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Lex's Journal

15th April, 2003. 5:54 pm. Ineresting

Well my boring and uneventful(yet fun. especially sunday) weekend

Friday- Friday was a normal day at school, i dont remember much about it it was so normal.

Saturday- Nothing special happened. I pretty much stayed hoome most of the day, i went outside some, i think i saw Blake ( the little toddler a couple of doors down) but i cant remember.

Sunday- best day of the weekend, so my mom had me up at 9 o clock cuz she decided we were going to the 9:45 service at church that morning. so we went to church, and in the middle the long altar call prayer, i accidentaly feel half asleep, it was so weird, cuz like i was sleeping, but i was following the prayer and my dream was being incorporated with what was actually going on in chucrch. so after church we went to the Showcase of homes out on spicewood. that was fun. we were invited to the lunch, catered by SALT LICK! it was yummy, or famous singing friend from europe sang. then after that was all said and down we went to go look at the houses. THey were kinda small but really nice, the first one was really pretty but i didnt really enjoy it cuz i really had to go to the bathroom! cuz i had two cups of iced tea at lunch So before we went to the second house i went to the bathroom and we went to the second house, and then it was cool, the houses didnt have any backyards, but like from the 2nd house down to the third wehn you walked of the terrace there was a trail to the back of the third house. tre cool, so after that we drove back to our friends house, my mom and i stayed for about half an hour, then we came home and i did my homework

Monday-back to school, unevntful, regular day at school

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15th April, 2003. 5:45 pm.

Does anyone even read this? if you actaully do, make comments sometimes

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11th April, 2003. 4:14 pm. hi


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11th April, 2003. 4:12 pm. hi there

new person.....

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5th April, 2003. 11:30 am. O yeah

O yeah, some of my friends good teacher from 8th grade died last week. it makes me really sad, he was so young.........


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5th April, 2003. 11:26 am. My week

My week was pretty cool, it was a good week at school i guess. on wednesday we didnt have to wear uniforms cuz it was a special decision day thing about our faith and w/e. Today like last sunday i went to my dad's new clients house to help him with some stuff. o yeah on tuesday i went to old navy and bought some clothes. well nothing much to say so bye.

Its Saturday!

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29th March, 2003. 8:12 pm. I MADE 50 BUCKS TODAY!!!

Well today we had a neighborhood garage sale, and it was pretty cool. i had to get up like really early though, but i made 50 BUCKS! YEAH BABY!, plus im behind on allownace like two weeks, so shopping time! Tommorow i have church and have to do my algebra homework and i think Paul's son, Jemal, is coming over, while my mom goes out with an old friend she used to work with. Joy, me and paul and jemal. i hate that, jemal is stupid. gotsta jet. LATER!

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