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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
10:18 pm - *!*-Well Girls I Am Here-*!*
I hate that you guys do that!!...Haha!!..I have Yahoo messanger now JUST FOR YA'LLS WACK ASSES!!..:(Haha.But anyways yeah we can go to the field this weekend!!..Justin wants you to come to evanville?...thats crazy!!...HAHA CAN YOU SAY WHY!!!..I wish you wouldnt like him, he reminds me of "P"..I FLY SOLO!..and what who cares!!..But anyways i support whatever you like!..I cant belive you guys did that to me today!!..I am still emberrassed hahaah!!:) But i love ya!!..Thanks for doing it well get on Yahoo!..OR text me because imma bout to go get something to eat Halla!!...Love ya!..And Jackie didnt call me and i was with melissa because we went to wal-mart after we left evansville!!...:) You know!

current mood: dorky
current music: *: Beautiful Soul :*

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Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
9:39 pm - <*In MorGanFielD*>
I had a great time in the field tonight!!...Me and some friends went down there in my new car...I got a Black Volkswagen Jetta!!...It was fun down there!!..We mainly just chilled acted goofy and ordered a pizza and talked about ol' fun times!!...And i showed all my beatiful pictures of my baby girl Laci!!..-It was fun..I got on here waiting for you girl but imma bout to go meet a friend if you are not on in a lil bit,...if i just got off text me!!..Talk to you all later Love Ya,..

current mood: bouncy
current music: .<.This is how we do.>.

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Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
11:31 pm - .+.~Its been a while!~.+.
*~.Its been a while since i have updated on this thing!!..But alot has been going on and i have been really busy!!..It seems like alot of things come to you at once like a knife..But you have to have your friends family *&* God there to get you through it all!!..-And i really just want to thank all of my friends!!..-It means alot to me that i can always depend on you guys,..Always!!..(jackie,kristen,jenny,becca,)...Greeat friends!:)...I am glad all of my shit is taken care of that was my biggest worry and my main scariest concern!!..There are some people out of my life who i DO miss but you know you can only do what your heart tells you and i guess things change and so do people...I feel like a different and better person, who has grown up and realized what life was all about..-I hope everybody else realizes the same before it is too late.~*

current mood: accomplished
current music: .-Lovers *&* Friends-.

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Saturday, November 6th, 2004
2:29 pm - *.Damn It Been A While.*
*..What to say!!..I am sooo worn out!!..PARTY!!..tonight and i cant wait!!..its been a while since i have been really really drunk!!..and i think i deserve to be!!:)..ill meet you P at 7 at your crib!!..HaLLa..*

current mood: horny
current music: *.I'm So Horney.*(JUST A SONG)*

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Friday, October 8th, 2004
2:03 am - *//*..I Started a New Job Today..*//*
.**..I started a new job today!!!...I am really excited!!!...the one at WetSeal was just to far for not enough money!!!...I think i am going to really like this new job!!!...I am going to be working with some good friends of mine!!!...and it will be sooo fun!!!...Girl i am super tired!!!...I cant belive we just got in!!! I have been going since 6 this morning and just now stopped!!!...and i will only be able to wait for you for a few mins!!!...because i have to get up at 7 and when i get done with the college i will hit you up before i have to go to work and we can chill and hang out!!!...thanks for my little fun supprise tonight*(Wink Wink)*...haha it was my fav!!! i love that stuff!!!...well tm we will go and do what we planed laci girl will be at my grannys!!!...so if i dont talk to you tonight ill see you in the morning okay!!!...HaLLa babes!!!...:)

current mood: tired
current music: ..*My Enemies*..

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Thursday, October 7th, 2004
11:57 pm - *//*..I Started a New Job Today..*//*
.**..I just started a new job today!!..the one at WetSeal was to far for too less a week!!..i think i am really going to like this job!!..and i hope i do!!...some of my friends will be working with me!!!...hahaha...damn girl i cant belive all the fun we had tonight i just got in and i am soooooooooooo tired!!!...we stayed out to late!!!...it was fun though!!!...and tm we are going to a party...my laci girl will be at her grannys house so we will have hella fun!!!...haha thanks for the fun gift*(Wink Wink)*;)....well it had ben a while since i updated so i did!!!...i wont stay on to long and chat because i am about to go to sleep so i can be at work...after i leave the college tm ill stop by and we can do something for lunch!!!...HaLLa babes!!!..**.

current mood: sleepy
current music: ..*My Enemies*..

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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
12:22 am - *.*Haha you are fuckin serious..its crackin my shit up*.*
*..->Haha...you crack me up girl!!!!...even though we are sitting in the same office i am still fuckin crackin and you know i had to update!!!...shit even though it took me a year to find my password!!!...haha i loose things!!!...bitches are bitches...and immature whores...like you said on your BLURTY YOU BLURTED IT OUT LOUND AND CLEAR...I READ!!!....haha dont even sweat that bitch ass whore...suckin and fuckin is what she does best...who said she was a Lesbian????????damn did i need to know that EkkEkk...now i feel really really sick!!!..(GAGS AND THROWS UP)...anyways i just wanted to LAUGH MY FUCKIN HEAD OFF...so i did...haha ill halla at ya for another shot of TEQUILA!!!...i cant belive we are all here playin fuckin spind the bottle twister(LITTLE KIDS..WITH OUR BABYS!!!...(SEAN CAME LOL)...love ya sis!!!

current mood: surprised
current music: *.Beat you Fuckin face IN.*

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Thursday, September 30th, 2004
10:37 am - .**..I am going to call you when i am done..**.
.**..I am going to call you two when i am done!!!...me and Sean are going to go to the Mall and then we are going to eat somewhere!!!...he has to start workin all week for 12 hour days starting tomorrow so we are going to spend time with each other then i will call you!!...have fun and BE GOOD!!!...haha bye!!..**.

current mood: dirty
current music: .*DiRRRttYY*.

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
7:36 pm - *//*..Just Shut Up..*//*
*..You know what i mean when i say this...and you know why i say this...will you please just leave it alone..if you have friends as your users i wouldnt try to say things to them!!!...it was just immature kid shit today!!..Elizabeth's boyfriend was pissed and thats what started it..Sean doesnt care he can handle his own!!...so please you two dont say ANYTHING to anybody that i have as a friend on my list...I wouldnt to you guys!!..because i am more mature then that i read what you all wrote!!!...we are bigger then this REMEMBER!!!..I am going to the country roads like i said i will talk to you all later ill text you,you know who...i know you was just taking up for us but just let it go we are better in the end if we do!!!..*

current mood: pissed off
current music: *..{kiss my ass}..*

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Monday, September 27th, 2004
8:56 pm - *//*..WhAt A lOnG dAy..*//*
*..I had a pretty long day today!!!...i got up at 7 got ready went to work...then when i got off i met with my shawty and then we rode around and i was soooo sleepy from us not getting to go to bed till 4!!!...then i came home and got ready and went with Sean to look at some things to re model our house!!!...I went over to Melissa's to see how she was doing then did some shit over at her house!!!...I went to toys R us for there big sale and try to pick out Laci some Christmas...even though they wasnt havin tooo big of a sale there was a few cute things i got my baby girl!!!...then i ate and came home...watched some good movies!!!...well i am getting off here going to bed it is 11 and i have to get up at like 6!!!...and i am worn out...so just text me in the morning or something i am not going to stay on much longer HaLLa chick!!!..*

current mood: sleepy
current music: *..-Hush Little Baby(nursery rhyme)-..*

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Sunday, September 26th, 2004
11:13 am - .**..ItS bEeN a WhIlE..**.
.**..Well i havent wrote since thursday i have been pretty busy!!..i just got back from Louisville today i went down there with some people me and Sean we went down there with another couple on Saturday we got a Motel and just chilled it was ALOT of fun!!!....its cool down there!!!...then on friday i went with some friends to the field and had a pretty awsome time!!!....and NO i am not mad at anybody!!!...if i am mad at somebody i will let them know..and i am not mad at ANYBODY...there is no reason to be mad at anybody!!??...what does that accomplish! not a damn thing!!!!...well Thursaday night Laci scooted almost crawled i was SO shocked she is my baby girl growing up soooo fast!!!!...my week has been fun and pretty busy i did things i have never done before and i had a blast...and me and Sean went back to how we use to be and it felt great...i guess it was just all the post-partum bull shit...but it makes you think...damn how lucky you have it the whole time when it is just laying right there in front of your very own eyes!!!...i love him so much!!!...i love everybody all my friends and family!!!..thanks to all my friends for this weekend for taking care of me haha...love ya guys!!! ;)..**.

current mood: energetic
current music: ..[*NaStY gIrL*]..

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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
6:24 pm - .**..Haha..Hell Yeah..**.
*..Today was fun!!...i cant belive all the people that was down there though!!..Laci really liked it!!..haha it was fun!!...i am glad we went!!...i cant belive that my mom is staying down there..haha!!!....on Friday i am going to go with Melissa (during the day) after work and then i am going to call you and meet up with you somewhere!!..then we can decide what it is we are going to do!!..K?...well i just wanted to let you know since i texted you i came home early tonight i am worn out from all the things from today!!!...and going to bed at 5 and getting up at 7 didnt help!!..haha well ill talk to you tm bye chick!!..HaLLa..*

current mood: calm
current music: **..{-WhAt A bEaUtIfUl DaY-}..**

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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
9:06 pm - .**..Oh YeAh..**.
.**..Girl!!...haha P just called and he said whats up!!..and i had Sean answer the phone..he is drunk!!...wonder if he is getting outta her!!..you know what i mean by that!!...i just wanted to tell you that!!!...oh and i texted Loren to see if she wanted to go this weekend and she said yes!!!,..i got some cute things while i went to the mall!!..ill have to show you!!!...i need a cell phone cover but i didnt see any at T Mobile!!..and we asked but there wasnt anybody in that booth jack asses!!..haha..well ill have to get one when they decide to work i guess!!!...if i dont meet up with you today come to see me at work tm when you get off..or is tm your day off!!!...i am not sure i think i am loosing my memory!!..haha...night forreal this time!!..**.

current mood: drunk
current music: *..[ZzZzZzZ(no music)]..*

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9:00 pm - .**..I kNoW gIrL-ThAnKs..**.
.**..I know girl..and i dont give a crap anymore i really dont!!..and from now on when people tell me shit fuck them i dont care to listen to it anymore...and if she forreal doesnt have anything better to do with her time then she can fuck the fuck off!!....haha damn!!..that was alot of F'in she could do!!...haha well thanks girl for all you say and do for me...i am glad we are back to us again!!...anyways yes i am on i just got in!!..i went with Loren to her house then Nicole called me and i decided to go and talk to her and then i had to get gas i was praying i would make it home...then i got scared so i stopped!!...haha!!..yeah ill go with you this weekend!!..i think Tinille is going to go to the field and P wanted me to ask her what the fuck was up!!..so u know we have to stop in there!!...so i can hear the truth!!...not that we care but just to let her know she lied!!!...Heather told me today that she never has her baby!!...Brad and her split up!!...crazy slut!..in a good way i guess...haha!!...however being a slut is good!!...anyways girl i am going to bed goodnight!!...ill call ya tm girl i have to be up at 7!!..**.

current mood: bitchy
current music: *..[My Goodies]..*

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
9:18 pm - .**..Well Well Hell's Bells..**.
..*-Haha!!..well today i went with some friends after work!!...and then i went to the mall!!!..after we all left the mall we went and chilled in the field!!..then my mom calls and she is SO DRUNK and she asks me to come and pick her up and take her home from the bar!!..so i did and she was crackin me and my friends up!!..but i love her!!..she didnt know what was going on!!..she ran into the door and any other crazy thing she could have done!!...well i just got in from the field again and had a blast!!...feeling a little tipsy but me and Sean are about to go get a movie after i take my friend back to her car!!..baby Laci was kinda sick today!!..[poor baby]..i been kissin her makin sure she is okay!!...i have been thinking about a tattoo too...on my foot...what ya think!?..hmm who knows i think it would be cute since i talked Jackie into getting hers there..we will see!!..well gotta go gotta be up early!!!...if you get on i am sorry i am going to watch a movie then go to bed bye girl!!-*..

current mood: cheerful
current music: **[..Lean Back..]**

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10:58 am - .**..WoRn OuT..**.
-**..Dang!!..i am so worn out!!..when you dropped me off lastnight to my car i had Sean come to Wal-Mart and meet me there..and i shopped for a little bit!!..i rearranged my house from top to bottom!!...it was a lot of work!!..but fun!!..then "P" called at 3 because i told him i was going to be up at 5!..well he texted me!!..and he said when i get up call him and we can have donuts because he was going to Cor-Dawgs..so i called him when i was on my way to take that test and we met at McDonalds because i really do NOT like donuts..then we rode around for a little bit!! listening to who knows what??...haha because he is silly!!..like a 24!!..haha remember!! woah!!..what was we thinkin??..well i didnt sleep but like 3 hours! if that!!..and i am still going!!..Sean and Laci! are still sleeping he didnt go to bed until late..and she wont go to bed with out us!!...so she is worn out to!!..and it is FREEZIN in here!!..eekk i am so cold!!..Becca wrecked her car again!! crazy!!..i talked to Tinille and said what i said i was going to say!!..haha..she asked what i was doing this weekend but i didnt mention it!!..prolly for more then one reason!!..and what we were talking about!!!..haha i am not sure if it is true or not!!...and Jan keeps calling my cell now since we ran into him the other day and i am like BUG-A-BOO!!!..and so i asked him i was like why are you all of a sudden calling me all the time again and he was like "i dont know i miss seeing your pretty face and i just miss everything about you"..and i was like there is nothing to miss!!...but oh well i told him we could be friends like before!!...but i wouldnt hang out with him all the time like we use to and smoke!!..because you know thats not what i want anymore!!..i had Sean answer once when he called but he had already hung up!!..his dad told me he would buid me a house on low income when i turned 18!!..Oh girl i got my ring back Sean got me today!!..i missed it!!!...and i was pissed at first because it is a 1,500$ ring and they hadnt called me back in forever to let me know it was in i had to resize it...i went from a size 3 in a ring to a 41/2 damn having Laci made my finer bigger!!...haha they were still teasing me they were like 7 is normal size i was like i jammed this finger before so it should be like a 10!!!...i am very chattering today!!! haha...me and Sean were talking lastnight about something that me and you were talking about and then he asked me he was like when do u want to get married!!...and i was like what we had planned on before but then Laci baby was born!!..and he was like okay so June28th of 2005 or 2006?,...and i said we will see what looks better closer to the 2005 and see how much we have saved...it is still going to be the back yard fancy wedding!!!...PROMISE...haha i am excited about that part!!...Lisa will be throwing a fit with you in it but hopefully she will be more mellowed out by then!!..she knows we are friends and she cant change that...leave the past where it belongs!!...well girl i am getting off here but i will talk to you later i will call you when its about time for you to get off...HaLLa..**-

current mood: restless
current music: **..Like A 24..**

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Monday, September 20th, 2004
9:42 pm - .**..BestFriends..**.
..*Thanks so much for all you do girl!!...i really appreciate it...i am so glad you were here for me today i almost had a break down...eekk that would have been terrible!!...but no i had my girl there...who is always here for me..and we are back to "us" again!!..i am glad "p" came to be there for me too...he knew i was upset and i have never seen him be so nice!!...Jan needs to forreal quit..i am sick of him calling and buggin!!..like always!!..well i just wanted to say thank you for everything!!...you know you hardly ever know anymore who your "real" friends are...but i know you are my real friend..as i am yours!!..thanks for the card and the pix they were nice and made me cry and think of back in the day!!!"...love ya girl!!..HaLLa*..

current mood: indescribable
current music: *I'll Always Be Right There(your the bestfriend i ever had)*

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Sunday, September 19th, 2004
10:57 pm - ..*YiPPy*..
..*As if this world could get any crazier!!...well anyways i had an okay day today i woke up at 7 took Laci for a walk and then i went tanning!!!...i met up with a few friends for a little while went to the field and there was some hatin ass girls there...damn i was about ready to go off she was getting smart with my friend..and i was going to go off but i let it go because i am better then that!!!...then i came home ate and then me and Sean went shopping and hung out and watched a movie nothing fun...well shawty i am going to bed!!...i love ya..."lil shawty"
...but ill call you tm!!...HaLLa*..

current mood: dorky
current music: .*Leave Get Out "All Jealous peeps"*.

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Saturday, September 18th, 2004
2:45 pm - ..*Feeling Like My Old Self*..
..*FINALLY..it has all come back to me!!...guess post partum has its own ways of thinking for you and taking over your mind!!..but i got my old self back where i want to be!!...YES!!...i dont feel like all i do is help other people,..i dont feel like i am alone when it comes to rasing Laci i dont feel like the person i did when i was pregnant i feel good...having a baby is a WONDERFUL thing and it makes you know who you are and what you want to do with yourself...and i love that so much she was a HUGE WONDERFUL gift from God!!...i think all people need a baby when they are lost and alone...they know they have them to look forward to everyday and to live for!!...but it has just hit me last week i guess that i wasnt the same ol sad sappy person anymore...i am ME again!!..the only person i know to be the only person i should be and the only person i want and am going to be!!...i had soo much fun these few couple of days and i thank my friends so much!!...there is never enough thanking you can ever do for thanking your friends for all that they do for you and all that they are here for you for!!..tonight i know is going to be even better because we have kinda the same ol night except more people and better things to do!!....i get to ride again on the bikes and play in the mud and all the fun things country girls do!!...haha...well i am going to go now..i am going to go shopping!!..i ate at ponderosa and it made me SICK..Melissa ate like a pregnant cow...haha!!...but seee ya!!...HaLLa*..

current mood: accomplished
current music: ..*I Wanna Feel That Way Again*..

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12:27 am - .*.FUN FUN.*.
*..Tonight was sooo much fun..i felt like a little kid all over again!!...i went to P's house and we had quite a few people over there...and it was sooo much fun!!...we drank a lil' and then we played games HAHA..and one was twister...you can just imagine!!...it was soo much fun we were acting silly it was prolly one of the greatest times i have had without costing any money or driving anywhere and just hanging out having fun!!...Jennny and Jackie and Loren was really a trip!!...but i still love you guys!!...Melissa she couldnt drink but she was still funny as hell trying to play truth or dare Jinga..haha!!!...we also rode 4 wheelers and went mudding i am wearing some big ass sweat pants and sweatshirt that belongs to P...haha and i look like a weirdO!!!...but it was fun!!...i am sooo tired and kinda feeling good so Halla!!..*

current mood: amused
current music: .*.Yeah Yeah.*.

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