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[[Is life an abattoir?]]

La Depre. [[03 Nov 2004|09:33am]]
___That's a nice little charming way to put the way I feel today. This whole entire place is fucking dead and gone. It's worthless. I don't even know why the fuck I'm here. I'm just wasting my time. I don't hear Him anymore. I know that I wanted him to go away. To leave me be, but now that he's gone I feel like some part of me has gone with him. Why the Hell is that? I miss him. I rather long to hear his feet outside my door and feel the bed gently dip under his weight when he stroked my hair. I know that he is dangerous, but he made me feel beautiful... Flawless. Like the most perfect thing that he had ever seen. That's what I loved and hated about it. I loved to feel worshipped and I hate to know that it was all an illusion. I guess that some part in his black murderous soul must love me. He has set me free, knowing that he was killing me. That shows me that he is a little human after all.
___Le Mims

[[Is life an abattoir?]]

The worsest night. [[01 Nov 2004|01:37am]]
___Halloween in PR sucks hairy balls... Luis sucks, Martin sucks, Yova sucks... Everybody sucks! And I'm starting to have nightmares again. The same old nightmare... Gray face hovering over me, smiling with the fangs shining in the dark, I always wake up weak and disoriented. Fucking bastard. I hate this shit. I don't want this to happen all over again. At least tonight I'm "protected". I'm staying over at Xiomara's place. I feel that He won't follow me here. He wouldn't be so stupid.
___He knows that I have seen his face and know where he is and who he is now. And I won't let him get away with it without a fight. I'm too big a bitch to let go that easily.
___Le Mims

[[Is life an abattoir?]]

___I'm going to party and get piss drunk... Maybe O.D. for the fuck of it... [[20 Oct 2004|10:01am]]
[[ mood | Don't fuck with me bitch... ]]
[[ music | Some freaky shit... ]]

___I'm the biggest fucking bitch in world. Got a fucking problem with it. I'm hungry and angry, cuttting class more than a mother-fucker. I work 44 fucking hours a week... I will end up killing somebody. That just how bitchy I am at the moment. And it's freaking cold in this library. I want to eat at Taco-Maker and buy me some threads... I NEED SOME WEED! That explains alot.
___Le Mims

[[Is life an abattoir?]]

This is just another one of those days... [[14 Oct 2004|08:44am]]
[[ mood | awake ]]
[[ music | HIM's "Join me in death" ]]

___That I feel like shit run over twice. I had to make up an imaginary boyfriend, so Raffy will quit getting his hopes up. The guy that interests me is an asshole and there's still some strange shit going on in my house. I'm getting the sickness again. The sickness that I got when He showed up in my life years ago. I'm losing weight and I'm eating twice as much. I feel sleepy all of the damned time and I can't remember half the shit that happens at night. It's happening all over again, but this time is different. I look like a fucking ghost and that irritates me. I'm the shadow of the woman I used to be. Life is a living Hell.
___I will have to find a way out of this mess.
___Le Mims

[[Is life an abattoir?]]

I can't keep this shit up. [[05 Oct 2004|11:15am]]
[[ mood | crazy ]]

___I'm going to fail in this mother-fucker. I cut too much class. I missed last Friday for going to some rocker club till 4:30a.m. And my boss will end up firing me for being a smart ass. And I'm still pissed because some fat bastard kept bothering me at the club, while I was getting checked out by some cute goth. Bastard.
___But some strange shit has been happening. Like for instance... I haven't stopped thinking about this for the past week... When I went to "Ocho al Blanco"(the name of the club/pub/disco) There was this creepy guy there that wouldn't take his eyes off me. He was tall... Late twenties, with short light brown hair, golden eyes with black eyeliner and dressed mega-goth. But the thing that drew me the most was his skin... I've seen many guys with make-up to make their skin pale, but this dude was naturally pale. His skin had all of these blue veins and his eyes nearly glowed! And when the light hit him, the veins looked sharper. I know that that was no make-up. No normal person would have skin like that. He was alone. Spoke to no one in the whole night, just sat there at the bar and stared at me, no matter where I moved, he was there. I could feel his eyes on me! I can't stop thinking about him.
___I told Xiomara about what happened, and she told me seriously, "Do you think that it's a vampire?" I just laughed and said, "Hell no, woman, that's BS. Two of those fuckers in my life? I'd rather kill myself." Which made her reply, "But it could be one. We both know that they exist. Mostly in that club. They can do whatever they want there." I snorted, "Well we won't go there again. Plain and simple. No more vampires!"
___"We should back to see if he's there again," she insisted.
___"NO! N O! NO!"
___"Fine. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him again elsewhere. Since you've 'captivated' him."
___"Quit talking so much bullshit, and let's go to Taco-Maker!"
___That's not the only thing that has been happening to me. Some smart ass, has a crush on me and my friend wants me to go out with him, because he's her crush's best-friend, to get some info. It's just that the guy is so fucking ugly, that I said flat out Hell NO, and now she's kinda depressed. Sorry for her. I don't do that shit. The guy doesn't attract me whatsoever. He's YUCK! I've got a cute little rich boy in Rio Piedras, the fuck with the friend. The rich boy is going to pay for my tattoo. HAHAHAHA!!!
___Le Mims

[[Is life an abattoir?]]

Who the fuck asked you asshole? [[30 Sep 2004|10:22am]]
[[ mood | bitchy ]]
[[ music | Evanescence's "Haunted" ]]

___Who invited you here anyway? Nobody can stand your ass, because you talk alot of shit. Fuck off and get that through that empty little skull of yours.
___Anyways. I'm still pissed because Luis and Robert got high without me and Maria. Yup. They just got into the car, said that they were going to come back and showed up two hours later with their eyes all red and laughing their asses off. Bastards. But I got to beat up Luis for awhile and he played with my jacket and stole my Fanta. Oh well... I don't like Fanta anyway. It was the only that I got out of that stupid machine. Dumb fuck didn't fill it up.
___I shouldn't cut class. I'm getting stupider. I need to get laid. Maybe this weekend, with that cute rocker dude I met... Grrr... But that is just between the two of us. I'm still in a bad mood. Next time I will tell that nosy mother-fucker that nobody asked his opinion and to not touch me thinking that he's the shit. I was about to slap the shit outta him. I'm a HURRICANE! I'm still bitching about that.
___Le Mims

[[Is life an abattoir?]]

Good days to come. [[14 Sep 2004|11:44am]]
[[ mood | amused ]]
[[ music | Laughter... ]]

___I got hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh yesterday over in Cidra with some people I don't know very well... *sings* The peeps were making fun of me! I was so fucked up that I was just staring dumbly at the trees and lakes and saying, "Wow." It was all so fucking beautiful. Now I'm waiting for some chick to go buy myself a new navelo ring and talk about Blondie (the dude with car that bought us weed) We call him Mr. Body to not call him Mr. BackstreetBoy, because he gets pissed. He nearly left me, because I made fun of his car for not having a doorhandle. But Maria has been looking for him like crazy, cause' she wants another blunt. Poor us... He's cute though... All of the girls wanted to touch his hair and kiss him, and tell him how pretty his eyes are... Blah blah blah... But I can't think that way... I'm a good girl and he's kind of weird... Always high.

[[1 Have lived the slaughter | Is life an abattoir?]]

Back to Hell again. [[10 Sep 2004|07:48am]]
[[ mood | aggravated ]]
[[ music | Blindside's "Road" ]]

___That fuckshit nut, is driving me up the wall. School starts and they're still up to the same old shit. Don't they get fucking tired of it all? They must want to fuck me or something, because they sure stare at me as if they were in love with me. Poor babies. Poor little rejects. Nobody wants to talk to them or hold their hand. So why the Hell do they stare at me so much? As if I'm no better than them? Like I'm beneath them. If they keeps up with this bullshit, I will have to bust their heads open, and where would that get me? Shit! I will set something straight today... Things are going to change.
___Le Mims

[[Is life an abattoir?]]

Woke up at 4:30 a.m. [[18 Aug 2004|07:42am]]
___I'm mega-pissed at life right now. Maybe I'll get over it during the day. I'm such a nice little bitch. I talked to Brian last night and it's nice to see that he's got brains and not just a pretty face. He was so sweet that I had to give him a little reward... (HAHAHAHAHA!!!) Well... Like I haven't done that a million times before with him.
___My life has taken a new turn.
___Le Mims

[[2 Have lived the slaughter | Is life an abattoir?]]

Okay. So what's up your ass this time? [[22 Jul 2004|08:33am]]
___Dude. I don't know what's the matter with you staring at me all of the fucking time. You and your little girlfriend are irritating the shit out of me.
___Le Mims

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