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Friday, July 23rd, 2004

Time:2:22 pm.
Well in recent news my mother just informed me that I will never get anything done in my life since I currently can't sleep at night and thus can't wake up in the morning.

Other than that I got alot of work done last night, and what's wrong with letting her baby me a bit since that's what she seams to want to do this summer? And schedualing one truck apointment and picking up my contacts while she's already at the eye doctors is a huge burdon so I've heard.

In sumation, work done before noon is far superiour to that work done after midnight...

... I'm about ready to just drink a bottle of nightquill to get this sleep thing fixed, but Justin said medicine induced sleep isn't the answer so I guess I'll just be a horrible non productive member of society for the moment being....

of course there always seams to be something making me be all unproductive and a waste isn't there?

back to work
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Monday, July 19th, 2004

Time:1:46 am.
Mood: okay.
Music:um... the dehumidifier is making this humming noise.
So I went to missouri last week.

On wednesday I headed down, spent some time with Justin, then ate and shopped with Stephanie and Jessica... then headed to Warrensburg where I then ended sleepin on the floor in a skirt while Justin played DD and then fell asleep on me. Good times.

I saw Josh for lunch, I went to school and got some stuff figured out and done. I made alot of walmart photo trips... but not like usual.

On friday I met alot of Justins family... we moved his grandma I only caught dinner and the moving in part then I headed back to my sisters.

Saturday morining was photo time for my bride and groom to be, and then a bridal shower in the afternoon and then I was the Desinated Driver for the Bachelerette party. And I discoverd that being in a bar all night makes me feal sick from all the smoke.

Sunday i slept in since I didn't get in till like 4 am. crazy side note: APPLEBEES TOOK 3 AND A HALF HOURS! WE WERE THERE FROM 7-10:30! So mostly hanging around the house with liz. But Eric called a few times and when Liz and Andy were heading to bed I went over to Robs and we all watched Eurotrip. I ended up falling asleep on the couch (warning: I fall asleep while socializing with people, I can't help this so if you invite me over after 10 I just might nod off) my sister calls at like 6:something and she had figured that I had fallen asleep there... I go back to bed on the couch for a while and then later on head out... this is also the day I drive home. I take a good amount of time getting around at my sisters since Justin doesn't get off work till 3 and I want to see him on my way home. Surprizingly by the time I pack up, shower, clean up the apartment, eat some lunch and do a walmart run it's already almost three. So I roll out, but I call when about halfway there and Suzanne says he's not home yet but should be... it's like 20 minutes after he should get off. Hum... so I just take the way there that takes me by the quick trip and there's his junker. I pull in, and feal horrible I must add from sleeping on the junky couch. Justin had read the schedual wrong. So I head to his parent house, ask them for some pain killers, and sit on the couch and knit on my scarf fealing horrible. Justin gets home and we sit around a bit... then head out for some food end up taking some pizza back to his parents and watching the truth about cats and dogs in the basement. It's like 8 oclock and time for Mona to roll out. I get home sometime after 10:00... no parents the house is all empty. My rents had called the day before to make sure i'd be coming home to feed the cat.

They were on a trip North they said
My parents are not at all the spontaneouse type
and they don't just go off and do things together
my dad runs off sometimes to some old iron shows and stuff and I'll be setting a plate for him at a meal and mom will be like, your're dad's gone for a while but....


I decided to just enjoy my week (actualy just tuesday till friday) of alone time.

What did they come home with? A drill rig! So my family now owns a drill rig and my dad is gonna drill on the weekends... suposeably they had told me all about this before I left home. Sure they did. Isn't it funny how they are always telling me things a week ago suposably when I ask them about what's going on?
very odd

Well they did some sight seeing, and some slow driving home with the rig... I guess about a month from now is their anniverary and all....

...and oddly they are alot less grouchy lately. Maybe now that neither one of them is sorting out feelings from a recently deceiced close friend they are getting along alot better

Well I outta be off to bed, Mom is taking me to go shopping for supplies for my portfolio, it's due on the 29th!
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Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

Time:9:10 pm.
hum... well lets see, I photographed a wedding a while back... so working on that... gonna go walking tonight with marie when she gets of work.. we are also going bike riding in the morning too. I think I'm gonna take a bath i think.
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Thursday, July 1st, 2004

Subject:so it's been a while, I know, I know
Time:6:11 pm.
Hum, so the major stuff that's been going on:

today i went to the eye doctor, getting glasses

i'm working on knitting my scarf

...gotta go foods ready!
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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004

Time:11:20 pm.
So Mexico was a blast!, but I came back to some sober news...
My grandma is in the hospital, she fell a few times and got kinda banged up a bit... and her blood suger got off a little, she is diabetic... but she is getting better. I went over there and helped mom clean her house, we don't think she will be able to go back there, will have to go to assisted living...

...makes me think about it all... she's been living alone since before I was born... I like community living, right now miss the dorms like crazy... plus they will cook her food so maybe she'll eat something...

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Saturday, May 22nd, 2004

Subject:All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...
Time:1:04 am.
Mood: complacent.
So I had this great, witty, short and simple entry... and normally i do a copy before i enter, but I must have done something crazy because I was still typing and it submitted, and only the word "So". So i kept that and continued on with the rest... and I no longer have the energy to rewrite what a wrote, which this new entry is already longer than...

oh well, it's suffecent to say I hate packing, want a door with a lock, wish Mom would cut in sooner or butt out all together, and Mexico scares me, I WILL MISS THE U.S.A, and I will miss the people too...

I'll be back the 29th!
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Wednesday, May 19th, 2004

Subject:how can one give away pants?
Time:10:58 pm.
Mood: shocked.
Music:I say a little prayer for you (in the movie).
So... I said that I would make all my pants fit in the big top drawer of my dresser.... it's not working out so well. I mean I have to keep the escentials:

black pants (jean cut and streatchy dress)
embroidered jeans
black dress capri's
wild lounge pants ( I made them and they still fit)
red lounge pants with CMSU on the butt
black tear away wind breaker pants
Jazz pants (streatchy tight, streatchy tight w/ red stripe, and navy w/ white stripe)
sweat pants ( i hate these, but love my cut off ones with 5,6,7,8 on the butt and Dance down the side)
cute khaki colored jeans that are gap vintage I found at a thrift store
jean capri's one bright and one green washed

I think i can get rid of a pair of khaki's that are getting tight... michelle gave me a pair that fits really good as far as casual ones go, but I'm thinking that those and the jean ones and the capri's I will be set for Khaki's...

In the shorts catergory, I already cut one pair... I'm going to wait till after this Mexico trip to see how much weight I lose before I tear myself away from any more.

I am watching My Best Friends wedding, I went to the library to get a book to read on the plane and saw it... how could I pass checking it up after being asked about three times while packing if I had it for somebody to borrow (Michelle how can you stand to read my horrible grammer? sorry about it) the movie.. So even thought I hate my room arrangement, I set up the tv where it is, there are chords criss crossing the front all crazy and I linked several power strips to get there... so there are no stations... but I am watching my movie. and my room looks ten times cleaner... I got to have a movie on to clean- unless I am in a weird mood for music. Seeings how the bass speaker is still upstaris that is highly unlikely...

So here I am and Julia Robers is watching her best friend and Kimmy leave.... awwww. Now I want a friend like George... geeze to think that huge cell phone used to look all sleek and high tec, it's battery is bigger than my cell phone two cell phones ago.

Another amazing victory, I threw out like 50 bottles of nail polish. Seriously, I used to own like nearly 100, I have this big flat with a handle I got from the beutician because it was for Back to Basics desplay... and it used to be solid packed with some floating ontop... that is what happens when a hard to buy for person says get me any crazy nail polish.... it comes as gifts up to 7 bottles at a time. btw my nails are dark sparkly denim and barbi pink so I can allow myself to keep the colors. lol. Well one good thing... I got rid of the old stuff first. And then those colors that are so crazy you wear once in a while... well if the urge strikes me I shall run out and buy a new bottle...

humm... yes this is quite long enough. good night everybody
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Time:12:07 pm.
Mood: hot.
Music:the radio.
well I must say it is warm in a tanning bed... so I am super easy to burn. I'm thinking when I get back to college I should tan one day a week all school year anyways just for the relaxation and to be less fair skinned.

I am contemplating heading out to visit the walmart. I was thinking of getting some hair paste stuff that will be super strong for the Mexico trip... I've been tracking my film and it should arrive via UPS tomorrow, so i'd be better to leave today vs. tomorrow...

Hum. now that I think more I feal like going and playing my trumpet...
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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004

Time:10:24 am.
So I love tanning in the tanning bed. I went for my second time today. I see what they say about it being so relaxing. I can see a little bit of color compared to before. I spend a good couple of hours laying out yesterday trying to work on my tan... amazing how 10-15 minutes in a bed will do so much more than hours outside. Of course we are talking about outside in Iowa so...

I tried calling Marie up to see if she wanted to do lunch, I thought we could go into town and eat Chinese buffet, but there was no answer at her house and I haven't showered yet today. Spears in still in classes for a few more months so she isn't even in town during the day, got to catch her at night...

...hmmm maybe I will hunt around for something entertaining...
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Monday, May 10th, 2004

Time:5:00 pm.
Well, I called down the street to Karen Hartman's and got an apointment to go tan in a tanning bed for the first time in my life tonight at 9:00pm. Then I will go every other day till I go to Mexico.

Mom say's that Dean, (first boyfriend), 's mare just had a colt. And his other mare will have one soon... so I am to go take photos of baby horses. Mom says he is going to a two week school to learn how to shoe them super properly and then later he might go again to learn about horse dental care. So the country music career didn't work out, and he's still a horse man.

More on town gossip keeps spilling into me from my mom since she works at the school she knows who is dating who, ...geeze my mom is getting to be almost as good as a source as my town gossip best friend Marie Flaherty, (Who I avoid telling anything, if that girl knew the college Mona, lol).

Justin is on his way to N Michigin as I type... I miss that boy... I hope he comes back with all his fingers and toes.

I aslo miss all my college friends. I am still just settleing into my room as far as contacting my hometown freinds... I talked to a few online so far.

Well I better get back to work here, got lots of cleaning an unpacking to do... then I need to get orgainzed as far as going to Mexico goes. I gotta get a swiming suit, coverup, film, and other stuff. Camera insurance needs to be finalized and such... I hope I take good photos while there!
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Saturday, May 8th, 2004

Subject:why is it I only use Blurty while in Iowa? Oh well...
Time:3:27 pm.
So I am home, I got home last night. It's a good thing I sent my mom home with some of my winter cloths or I wouldn't have anything to wear except what I wore yesterday. We haven't unpacked the trailer yet from moving me out of college. I would go work on it myself, but there is a matress ontop of all my stuff. Dad got called to a fire, mom says there is another fire bug running around... I hope he gets back while there is still enough light to unload some stuff.

time lapse... listened to some old music.....

dad is back, so it's time to get to work
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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

Subject:Lots to say....
Time:8:14 pm.
So I think I will do this from most recently first:

I fell down the stairs while attempting to go up them carrying a pan of dry cat food. So my mom helped me pick it up, but I know we'll be finding little pieces for about a year down here in the basement. Just wait, I know after my next shower I'll step on one, it always happens that way.

We went uptown to eat tonight at the only place to eat in Murray: The Homestead. It has been the Homestead for we thing about 10 years now, and before that it was Deloma's. I worked there as a waitress when I was old enough to work, but not old enough to drive as about every child in Murray does. Well unless now they work at the convenience store the Mustang Express (ME) or out at the hog confinement if they wait till a little older. So I was thinking of asking Cindy who runs the Homestead if I could be a back up waitress over the summer for when the junior high and high schoolers were on vaction, ect. but my parents told me the news before we left. Tonight is the last Wednesday night buffet for the Homestead. Deloma is going to buy it back because Cindy is having health problems. So I guess I could ask Deloma... but she won't be taking over for a week or so.... So I'll have to wait till the place switches hands again. It was fairly busy tonight. On Wednesday nights and Sunday Lunches, there is buffet in the back. THis means the famouse fried chicken(as always), tonight there was bbq chicken, mac and cheese (the best mac and cheese EVER), mashed potatoes, gravy, GOOD corn, rolls, salads, puddings, (chop chop was one of the salads, there are 12 spots for salads and puddings), then desert. So in total I ate two pieces of chicken, half a plate of mac and cheese, mashedpototates and a roll with white sause gravy on top, two scoops of corn, chop chop mixed into lettuce with ranch and crackers on top, and two slices of banana pudding dessert bar. Good thing I didn't eat any breakfast or lunch today.

I found out at supper that I can drive to Des Moines...nice if somebody would have told me this sooner, I would have gone to the camera shop on monday! So basically I have this nice medium format camera home from the school and I COULD go get film. Before I wasn't alowed to drive... well almost anywhere that wasn't super close and sticks. I mean I couldn't drive at all because they wouldn't let me. They mentioned how I wasn't taking photos, and I said, mom had to work and hasn't drove me to buy film and they were like you can go get film. as if I always could. Just monday night I wasn't to drive 15 miles north of town... but hey, I'm taking my ability to drive to Des Moines and running with it. Last summer I worked one day a week at the Natural Resources Conservation Services in the Federal Building in Des Moines and mom drove me there every single time. She complaind about how she had to go shopping all that time. Ended up spending alot of time at the camera store and bought herself a new Nikon camera. Which by the way I get to borrow for the rest of the semester.....

Well my friends at Drake want to go to a bar tomorrow night when I might go visit them, and I don't have a fake ID, so... I don't know how that is going to work. They seamed shocked that I didn't have one. Quite frankly I don't want one, and the thought of going to the bars isn't all to apealing to me. So we'll see what goes on there.

Elizabeth isn't coming home for break. There was no school yesterday cause of snow, so there IS going to be school friday when there wasn't going to be. So since there is school, liz isn't coming up. THis means no shopping trip. She also told mom before I did that I wanted to return to Missouri on Saturday instead of Sunday. Um, hello sis! I just talked to u in the middle of last night, and u got mom on the phone when she first come home today, make me sound bad, yet again, for not asking yet! and I was even waiting to talk to mom while she was on the phone with liz. very obviously waiting. So who know's what's going on there

mom and dad are upset about the usually still. right now I am becoming renumbed. living here for a while u get used to it all. So when the roads were bad I should have gone to town and talked to Fareway. check. and I sleep alot (which is bad for the momemnt). check. Whenever I want to wake up early they used to sabatage my alarm clock and cover the tiny windows so I would sleep in since they thought I needed to sleep in. Maybe it's all just a controllment issue...

I'm sure in just a little while I will want to talk again, but for now, I'm good.
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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

Time:4:05 pm.
oh, and my sister and I went through our towels since we have way too many towels than we need and ours are all relitvely new and nice, and so i came home with a trash bag full for my mother. She didn't make a comment at first, but then today she said "What am I going to do will all these?" with a disgusted look on her face. I said that we had noticed alot of hers were getting pretty ratty and worn and she could use these since we didn't need them. So they might just end up sitting in my room in a sack till I or my sister gets a) married b) knocked up -or- c) all of the above.

ONe person only needs so many towels. We were just trying to be nice.
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Time:4:02 pm.
why do i even come home

so they are upset because I sleep alot. well maybe if i felt like there was something else to do and maybe if I wasn't in such a comfy bed in a dark basement, and maybe if I had taken my alarm clock home...

Mom went to town without me. I didn't go out last night because of the snow. Pretty much everything I haven't done, (finish laundry, clean room down here, various other things) that my parents think i should do I keep being reminded of and looked at disaprovingly for.

I try to do things with my mom. we played text twister last night... if you guys think that I am horrible and way off playing it, I think my mom is worse. She keeps making up words and saying ones with lots of letters that aren't there. like only one letter in the word will be there.

school was canceled today so mom has been home this whole time. I think she is still mad i didn't go visit school monday, she keeps saying how it would have been the perfect day to visit. oh well.

What is so wrong with taking a break over breaks? I mean I work so hard constantly at school that I feel i should deserve some non-productive time here. I guess that I was just raised to be constantly doing something productive... but then again my mom didn't even have a job till last year. She would sleep all the time while we were at school, taking naps with the cat. But everything has different standards I guess....

I wanna go back to the dorms. I just need to make sure I get enough money to pay all my financial obligations before I get out of here.

Speaking of things I need to do, I need to go to town and talk to my old boss at Fareway about working over the summer. They seem to want to keep me here, but get told i should do these things. So not only did my mom just tell me she was leaving right before slipping out the door to go to town so i couldn't go with, had i gone with her i could have gotton her to stop at Fareway and..... done one of the things i need to do. wow. Lets just wait untill the next time they tell me i need to go talk to Jeff at fareway... and yet i can't leave because of all the snow....

grrrrr..... I think I will take a shower since I haven't since I was in missouri, and before that in the dorms. I am kinda grossing my self out. I think mom won't be going into the bathroom to do laundry for a while so I can be almost certain of not being interupted. When I have a house, bathrooms will have locks on the doors!
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Monday, March 15th, 2004

Time:7:38 pm.
So I'm snowed in! That means no movie with Kylie, but it feels going knowing that I would have happened. I was a bad girl today and didn't wake up till my mom came home from work... at 2:00 in the afternoon. So now laundry is getting done, and I really haven't done much else. School was let out early... before I even woke up. Mom was mad cause she called me at like 8:30 telling me to brush off my truck and put it in the building. and of course if I had left my wallet with my dad (who was asleep when i got home) he would have done it for me.... but that was the only drama for today.
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Sunday, March 14th, 2004

Subject:In Iowa
Time:11:09 pm.
Mood: good.
Ok, so I am now in that great not so old state of Iowa. While here I have gone pee in the huge subway, came home, ate beef and noodles, and went to Spears (real name brittany). She called my house before I even got home since I origionaly was to come home on Saturday. After supper I went over. Sean was there, and slept on the couch for the most part. Her mom somehow managed to squeeze/stack more stuff into thier house, (if you think my dorm room is bad, I now think that trish's room to mine, is like mine to brittany's) you literally can not walk in her room or even to the bathroom. There is a path where u still step on stuff, but instead of being like three feet high it is like 3 inches. I think I should call Clean Sweep on them....
So I have to get a white dress for initiation to Sigma Alpha Iota, and since Brittany pledged last semester but then went to massage therapy school (I got a neck masage tonight) she is an alunae. So I asked to borrow her white dress, which fits great and looks awsome.
Early on Lita stopped by, how I keep bumping into her I don't know. We didn't rub all the well in high school even though I tried my hardest, but she left before too long. We mostly just tried to prove that our school is better than the other's.
Some friend of Brittany's from Osceola came over for most of the evening. THey knew each other from when Brittany used to go to church. She can't decide between Methodist and Wicken so right now she is nothing. I used to go to church with Brittany too, but that was like Junior High years. We watched MTV2.
Spears has to go to class in the moring so I came home kinda early...

... now I have been talking on messenger lots, I am going to go to Kylie's and watch a movie tomorrow

Well i think this is getting long enough for now... i'd better post if before i lose it all somehow...
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Saturday, March 13th, 2004

Subject:Spring Break
Time:3:49 pm.
Mood: relaxed.
Well, it's started. I left the dorms as the CA's came down the halls to check the rooms. I headed out to my sister's apartment. I found a black car in my parking spot, it was her boyfriend, Andy. So we hanged around for a little while chatting small talk, then went out to eat chinese buffet. I knew that Justin had fencing so was doing cool. Then we stopped by the GA math office since Liz left her purse there, and ended up rearranging the office, and I made this large stack of books into a sculptural wall, with all her office toys hanging out on the ledges.
Then I got drug to my sister's boyfriend's friends apartment where I felt realy aquard, finaly I got taken to Dusty's and had fun there. I ended up sleeping on the floor with Justin, (the first time! I realy didn't want to sleep in the same apartment as my sister and her boyfriend...
Woke up this morning and came back to Liz's and she and andy were still asleep, so Justin and I wnet to McDonalds, came back and after a while they woke up. Called mom who said that 2:00 was too late to come home, she has a cold and it is windy. I stayed here and here I am.
Now Liz and Andy are back from Walmart, so so far break has been ok.

and I still get hyper about being a CA next year!
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Thursday, March 4th, 2004

Time:7:50 pm.
Mood: content.
the bake sale today went very well, Michelle I read you messages just to let you know. I should be running off to make cards for those in service overseas... but since I already said I would be a little late and it starts like 8ish...

*time lapse*
Ok so I am now back and must have gotton distracted cause I left this open without posting. Life is good, I am busy but what esle is new. I should go to wal mart either late tonight or early tomorrow.

Justin went to Dusty's for the night, and I feel in the mood for some cleaning/ packing of stuff to take back to Iowa, but my body doesn't have the energy.
So do I go to bed early and wake up early or go to bed late and then try to not sleep through class... I don't know.

I should be doing my graphics dept. scholarship achiement thingy... that would help with the money situation.

hum. that is good for now I think.
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Sunday, February 8th, 2004

Time:2:40 am.
Mood: sleepy.
Where do the weekends go really? I mean this weekend is nearly over and I have manythings undone.

Friday I was rushing from place to place to get things done,
I had extra band practice and then a concert that night.
After the concert i welnt to John Leiberto's for a while.
Then today I woke up,
took a long shower and did my hair plus asorted things,
went to lunch,
had a band thing (we were the guine pigs for the condouctors studio workshop thingy),
ran to thrift store and walmart to complete Moulin Rouge outift,
went to phi sigma pi founders weekend "night at the oscars"

... now here I am. Tomorrow I am going to brunch, then comes time for the homework and cleaning and such of life. *sigh. what would it feal like to be bored on the weekend, I wouldn't know. I haven't even seen my sister yet this one, her birthday was last tues, should follow through on the taking her photo thing soon..

Well I am now off to bed. hopefully for real. I don't think the people in the hall are too distracting...

Night ya'll or should i say good morining, since it is 2:47am.

This is college life all right
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Monday, January 26th, 2004

Time:12:50 am.
Thoughts come to me at night for some reason. Always when my vision is blurry. Gosh Darn u contacts! I didn't mean that, I love u contacts.

So life is good and I met my goal and lived another day.
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