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hmMm.. [14 Nov 2003|09:12am]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | last chance to lose your keys- brand new ]

holler, i just woke im sort of TiReD! no school today! haha to all you public school people..see, catholic schools have a good side! iunno whats going on today :-p i think im going to the mall with my mom and my sister so she can get a dress for the father / daughter supposed to be going with jess, but iunno when she wanted to listening to brand new :-) i loooooove them..someone -cough marisa cough- got me hooked on brand new :-p but thats ok, because they're awesome..i really want some green sweet tarts, and mcdonalds french fries!! hmm..but whatever. yeah..i must be going now, thats my boring day..later!

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