminds me I have a meeting every day this week, then next week is exam reviews, and the week after that is exams! uck! g/g to class. later
    Sunday, November 30th, 2003
    6:30 am
    School 2morrow..........
    WHY??!?!?!?!? I feel like I havnt been to school in eternity! Grrrr....anywho, so yeah, what happened this week.................Jessica totaled her car and broke her hand....I went to animal kingdom and Epcot and the magic kingdom and MGM, and the Arabian Nights show.......(during our week in orlando) I got Eric Stitch Hot coco, I got Jess a necklace that says Jessica, and I got meghan a sticker with tinkerbell on it that says "Its all about me"....... Arabian Nights was by far my fav. part of the trip....That new mission space thing at Epcot is alright....I cant wait till the south florida fair!!!! I know Its probly gonna be me and meg and Jess going, but I really really really hope Eric comes to...I really want him with me there this year!:) Hes such a sweetie, but dont tell him that...;) I admitt theres been times where I was um...angry at him, but it seems like hes kindof changing around to be more of the guy I want to be around:). I have never been in a steady "going out" relationship, with like no big fights, no day-long break ups, and no dating other people, which is really cool, because for the first time evr, I dont want to date other people, I know my friends constantly tell me "he who will go unnamed" likes me, and truthfully I couldnt care less. In my eyes, no guy is as good as mine:) but I read in a magazine that if u let a guy know how much he means to you, he will take advantage of that....but I dont really think thats the case here.....I mean I think If I finally said the 3 word phrase (ILY) to him, he would respect me more-so, you know? I dont know, Its all so confusing...lol..................ANYWHO, me and meghan are going to a tanning bed sometime next week. Ive gone to long as a sunless florida girl! I cant wait:) Ive been in one before, but It was my friends, so it was free, it was on their back porch....so Im not sure what exactly a tanning salon is like... oh well, guess Ill find out...well g/g do laundry, later.
    2:54 am
    I home! and I took a BUNCH of quizzes....
    You're Perfect ^^
    -Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
    means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
    the kind of chick that can hang out with your
    boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
    care about presents or about going to fancy
    placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
    being around your boyfriend.

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    You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
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    he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
    that never lessens and always blows your
    partner away like the first time.

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    You're just the happy go-lucky type. You might have
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    Most Compatible With: Fresh Mint

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    Saturday, November 15th, 2003
    4:39 am
    I forgot this part:) hehe

    Current Mood: content
    Current Music: "Have a Little Faith" by mandy moore
    4:34 am
    day 2 & 1/2 of ungrounding! hehe
    Well, I expected my first weekend of being un-grounded to be more eventful, but I had some laundry, so other than going out with Eric last night, thats all Ive done so far, but oh well. When Eric gets off work I think hes coming over, or maybe Im supposed to go over there....IDK, I didnt really hear him....Oh well, Ill find out when he calls.:) Yeah so anywho, I gg do some laundry....and to the creeks; GUESS WHOS A JC NEXT YEAR!!!!! hehe:)
    Friday, November 14th, 2003
    9:53 pm
    the last entry
    I meant I felt bad about my entries that were kinda mean about it.....yeah...
    9:51 pm
    I felt kinda bad, because Eric just sorta lost track of time I guess, and he was soo cool when we finally went out:) It reminded me of the reasons I like him so much! :)hehe

    5:21 pm
    OK, Im finally off grounding, and Jessicas at her dads, meghan is with Amy, Erica is not picking up her phone, and Eric is skating. I hate this, he thinks just because I CAN stay out to midnight means he can wait till forever to call and go out whenever its convienent for him, and He needs to realize that we BOTH have schedules and we BOTH need to do a little compromising, but so far Im the only one doing the compromising. Theres nothing to DO at 11 or midnight or whatever. GRRR Im so mad, Its 8 30! What If I wanted to go to bed early tonight? Not to mention today is most likely the only day this weekend I can hang out with him because no doubt he has work the next 2 days, and I have a ton of laundry, and sunday Im going to younglife with Shannon, so oh well, his loss. GRRRR

    Monday, November 10th, 2003
    12:52 pm
    quotes I like
    "If the first grape you eat is bitter then you will not bother eating grapes again. If the first grape you eat is a sweet one then you will be willing to eat a lot of bitter grapes in search of another sweet one "

    "Give up for a second and that is where you will finish."

    "I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to." - Elvis Presley

    Where did hamsters live before we put them in cages as a pet?
    Why do people say "no offense" when they're about to offend someone?
    Why do they have the back pain medicine on the bottom shelf at the pharmacy?
    They have a show called "Unsolved Mysteries." What other kind of mysteries are there?
    Do they make coffins wider for dead fat people or is it a 1 size fits all kind of thing?
    If Santa lives at the North Pole... where does the Easter bunny live?
    Does Jell-o EVER go bad? There usually isn’t an expiration date on it?
    When the person who writes the obituaries dies, who writes their obituary?
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    Why are buttons on guys' shirts on a different side than girls' shirts?
    If bunnies don't lay eggs why is it on Easter that we hide eggs from the Easter Bunny?
    Why are things typed up but written down?
    How come u can kill a deer and put it on your wall but its a illegal to keep them as a pet?
    Why does caregiver and caretaker mean the same thing?
    In some books, why do they have blank pages at the very end?
    If you were on a plane going the speed of sound and walked from the back of the plane to the front, would you be walking faster than the speed of sound?
    If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into?
    What does OK actually mean?
    what does the K in K-mart actually stand for?
    Why do we feel blue? and what color does a smurf feel when they are down?
    Why can't you eat pancakes for dinner?
    Why do donuts have holes?
    Why do the numbers on a phone go one way and the numbers on the calculator go the other?

    Current Mood: drained
    Current Music: "Irene" by Toby Mack
    12:42 pm
    I dont and never will understand the complex minds of the male gender. Some days it seems like Eric is happy in our relationship, other days (like today) It just seems like hed rather be doing anything else, and then If he cant possibly find something else to do, he thinks "oh, hey maybe Ill call my girlfriend and see what shes up to". I mean I knew we of course would have our own lives, but I just want to see him more than one time a week, for like 3 hours. I mean, think about it, there are like 168 hours in a week....I mean the only reason why Im working so hard in school is so I can actually get off grounding and GO OUT somewhere with him. But now it seems like everyday he drifts further and further and I wonder If he will last until probly sometime next week when I get un-grounded, or if he will just finally decide Im not worth it or something. I feel like If I loose him, I loose a little part of myself. So anyone of my friends reading this, ADVISE PLEASE thanks

    Current Mood: rejected
    Current Music: "shutup" by the black eyed peas
    Sunday, November 9th, 2003
    11:34 am
    Another Quiz thingy...
    01. What time is it? 11:35

    02. Name as it appears on birth certificate: Kayelee Raynell Fisk

    03. Nicknames: Lizzard, Kay-Kay

    04. Number of candles on your last birthday cake? 16

    05. Pets: 3 chihuahuas, Hannah, annisinna, and otto

    07. Piercing: 1in each ear

    08. Eye color: baby blue

    09. Hometown: I dont really have one, I was born in springfield missouri, but only lived there for 3 months....and Ive move every 2-4 yrs since then

    10. Town you live in: Jupiter

    11. Favorite foods: PASTA, chinese.....

    12. Ever been to Africa: no

    13. Been toilet papering: no

    14. Love someone so much it made you cry? ummm, maybe....:)

    15. Been in a car accident? I hit my sisters car in the driveway if that counts...

    16. Croutons or bacon bits. bacon bits

    17. Favorite day of the week? saturday

    18. Favorite restaurant? DENNYS! and red lobster...

    19. Favorite flower? Sunflowers, all the way

    20. Favorite sport to watch? Tennis

    21. Favorite drink? water..............and sprite remix

    22. Favorite ice cream flavor? pumpkin! or cake batter

    23. Disney or Warner Brothers? Disney

    24. Favorite fast food restaurant? Arbys!

    25. What color is your bedroom carpet? Hay-ish tan-ish?

    26. How many times did you fail your driver's test? zero, passed the 1st time

    27. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? wet seal, or coach

    28. What do you do most often when you are bored? write in my journal, look at stuff on ebay, lol

    29. Most annoying thing people say to me: "you look so much like your sister"

    30. Bedtime? 10 on weekdays, none on weekends:P

    31. Favorite TV shows: Newlyweds, switched, Grounded for life (how Ironic)

    32. Last person you went out to dinner with? my parents

    33. Ford or Chevy?: Ford

    34. What are you listening to right now? tv

    35. Time you finished this? 11:44

    Saturday, November 8th, 2003
    1:36 pm
    OMG, My mom had a tutor come to my house to teach me a chapter of Algebra I missed, and she has been making my practice it constantly. I still have 3 more sections, and it took me like 3 hours to do 2. and the guy is coming again tomorrow to teach me like 2 or 3 more sections....AHHH. Today meghan just showed up @ my house with some of my borrowd clothes that she wanted to "trade" for her bikini top she left here. and she still has one of my shirts....and bird has one of my shirts too, and I have one of her shirts and a pair of her shoes....yeah, so Its all mixed up. It turns out that for thanksgiving break we are going to orlando, and my parents said if anyone of my friends wanted to drive up there for a day and go to a theme park or something they could, but I dont think they can stay the night, IDK I would have to double check....so yeah, I gotta get back to algebra.....UCK............l8r

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    Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
    12:16 am
    ***Good Night***
    I am in such a good mood, cause even though Im in more trouble than I could ever be in, Eric came over tonight and it was the first time In like a week that I had even talked to him more than 10 minutes, or seen him for that matter. I feel really guilty because hes such a good boyfriend, and I feel like I keep letting him down, I keep getting punished when I know I can prevent it, and he is still patient with me, and so great. My own father even told me that most boys would be out looking for another gf right about now, but my dad doesnt have to tell me that, I know how unbelievably lucky I am. and If for nothing else, Im going to ace school and get out of this quickly for him, because Im not really being fair to him, you know? This whole deal is my fault, and though I know it makes him mad, he stays with me, and I thing thats awesome. I could never ask for anything more.:) ttyl!:)

    Current Mood: determined
    Current Music: Where Did I Go Right? by Hilary Duff
    Sunday, October 26th, 2003
    6:33 pm
    For Tina
    I love you! Creek for life! see, this is better than a profile right? lol, luv u girl:)
    3:59 pm
    You come from Heaven. You're the purest of pure, a
    saint. You're probably an angel sent directly
    from Heaven.

    Where Did Your Soul Originate?
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    Saturday, October 25th, 2003
    3:23 pm

    I found this blog and it reminded me of Eric.....He loves Lilo and Stitch....anyways, my last entry got interrupted by my mom kicking me off the comp...so yeah, today I was going to go swimming but I was lazy and watched real world vs Roadrules instead...Grounded life is the worst. I only have 1 more week, and after having 3 weeks of this, that shouldnt seem like alot, but its all building up and I just cant wait to get out of this house, even If Im just going to be training dogs for 4 hours, which will probly be fun anyways. I just gotta figure out where that place is so I wont get lost driving there. anyways, I guess Ill go get a quick shower before my mom gets home, & Eric might be coming to see me later tonight so Im happy about that:) I think he thinks that I dont really care if or when he comes over, but I do, I want him to come over whenever possible, but I know he has other stuff so I just try to let him know I want him to do that too, but I think he might take it as if I dont want to hang out with him. But thats not it at all, I hope he knos that....anyways.....I guess Ill go jump in a shower.....l8r
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    11:05 am
    Today is saturday and Im stuck @ home....I hate being grounded, I cant wait till next saturday, my 1st day of freedom. Im going to volunteer @ Animals 101 training therapy dogs (www.animals101.com) from 1-5, then after that I think Im going to see the disney movie Brother Bear:) I think Eric is taking me...I hope...But anywho, the homecoming parade was ok, though it was the most embarrasing thing Ive ever done cause I had to dress as Danny from Grease and kids were going "Elvis! Elvis!".........all the other kids on the float thought it was funny but me, so yeah.......well, I gotta go.

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: Under the sea
    Friday, October 24th, 2003
    7:46 pm

    Music from Gpetz.com

    Hey, this is my new journal...I hant really had a journal in a long time, I hadnt really been on the internet, but anyways, so yea, I have nothing really to say so heres one of those quiz things.....
    Fav Web Site: ummmmm, Blurty? or maybe Friendster....I dont go to alot of web sites
    Fav TV show: Newlyweds
    Fav Movie: Four Feathers
    Fav Food: Chex Mix!
    Fav color: lime green
    Fav animal: Chihuahua! and horsey...
    Fav Sport: Soccer
    Your Scent? Victoria Secret Amber Romance or Ohm Jasmine and Rose, depends on the day...
    Your Future? Chef???maybe???
    Stuffed Animal? Kiwi my green teddy
    eyes? blue
    hair? dirty blonde?
    Height? 5'9
    Hobbys? ASL club vice prez, cooking, shopping...
    B-Day? Jan 2nd, 1987
    Frieds? Meghan (pony/camel) Birdy (aka Jessica) Alyssa (bee/centipeed) Erica, shannon, minou, some other people....all 13 creeks:)
    Boyfriends? Eric
    last 3 occupations? umm, golden pavilion hostess (now) W-Dixie cashier, and filing for Florida Embroidered Patches
    3 people you most wish to see right now? odnt make me choose.....
    Last 3 people you talked to? other than my parents, Birdy, Shannon, and Amanda
    5 thinks your wearing now: green "hotcakes shirt", khaki pants, pon tail holder, undie, and sunglasses (on my head)
    5 things you can see right now: phone, TV, cow pencil holder, post-it pads, calculator
    Last 5 things you ate: apple pie, wheaties, fries, tuna, and doritoes
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    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: "Hey Mama" the Black Eyed Peas
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