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25th October 2002

10:14am: Thank god it's Friday
Leaving at lunch time today for Ireland for my nephews christening. Can't wait to see the little guy.
I wonder how my brother and I will get on. Is this going to be the turning point in our relationship? After 29 years of his bullshit I'm a little skeptical. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised. And hopefully Maria won't be her nosey manipulative self and drill Sally about her life.

23rd October 2002

9:15am: Timelines
Realised I only have 7 free nights before I go to Denmark and the website has to be live before then.
**Shit** Timing or what? The boss has just come by and told me 4 Nov or he chops my balls off.

22nd October 2002

4:23pm: Too many dates with the pub. The gallery last night, Dave's invite tonite, darts night tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Ireland for the christening, Halloween, Chef visiting and then the week on the continent.
I have to get back into the fitness routine. Just so tired every morning from work.
10:09am: Gallery
Rhiannons exhibition wasn't too good last night. I've seen some crap art before but this was child's play. I feel bad for her. I don't think she's got a chance of selling anything and the whole show is costing her a fortune.
She should think about getting a regular job b/c she's not going to make a living that way.
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21st October 2002

9:40am: The weekend
Pretty average weekend. Friday went to see Road to Perdition with Sal. Not bad.
Stayed over at her place. Had breakfast in The Gallery cafe and finished my Map That Changed The World book. Swung by the Geological Society to have a look at a few of the notables from the book but it was closed. Sign on the door about the book. Organised tours at PM every day due to the interest since the book was published.
I spent the rest of the day in Starbucks working on my biztalk solution. Played on a PS2 in Tower Records for about 40 minutes (Burnout 2) and wandered off home.
Sally came round about 730pm and we met Rach Cubin and her boyfriend Mike and went to The Loop on Dering St where we met Sal's bro Mike and his ex emma, Rach Converey and Kelvin and Nathan Doughty form work.
Invited Nathan to the Isle of Man for New Year. He suggests we sail over there.
Saw Danielle Klashnikov and intended on catching up with her but ran out of time.
It was a good night.
Sal spent Sunday barfing or asleep on me. I left about PM. Went home, got changed and sat in starbucks reading Geographical. Went to Wagamamas for dinner and then home to watch Moth man Prophecies. Pretty good. I'm going to research it on the web to see if there's any truth to the tale as the film suggested.
Got an early night but still knackered this morning.

18th October 2002

1:55pm: Introductory Entry
Seems like the deluge is easing. Initial biztalk proofs of concepts almost finished. The website is still looming with new mods (pre qual) on the horizon, interesting stuff but time consuming. I don't know if I'll be able to do this and the qinetiq project at the same time and regain some kind of normality to my life, a life outside of work.
Enjoying working with willy on the qinetiq concepts though. Really pushing the limits.
The website launch is still heavy on my back though. Must get that sorted fast.
Tendering app could go either way. Got to watch that closely.
Getting no support from 'Support'. Craig's bad management and incapable support desk guys. When is something going to happen about that?

Looking forward to seeing sally tonite. Must learn to feed of her positivity and lift myself out of the zombie state I leave the office in. Going to see a movie and maybe beers.

Deathmatch tonite (MOH) with the boys.

Reading the epilogue of Simon Winchesters 'The Map That Changed The World'. It 's been really interesting but after this I need to concentrate on my tech books again. Way too much to catch up on.
But still in the middle of Christopher Columbus' Journal (tedious), Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle (interesting) and Norman Nicholson's Portrait of the Lake District (interesting) .
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