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lirpa m's Journal

23rd October, 2003. 11:01 am. what did the note on pavlovs lab door say?

please knock. DON'T ring bell.
have been so busy, have to catch up. well, it finally happened, aprils acing a class. my impossible to pass psychology class? april has an A. i think i have a b+ in my public speaking class. i htink it will all count on my next speech. the girls had a great birthday party and got lots of gifts and most of the important people were there. i was a nervous wreck until it was over, though. the kids dressed up as angels upon entering and i didn't think any of the kids would say "no." but two of the boy cousins, bryce and tristen, flat out refused to be angels for about 10 minutes. that was funny later, pain in the ass then. christine wanted to put her fingers in the cake but hates cake, so after that she wouldn't eat it. and my precious angel catherine refused to sit for a picture, so there goes the group picture thing. poor ben, thanks for everything, but you can only work with what you have. ben was making the rounds with his camera in between making fun of kara. and vice vesra. they are quite cute after awhile, bickering and "remembering when" together. other news? austin proposed to jennifer, my sister in law? they plan to get married by september. this will be a big wedding, my only question is which of my daughters will be a flower girl? catherine is the obvious choice, the right age and looks good with caleb because their about the same and get along together. but who says that catherine or caleb will be in the wedding, because its customary for one from each side of the family. but austin doesn't have anyone in his family with little children. but heres the real question, jennifer will plan the whole thing, who will she offend? because a wedding never happens in the montgomery family without someone being offended. i wish her the best and only hope that she can pull it off. she's taking 16 hours per semester this year, i hope that she doesn't get overloaded.
not that any of this is news to anyone, its just montgomery stuff. well, my job is getting more and more complicated, i wonder if i am getting a little to quick and need to slow down because my manager wants me to start taking over some of the vindicator stuff now(i do the independent stuff-their two separate papers that we print-posting payments, trouble shoot most of the problems and fix them and basically make sure its up and running.) i'm not supposed to start learning vindicator stuff until next year because then i will have a year of experience and hopefully be able to handle anything. well, i only work part time so this talking of more work is a bit overloading. looks like my days of reading the paper and nap times are over. i got caught doing my homework once and thats not an option anymore. they would rather i sit and do nothing than get my homework done. hows that for motivation? well, hopefully it will make mon-tues-weds go by faster. thats about all i need to do some homework now actually. lirpa

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