a puzzle is for the piecing together, especially for the young, who still believe it can be done.   
12:42pm 24/07/2003
mood: hopeful
music: The Julianna Theory
So, yeah. I got pulled over last night in Sea Bright for going through a light that literally just turned red. And that's fine, because I'll just friggin pay the thing. The court date is the 18th, which is my Ozzfest with Jen. So I don't think that I can really just go to court. Not that I think Jen would notice if I wasn't there. Maybe I'll see if any of her friends want to go, and I'll sell them my ticket. Because I don't really want to go to Ozzfest twice, and she hasn't even called me in forever.

So how is that friendship?


Anyway. Yeah. Tomorrow I have to go with my mother to cancel my savings account, get an oil change, and hit the eye doctor. I also have to tell her that I'm putting in my notice at Home Depot, and that I'm going to look for a job once I get to North Jersey. She'll have to accept it, because she really has no choice. I'm going to use the remainder of my paychecks to pay down my credit card, and then I'm going to just go to school, settle in, and then figure it out.

Because I can't be expected to have all the answers, can I?
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01:42pm 24/07/2003
  Guardian Angel
You are a two-winged Guardian Angel!
Wandering the realms of the mortals you often bear
the form of a mere human. It is your task to
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shadows. You are good-natured and friendly,
trusted by everyone, helpful and kind. But
when in danger you show a fierce protective
side that often surprises your adversarys.

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Finding a loving relationship is an ongoing journey for you. You try to learn from each date and new experience and move on. Falling in love comes naturally to you. It doesn't have to make sense. You're ready to "go with the flow" and see where it leads.

Like all women, you have your strengths as well as your quirks and shortcomings. Ultimately, you want to find someone who will love and accept you "warts and all." Because you're a private person, it's especially important that you find a partner who understands.

Some days when you're in a bad mood and can't hide it, co-workers or friends take it personally and think you're upset at them.

You're looking for a man who can be your lover AND your best friend! He should be someone you can count on to be sincere and do what he promises to do. His career or community involvement is probably focused on helping others. You'll be impressed by how he can see the "big picture" and have a vision of what he wants to accomplish, while still having a practical and down-to-earth style. Though he can be outgoing and charming at times, you also will find he has a shy and quiet side. Unlike most men, he's not afraid of his emotions. In fact, the two of you will probably share an immediate, passionate connection. Together you could create a very intimate and passionate long-term bond.

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That's right, folks. I'm the ultimate heroine. Booyah.
and a little survey, cuz it's been a loooong time   
01:53pm 24/07/2003
  last cigarette: nunca
last kiss: when I left Dan's last night
last good cry: good one? umm...July 4.
last library book checked out: The Inner Temple of Witchcraft
last movie seen: Bad Boys II (great, if you don't expect an Oscar award winner)
last book read: sadly, it was some tawdry romance that I pulled from the break room to pass the time at work
last cuss word uttered: it's almost always the f-bomb
last beverage drank: Diet Coke
last food consumed: a piece of cold pizza
last crush: Dan...the only one that ever worked out for me
last phone call: umm...to Jen's voice mail
last tv show watched: Springer
last time showered: yesterday after kickboxing...and I'll take another one soon
last shoes worn: flip flops
last cd played: my burned Dashboard Confessional
last item bought: hmm...Dan bought the ice cream last night...which means...soda
last downloaded: Autopilot Off stuff
last annoyance: Gods and Generals. hehe
last disappointment: I've been disappointed in the behavior of others lately.
last soda drank: Diet Coke
last thing written: a plan to overhaul my life
last key used: backspace
last word spoken: I haven't spoken all day
last sleep: from 2 AM, when I got home, until 11
last im: Jess Wilson
last sexual fantasy: umm...I haven't had one in a long time
last weird encounter: I don't know. People are weird. Encounters are weird.
last ice cream eaten: chocolate chip cookie dough
last time amused: i'm almost always amused by something
last time wanting to die: I wanted to die often in high school
last time in love: I've loved. I'm not sure I've ever been in love.
last time hugged: saying goodbye to Dan last night.
last time scolded: money conversation with mommy over lunch yesterday
last time resentful: i resent everyone for everything.
last chair sat in: the one in front of my computer.... are you dumb?
last lipstick used: um...prom?
last underwear worn: black panties and a bra
last bra worn: one of my utility bras
last shirt worn: this one -- big black firefighter Taz T-shirt my grandpa got me
last time dancing: um...prom? no, I've been to Tradewinds since then/
last poster looked at: couldn't tell you
last show attended: Summer Sanitarium
last webpage visited: Griffin's livejournal page
I HURT: deep down inside
I LOVE: rain, thunderstorms, Diet Coke, kickboxing
I HATE: the ignorance and brutality that are hereditary in our society
I FEAR: the ignorance and brutality that are hereditary in our society
I HOPE: that I will be able to change things that matter
I FEEL: lonely
I HIDE: most of my deepest feelings
I DRIVE: too damn much
I MISS: feeling at home
I LEARNED: not to run away from places where you feel good
I NEED: to get back to Ramapo
I THINK: this better be over soon
current clothes: the aforementioned T-shirt
current mood: kinda feeling weird, as usual
current music: the sound of chanting in the Jerry Springer audience
current taste: Diet Coke, mmmm
current hair: my natural color, sadly, and in need of a trim
current annoyance: always feeling drained
current smell: myself
current thing i should be doing: laying down
current desktop picture: a pentacle
current refreshment: Diet Coke
current worry: how suckyt work's gonna be tonight