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Monday, March 22nd, 2004
12:29 pm
of course i didnt get to enter ne thing in right and so fuckin mad right now... iknew they would be come friends again adn i am left all lone itsn it alway the end result? i get screwed in the end

current mood: gloomy
current music: stacted actors -foo fighters

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11:52 am - parents
ok so i decided that things can always get worse my mom is psycho and i would hate to beome like her... even though i have been told i'm just like her but i take that as an insult not a compliment.... i will learn that eatin late is not a good thing now tht i dont feel very well
well back to psycho mom she flips out oon me this morning becuase of my room and then fflips out on my dad... just great she is ungrateful for everything we planned for her birhday! whatever she wanted something grander i guess. but i thought i limo into the city wit dinner and stuff would be a good idea. I was wrong apparently she didnt want todo that but she woluldnt tell us what she wanted done... mean while her birthday is on friday. whatever. I misspelled a letter in my cousins sn when i added it to my moms buddy list and she thinks i did it on purpose and she got mad at me and starting yellin at me tellin me that i am ungrateful for everything tht she does for me and that i can never do anything right when she asks me to.... graet mom of the year right? whatever.... my best school friend isnot talkin to me and i honestly dont know why of course she is talkin to everyone else like its ok but of course not me b/c i always get the shit deal out of everythin but maybe she will talk to me when she need a ride somewhere... maybe... i dunno i miss her she was like my best friend ya know and then wham she is just not talkin to me istnt that fucked up. whatever im pissed
life is unravelling and no one knows it.. everyone thinks i am fine but i cant talk to anyoen because then everyone will find out somehow.... everyone finds out everything so i'm screwed whatever so i guess i'll just write it down and then whoever reads this its their own problem but i dunno whatever i'lm sick of it all... is it worth being friends wit anyone? if everyone is just goin to leave u in the end. everyone leaves me EVERYONE i once said that to chris and he was like i wont leave u HAhAHA that turned out to be bullshit b/c he istn talkin to me ne more and doenst want ne thing to do wit me so that was a fuckin lie.... another person said i wont lie to u but failed to mention certian details li ke he had a girlfriend what a fuckin lie but yet iam the liar and i am the bad person here whatever.... what is the point... yea am mymom was bien all dramatic like when i'm dead blah blah blah whatever i realy cant stand ehr right now she made my dad cry and i hate her for that b/c that wasnt cool at all.

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