Liz's Day

Wednesday, February 19, 2003


This is my first blurty entry!
I probably won't write in it so much,
so, if you're interested in reading about my not-too-exciting life,
I'd advise reading my diaryland diary
I'm going to try and figure out how to make thisdiary look pretty,
but I am not very good with computers (especially my old, tempermental one)
but, I shall try!

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this IS NOT working!!
I can't get an icon to work,
and my diary is the UGLIEST one I've EVER seen!

Current mood: frustrated
Current music: none
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I don't think people at "Pro-Ana" like me.
I don't blame them, though.
I was looking forward to communities like that, though,
as something in blurty that diaryland doesn't have...
speaking of which...diaryland is down :(
My bunny is crazy!
she's trying to escape. She has a bug lock on her cage,
because she's escaped before, even with a smaller lock!
I think I am going to go let her out to run around now.
Then she'll be happy, get some exercise,
and stop making so much noise, so I'll actually be able to sleep tonight

Current mood: confused
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