Nine days from now, I'll be sitting in a class.   
09:11am 26/08/2003
mood: sleepy
music: Smile Empty Soul, Flashlight Brown, and Yellowcard
I move into the dorm a week from today. What dorm? Oh, I still don't know. That's right. Still no housing information, and seven little days left before I leave. Jess Wilson moves in on Sunday. Lucky. But hopefully, since it's a Tuesday when I move in, Dan won't have to work and he can come with us and help me move my stuff and we can hang out with my mom and finish up the shopping and stuff and he can let everyone on my floor know that I have a boyfriend, since he's quite mistrustful of the college community.

I suppose that's what happens when you never went to college, and so your only knowledge of the institution is from movies like Animal House and PCU and Van Wilder.

Yesterday was a good first day of detox. I did the liquid fast for awhile, but that doesn't work well for me, because I got hungry, and so I ate, and then I got sick. But there are much better points to talk about in this day, and so I shall commence.

I had some problems with Yoga tapes and DVDs that brought me to the belly dance tape, and it's wonderful, and I discovered that it's what I'm going to do for my cardio at least twice a week. Belly dance and kickboxing for this first semester, folks. Because both make me feel good and beautiful. And of course, that Muscle & Fitness Hers weight routine I found for home workouts. It's really cool, it's a three on, one off, two on, one off routine that will work out my whole body so well and will really help me to build muscle that's going to help me shed fat. After the belly dancing, I had an amazing chakra meditation to some drumming music, laying on the floor skyclad. I felt the chakras all vibrant and spinning, and then I connected them and brought down the white light of Spirit, and I felt it washing through my body in little tingles, and the chakras blooming like flowers.

I felt so wonderful after that.

I did three loads of laundry, did some reading, and then got bored, so I called Jess Wilson. We went to Target, and saw Jess Turner for a little while, and then, on our way to get Dan so we could go to a diner, we had a car accident. Oh yes, that's right. Nelly hit a little Asian lady who was taking a year to make a right turn, who proceeded to panic, hit the gas, and run through a street sign and across the lawn of a church. And of course, Nelly wasn't able to drive away from the scene, because of the angle of impact, which forced a part of the bumper back against the tire, so it wouldn't move. She was also leaking something. So Jess flipped out and cried and her mother was yelling so the policeman talked to her.

Dan came to the scene though. I love him so much; he's really there for me when I need him to be. We brought Jess home, and then went to Gene's for a little while before my hunger got the better of me. We went to King Chef and got food and drink, and then ate at a table on the boardwalk in Long Branch. It was kind of sweet. It was also my idea, so I was very happy that went well. Then he brought me home and I was in bed by 11, just as I'd wanted to be.

I got up today at 8. Tomorrow, and for the rest of my days, it's 7:30. I made a new CD with songs by Smile Empty Soul, Flashlight Brown, and Yellowcard. I figured he's never steered me wrong with music before (re: Distorted Penguins, etc.), and so this stuff would be good. It is. I don't think he knows how musically influenced I've been by him. Now I'm going to lay down and watch Jerry Springer, and then at 10 I'm going to do my belly dance and then another chakra meditation. Then who knows.

Adios for now, loverrrrs.
Things I've Learned From Reading Previous Entries   
09:16am 26/08/2003
  1) Dan and I were dating a month and a half when he told me he loved me at Seaside.
2) I haven't seen Jen in a month.
3) I haven't really let go of Jess Turner.
4) The most beautiful discovery true friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.