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    Monday, July 21st, 2003
    10:54 pm
    Freaked out
    Today i mostly spent the day with jon and his family... i had a good time. Then we went to great bingo...i fucking lost goddamn fucking game. Right now jon is being a complete freak and scarying the fuck out of me. idk what the hell is up with him....but im gonna kick his ass in a min. He wants me to...he likes it i think my moms up and here i am sitting in a towel...i dont think its a good thing. So i will talk later on maybe... After i watch my movies and kick jons ass! Talk later
    Saturday, July 19th, 2003
    11:58 pm
    Hey this is my first online Journal i figured since alot of people are doing this shit maybe i should try it ....who knows maybe it will grow on me. Today was pretty boring me and my boyfriend Jon went shopping couldnt find much. Other then that i just sat around all day. Tomorrow is my graduation party it should be fun. I will have to write about that sum time. I saw adam today for the first time in a week or so hes still pissed off that me and jon now have a realtionship and that me and nate are over for good. But its a good thing that me and nate are broken up. i havent been happy in so long and now that im with jon and he is active i get to get out more and hang with my friends again i am so extreamly happy i cant even explain. I am at Missy's house right now waiting for that lil bitch to get home but as always she is taking her sweet lil time its 12:02 am and here i am bored out of my mind....i hope she is at least having fun. She better make up for it haha. I miss my baby this is the first night in a while that we arnt spending the night with each other. tomorrow i am staying at his house. Hes so great. well i guess i will leave it at this i will update soon!