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Mass E-mail #6, titled "It's Good To Be Home" [30 Jul 2003|07:05pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Wow. And so my journey ends. It was a great trip... but I'll reminisce in a bit. I'll fill you guys in on what's happened latest.

Hm... so I mentioned I was going to Bewdley. Even if I spelled it really wrong. ;-) It was exactly what I predicted: a quaint little village. Really very nice. I had proper fish and chips, which was very exciting. They tasted excellent. We just don't make them right here in the US... :-) I'm just so happy to be home.

But back to England.

I got a duck to eat a french fry out of my hand. They had some pretty daring ducks in Bewdley.

We also went Crazy Golfing. I lost.

Then yesterday we went to Alton Towers! Alton Towers is a big amusement park. It was okay, most of the rides were a lot like Dorney's. My favorite bit was the Teacups: we were going faster than anyone else, I was laughing so hard I got the hiccups. And I liked this Roller Coaster called 'Black Hole', it was inside, completely in the dark. Really neat.

We went to the pub last night then. The Vine again. I like that place, it's very cute. Laterns, wood, the whole bit. Then we came home and played cards with Dave and Phil. Yep.

And now I'm home. Yea, there was a bit of a plane ride in between, 8 or so hours, but the movie/TV choice hadn't changed, so I watched Chicago again and Two Weeks Notice. And some television shows. Nothing much happened.

But like I said, It's good to be home. I missed it towards the end- even if it seems like the cars drive really slowly. Teehee.

Now I'm sitting here, in front of MY computer, in MY house, thinking about going in MY pool.

But I'm tired. Maybe I'll just call a few people, hope someone e-mails me back, and go to bed at 8 or 9. (Remember: I'm still on English Time! 5 hours ahead!)

So I guess this is goodbye. Parting is such sweet sorrow. But I hope to hear from you again... and I'm hoping I see the majority of you again this summer! You guys really are the best. I can't wait to tell you all the more personal horror stories... like telling Kristin or Shell about the giant seagull... swapping nightmares about topless Germans with Kelly. (Shivers.)

Until we meet again,
Love from,
In the US.

PS: I will not be doing personal responses. I seem to be slacking off, and I really am very tired. I'll be seeing you responders anyway. :-)

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Mass E-mail #5. titled "London. Rain. London." [27 Jul 2003|07:44pm]
[ mood | touched ]
[ music | Raindrops keep Falling on my head, Rainy days and Mondays... ]

Hello again! We're on the home stretch now... I'm not sure how many more e-mails there will be, but I know of at least one after this. Probably two.

Anyway, I've been to London and now I'm back. (Because the Fung's live in Cradley Heath- but you already knew that!) Well, London was wet. It rained. A bunch. That didn't exactly help my cough either. Speaking of which, my cough is still here, even worse I would say. It made me throw up during Church today. (I had escaped to the bathroom first, duh.)

Back to London... I saw Big Ben and House of Parliment and London Bridge. We went into the Tower of London: that was very interesting. Except for when the tour guide spoke. Oh, well. We saw a raven taking a bath there. That was pretty funny. There are loads of ravens all around the tower: if fact, the myth/superstition is that if the ravens ever leave the tower, the Kingdom would fall apart. Here we also saw a Guard up close.
Hmm... we look at Buckingham Palace, which proved to be rather similar to some of the Georgian Time Period buildings we have in America. 'Cept there was some very nice gold stuff on thier fences. Huh.
Let's see... We went on the London Eye, which is kind of like a big (huge!) slowly moving Ferris Wheel next to the Thames River, where you can see all sorts of important buildings you've heard of, and some you haven't.
On a clear day, that is. We could see a lot... just not as much as we could have if it hadn't been pouring. Alas.

And we went to King's Cross.

The moment I *saw* King's Cross, I got all choked up and my eyes filled with tears. In short, I reacted just as any crazed fangirl would. I didn't *actually* cry though. Just faintly.

At any rate, we walked to the sacred wall. It had a sign on it, reading; 'Platform 9 3/4'. We took pictures. I tried to get through. Got a concussion. (Just kidding!)

But it still was ..ahem.. magical. I hate to break it to you guys, but...(begins to sob) I didn't meet Harry OR Daniel Radcliffe. Why did I have to choose such an unattainable dream! Oh woe is my heart! The more is my unrest! Perchance to dream! (Wails)

Cough. Sorry about that. Anyway. Did I mention the Venezualia (sp? meh...) football (Soccer) team was staying at our hotel? There was a news camera there when we arrived... it was very exciting. Because, as you all know, Football/Soccer is as big in Europe as American football is in American. Or even bigger. So this team was a big thing. They also hit on Tabitha when she was in the elevator getting ice on Friday night. I volunteered to get ice on Saturday night. Nothing ever happens to me! Har-rumph.

We went on the Underground a lot during our stay. Apparently London's underground is the biggest in the world. Props to them!

We went on some buses too. Not much to say about those though.

We visited some relatives of Uncle Micheal's while we were in London. They cooked us some very good Chinese food... and I can say that I learned how to eat with Chopsticks *well* in London. :) Very good.

They also had DDR. (Dance-Dance Revolution.) If you don't know what that is, too bad for you. But I plan on getting a cheap PS1 just so I can get that game and two mats. I challange you to a match! I absolutely adore that game. Sigh.

Speaking of things I adore, now that I've collected myself I can tell you that I finished Book 5 for the third time last night. Aren't you proud of me?

Well, that's all I have to say. I'm going to go recuperate now, I've only got 2 full days left, I plan to use them wisely. See you all soon! I'll be back the 31st!

Loves to all, direct from the United Kingdom,

PS: I wrote 12 postcards today! One for each! Bow down! Be grateful!

PPS: Oh yeah, we also went to Thorpe Park, an amusment park on Friday. Twasn't very amusing. Meh.

PPPS: I forgot my blatant hint for you all to reply. **Hints Blatantly**


Kelly- Thanks for the update. Don't worry about the old episode... it doesn't seem we missed much. Glad to hear you're having fun with M and M... I miss you loads too. Your 'Change of Plans' e-mail made me sniffely. Tut-tut. Sigh. I can't wait to swap stories though! I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours... LoL. See ya soon, Kel.

Jilli- Glad to hear you had fun in Vegas! Sounds like a great time. I hope I get to go there someday. (Hopefully with a large bankroll, LoL.) We'll have to chat. It's something I *do* understand... meh. Talk to you later.

Wow, this is short. Unreasonable short. I am disappointed in all of you! May you all contact Spattergoit! Or inflamming of the braine! :P


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Mass E-mail #4, titled "Tourism and Tiredness. Cough." [23 Jul 2003|05:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Hello again to all. There has been a slight problem with some e-mails I was sent: I didn't get them. Not your fault, rcn's. But anyway, I sincerely apologize to anyone who e-mailed me and I did not respond. It will (or at least should) not happen again! Now, on to important things.

Sunday... I was correct in the last e-mail when I said we weren't going to do anything.

Because we didn't.

Though I did go to a pub with the 'dudies' (those guys, remember?) and Tabitha. It was called The Vine, it was very quaint, altogether adoreable.

Monday... Ooh! This was the most exciting day this week! Matt and Tab and I went on a train ride: It. Was. Awesome. I had SO much fun. It was a steam train, one of those re-done ones, and the three of us even got our own little compartmant on the way back! It was cool. I felt like (and wished) I was on another certain train... sigh. Anyway, Tab and Matt also 'took the mickey' (made fun of me) about how I pronounced 'Warwickshire'. Apparently the 'shire' is pronounced 'Sheer', not 'Shy-er' like in Lord of the Rings. Lesser-Carmen-Emma: Eat your heart out. Ha-ha.

Anyway, the train ride was cool.

Tuesday. Hmm... we went to Warwick castle. They *apparently* filmed bits of Harry Potter there, but I didn't really see any of it and go "Woah! That's the (insert random reference) part! Wow! Daniel Radcliffe stood here!" Nope, no such luck. But I vaguely recognized the castle, and I think that it was basically used for a Quidditch class scene, from the outside. Yeah. But the castle was interesting and historic just the same... just not much to say, that's all. Dan and Matt tried to change the tire because they said it was a little flat... Keri and I tried to convice them that it was fine. Since they couldn't get the hubcap off anyway, we just drove with the tire on. We got back safe. (Keri and I were right.)

Wednesday... hey that's today! We went to Stratford to see Shakepeare's birthplace. It was really quite pointless. But I got a picture! I was there! But at least there's a good story there: Uncle Michael put the CrookLock (one of those bars for steering wheels) on when we left the car unattended. He had forgotten they were using Auntie Rachel's keys, meaning he had to saw the CrookLock off. Which he did. Very Amusing.

Anyway, I'm tired, have a cough, and not in a very chatty mood. I guess that's why this is such a crappy e-mail. Sorry. Well, going to do responses now... ttyl ttfn.

Ooh! I nearly forgot! There is a very sordid aspect of England that no one knows about. It has to do with chips- aka crisps. It's hard to get plain flavoured ones. Gasp! I know, completely terrible (being that I eat only plain). But you can get 'Prawn' ones (fish flavoured) and 'Texas Barbacue Pringles' (and I can just imagine Taxas's reaction to those) but no plain, just about everywhere. We had to go into two different stores to find some today. Terrifying.

Okay, now I'm done.


Love from
Cough. Ray-cough-ahem-cough. Che-ahem. Rachel. Cough.

Danika- Did you read the cliche catolouge yet? You'd better not say no. Go read it right. now.

Mom- Yes, I miss the chicken parmigana. And the dogs. And home (a little). Of course Brandon was complaining. I called Auntie Mary- going to her house tomarrow. At least I won't have to talk much.

Emma- I'm so sorry about the e-mail mix up! I was very upset upon reading about it... Megan's e-mail was lost to. But I'll be able to read both when I get home. (Don't ask.) Anyway, glad to hear you had fun at the beach... the waves sound better than ours did. Of course I need more Harry Potter candy! What do you think of me?? Anyway, I was very pleased with your e-mail, it was nice and long. I had been worrying if your father was getting these things to you- apparently he is. I'm glad.

Kelly- I am getting worried about the lack of Paradise Hotel updates and responses. I need to hear from you! And I have things to tell you when I get home.

Right, done. Loves to all!

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Mass E-mail #3, Titled "No Rain In Spain" or "Look Mom! I'm TAN!" [20 Jul 2003|02:20pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Greetings to all! I've returned from Majorca, Spain safely, I'm sure you're all glad to have me back. I was overwhelmed by the amount of reponses I got (Well not *quite* overwhelmed. Just a little 'whelmed') but I think you guys can do even better. More on that later.

Now, I know no one will believe what I am about to say. I can't even believe it myself. These words... they sound foreign being typed by me. Absolutely ridiculus actually. But here they are: I. Am. Tan. Boom! I can hear the shockwaves reverberating already. I know what you're thinking: "Tan?!? Rachel can't be TAN! She doesn't tan! She burns or stays white! Surely the sky isn't falling?!?" Okay, so maybe a few of you are not thinking that, and are more kind to my skin tone than I am. And I'm positive an even higher percentage of you would never, even in your own mind, use the word 'Surely'. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and this is a very special occasion. I am tanner that I have even been in my life. Wow. Right, now that that's done, I'll be going. Ttyl tt--

What? You want to know what I did? Oh, all right. Well, just for you guys (because I love you SOO much from replying *COUGH-COUGH*) I kept some notes to remember everything we did in my notebook. Now despite the fact it is illegible, I am going to attempt to read through it and narrate what it says.


(Glances at chicken scratch)
Sat.: Nice pool, pretty resort, v. v. hot. Short plane ride. Began Shining.

Translation. Okay. Well, the resort was very nice, it had a pretty view of whatever mountain we were near behind us. The pool was nice, good for cooling off. It was HOT. With a capital H. 40 degrees celsius most of the time- that means in the mid 90s to 100s constantly. And there was no AC in our room, but that wasn't too bad 'cept at night. The plane ride was very short, only two hours. Something Americans would just take by car- but it was over water. Oh, well. By the way, we were in Alcudia, Majorca. Majorca is an island off the coast of Spain. They also spell in Mallorca. It's native language is Spanish, but more about that stuff later. Anyway, I began Stephan King's The Shining that day, in case anyone actually cares.

Sun.: Cave, 4x languages, v. cool. Nice enough beach. Got approached.

Yes, the beach was nice enough. It didn't have waves though, unless there was wind. That was rather disappointing. But the beach was pretty just the same- and sandy. Yep, sandy. Beachy, really. Ooh, the Cave... well, it was dazzleing and all that. Whatever. But the coolest part was the guide, who said all about whatever area we were in in Spanish, then English, then German, then French... Awesome. Wow. I was floored. I loved hearing the languages and all that, I had the greatest time this entire holiday -(oh no the english are getting to me)- VACATION increasing my Spanish and French and German. Great fun. As for the "Got approached"... well, there were these sellers who approached people about buying their wears. And people handing out leaflets and stuff. I was never getting approached: They would always give stuff to Dan, or Uncle Micheal, or Auntie Rachel. Never ME. Then I got approached. I was excited about that at the time. I really thought it would be a bigger source of amusement than it really turned out to be- after awhile, we kind of figure out the 'sellers' weren't really selling what they said. If you know what I mean. Anyway, I've lost my train of thought. Hm. Did I even have one? Moving on.

Mon: Waterpark. Interesting. Not as good as DP/WWK. Palma. Pretty enough, but too much walking. B/c D & UM got us Lost. TWICE. Well, D says it's UM's fault. WWhatever. Cathedral kind of dreary, come to various conclusions just can't remember anymore. Finished Shining. Sad end, had liked (CENSORED), tear.

Yes, we went to a Wild West Waterpark. Interesting, yes. There was a diving team doing all sorts of tricks, which was fun. And we saw a show where this guy was throwing knives... all that jazz. Palma was nice, but we were dead tired by the end of it. We did a "Walking Tour", meaning Dan and Uncle Micheal got us lost repeatedly. It was neat just the same. I finished the Shining, And I had to censor out what character dies. Sorry.

Tues: Read some e-mails, note 2 self: buy more HP candy. Marketplace; haggled 30 euro ring down to 12, v. fun. Bien Espanol. Got some neat stuff. Played Scrabble, lost to Dan by 2 pts. V. Sad. Went to factory store, it actually rained. Though it was a tiny tiny tiny bit. I made Michelle proud w/ an Ice Cream: Strawberry Supreme Sundae.

Pretty self explanatory. Though I had bought some HP candy for other people, I had not expected the enthusiastic response that I got. So I shall get more! The marketplace was awesome, stupendous fun. I got a ring, it's pretty. The best part was my chance to use all my Spanish numbers, the ones I've known since second grade... 'doce'. Well, I can't spell them, but I can say them. So ha.

Wed: Got rid of rented car. Now stuck to closer by places. Mean more time at the beach!* :) Went 2 beach, v. sandy. Rented paddleboat, which was a lot of fun. Choco chip muffins. A little red, but mostly tan.** Opened Dutch Blitz cards.

* "And there was much rejoicing." I just wanted a comment.
** See above.

The paddleboat was really great, it was awesome jumping off of and stuff. It was like having your own little home base in the middle of the sea. I loved it. That's about all there is to say about that day... I ahd bought Chocolate Chip Muffins, which I adore. Speaking of which, Auntie Rachel made some this morning... I shall cherish them forever. "And there was much rejoicing".

(By the way Becky, I just put 3 Monty Python references in one day. I hope you're happy.)

Thurs: got 2 see a spanish arrest. Went on glass bottomed boat, nice wind/waves. Fun. Note to self: Remember to tell Dad that Dan was, quote, "very disappointed we hadn't taken him sailing." Anyway, 4 hr tour, come back, played cards. Went 2 pool. Black Coffee, scrabble again. Finished Black Coffee. Not bad, not good either. meh. Played with teensy hermit crabs. D started Shining. Nice watch tan?

When we went out Thursday morning, there were these two blokes- I mean- guys being arrested. In Spanish. I even heard the Miranda Warning in EsPaNoL! Good times. Hmm... the boat trip was really awesome. It was interesting seeing the fish from the bottom, but that was only for a short time. The wind was nice. I was properly cool for the first time in days! Eugh, Tab just dropped a KinderEgg toy puzzle in my lap. KinderEggs are great though- they... hold on, I think I've gone off about KinderEggs before. Nevermind. Anyway, Black Coffee was an Agatha Christie. There be it. I made Dan read the Shining too.

Fri: burn on one side of next, invisible-but-I-can-feel-it bruise on other. took surrey around, v. interesting. I steered a bit. came home v. tired, the week is starting to take a toll on me (and not only me). Hottest day yet. shopped. finished watermelon in 3 days with UM. Packing is crap.

I slammed into a doorway. Slippery floor- ouch. The surrey was neat. Yeah. Um... ooh! Uncle Micheal and I ate a whole big watermelon all by ourselves. In 3 days. We are immensely proud of ourselves. :)


Well, to finish the story, we did crosswords waiting for buses and on the two hour airplane. So my story ends. It was a fantastic time.

We're not doing anything today really. Just going to church, hanging out at home, and recuperating. So I'll see you all later!

And I think you should REPLY!

OXO to all,

Tan!Rachel, returned from Spanish Island, avid KinderEgg lover.

Now for the Responses to the !Angels! that e-mailed me- ( and some who didn't...)

Casey- Oh, I was EXCITED when I saw your e-mail. Thanks for responding!!! I'm thrilled! Anyway, we're are going to have a nice long chat about Book 5 when you're done, okay? And I sincerely hope that you were kidding when you mentioned Bertie Bott's every flavour beans... they've been out for ages, Casey. Ages. Since the 1st movie. Ages. Tsk-tsk! ;) "Turning Corners"? Hm, I'll have to explain that to you. No one else seems to get it anyway. When we discuss the 5th book.

Bell- Oh, I got you something your going to Love. Heehee. I'm glad you had such a great time in Maryland, it seems like the Discovery Channel store was right up your alley! That Periodic table of elements shirt... Hm. That's a good idea about using it in school. Congratz on finishing English!!! You're officially out of school now! Whoo-hoo! Well, sorry I couldn't respond till I got back. Hope your having a blast in Texas/Mexico with Kristin(s)... don't get sick, see you when I get back! Miss you! I must have said "Shell said" or "Shell did" a million times already. :) Our parents went to the movies without us! Anyway, ttyl...

Jilli- Amanda who? There's too many, I need a last name! Glad to hear you're no longer albino, and have tanned like me... I'm sure you got a great kick out of the section on tanning above. Ha. Wow- Las Vegas? Lucky!! Ooh, I want to go there so badly!! Yeah, I felt that way too about leaving for a month. It seems like you miss so much: but everyone is away at one point or another. So oh well. Yes, we NEED to hang out, especially since I have something to discuss with you. Something I've never really *understood* before. At any rate, that's for another time. Love ya!

Danika-Danika!- I adored your e-mail. Like the title. :) I love your comparing my Mass E-mails to a book. This pleases me! :) You always know just what to say... Sorry to hear about your sisterly fighting. Meh- that's the way we are, being an older sister myself. Except my younger sibling is a boy. Yuck. LoL. I am having an awesome time... yeah, you'll have to see pictures. I'll have to get some pics of those 19 year olds you're so interested in... I would have taken you with me, but my suitcase was really full. With all those people stowing away... I couldn't remember any of Anthony's words. I was very upset with myself. Anyway, g2g...

Julia- Hardcore risk? My father would be jealous... have you ever played Nuclear rules? You ought to- it's exactly the same 'cept if someone gets three sixes, then they pick a card of a counrty and that country no longer counts as anything. (Because there was a nuclear bomb there) so troop move through for free, but no one can own it. They still keep their continent and everything... just makes it a little more interesting, that's all. EW! about the idodine prank. Ew. I hope my e-mails are providing some intellectual stimulus. Heehee. I loved how long your e-mail was, by the way. ttyl...

Kel- How's my favourite PH updater? Hm, glad you saw the light about Excellent adventure. I've never seen bogus journey... we'll have to watch it sometime! Ha about those guys. Nevermind about them. I am coming back with a tan, as you've read above, but I am pleased to say I have tan LINES. As in not topless. Good. And I have a few horror stories for when I get back. :) Thanks again for the PH update... I don't think they should have voted Scott out so soon. Meh. Umm... I hope Amanda gets kicked. And I hope Amy stays in. And Toni, now that I've grown fond of her. And Kristin, she's so funny in her easyness. Ha. I'll be looking foward to your next write...

Beck- Happy to hear that you had a good time. Hey! You were right! I did scowl! But you're right to wait. When I get the DVD... anyway, you got delayed an hour??? Ouch. Well, hope to hear more when you get back on the computer... the FanFiction academy fic is complete now. But guess what?? The cliche catolouge added another cliche! And there's another one expected! :) Sehr gut. Bye...

Right I'm done! See ya'll later!! Write Back!!! :)

Love Rachel

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#2, Days 2 and the 1st half of 3. Title: "Bus-hopping, Extreme Pedestrianism, and Potter highs". [11 Jul 2003|05:18pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | British Nat'l Anthem, being that that's where I am. ]

Well hello to all again! I have many specific things to say to those of you who replied- I love getting replies. (Cue Significant Cough.) They will be at the bottom. But first I would like to have everyone congratulate Kelly on her magnificent recap of Paradise Hotel. It was absolutely splendid. Incredible, really. I am now attepting a digital round of applause.

Okay,thursday. I did sleep, but not until 28 hours without sleep had past. I am quite pleased with myself. :) Then I slept for 14 hours: two nights worth. Oh, well. I ate breakfast at Tabitha's, then the two of us went to Merry Hill! (A rather large mall for the more American ones among you. I believe it is bigger then Lehigh Valley. Well, *much* bigger than Lehigh Valley Mall would be better suited. Anyway.) We shopped, we conquered. Then we met Dan and Leo by Debinins-I mean- Dibenons- Ahem- Debenhams. Cough. It was quite difficult to pronounce. Then we ate at McD's, which although I usually find the restaurant terribly disgusting, this one had chicken strips, so all was right in my world. And I have a Strawberry Dream McFlurry, which was basically vanilla with strawberry gel/jelly swooshed in, and white chocolate bits. Yum. And I got a "Hoob" with my Happy Meal. Don't ask- I'm not quite sure what it is myself either. Afterwards, we shopped around some more, and went home.

Then I saw a pirated copy of Hot Chick, which wasn't that good; it had a few funny bits but was pretty dull. Ate dinner... played an amusing game called "Consequences". Don't feel like explaining it now, though. Then 'round half-past nine went out with Dan, and three 19 year olds named Phil, Dave, and Jon. They were quite nice. We played pool, or rather they played and cheated a bit. I cheated a bit too, purely for the sake of my own amusment. It was pool in the form of "Pool Shark", which means you get lives... and so on and so forth. They encouraged me to cheat: did I say these boys are nice? Dreadful, really... sore losers when I kicked their butts at Monkey Ball on Gamecube at one in the morning. Honestly. The one has a very nice car.

I got up at nine this morning, and as I got ready, I added a Strawberry lip balm to my purse. That means the lip-item total was 4 at that point. (This is very important, we will keep track of this number as time goes on.) We went to do some banking stuff, and exchanged some £££ into euros. (£ is the pound/currency sign for those of you who are uneducated. Ha!) I added another lip item to my purse at that time- taking the number to five. Then we took a DOUBLE-DECKER to Birmingham! It still astounds me! (Okay, I've ridden in one before: I don't care. It was still fun.) Then we got off, and got on another bus. Then a third one.

We did a lot of bus-hopping today.

We got to the indoor markets. I felt like a child in a playground! It was so COOL! We both had fun shopping around... Tab got stuff for her card making, I got -er- (mumbles) lipgloss. Cough. Well, um, the total became 8. But not all for me! I think? Anyway, it was all super-cheap, (price-wise) all tax-free. And the shopping gods live on.

Had 'chips' for lunch. That's french fries. And I paid 10 pence (about 15 cents) for a tiny packet of Ketchup: I never loved the USA more. Honestly- 10 pence?!? The packet was tiny! Miniscule! It terrible. I'm going to move on before I start preaching on my soapbox about the freedoms of Ketchup. Brandon wouldn't surivive a meal here.

There was a very nice Jazz band playing. I don't really have much to say about that, just thought I'd add it in.

Oh, Uncle Micheal just tempted me with a Milky Bar. Vanilla ice cream covered in white chocolate. I gave in. Dreadful, really, considering what I'm about to go on and on about.

Okay, now here is the most exciting part of my day. Three words: Harry. Potter. Candy. Well, I might need a few more words, being that these were EXCTING candies, ones that you CAN'T get is the US, and I went absolutely OFF IT when I saw them. There are Fizzing Whizbees (which don't make you levitate, unfortunatly: maybe it only works for wizards) and Every flavour Chocolate, and Hogmeade Chocolate bars, which are really unusual and wonderful at the same time. I think I got a bit high off the sugar... or the Potter, whichever way. I think Michelle and Becky remember what I was like after we saw CoS for the first time? Something like that- though, fortunately, toned down quite a lot. I think I'm going to end this subject, I've finished my Milky Bar and I'm not keen on gaining 25 pounds while I'm here. To sum it up though, Tab and I bought fantastic amounts of candy, and I have come to the conclusion that she is trying to fatten me up to the point that the plane won't take off, and I'll have to stay and be her little sister forever. So be it.

Oh, but I've got more to say about Candy. Tab bought me a Kinder Egg, which was much nicer than I thought it was going to be. I was quite certain that it would be those icky cream-filled eggs... but it was Milk Chocolate and White chocolate sort of thinly layered together around a plastic egg that you open which has a prize inside. I got the most *perfect* one: Bugs Bunny the DIRECTOR. Oh baby. Now, according to the sheet, there's a Daffy with a camera, which I would ADORE to get, because it is absolutely perfect for Dad. (Right Mom?) I'll eat as many Kinder Eggs as I have to to find it. (I can hear the scale straining now.)

Now, for the second most exciting thing so far, and the part that will probably a running schtick within my own universe to come. (Pay attention Michelle: you have done this. With me.) My new favourite sport. EXTREME PEDESTRIANISM! Tab and I were weaving through these Double-deckers (Two feet apart, tops!) And they were moving about and though our lives may not have really been in danger, (not exactly high speeds) our limbs certainly were. And I realized this was quite akin to the rush that Soccor- oh excuse me- 'football' players get before a game. Or tennis players in a match. Or Harry when he catches... anyway. So this is my new sport. I have, of course, unknowingly taken part in it before. In MYC, Michelle and I, well, let's just say it involved Taxi's, Michelle praying, and an Old lady Clucking on the other side. Tsk, tsk. Speaking of which, Dave told us a joke last night- Why did the Dinosaur cross the dirt track? Becuase roads weren't invented yet! Hardy-har-har. Chortle, giggle. Ahem. Beck to Extreme Pedestrianism: well, there's really not much more to say. Except that I've found it can be a spectator sport too. And any age can participate! I sound like a commercial. We are going to move on.

Wow, I've written a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if most people have exited out by now. Actually, I think I would be. This is a rare insight into my mind people! Yeah, try to pretend I don't blab off like this given the chance. Right.

Oh, and I've decided to post all these on my deserted blog. I've actually put some thought in to this, so much brilliance would be a terrible thing to waste on you lot. (I'm kidding.) You know, I DID love those replies. They really brightened my day. And I typed that while loudly coughing. It sounded like the word 'hint'. I wonder what that could mean?

Well, goodbye to all, I've got to... well, figure out summat to do. I'm going to Spain tomarrow! You won't hear from me for a week. Probably. Sorry anyway- and the Personal Responses are at the bottom.

Love from the UK, (Spain next!)

Mom- I'm e-mailing! I got the pictures. They were very much appreciated. Has anyone accidently opened me e-mail account while I was away? Because I'm waiting for an e-amil from Emily. Meh, doesn't matter. Well, no, it's bothering. Eek, I can't make a decision. Next time I talk to you on the phone, I might ask if you can check. No biggie. Anyway...I got you your Caramac Bars. No, not all the candy was for myself. Ha, ha. Love You!

Michelle- The flight people are notified when someone below 18 is traveling alone, apparently. The flight was 8 hours. No, there was no delays. I arrived in England around 8:30. (Their time.) No, there would probably be no room for you. We'd have to fight over the bed- or you'd be sleeping on the couch. Or Dan's room. By the way, I am VERY ANGRY AT YOU! EXTREMELY! FURIOUS!! WHAT IS SMIDGEN'S REAL NAME????? I'm going to growl at the computer now. You just wait. I'd better know when I get back from Spain. I have no sympathy for you pink eye for this reason. Well, maybe a little. I know how much your looking foward to Mexico, I hope you get to go. Just remember that everything happens for a reason. (Weak smile.) I hope you have fun, whatever happens. I told Dan you said Hi.

Kelly- Explain why I had fluff? Well, you can't get the stuff in England. And they're absolutely mad about it. Now Phil has the exploded tub of whatever. Right. They do have more DVD's than you. But it will be okay. Bill and Ted's excellent adventure? Have you *seen* that? It's not an 80's version of DWMC. It's like those school videos to make learning fun. They guys, do act the same.. but still. Now, did you get my message in the beginning? Of course you had. I *LOVED* your recap. Adored it. Do it again next time- don't shorten it, I loved all your Alex comments and your Commercial breaks. Fan-tast-ic. It is emmensely appreciated. Truly, it is. MWAH!

Kris- I told Dan you said hi the first day I was here. I remebered. I was very good.

Right, I'm done! G-bye again!

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#1, Days 0+1. Titled: 'I'm here, I'm safe. Tra-la.' [07 Jul 2003|04:21pm]
Alright, I've got here safely. And Tab "mucked up my first e-
mail, so I've lost it". End quote. Let's see... what had I

I got an escort from the airline ("Will Kohler please speak
to a groundsperson whenever she feels like being saved from
getting lost in this maze of lines" Okay, maybe not a direct
quote... moving on.) becuase I was under 18 and traveling
alone. Cool.

So there were no catastrophes, excepting that a tub of
Marshmellow Fluff (ew) exploded/leaked in my backpack.
Luckily, it did not get anything but my cosmet bag and my
backpack itself! They both are in the wash.

The flight was very good, can't hear out of my left ear but
that's to be expected. Ooh- there were mad-nifty personal
screens for each seat, which was wonderful. I watched
Chicago (yes, that wonderful movie) and Catch Me If You Can.
Marvelous. I sat next to a very nice retired british
pharmicist named Gramme who was traveling with his wife,
Sheila, daughter, son-in-law, and grandaughter, the last
aged 4.

The Fungs have done up the room I'm staying in, looks very
spiffy indeed.

I didn't sleep a wink last night (which we will NOT blame on
stupendous personal screens, it IS due to fantasticly
bouyant nerve endings) and I plan to stay awake 'till 8
tonight, so that if I succeed, I will have gone 28 hours
without sleeping. New record! (For me)

I'd love to hear from you all! Write Back! Anyway, g2g,
dinner (lunch)-not fish and chips yet-

Love From Rachel

PS: I've forgotten stuff, can't remember what. Have already
gotten over it.

To Mom: Everyone says "thanks for the presents." Especially
Tab. And everyone sends their love. Me too. (And now you're
getting the e-mail)

To Shell: I saw Chicago a third time! Now we're tied! (I

To Kelly: They weren't playing How to Lose A Guy in 10 days.
(Cue sad music) The Fungs have almost as many DVDs as you
do. More even. Yep: more. WoW.

To Becky: Hope you're having fun in Germany! :)
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Finished Book 5: Order of the Phoenix [21 Jun 2003|07:36pm]
I was right about one of my predictions.,

i hate cho

i luv ginny, and the ending ,ade me happy (micheal x cho)
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Journey of Discovery [05 Jun 2003|06:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today I've figured out something. I think I'm on a typoe of 'Journey of Discovery'. For instance, today in study hall, I discovered a freshman (last name 'Koller' or summat) who is probably one of the *ugliest* children in the entire student body. Weird thing is, though, that I think he's popular. He was showing all of the signs: massive machoism, abercrombie and fitch, gaitly swagger... but he was just. so. ugly! And thats where my understanding of the situation ends.

Anyway, that was my discovery for the day.

hm... i have a lot of ___'s for the day. Let's see... List 4tD, Deep thought 4tD... Note to self 4tD... Discovery 4tD... I seem to be limiting myself.

Declaration 4tD: From now on, it shall be "for the day, but not neccessarily limiting to one for the specified day". aka "4tDbNNl214tSD".

Okay, maybe not. it shall stay "4tD" and the "4tDbNNl214tSD" will furthurmore be implied, when I'm feeling particualarly insightful.

Moving on...

I got an 87% on my term paper! i though i was going to get a D!!!! :)

I passed Behind the Wheel!! I'm done!!! Finite!!! :)

and . . . fanfiction "Hogwarts FanFiction Academy" updated!

Catch ya on the flip side!

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[04 Jun 2003|03:28pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Hello again! I promised Kelly that my journal would be comprised of long run-on sentences (with the exception of today's list). So here goes!

Today was really long because we only have like 4 days of school left and I swear it is taking forever to be over!!! I've been staying up late lately (say that 3 times fast) so I am tired, just can't concentrate, but I am SO ready for school to be over it's not even funny.

Okay that's enough.


Addition to Harry Potter Prediction list:

5. House-elves will play an integral part in the 'war' against he-who-must-not-be-named.

That's my dork-thought for the day.

New list:

Reasons why I need/want a boyfriend:

1. Okay, this one is *very* personal, I'll tell only in person, not about to post my no. 1 reason up here.

2. I feel like I can't write about something I haven't experienced fully, so it's hindering my writing.

3. Having a guy around will probably be good for my self-esteem.

4. Maybe it will lessen my Harry Potter Obsession. (Okay, maybe not. But we will try! ;-) Moving on...)

5. Unscramble this: fcontfeai

Okay thats enough for today.

I'm going crazy with this English final thing. I need to know... 'I need to know, I need to know. Tell me baby girl cos I need to know! ' Okay-- Enrique Inglses (sp?) moment. Sorry. But I need to know whether or not to worry about this stupid final! We're getting our term papers back 2marrow. This *could* make or break my grade. That sucks.

Speaking of English, being that i got a 95% on my PSSA writing by teachers *other* than Mrs. S., maybe it's *her* problem that *she* doesn't like *my* writing. Enought ***asterixs*** for you? Wow, how on earth do you spell asterixs? Weird. Along that line, should I have capitalized "Earth"? Yeah, I should've. Too_bad.

Anyway, thats enough thoughts for today. Sorry about the lack of coming attractions-- sometimes you just don't know what life's gonna throw you!!

Note to self: Enough with ******these****** already.

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Going to the Gym today! [03 Jun 2003|03:42pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Yeah, I'm going to the gym.

I'm really bad at Mental math. We got back this homework in Geom today, and I did it w/o a calc on the way to the beach. I got the majority of the questions wrong just b/c I messed up the first little factiod which screwed up the rest of the series of problems. But oh well! only 5 days left... test thursday!

That's about all I've got to say.

I've decided to keep a running tab of all my HP predictions, so that when I'm right I can prove it. So here's the beginning of the list.

1. Harry and Ginny will get together.

2. Trelawney's first prediction was that a "Potter" would kill Lord Voldemort.

3. Ron and Hermione will get together.

4. 5th book DADA teacher will be Mrs. Figg.

Okay, I've got to get going. But there is more to come! (List postponed until furthur notice.)

But it's not like anyone reads my journal anyway.

Coming Attraction for Tomorrow: Beginning of list of reasons why *I* want a *boyfriend*!

Note to self: Get. A. Life.

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Back from Rainy Beach [01 Jun 2003|06:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | see above entry ]

oh it rained and rained... yet it was *great* fun.

im ready for a smashing dash of H/G goodness now.

i need to add to my story, have a new chappie now, w/o torturing my fav chars.


i'm totally drained. its time for a good nap.

Note to Self: Always try to find a note to self.

bran is listening to baha men.

am seriously contemplating murder.

but i shouldnt go thru with it. after all: it's not the stereos fault!

g2g eat now bye

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Beach Retreat [30 May 2003|04:09pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | whatever beach theme you can imagine ]

Hey guys! I'm going on the beach retreat.... right_this_second. Ttyall later!! ttfn!!! :)

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New Journal [29 May 2003|05:31pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | The sounds of silence. Sorry guys. ]

I have created _my_first_EVER_Blog!! But you already knew that, being that you're probably one of my friend who I thought *needed* to see ...my first ever Blog. So here it is. Impressed? I thought so.

Watch this page everyone, some of the deepest thoughts on Earth will grow roots and ferment... ;-)

Ex: "The above statement makes no sense."

Note to self: Do not reread what you have typed. You really don't want to know.

Done for today! Wheeee

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