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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

1:32PM - sLeEpY

my oh my, what i night i had last night! it was effing GRAND! i had so much fun i can even explain it! THRICE was great the show was awsome! it was so packed, more than i expected. but man was i tired i went to a show on five hours of sleep man thats tuffy when you are getting sick! i rocked my lik' heart out to thirce non stop it was just so i dunno words cant explain it. and thursday, well what i saw of thursday, was great what he can do with the microphone it just WOW! how he doesnt hit himeslef or anyone else is amazing! i would kill not only my self but everyone else around me! hehe! :) but i was sure a sleepy girl last night coming home, but when it came time to go night night i couldnt fall a sleep because my ears were still ringing! man then i woke up with them ringing still and they are still ringing now! but oh well it was well worth it! i was all out of it at school but who cares i had one hell of a reason! and im super excited for dinner tonight im having tacos! wahoo! im gunna be home for dinner, wow thats a first in like forever! but i am outtie for now its tiime for me to be a good girl and to go and do my homework! so i can take a nap! much love write more later! 143

Current mood: sleepy
Current music: THURSDAY understanding a car crash
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Saturday, November 1, 2003

10:53PM - what a day

well today was a rainy day i guess, well it rained either this morning or last night, but who cares it washed all the left over ask off my car so thats good. well today was kinda a bummer with the boyfriend we got into a little tiff last night. he hung up pn me last night and we got into it and we didnt solve the problem we just slept on it and he woke up fine and i woke up pissed at him. so i went all day being mad at him all at the movies and everything. (scary movie 3, can i say lame, it was the worst movie ever) we gpt into at the movies too, but we just kinda stop fighting so thats good. i guess it was one of those days were he was really getting on my last button. but whatever i love him! he is mine! its great we went to walmart and bought a BIG bad of smarties and a one pind bag of hot tamalees and a BIG bag of gummy bears! yea we are cool! and then i have hime a big hickey on his cheak bone, i feel bad now! but i told him to put a warm wash cloth on it so it will go away! but today was just a pooper day but whatever! i have a big day a head of me tomorrow! major laundry day! i have no clean cloths! and i have work from 4-9 so i got to get it all done but 3:30! and it sucks we have to go back to school in two days and im still do drained and i dont know why!? having a nine day weekend takes alot out of you! man this whole state crisis sure did take alot out of me!


time for bed i sleepy! nighty night! peace out

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Current music: watching MAD TV
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Friday, October 31, 2003

9:26AM - HappY HaLLoweeN

wahoo its halloween, but what a bummer halloween! first the fire put a damper on it because we got a nine day weekend making me not be able to wear my cool costume to school, but i got over that and i get to still go trick or treating for a little bit so thats good, im just hoping that it isnt going to rain or i am going to cry. but to day should be a fun day getting ready for halloween. hopefully tommy or john is having there party so we can go, it better be a dress up one too cuz then i am going to have to change but that would be okay cuz i would wear my new out fit oh well what ever happens happens. yea i went shopping yesterday i got the cutest shirts and i found my dream jacket it is the cutest volcom jacket in the world i cant wait to get it, i had to wait because it is 70 dollars then i also found the cutes sweaters that at 60 bucks each so i better start saving! well im off to shower so i can start getting ready! wahoo!

Current mood: silly
Current music: buffy backround music
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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

11:16PM - wahoo

well today was just kind of a boring day i guess, didnt really do much concidering the air is horrible! :/ i got m halloween costume finished today, and i must say its fucking awsome! its the flipping coolest tink in the world. i did melissa and mikes costumes too theirs kicks too, they are the best jane and tarzan i have ever seen. i saw all of the burnt grounds and what not from crest and all around walmart it is so sad, and i found out that alot of my friends lost their home and i feel so bad for them! my <3 goes out to them and who ever else lost their home. its weird on the hill behind chris' house you can see where a house burnt down and all is left is the fire place, scary i may say. but then way to end the night was that OC is back, man that is like a drug i love that show. im so excited blink is coming up! i get to see them up close and it was only a buck! but even before that is thrice/ thursday and then following that is unwritten law followed by senses fail followed by brand new ending with blink and thanksgiving! what a great month i cant wait! well im off to bed, im a sleepy tink! love to every one! kiss kiss

Current mood: grateful
Current music: taking back sunday
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Tuesday, October 28, 2003


well today i finally got back to my house, i have been at my chris' aunts house because of the whole fire thing. man i never thought something like this would ever happen this close to home. it was the weirest thiing in the world, first my sisters boyfriend for like 8 years, his dads house burnt down and he lost everying and lost his doggy. it was horribly, then i was at chris' and the power went out about like 3 ish or something like that. wwe packed some stuff just in case. then outta bordem me chris branden and chris were rall playing uno to pass the time when all of a sudden a huge orange glow was coming over chirs' hill. and the fire came so fast it was so neat but freaky. i have never seen anything like it, you couldnt help but stare. so we ran around like chickens with our heads cute off getting stuff outta the house. in like a matter of 30 minutes the fire was over the first hil and starting on the second all it had to do was very easly jump green feild and his house was a goner. so we left out to the beach to get away from the fire. luckly the fire never made it across green feild which was very weird but i was very happy that it didnt get to his house. but today i found out that some of my friends houses' burnt down and i wish i had away to get a hole of them but we dont have school until monday so i cant see them. i just really wish there was something i could do for them. and now my halloween is kinda a bummer, my costume is fucking awsome i am going to be the coolest tinkerbell ever! but i cant even do anything now, i cant wear it to school since school is cancelled, and i cant go trick or treating anymore because there is poor air and it very very un healthy i guess, and so its kinda a bummer its really the last halloween i can dress up but oh well. but all in all it was kind of a shitty start of the week! all my love to those who lost there houses... im thinking about those friends who lost there everything! lata!

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Current music: senses fail handguns and second chances
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