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BIRTHDAY! [26 Jun 2006|03:59pm]
you're reading this b/c i've linked you. which of course means that i want you to come and have fun with me on the weekend of my birthday. my actual birthday (for those of you who dont know) is JULY 30th, but i intend on just staying home with the family....and recovering from the weekend. ha. of course i dont mind calls and stuff


here's the plan:

party it up in nj. most likely BARNONE in hoboken but it could change, even just slightly. i plan to stay until closing and just having a good time. details for this night are not complete yet, seeing as i still have to figure out where i'm staying and everything. as the date gets closer keep checking back cuz this will get updated. or. just ask me.

party it up in nyc. we will be headed to MISSHAPES. the place opens at 10pm and closes at 4am. i'll be staying until 2, 2:30am-ish. you can stay until closing if you want but i personally dont wanna be completely hungover the next day with 2 younger brothers to deal with. haha. i want to meet up with a few people beforehand around 7ish. maybe hit up happy hour somewhere or just hang. let me know if you want to be part of that.

some guidelines:
~* come both nights or just go for one
~* if you're planning on bringing someone, then please tell me who
~* drama free zone. please leave your drama at the coatcheck. kthnx
~* if you dont want to go, thats fine too.
~* if you see someone you dont like, screw it, just have fun. you're there to be with me anyway ♥♥ no one is there to talk shit or start a "fight." its my party and i'll throw you out if i want to. lol. ;o)

so leave a comment or im/text/call me and let me know if you plan on going so i can keep in touch with you. and vice versa. and please....write your name down if you plan on commenting here....i cant analyze font. =op

is this thing loaded?

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