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    Thursday, October 21st, 2004
    12:07 am
    "so come outside and walk with me, we'll try each other on to see if we fit"
    oh man, i always have shit to talk about but i never really "dug" this blurty thing for awhile, but im a happy camper right now so FUCK it...

    well i attend moraine at the time being...and its not too classes are pretty badass..and my one class which is 3 hours (bio) would usually suck, but i have some good kids in that class i have fun with so it works out. its cool though, i mean the college life is just too awesome. i get up and go to class at like 12 or 1 usually and dont have to worry about going to bed early anymore. i have been doin that for 12 years and its about damn time i get a break. but i have a few options i want to do after i get out of moraine...either ISU or my sister wants me to really consider goin to UCI (univerisy of california in irvine) which is crazy talk. i am goin to visit my sister in cali in march for a week and she wants me to get information on it. i dont know what i want to do yet...

    in other news....i need a job mom has been on my case for literally 2 months about this..and i keep saying "ok" but i feel like an asshole and i need to get that shit going...i have filled out 3 applications so im on the right track...hey, im lazy, what can i say? friends are more important to hang with than a job...

    i have been hangin out with cammie and jenna lately....theyre my moraine glad i have them to talk to and stuff..its always comforting knowin you have someone you can call and have come over to just sit there and say "it'll be okay" when you know it wont..its good to hear that.

    i have let down some people the past few days....and i feel like a huge dickhead about it, but i have been tryin to get my feet on the usualyl the one who listens to the problems and try to help out as much as i can, but i need this for me...just this once....and u know who you are...please dont go away...u know i need your friendship more than anything...dont fade into gray...

    besides being upset, i have never been happier in my life right now. things are workin out how i have always wnated them to for about 5 years...and now, its happening. it really is. i am 100% happy all because of a couple IMs lead to a meeting with him and realizing feelings havent faded. if anything they have grown. now, all we have is each other and its too awesome. i just hope it doesnt go downhill, i have been through way too much shit for it to collapse on me. im fighting for this shit..

    on that. im out.

    "you finally have him. dont give up" - i love you cam

    Current Mood: ecstatic
    Current Music: graham colton band-sending you a note