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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
1:03a - i should be sleeping
i went to the fireworks stand to talk to echo and chelsey and i ended up driving it bueno to buy everyone there food. i got food on jonathans shirt that i stole w/o asking him. it will wash out, thankfully. jef got old. hes like 27 now!
echo and chelsey came over to swim, but we just looked at the stars. i realized that they only act dumb when they're w/the campbells. thats way sad, cuz none of them are dumb, but when they get together they act like they are.
mom and dad got pissed cuz they had to take chelsey and echo home at like midnight. oh well. me and dad stopped to get his mail at the post office.
my journal has been boring today. oh well. i luf you.

current mood: sleepy
current music: my cat is loud

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