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Good bye [30 Mar 2004|05:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Hoobastank- Im not a perfect person ]

I just wanted the few that read this and post comments, that im not doing this damn thing anymore. All it has done is made my life hell and I WONT LIVE LIKE THAT!! Thanks to the few friends who have been supportive through all of this... yall are the ones that know me better than that and yall are the ones that always make me smile. I just miss being able to go days and days without having to look at this and worry about what they are saying. So this is most likely the last entry that im going to post. Even though this has not been the best journey, it has still been one. I just thank God that it was only this bad.

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LALALALA!!! [28 Mar 2004|12:57am]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Liken Park - Numb ]

HEY HEY!! wow this morning it took me about an hour and 1/2 to get all the glue crap outta my hair!! Around 2 i went to my aunts loft and had a family lunch because my cousin john was leaving for New York!! He is there right now and is probably having such a good time without me! I WANNA GO TO NY!! haha... well then when i got home around 4ish i fell asleep and didnt wake up till 7. Next Andy and I went and got some icecream (well floats) and then drove around trying to find something to do. Tonight was really fun all in all. But right now im really really tired and so i think im going to go to bed. NIGHT EVERYONE!! *Rabbit says goodnight also*

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SOOO MUCH FREAKING FUN!! [27 Mar 2004|12:23am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Megalomaniac ]

HAHA tonight was such a blast!! YMCA dances are the coolest thing since BUNNIES!! Ok so Matt, i really like the mullet except your hair does need to be longer!! Petting rabbits (bunnies)! Playing pool on a warped table with warped cues, Dont touch me there, PUNK'D, GLUE aka look-alike, SHOWERS, MUD, LADDER "FUN". Russian roulette tonight, yea i got the salt, was awesome! How many fingers am i holding up!? 3 and 1/2? Reese! SOOO SOOO SOOO MUCH MORE!! Phil is now my new best friend along with Megan Kelly! HAHAH yall are soo awesome! Is that Mascara on you? Yea im gay but lets attack my car?!?!?! Tonight was totally in every way awesome and nothing less. I love the people at the Y and if anyone wants service hours you should chaparon!! It is the bestestestestestestest. Wow ive done really good with the journal thing this time around! yay!! FRUITY IM NOT A WATERHEAD AND YOU SHOULDNT BE USING THAT PHRASE!!! Well i guess that is all for the night or at least thats all that i want yall freaks to know! HAHAH!! well i hope that everyones night was as good as mine was... even though mine could have been slightly better. OHH and Matt... I Named the Bunny... its name is RABBIT!!
ps. My back hurts!

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HELP YOURSELF!! [25 Mar 2004|06:13pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Brand New - Sic Transit Gloria - Glory fades ]

*Every bone in my body is shaking,
As the blade comes across my skin.
My heart is pounding,
as i feel the rude awakening.
Suddenly I feel a trickel run down,
As the red liquid splatters upon my gown.

*I pray to the one in the Highest,
but i hear nothing in return.
I feel the burn as I cry,
Why on earth would i want to die?
You labeled me a loser,
and you were my abuser.

*I didnt do this for you,
but instead for me.
Soon you will be coming in,
to see the blood dripping from my skin.
This will all happen during the night,
for you to wake up to the terrible sight.

Please dont let yourself become this!
And also dont read to much into it... things are simply not always as they seem!!

sometimes i am confused about how you feel about me!! Why must this be soo vague!?!

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bad news [24 Mar 2004|11:29pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Evanesance- My turniquin ]

i just got home from my aunts loft downtown. We painted from 5 till well 30 mins ago. I just got home and im hella tired. Well i found out that my sister had a miscarriage today. It is really sad, she desevered another baby and she really wanted on. Well the doctor said it was because she was off her thyroid medication which caused her to lose the baby. I cant imagine what she is going through but i will be here for her because i love her. I just hope i will never have to know the feeling of losing something that i never knew, yet meant soo damn much to me. And i pray that none of you will have to. Goodnight every sleep tight.

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Good but Wishing for more [23 Mar 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | LFO - Summer Girls ( do you remember this song?) ]

Today was nice all around it think. I cant believe how tired i was today though. When i got home i went in my waterbed and just fell asleep. but then i woke up and went to sonic even though i was still tired and i got a strawberry limade! I was really hoping that tonight i would be somewhere but things dont always work out how you want them to. So i just really dont have much to say tonight. I know its nice isnt it? JK! Well im excited tomorrow i get to leave at 3rd period to go recruiting for pep squad at kingwood Middle! YAY!! Anyways im about to go and hit the showers then go to bed. So goodnight to everyone and stay well!

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What a beautiful day! [22 Mar 2004|10:00pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | YellowCard - Ocean Avenue ]

Today was really good, i look at days like this and soo many of the days that we had over spring break and i just wonder sometimes how it seems sooo perfect. I mean the air has a creepy silence and the sky has a frozen water look. Its amazing, the weather. One day its gorgeous and the next we are in our homes with candles all around because of the trechorous lightening and thunder. So today after i got home from school, i sat around and wrote some new poetry and a song, then around 7 i left to go to young life club! it was really fun, we played games, sung songs, and then prayed and went home. When i got home i just played some guitar and now im on the computer as you can tell. I hope tomorrows weather is just like todays only a little warmer. I dont know why but i just feel kind of quite right now. But its time for me to go to bed anyway. So i will leave you with the hope of a good day tomorrow!

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No Clue [22 Mar 2004|03:16pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | The Darkness- I believe in a thing called Love ]

I really just dont feel like writing right now but i do want to say somethings. Number 1- thanks Em you were always the best friend that a chick could have! and I miss you sooo much still. You need to come down to kingwood for a while and visit me soon! Number 2- im glad to see that no one has bugged me about the stupid shit that has been going around! Number 3- First day of school back was not really bad at all... it was actually fun to see those people that i havent seen in a week! Number 4- There are only 13 days till Easter Break, and when we get back we only have 30 more days before summer!! YAY!! Well that is all that i feel like saying so till tomorrow...

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[21 Mar 2004|07:40pm]
Ok so no one has the freaking balls to tell me what the rumor is about? Oh i get it... people make stuff up but when someone wants to know more about it, they have no freaking clue what is going on! Smooth. Nice to know that there are some really nice people in kingwood that would do that! im glad that if i dont move, that i only have 2 more years with yall!
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SOMEONE EXPLAIN!! [20 Mar 2004|10:30pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | The Vines - F*** the world up ]

OK so what is this newly started rumor about? Me taking other peoples boyfriends? Hmm that is really strange, i dont remember trying to? Who am im supposily suducting? If someone could at least tell me that much maybe i could see if that is even possible! Well no.. im not trying to steal anyones bf and also the only guys i talk to either dont like here or are friends or older. So lets try asking to see if its true before accusing! i would really appriciate that! Rumors = false most of the time.

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GOOD DAY!? [19 Mar 2004|10:09pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | The Strokes- Reptilia ]

Today was pretty good all in all. I drove up to the Woodlands Mall with my friend Loren rocking it loud in my passenger. We ate at the Cheesecake factory and then went shopping. Last night was sooo much fun! Lor and I met up the Scottums at starbucks! We had a great time and i saw soo many people last night. But anyways.. i was suppose to go to Java Jazz tonight to see Amberdrive, but i had no one to go with so that blew! Well my mom and I then decided that we should go eat at Zio's and get our fave dish.... Spinich and Artochoke pasta! Well the waiter was uber cool and so it was really fun. Then we headed to Wally World and there i was in desperate search for THE VINES new cd.. well i could not find it. So then i looked for THE STROKES cd Room On Fire. I found that cd after a little while and so i bought that and madre and i blasted it with the top down! But im still pretty P.O ed that i did not get to go to Java Jazz GRRRRR! Oh yea and i just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get my internet off of Full Screen View! but dont worry i got it! Man i hope people are actually reading this because i have been keeping up with this the past 3 days! I like to know that people are really interested in what i have to say... are yall? HUH HUH!!??? ohh and my brother and Angela might be moving in for a few weeks because Angela doesnt like her job at the Center so they are moving down here!! Which means that i have to give them my water bed!! Well if they are here they need to do some productive work like making a little Niece for me!! Man i just realized that i am the only child in my family who doesnt have a guy. That is kinda sad, but im happy!! WOOOOO HOOOOO! I had a very wierd dream last night though but i cant remember what it was about. I just realized today, that i am really happy in life right now. I had never really thought about all the good things that are happening. I mean im doing great in school, im working towards getting a job, i have met some really awesome people in the past 2 monthes or soo thanks to the YMCA dances. I mean yea things could always be better, but also things could be worse. I mean yea i am mad that my dad kind abandoned us, i mean i understand why he moved but we dont even know where in Arizona he moved to, but im fine with that. NOTE TO EVERYONE!! IF YOU THINK THAT LIFE IS GOING REALLY BAD FOR YOU, THEN YOU SHOULD TRY TO COUNT THE GOOD THINGS INSTEAD OF ONLY LETTING THE BAD THINGS REST IN YOUR MIND! SOMETIMES YOU NEED LITTLE TRIPS AND FALLS TO GET TO THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE! Well that was just my little lesson for the day. Also people! i want to know what is going on in your lives that are intresting. leave me a message on here or im me or something, I MOST LIKELY WANT TO KNOW! it feels really good to me to be able to write how i feel on here because it lets out how i really feel about stupid crap and lightens the load from my shoulders! Well i guess that is all for today! i hope everyone had a good night, and A GREAT SHOW!! but till tomorrow....

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NEW MUSIC [18 Mar 2004|11:32am]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | The Vines - RIDE ]

Well i have found some new bands that really make me happy. The Vines are pretty good (at least i think so) they are like The Beatles meet Nirvana. They are actually on tour right now with JET and The Living End (i do not really care for this band). I would like to see the concert very much but it is probably either too late to get tickets. Also, i have discovered Brand New and they are really good. I like them alot because the music really makes you think about random crap. Now Loren and I came across THE DARKNESS i guess about a month ago? We like them dont we loren? Yea so now i just need to go out and buy some new cds to play en el carro and then i will be just smitten. Oh also for those of you who do not know... my brother got married a little while ago and they are going to have the real wedding in June and i am a bridesmaid. Also, i might be singing at the reception so im excited. Who knows maybe one of angelas family members is an agent or something. When I was very very little like around 3ish, My aunt wanted to get me an agent because they said i was cuter than the olsen twins and i acted and crap. Well my mom didnt like the idea very well. Wouldnt that have been neat though? being a child star... i could be acting with Elijah Wood right now! HMMM yea i wish. I am hoping that my mom lets me go to Java Jazz this friday so i can see Amberdrive. I hear that they are really good and so i want to find out for myself (im sure they will rock). But i dont know. I feel like shit right now, i had to drive home last night at 2 30 am and didnt get to bed till about 330 because i could not get to sleep. I was thinking alot about the LORD OF THE RINGS COMMENTARY it is really good. If you have the DVD on the movies, you need to watch it, it is really interesting and not boring at all. it shows the movie but the actors actually give commentary on it, they are watching it too so they know where the movie is. They seemed to have a great time on set and in the hotel and just in New Zealand. I hope that i can soon visit New Zealand. Also i am probably going to New York soon to see my cousin (if yall didnt know, Elijah Wood is living in New York right now with his sister Hannah!). Man and then if i go, i can also see my friend keith Nobbs ( he was in Phone Booth with Collin Ferral, and It Runs in the Family). In phone booth, keith plays Collin's assistant. Yea he is a really cool person he has worked with some really cool people. Yea well i have dragged this one on too long i am afraid and im hungry so BYE BYE!!

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IM BACK! [17 Mar 2004|03:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Brand New ]

Well i have not done this in a long time mostly because there has been no reason to. I have felt pretty drained lately. I have not wanted to do anything for a long time. I have lost all urge to go and finish my book and even write songs or poetry. The only thing i find myself doing is driving around. After school i drive around here alot. Some parts in Kingwood just really make me happy. I will roll down my wind and blast some kind of music and just enjoy the weather. This really helps me when im depressed wait better word.. down. I have now officially given up hope for finding the right person. It just seems so pointless now, maybe i try to hard. It will happen when it happens (if ever). Sometimes i would like to think that if i had more money i could just buy love (even though it would not be real). I should have listened to my good friend Scott Snodgrass in the beginning " Be careful with your relationships". Yea well do not worry i am going to be careful now... I just wont have one. Oh i have other things to worry about though, school, theater, getting a job. Today i put in an application for The Mudpie Company. I think i am going to get the job, but i dont want to say that with too much confidence. Sometimes things really suck, like when you start having feelings for someone but you know that they would not be interested in you. Those feelings are bad! So Spring Break for me has offically sucked. Even though i did go to Starbucks a few times to meet some of my friends (Thank you Yall know who yall are!). Sometimes i would like to think that the world could be so much better if people would just learn how to be nice to each other. I know that i am not always nice to people ... but face it, sometimes girls really do PMS. Well i think that is all that i really want to say for right now... i will try to keep this updated as much as possible... but i am not promising shit!

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My new Bf [24 Nov 2003|09:39am]
Ok so as some of you may know ... me and stephen broke up. This was at least 3 monthes ago i want to say. ok so at homecoming... a lot of it sucked because my best friend and stephen (he was my date as a friend) ran off together and left me and cameron (her date) by ourselves. now i have known cameron for a year and a half. i didnt talk to him all that much but at hc we just hung out and danced and all. Well then we started to hang out a lot and talk and everything. and then FINALLY he asked me out last tuesday! YAY!! yes so everything has been great lately and i hope that it will stay great. as for all of you people ... I hope that your lives are as good as mine is currently. Ya oh AND I AM MEETING LIKE HIS WHOLE FAMILY ON THANKSGIVING!! im sooo nervous .. i have already met his mom and her boyfriend (they are soooo COOL!) but now i get to meet the older brother and his girlfriend... i think that is all that is coming. Oh well this break has been awesome and i cant wait till school starts again! so everyone stay safe and have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!

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SHITTY DAY ONCE AGAIN!! [10 Sep 2003|05:30pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | i'd eat you alive by limp bizkit ]

Wow i got 3 hours of sleep last night!! two of my friends are suicidal right now and i just found out yesterday! My best friend is having alot of trouble with her boyfriend and this just sucks ass. This is crazy...... i have to do a project and i dont know what to make it of, Also i have to write an essay on middle earth/hero's journey. The only plus of the day was getting to see my Stephen! My health teacher is still in the hospital. I have the biggest damn headache of all time!!! oh yea and by the way the best book i have read lately is the Fifth Harry Potter................they are awesome!! OH today i learned the basics of Html...... I finally got my own page for my class! so its pretty cool. I guess things are now lightening up for me. Well i got to go but ill write tomorrow!
i<3 you stephen!

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WHAT A FREAKING DAY!! [09 Sep 2003|07:18pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]
[ music | Anything Led Zepplin ]

OK so today was pretty shitty.... when i say pretty shitty i mean FREAKING TERRIBLY SHITALICIOUS!! It all started out great when i saw Stephen before school..... then web was pretty much regular (Joey keeps trying to say hi to me and he just doesnt relize that im not nice!). Then second period rolled around and I forgot i had a freaking test today.... so ok i study in the 5 mins i had before the test and then i took it...... MY FREAKING TEACHER TOOK 3 POINTS OFF MY ATOM BECAUSE IT WAS TOO SMALL!! so i got a 69 on the test. ok well next was health.... it was ok but my teacher is in the hospital so we have some freaking bitch for a sub who has been with our class for 2 weeks now!! hmmm 4th period was alright except i thought my hand would fall off because we had to write overhead pages of notes!! but hey thats all good! Geometry at last!! OH SHIT I FORGOT TO DO MY HOMEWORK but its all good because she only takes it up on fridays but she asked questions on it and i totally bullshited my answer yet still got it right!! YAY LUNCH my faveorite subject! lunch was good... No EXSTATIC!! yay SPANISH!! that class was actually ok( i have a 98 in that class) thank you mayleen for being cuban!! then 7th period rolled around and we had to take a test (oh shit) and write 2 overhead pages of notes and some guy was trying to be funny by saying male chovenistic things.... i wanted to honestly rip his dick off and staple his tongue to it on the wall!! I dont like male chovenistic pigs! then i had ponies.... which went pretty interesting.... one of the girls with downsyndrome fainted and it was hot as hell outside! i have a big headache but its ok. IM HOME ALONE ALSO!! YAY!!! till tomorrow...................

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My first entry!! YAY!! [08 Sep 2003|08:11pm]
[ mood | Mindless ]
[ music | rammenstein ]

Today is my first time to write in my new public journal... I found out about this from my boyfriend (he has one).
So today went pretty good just had some problems trying to stay focused but other than that it went well. If you dont know I am in school, and good news stephen friday i have A lunch! Oh homecoming is coming up and also i have to by magazines from a bunch of people so they dont have to pay 50 dollars for prom. YAY! i love being the youngest out of my friends. Its kinda sad know that they will all be off to college and here i will be in school for just one more year! well its all good because the only friends i have in my own grade are guys that like to protect me because i am like the lil sister. YAY!?! So on most days i will be talking about how fun my life is. This is basically my way to vent into the world. Some days it might be through poetry some days through song. But if you have a topic that you would like to start just post one.... Ask me questions i mostly likely know the answer. I also love middle earth. Well i must be going now. Dont want to make this TOOO long.

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