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18th February 2004

2:58pm: owch
this weeks been boooooooring.. yesterday was funner i guess lol but yesterday i went to the ortho.. he said APRIL iss when i get them off =DD yayayay.. they hurt like a biatch tho =/ i cant eatt lol i think i might diee oh well, bye bye. nothing else to write!
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15th February 2004

11:13pm: lol well last night was reall cool.. i went to laurens and kristen and julia were there, we had a heavy evening of games and laughing and talking and shit haha it was awesome..we played smee.. best game ever! and i was laying on the floor.. and julia pushed kristen and i got elbowed in the junk twice! eghh.. it hurt =x umm then we played ha ha .. lol earlier we lite pictures on fire.. hahah and a gum wrapper thing and it blew up in laurens face and caught kristens shirt on fire, holy FUCK that was some shit.. then we just wasted 3 boxes of strike on the box's. lol crazynesss.. i was the master at smee, b/c i can get lauren to laugh, and dissapear on the floor =D hahahahha MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo yeah yeah, queen of it i tell you! then we ate, and watched phone booth and fell asleep.. jesus its FREEEZING in her house.. thats a prooomise, and today we had a light afternnoon of watching tv and talking and laying around. and eating.. came home, lisstneed to drunk parents and their friends sing songs from their day and stuff.. haha funness butt its coming to the end of the evening for me, soo goodnight all .. hope you had a great weekend like meee! xoxooxoxox
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14th February 2004

1:41pm: ice cream
todoayy i had deep conversation in the woods with cheryline.
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9:59am: theeee fun of a sleepover
welllll needless to say megan fell asleep at like 130..haha .. so me and cheryl did our 107 appointment, =D BOO!! (that was megan) me and cheryl had a degrassi watching marathon =] haha spinner you better shut your mouth mason haha i heartt lloooooovee.. haha bite my buttt.... and dont think we forgot about you 2.. yes you 2..and you know who you 2 are..2 boys! we didnt forget..we wnat what we earned fools >:o becausee that was a low blow right there.. you CHEATED we gott some icecream. then megan told us to be quiet .. and wet paper towels were put downnn pants hahha yeahh.. but thats reallly it.. it was a wonderfull evening and im gladd the crew could come enjoy it with us.. happy valentines day, even though i hate this holiday.. xooxx sarah cheryl megan
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12:18am: mhmm
yeah okay todays friday the 13th .. but i had a great time today haha.. well school was school, what else to expect.. but then meggie rode the bus home with me =] and cheryl came over att 7ish..thenn we watched legally blonde 2.. then at like 830 ish randy and john came over..thenn a little while later eric came =D we had a blast.. haha lots of interesting and deep conversation, and action lol hahahha =x not for you to know! lots of sitting around, and fountain spraying- laying on numerious people.. chatting it up.. gum gum gum in the mouth, throwing landing on the floor and put in another mouth and then put on bracelets then on zippers ..then on foreheads.. hahha what a lucky 2 peices of gum they were! megan and cheryl are staying over =] wooh woohh! were waiting for pahadre to go to bed, megans alreaddy there, BIG T is down the street for the evening.. jules is at shannonss.. party for us haha =] but my nose itches.. so oh well dont hate..

i belive its time to go.. xoxooxox sarahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrahrhah
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11th February 2004

3:17pm: i hold you in my heart
hmhmhm.. today was interesting i belive 2nd pdd me and katie talked alot.. which was fun.. lol shut up stubby.. i dont know you said something like that >:O 3rd i couldnt get my locker ms. megan olup opened it for me =D then we had a fire drill ! 4th i had a good time with megan and maris =] 5th..ehh haate it 6.. boooring.. 7 subsititute =D 8th..boringg again the bus was funfunfun filled tho.. sat with cheryl =] the light of my life.. haha blaeballh came home and ate and thats about all.. yep yep xooxooooxx sarah sarah
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10th February 2004

3:56pm: gimmeee a beat
wowowo today was interesting, i matched! woahooh everyone was proud =D hmm 2nd pd. i took a test, i think i failed it tho lol =x and then 3rd was boring =/ gym SUCKS soo soo soo after i talked to curtis.. then went to lunch with my cheryl megan and marisssmosh. 5th SUCKED 6th was boring, 7th was fun =D i got to sit at fishs desk..wahoodehoo =] comfy chair, thenn 8th was boring.. it usually is lol.. the bus ride home was interesting though, lots of chittchatting picture looking and purse looking through and fun, wonderful times .. blahdeblahh i wrote a purdy poem in english about to holocaust..cheryl liked it, and on the valentine front i still have no one. but ehh thats ok lol i just dont care anymoree humhumhum becauseee friday night should be tons of fun soo im not too worried about it.. anywayysss.. yeah i came to samanthas after schooll =D and we had burping and laughing times yes yes, so i think i shall go now xoxooxox loveee you <3 sarahhhhhhhh
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3:56pm: gimmeee a beat
wowowo today was interesting, i matched! woahooh everyone was proud =D hmm 2nd pd. i took a test, i think i failed it tho lol =x and then 3rd was boring =/ gym SUCKS soo soo soo after i talked to curtis.. then went to lunch with my cheryl megan and marisssmosh. 5th SUCKED 6th was boring, 7th was fun =D i got to sit at fishs desk..wahoodehoo =] comfy chair, thenn 8th was boring.. it usually is lol.. the bus ride home was interesting though, lots of chittchatting picture looking and purse looking through and fun, wonderful times .. blahdeblahh i wrote a purdy poem in english about to holocaust..cheryl liked it, and on the valentine front i still have no one. but ehh thats ok lol i just dont care anymoree humhumhum becauseee friday night should be tons of fun soo im not too worried about it.. anywayysss.. yeah i came to samanthas after schooll =D and we had burping and laughing times yes yes, so i think i shall go now xoxooxox loveee you <3 sarahhhhhhhh
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9th February 2004

8:05pm: fly me a river
welll today was actually ok.. hm lets see we played games in second period and i got to eat a crapload of rock candy w/ katie =D but i swallowed the string.. didnt know it was there but oh well..i survived.. haha and we had to dress in gym =x hate it! hm went to fishs class w/ cheryl for lunch.. lsn sucks soo bad.. i hate my teacher, shes horrible.. thenn computer was fun.. i got to get online because i did all my work =D bobbie almost fought darrius hahaha that was hilarious, english was annoying..jesuss brent doesnt know how to stop acting dumb lol i swear.. and spanish i went to the "bathroom" and got skittles =D yumin the tum.. on the bus i sat with my good friend randy.. and talked to the crew aboutt the party. and had face wars yep yep, anywayss when i got home i napped =D mm felt so good haha lol hmm who knows, but i do know thattt i had some lemonade, which reminded me of certain things today.. but i had a cut on my tounge so it hurt =[ oh well xooxoxo
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8th February 2004

10:17am: load of shit..
welllllll im at samanthas now, but about to go home.. hahaha last night was soo much fun.. it was fucking awesome.. we kept on laughing at reallyyy stupid things .. haha. soo we went in the basement.. you know how we do.. and then we watched identity till 3am and and and then we went to bedd.. but it was alot more fun then it sounds.. i was in a bad mood for a while.. but thats ok i got over it..
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Current Music: the starting line- breakup day

7th February 2004

11:06am: the stars still spell out your name..
hmhmhm..hellooo last night i found a ride with julia=D and we went to shannons and amie was there..thenn we rode with shannon to mbp, we had windows down and everyhting..blasting the spice girls and dancing.. singing into purfume bottles, you know how we do.. then amie and julia got out and started dancing in the parking lot was great, thenn we went inside and i found RACHMACHIE and LISSSTAH!<3333 and we chilled.. haha awesome times hmhmhm then masic played [wonderful as always] and me and amie danced our dance to the same song we always do, thenn lauren kristen and the ohter julia came =D wahoo, thennn it was time to go =[ so me kristen lauren and julia piled into the huyundai and her mom took me home and them back to laurens..that was about all the excitement i had.. yeah.. lol welllll leave me somethingg ooxoxooxoxx sarah sarah
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6th February 2004

3:00pm: youll always be a little wimp
hum was fun! we had a delay..and my 1st pd teacher let us out at the announcement bell soo me chelsea and bernice walked around.. but finally went back to class =/ went to fishs class for lunch, with kayla and denise lol .. watched a movie in goverment.. had a guest speaker in computers. not too much going on here although my tummie hurt reall bad all day.. but oh welll .. go to mbp tonight, masic night biatch =D xoxoxo
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5th February 2004

6:20pm: hahah for my rachmachie =D
We got winners, [me]
We got losers, [rachie]
Chain-smokers and boozers, [ehh.we all know who they are] haha
We got yuppies, [dont know what that might be?]
We got bikers, [nick]
We got thirsty hitch-hikers, [melissa & adlai]
And the girls next store dress-up like movie stars. [hahaha definatly me]
Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, I love this bar. [mm me and rachie]

We got cowboys, [john bryan]
We got truckers, [john jones]
Broken-hearted fools and suckers, [ me and .. me & adlai haha]
And we got hustlers, [rachie]
We got fighters, [cheryl]
Early-birds and all-nighters, [erica.. then me + lauren]
And the veterans talk about their battle scars. [my grandfather haha]
Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, I love this bar. [me and rach again]

I love this bar,
It's my kind of place,
Just walkin through the front door,
Puts a big smile on my face,
It ain't too far,
Come as your are.
Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, I love this bar.

I've seen short skirts, [uhm.. me lol]
We've got high-techs, [robbie]
Blue-collared boys and rednecks, [ scott & randy ]
And we got lovers, [lauren, adlai]
Lots of lookers, [ the wholeee damn crew ]
I've even seen dancing girls and hookers. [ me and lissa haha]
And we like to drink our beer from a mason jar. [definatly all of us]
Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, I love this bar. (Yes I do)

I like my truck.
I like my truck.
And I like my girlfriend. [me talking about]
I like my girlfriend.
I like to take her out to dinner, I like a movie now and then.

But I love this bar,
It's my kind of place,
Just toein around the dance floor,
Puts a big smile on my face,
No cover charge,
Come as you are.
Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, I love this bar.
Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, I just love this old bar.

haha i got mad love for all the kids in the hood<33 expecially my rachmachie ::jumps on her::

kissie faces

stuff that makes my day..

PyroAndSped4Lyfe (6:20:28 PM): ;-) u gettem tiger
PyroAndSped4Lyfe (6:13:23 PM): aww cute
PyroAndSped4Lyfe (6:17:42 PM): awwwww
PyroAndSped4Lyfe (6:17:46 PM): thats soooooo cute
PyroAndSped4Lyfe (6:13:44 PM): oo thats sexy!!!

haha damn i love a good girl like that..

LightYearsAway56 (6:29:44 PM): i have no grey cloths lol
nevrxendingstory (6:30:13 PM): so what
nevrxendingstory (6:30:15 PM): i never match
LightYearsAway56 (6:30:24 PM): lol me either lol i was just saying
nevrxendingstory (6:30:25 PM): and look at me im cooler then mashed potatoes in the freezer
LightYearsAway56 (6:30:29 PM): but i dont no what im getting
nevrxendingstory (6:30:38 PM): lol

hahaha..thats us.. cool kids by heart

Justaddvodka101 (6:18:58 PM): its cause you have body lice

im glad you found that out haha =D.. love you beautiful

aw yall are the best..
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2:56pm: yum
helloooo lovleys.. guess what! im eating pizza rolls =D me and daddie are going to the mall soon..but i dont know when..hes asleeep! today was alot better i suppose.. but this morning i couldnt find my damn shoes so i had to wear other ones.. but oh well. im fast over that, anything good happen? ehh not really well we did have a sub in english so i slept..and in computer i was named the class star =D so i was happy about that hehe.. got to sit with my dear cheryline on the bus..but she had a migrane =[ so me and rachmachiee talked..then this one girl kelly said that me and jacquie looked like sisters! lol.. well nothing else really to say, soo ill write more later.. i guess xoxoxooooooooxoxxooxoxxoxxxoooo sarahh
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Current Music: rufio- still

4th February 2004

5:37pm: gahhh i remember the fucking good ol days.. when i had the pink high top converses with sylvester and tweetie bird on them, i wore them allll the time until they fell apart.. loving how everything was all simple as a kid, i loved it. until the time my shoelaces wrapped around my bike pedals and made me crash. but oh well.. gotta take the good with the bad, which is what im going through with now..being the bigger person doesnt always work..but thank you for the help buddy.. haha i went to 6th pd lunch that was fun.. i found out alot of shit that i shouldve known.. and curtis told me what to do about it, which helped alot. thanks babe =] so yeah.. tomorrow should be better .. i HOPEEEEEE, woopdedoo.

nevrxendingstory: JESUS
three x ReAs0Ns: yes?

haha i love you kid, you make the world taste better! xxooxo
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Current Music: bruce almighty
1:20pm: horrible
today..was extremly shitty.. it was a half day though. woopdie do- but grr everythings annnnnnnoyyyyyyyinggggggg

im surprised though, after all that time.. we thought he was different- but apparently not

Current Mood: every bad thing ever.
Current Music: nothing at all

3rd February 2004

2:20pm: i want a valentine =[
god damn this is gay. you know how we got out of schooolll and all..oh well im not complaining. buttt today is johnny william bryan the 3rds birthday! woop woopp.. add ANOTHER 15 candles to the birthday year cake =D love you punkin nose, anyways, im at laurens .. she smells gooddd because she just washed her hair yum =D now im hungry..i want..fooooood delciicoush.. lets see what could we make out of laurens house? yes? no ? hehe yes ? no? no? yes? lol hyper f-ing mofos,

i am glad however that i didnt have to see a stupid ass bitch that i hate today, made my life oh so much better. well i shall leave now. nothing else to say oxoxoxoxoooooooooooooxxooooo sarahhahhahahahahah
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Current Music: mest- jaded

2nd February 2004

8:58pm: youll always be my konstantine
ahhh welll the rest of me megirafe & maroosters sleepover was the shit haha.. hm hm hm.. we had a grand ol' time chatting it up in the kitchen while everyone was gone good times those were, got alot of stuff out of my chest, expecially after megan sneezed haha .. wow i thougth that would be a funny joke, but whatever, im probably the only one laughing anywayss soo super bowl sunday mom picked me up and we went to mckays =D anddd got cake cake cakee mix and icingg =] and then i went home and got ready..thenn the partyy came lol ;] we watched the gamee and had a good time, expecially when i schooled amie on cake fighting .. lmao that was super smashing and just about all the details im going to share because i know you dont care. umm yeah, didnt get enough sleepp though =x so i was reaalll sleeepy today [monday] and bored out of my butt, except that it was MEGAN NICOLE HENRIONS birthday!! yayayayayay! 15 more candles added to the birthday year cake =D uhh, so i made her a purdy pink & black cake =DD and maris brought 4 plastic-wear spoons andd me maris cheryl and megan got one and dug in! that cake was the bombmbmbmbbm! haha then goood gravy, we got into a bus accident so i sat and talked to the bus crew lol..that was soo f-ing gay. so i got home late and didnt get to sleep >:O but i ate soup me madre made =D mm..good! except it was HOME MADE! BOOYA. yeah, im caught up i suppose..for now anyways- i hopee you guys are all supersmashing, ;] xoxooxoooooooooxxxxox sarabbitt
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Current Music: summer down in fullerton- allister

31st January 2004

11:55pm: lmao..crazy shit going down
sing to me xo: dis be yo worst nightmare.. dat skeezer tryin to holla at yo man


ahh hellooo at megans house with maris..haha crazy fucking fools i tell you! well let mee see .. tuesday i helped my sister clean her roomm and we watched dashboard dvd and wednesday i went to samantha and ericas .. i can not sled i ran into trees everytime i went down the damnn hill we had that delay thursday but im glad that i got to see my LOVLEYS again thursday after school..what did i dont remember? oh well lol..umm friday wonderful evening at mbp with megan and bunch we saw when all else fails and monroe and some other band..but megan left at 1030 so i sat and talked with curtis until i left..and i saw SCOTTIEEEE yeah..then i went home and fell asleeepp when i woke up i watched the new guy and did nothing.. now im sitting around at megans.. we had burger king yeah and maris just heard megan CURSE!!! woowwieesss! and we're argueing about what movie to watch. afterr we decided on uptown girls..we were running around dancing and screaming in the kitchen.. well maris was doing most of the screaming.. i wasnt too hyper soo i just danced a little bit lol BUT marvin gaye [that was maris] and tammie terrell [megan] sang me aint no mountain high enough.. that was the ishT =D i felt so cool after that man, let me tell you! thennn we were just being stupid retards..which is what were always going to do, because were crazy kids. hmm haha well i must go and join the festivities xxoooxooxoxooxoxo sarahhloo
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Current Music: megan talking..yet again haha
11:48pm: if your my punk rock princess, i can be your garage band king.
haha yess!! today was a snow day at first i thougt it was going to be boring as shit .. but i had an awesome time.. went down to erics then to randys thenn met cheryl jacquie john lauren and jessica but cheryl jacq and jess had to lauren left we were going to go sleedding but we had to wait for donald so big ol' john & plat took on rob and eric in a snowball fight.. WE DOMINATED of course! but john put up a surender flag to rob.. what a big loser.. haha just kidddingg then me and randy tackled eachother in the snow haha like 082574 times.. and the pb&j unit was formed- rob took a snowball for me which was kind of him then everyone got tackledd in the snow hahah which was fun, after that we all departed from eachother and me and big nut j-unit sat on the front porch of a house being built waiting for my mother.. i want my cookies fool.. we never made it to cheryls to sled but we'll do that another day, after that i left came home un-froze and ate then family played a game and watched joe dirt funny ass movie- but thats all for noww i hope we dont have school tomorrow..thats going to suck balls xooxxoo platinum
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Current Music: megans beautiful voice.

24th January 2004

11:55pm: die a slow and painful death, at my bedside
hrmm..welll ive been bored..reallly bored, because no one likes me anymore..oh well, what can you do? sleep which is what ive been doing lol- umm when i came home from samanthas house i colored and watched online and fell asleep because all my plans fell through =[ but oh well..thenn i woke up and came downstairs on saturday, and i did nothing but watch tv, and then i moved the other tv to my room and plugged in the vcr and watched the little mermaidd =D arent you jelous? actually probalby all have lives lol then neighbor came over then i fell asleep again thenn fell asleep again..and another time..and then i went to laurens and im here now..and shes sleeping..which sucks because im bored..but oh well haha now shes awake because someone called whom..oh its no one..anyways yeah.. joes getting his tonsils taken out monday so i woulnt see him allll week =x thats horrible but oh well..but it is time for me to go..because welll ive told you everything going on.. xoooxoooxxxxxxx
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Current Music: laurissa doing something or other..

23rd January 2004

2:59pm: take me away
wowwie...umm wednesday was boring but after i went to samanthas and then to michaels and i got a coloring book! YESSS and chickfila YESSSS!, thursday was okay..thursday night at the faculty talent show was soooo funnn..and funny lol i was with eric cheryl megan maris jacq and jen..but then jen jacq and cheryl left, so oh welll ummmm yeah..then i went home then i went back to bed then friday was extremely boring, lots of gay shit that i dont care for.. then right now im eating pizza rolls with my good friend samantha! wow. yeah tons of fun, anyways... im going now, xoxoooooooo right more later.. and stop bringing drama and shit into my life that i DONT need or DONT want, its gay.. you know who you are...

Current Mood: calm
Current Music: breathing of me and samantha lol =D

20th January 2004

3:13pm: all i ever wanted was to eat popcorn with you..
yeah so after i left laurens house.. iiiiiii slept.. no wait i didnt okay nevermind i hope you all brought condoms because you just got screeeeeeewwwwwwweedddddddddd hahahaha god damn im gay. why do you even talk to me? ANYWAYS i stayed awake and did a shitload of nothing..but i did watch my ataris dvd =DD ahh fucking awesome shit =D so that excited me.. umm yeah andd then i went to cheryline & jacqs house- woohoo.. we watched movies again =D first freaky friday and then some other ones, i fell asleep at 12 =/ then woke up around 10:30ish and then we went to the mall-WOOH .. i got a watch =DD and then blah balh we went to ledos..but it was for them to take home, so i didnt get any =.[ then lauren called so i went to the movies with her and kristen..and we saw along came polly, extremely funny.. then i couldnt do anything that night =/ so i watched tv and slept on the couch! i know you guys are all thinking . .SCORE right? yeah well anyways umm monday was boring, then tuesday it was off to the halocuast museam in dc. it was sad =[ and then i walked around school and then i got on the bus and then i came home and samantha came with me and now were sitting here and im about to eat her..because im hungry =D HEY PERVS! not that way!!! anyways, ill write more some other time when i feel like it.. xooxoxooxoxoxox sarbow

ps. its not nice to make fun of me while im sleeping on the bus, ::stares at megan olup and kellie ortman with evil smile:: i hope both of you never sleep again =DD
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Current Music: taking back sunday- summer stars

17th January 2004

12:48pm: woww..
jinkies! its been a loong time since last time i wrote =O well lets see if i can remember everything thats happened, that saturday night after sarahs i went to samanthas and her mom took us to pizza hut and blairs video.. and we watched gone in 60 seconds, pink panther cartoon, anything else, and how to deal watched them all and fell asleeppo in the basement bedroom.. then monday was really borring .. and then that night padre and mike, and me went to the mallieoo =D i got a hoodie and a purse.. woohht! umm then we were in the food court with my chickfila =D adlai threw pizza crust at me >:O bastard.. so i talked to anthony him mike and this other kid for a while lol then ate my dinnerr and we went home .. woohoo.. blah blah, tuesday i went to the ER .. that was exciting.. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm then wednesday was really boring, thursday wasnt that bad- soo thursday night i went to the mall with RACHMACHE! i got this fucking awesome purse hhaha.. and i got the ataris and jimmy eat world dvds- yeah yeah these guys said we looked like twins..OH YEAH i got like 4 bras and a shirt too hahah .. then that night rachmo made me lemonade ;] that was some nasty shit..haha you fag, then we talked to brandon and he made fun of my last name and said he wanted to marry me and keep my last name. haha that was funny and then we talked to dan, then i fell asleep =[ so we went to bed, i woke up, went home, went to the salonoo and got my haiiiirr done =DD it looks purrrrrrday.. well i think it does lol thennn i went to LAURENS! and JULIA is here too! wooht wooht! and their taking weird scanner pictures while i make me a cd =D but lasttt night we FROZE our butts off!!! i wonder why..hmm.. ::does thinking face:: but anyways..we went to bed at like 5 this yayayayya butt thats all, were going to finish being fags now - write more another time xoxooxoxoxoxooxoxo SSSSSSSSSAARRRRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh
Current Mood: geeky
Current Music: the used- yellow and blue & laurens mom vaccumming

10th January 2004

2:02pm: break me off
humm... thursday i didnt go to school because some 17 year old ran over our power box in a van and we didnt have power.. YESHH hahahha .. school friday was extremely boring. afterwards i went too samanthas house for a little while and we wrestled..kinda sorta..i won..of course why do you ask? BECAUSE A GOOD SARAH NEVER LOOSES A FIGHT! right? right! so then she splashed water on me =8{ <-- again supposed to be the embarassed face, but anyways..then i left..blah blah blah.. thenn went to sarirees house.. picked her up..went to curtis's house..picked him up..then off to mbp.. and we met up natalie megan robbie john bryan and matt.. had mountains of fun acted like complete retards the WHOOOOLE time =D yayay then saries mom picked us up, thenn we went to el taco bello.. then back to sarries house for the night, we talked on the phone.. played cards watched tv, tons o' fun. a grand ol' time- then we fell asleep 330-ish woke up 1030ish this morning and havent done too much since then, just talked downloaded music watched the real world, blah balh blah blah blah.. yeah nothing really much happend haha so i guess ill writee more lattttttterrrrr xoxooxoxoxoxoxo sarahhhhhhh
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Current Music: sarah playing the harmonica =D
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