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IUP; where the Legends are [17 Sep 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | "Defying Gravity" in the Musical Wicked ]

So today, it rained...

Instead of going to school, I took an educational leave and went with mi mama, papa, and mi hermana (sister). We went to take a tour of Indiana Universtity of Pennsylvania. Raining, raining.

During the tour, we ran into Caitlin! (Anna's sister) and she told me to go for the goal and try out for Corie in the play this year at the High School. I told her Anna told me to do that too and she said "You see! Even though we're like 300 miles away, we still think alike!" It was cool to see her again.

I really don't feel like talking about my day... more about my feelings ("Gosh susie, don't bore us!")

If you really care: Read on.

So today, I started to really concentrate on what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I mean, I believe something's out there for me... and I'd also like to believe I found it.
I really enjoy traveling and taking photos of, literally, anything and then I like to screw them up and make them pretty or errie, or whatever I feel liek doing. But is that really what I'm destined to do? I mean, they talked about how the adverage person switches their major around 3 times before settling down, But I want to start on the right track.

Another problem is if I do want to study computer graphics in college, I'd have to leave lil' ol' Lock Haven... and as much as others grex and complain about this little city, I really like it here. I appreciate its commuinity like characteristics and some of the friendly faces... though it's not entirely like Germany, it reminded me of my favorite traits. Another thing I like about LHU is that it's a smaller university and I alreday know my way aorund...

Benefits: I wouldn't have to pay tuition (dad works there so i don't gotta pay it)
I wouldn't have to live at a dorm (I could stay at home since its close by)
No doing my own laundry (Mother dearest!... well ok, this benefit is only half true- i'd have to do some)
Some free meals from the parentals
I know my way around,a dn am in a comfortable environment.
It;s not a big city, so I wouldn't have to worry about rape, or murders.

Sucky Points I may be less independent if I don't experience outside life
I might not be able to study what I'd like in Lock Haven
Could I get bored?

I don't know. Right now I'm stressing about the possibilities. Mr.Bird (Music prof. at IUP talked to Sarah about her music path in IUP) asked what I was interested in doing. My dad answered for me , and he said it was never too late o start worrying about my future... but what if it's too late to get my past back. I don't WANT to wonder about my future, but It seems like I have to. SAT's, good grades, college applications, auditions even! They seem so close becuase it's happening to Sarah.

Overall I need a hug. I'm not so stressed out that I'll be in tears tonight, But I need someone to stop me whining about college and doing this and that.

Another thing to add to stress? Looking at what I've laid out in front of myself already!
1. History day--- Lots of work, preparation
2. Chour District Auditions--- Good god! Somone pray for me on this one! Plus I have to practice for this one
3. Blue Notes--- After school, every wendseday... added stress event? possible.
4. Play auditons--- I already started stressing about this one. 3 or 2 girl parts and I'm too thin to play either of the parts.
5. Coaching lessons for audition--- I need it, but singing by myself makes me nervous and stressed out and embarrassed
6. Piano lessons--- yes, I've started them again.

I guess I've talked enough... but I'm not sure. all these thoughts are still going on in my head! The more I think of them, the more I WANT to think about them. I just wish that LHU could get a computer graphics course and I'd be pretty well set.

I don't think it'll happen soon though.

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Things Happen too fast! [10 Sep 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | blah dopnt feel like it ]

It seems by the time I remember to write things down, it all is mushy and I can't possibly write it down in the proper order- meaning it would make no sence to you guys, but it would work for me.... am i making sence?

Another warning sign: My grammar sucks so if i screw up, tell it it's beautiful and get over it.

So, another year of school starts... let's just start with the first day:

1st day of school, reeked of new clothing and girls trying to show off their boobs to the opposite (or same) sex. Me on the other side decided on a spiffy khaki-pink-yellowoutfit becuase I like to be at least halfclothed.

Ms.Mal of course started the year off by telling the kids that all was new and she was actually going to teach us music (this phase will pass, as it has done so in the past years I've had Ms.Mal as a teacherchoir director. I felt superior to all the "little" 9th graders (PAAH!) I asked a child nicely to please excuse himself from my seat (top row, corner, soprano section of course!) he moved, he looked dazed though.

2nd period was Mr.Hanson (AWESOME TEACHER I found that out the first day, but even more today!) In his classrooms afterwards though he didn't have much "supervision" over the class, but we're good kids so it's all good. I'm pretty much one of his (fav?) great students who has a natural artistic flair and he very much appreciates that.

3rd. Wuerster. First day she didn't call my name so me, Melanie, Phil, and Ian were told (roughly I must add!) to go down to the guidence counselor and tell them to get rid of us becuase Mrs.Wuester doesn't like us ... oh, and their were already 33 people in her class. We ended up having to sit on the "shelf" of "cliff" as she called it.

4th. Math, nice guy, Algebra still sucks, it's easy right now. Umk.

5th. Lunch, first day there must be forgotten becuase Jenn freaked out and made me cry when I got home and it was all very stupid (wish she wouldn't make me feel so bad though :-( )

6th. Linquist!!! Swears all the time I can tell I'm really gonna like him! I do already! What a sense of humor! Woooooeeee.

7th. Gym. Enoguh said. We ahve to run for 5 min. everyday.Boo. gym sucks, but I love to run around like an idiot in a yellow (or purple) penny. Good times.

8th. Merinar AWESOME ALSO. Jenn had no idea he was obsessed with politics ( i knew) amd she instantly started up on this religiously republican person that Bush sucks. For the first 20 minutes he talked about Bush to Jenn suing "big words" such as engaged hahaha.
What annoys me that probably people would care less about? The fact that everything Merinar believes in is frowned against by both Jenn and Anna. They don't really process what he says about things, they just say he's out of his mind. For instance, today he spooke of when people think about september 11th, Bush is in relation and they think of him. Jenn and Anna arguered with him that was a horrible thought and it is a day of remembrance for the people that died during sept. 11th. Merinar was right in saying the relation was there but Jenn and Anna were closed minded and said nope nope nope and Jenn seemed like she got offended by it. I also dissagree about what Anna said about the way Bush handled the situation was probably no different then how other presidents would have handed it- including potential presidents? Al Gore would have been a mess becuase he wasn't very desicive.
God! Listen to me! When did I actually start getting opinions on things? Seriously...

Everyones at the football games. Another annoyance that I have to write down: When someone tells you they aren't going to a place and they get all mopey about it and defensive and snappy, so you decide not to go becuase they arent. 10 minutes before they would origianlly leave, she orders pizza and her mopey friend calls and asked her if she's going to the game! GAAAAAARRRRRRRR I just feel like giving up sometimes.
Why keep something aroudn that causes unnesessary stress? Sometimes I just want to scream grow up to her, but I know it will work to no prevail and I wil have only scratched my voice.

Let me start my I wishes:

sorry i g2g i;'m gettign mad gain for the first day hahahaha


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I'm back from everything [30 Aug 2004|12:19pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | "The internet is for Porn" Avenue Q ]

Oh God, How can I possibly explain my experience of Germany in a couple sentences.

Well I'll break it down.

Martin. My first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first holding hands, my first summer fling, my first for a lot of things.
Anne. My best friend (From Germany) my host sista, my party animal hahaa.

Two important people in my life now.

Do I miss Germany? HELL YEAH! I miss it soooooooo much, I really wanted to stay but I also wanted to see everyone else I love so I returned for the sake of you guys.


I can"t even bare to right them down for fear of you guys not understanding how I felt (with my face and stuff) it's all such a personal experience that I MUST (manditory) tell it in person.

I haven't bitten my nails since the New York trip and that's a long time! I've taken to chewing gum when I feel the temptation to nip at them a bit.I also use an emery board.

Yesterday Anna, Nicole, Jenn and I played hide and seek behind my house, in the muddyish-wet ground and forest. It rocked and I can't wait to do it again (rolling around in the mud with...err...spiders ;-)) Anna hid in a particularly easy place to be found and people had problems finding her hahahaha. Jenn scared nicole by just towering over her in a hiding spot (wish I had seen nicole's expression).
We made plans to go walking over the "mountain" to see Brittany (I haven't seen her since ... a week before I headed to German land!) but Jenn went all antisocial on us and said she'd just stay home becuase of transportation and not liking brit and feeling ignored when she's around us and blahdy blahdy blah. It was all quite annoying becuase then she said "I'll just hang out with Melony" hmm... spend time with people that WANT you to go or say no and say you'd rather hang out with Melony! How kind. Anyways, I was getting angry about that and Anna and Nicole left right after Jenn left so we wouldn't be tempted to talk abotu the 'new situation'.
Grrrrr... writing this is annoying me hahaha

I think I'm goign to call Jenn soon and try and talk her into going. Toodles!

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Goodbye! Auf Weitersen [02 Aug 2004|10:18am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | "Leave(Get out)" by Jojo (IMH) I like this song :-) ]

I'm off to Germany and just wanted to say goodbye! I'll miss everyone, but I'll be e-mnailing you while I'm over there. BYE!!! Ich Liebe dich! (I love you!)

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Back from NYC [24 Jul 2004|03:54pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | "Our lips are sealed" IMH Hilary+Haley Duff -DANG THEM DUFFS ]

Well, justr a bit ago I got back from New York City! Woooohoooo!
Things that happened:

1. I got my first ever manicure! (even though I bite my nails...)

2. I saw breakdancers down near the subway- they had a little 5 year old too!

3. Some person handing out something bible related yelled curses at me becuase I didn't take one.

4. I saw some guy get busted by 4 cops, he was saying "Man, shut up, man" and one of the cops was saying "I can't beleiev I have to tell you another time." hahah! i could have brushed shoulders with the cops.

5. I tried grilled eggplant

6. I bought clothing... lots and lots of it.

7. ate my first "dumpling" (it looked like a shaved wrinkly ball)

8. spied on our next door -metro sexual pally.

9. Spotted out the gay boys.

10. got pictures taken with Geffery (Toys R Us)

11. sat near an old smelly chinese man on the bus to-

12. also there was an old couple sitting in front of us and they put their seats back, so we moved so we wouold have more room and then they followed us and sat right in front again!

13. we rode in a taxi cab (the first one smelled ok but the second one I could only breath out of my mouth!)

14. I bought a neaklace with a butterfly on it which I named Dread.

15. I bought a stuffed kitten and named it Plimmy: (History of the name plimmy) First I wanted to name it milk- but so many are named that so then I decided to change the K to a P so I had Milp. Milp sounded retarded so I reversed the name and got Plim... and then I added a Y and got Plimmy. :-)

16. I walked by a man at a synthesizer playing the same two chords over and over again (i think he was singing "come on get happy" but I can't remember) He yelled at me and Jenn as we passed "Stay Happy ladies!"

17. Went to Tiffany's and looked at a spoon worth $78 and a fork worth $125.

18. On the bus home I listened to a family whose dad said he wanted to be comfortable if it was going to take 5 hours... so he threatened to take off his pants (mean while his 13 or so year old daughter is busy calling him an a**hole)

19. Watched as Jenn called me over in a store and a chinese woman walks over to her asking what she wanted... turns out her name was Susie (Jenn was confused looking hahaha)

20. had fun listening to Jenn's Aunt Jane cuse at every car near her and making funny-judgemental comments about the local pedestrians.

21. I had a wonderful time changing in what rightfully is called a "changing room" becuase it was a single room filled with many mirrors and each customer would choose a mirror to change in front of while the others around do the same... very-er- comfy.

22. I ate blueberries and canaloupe and some unidentified fruit :-p yummy

23. I made bacon!

24. I saw a store that was purple and had a big marijuana leaf on it... :-/

25. I witnessed an attempted murder and assult in the Central Park- Jenn was the one who was almost murdered! (j/k i'm seeing if you are actually reading this)

26. Jenn and I watched a spanish soap Opera called "Mi Gorda Bella". There were two very biotchy girls. One with dark hair absolutely hated the weird girl with big ornge skirts (and an odd pair of glasses). the beasty dark haired girl made fun of her in front of the cute-sensitive male and then kissed him. As she left he struck up a conversation with ornagy-skirt and made her smile as if she were slightly embaressed.

27. went walking in the rain (had to share an umbrella with Jenn (urgh))

28. witnessed an annoying couple who kept doing PDA's on the bus.

And I'll end there becuase I'm tired and want to do other-better-things (such as eat :))

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WoooooHooo, I'm an Adobe Loser! [16 Jul 2004|11:48am]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | "Anywhere but here" Hilary Duff (it's on my playlist haha) ]

Ok, so at mugglenet theres a contest:

"Book 6 Cover Contest
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"

"Now that we have a name, let's put a face to it. Here's how this is gonna work: Photoshop wizards and wannabes alike will put their creative geniuses to the test and design their OWN version of the book 6 cover. We'll pick about 20 of the best and then you'll be able to vote for your favorites. The Top 5 finishers will receive prizes. This contest will be run much like the POA Poster Contest that we ran long before the movie came out."

I made my entry a couple days ago and if you wanna be my friend and fill out my survey saying what you think about it click right


------------------------------ please do that for me! I want to win this contest and I need all criticism that I can get! ------------------

I'm so scared! I'm going to Germany in just about 2 weeks and I'm terrified! I don't know anyone and I don't know the language or anything! AHHHH! I keep telling myself that its a learning experience and I'll be fine but then I remember I hardly know anyone and what If I get lost or what if I lose my money or what if theres a problem with my passport! Grrr.... its annoying

If you want me to e-mail you while I'm in Germany, please post a comment below with your e-mail telling me you want me to e-mail.

also, you may want to watch my journal here while I'm in Germany, I don't know if I'll be able to write, but We'll see. I love you all!!!!


She's home and HOPEFULLY I'll get to see her before we go to New York City. I haven't seen her since we saw dodgeball :(

Ok, I g2g. Remember to visit my site! (above)
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Doing that survey thang [12 Jul 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | "Mmmbop" IMH Hanson (girls) ]

you remember that survey i made about a year ago? Well i'm taking it again to see how much I've changed.
Sucks for you hahaha

--And you are?--

-What's yo name?- Susie
-What's your sign?- Virgo
-1 word to describe yourself?- thoughtful

--Your Favorites--

-Fav Hobby?- photography at the moment
-Fav song?- "Forgotten" by Avril Lavigne
-Fav excuse?- I have to do work
-Fav person?- my sister
-Fav actor/actress?- Kera Knightly
-Fav band?- Evanescence
-fav fruit?- apple
-Fav saying?- "Don't tickle a sleeping dragon"
-Fav quote?- I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person
-Fav article of clothing?-shoes
-Fav flavor of pineapple?- lameo... the norm please
-Fav book?- oh god... when i'm reading Lord of the Rings, its that, but when i'm reading Harry Potter, its that!
-Fav animal?- cat
-Fav time of the day?- 9:00pm
-Fav noise?- ey eyeyeyeyeye
-Fav color?- greys
-fav flavor of popsicle?- cherry
-fav website?-
-fav food?- ham
-fav tv show?- VH1 contdowns
-fav reality tv show (if any)- american idol
-fav instrument?- it's too hard to choose... harp again i guess
-fav shoe store?- walmart! haha
-fav movie?- Lord of the Rings, Return of the King... or Dodgeball
-fav clothing store?- Wow... i like a bunch now... AE
-fav relative?-them all
-fav number?- 28
-fav cd?- at the moment Avril Lavigne's new cd

--Your Apperance--

-Eye color?- still green
-Hair color?- still light brown
-Hair style?- short, to my shoulders
-height?- 5'8
-eye sight?- contacts
-head shape?- still ovalish-triangular

-- A B C's--
What do you think of that starts with the letter...

-a- attack
-b- branch
-c- cedric diggory
-d- detention
-e- excuse
-f- fringe
-g- gnash
-h- hate
-i- injure
-j- jump
-k- kite
-l- lamp
-m- man
-n- ninny-pooh
-o- opus
-p- potty
-q- quai;
-r- rack
-s- super
-t- tim
-u- uranus
-v- velvet
-w- wonder
-x- xylem
-y- yak
-and z- zoo

--At the Present moment--

-what do you smell?- absolutely nothing
-hear?- the humming of the computer
-taste?- popcorn
-feel?- the mouse
-see?- the word "see" on the computer screen
-sense (like the 6th sense)?- nothing at the current time
-what are you wearing on your bottom?- pants
-on your chestal area?- shirt
-on your face?- makeup
-on your... ears?- nothing
-are you singing?- nope
-muttering?- nope
-thinking of death?- now i'm thinking of the grim... and sirius... who... whoi.... *sniff* well, you know :(
-what are you thinking?- how i wish sirius would be in the next books anyways


-what are you reading?- Dances with Wolves
-what's it about?- i haven't started it yet really
-last song you sang?- some old 80's song on the radio coming home from Canada today
-last word you spoke (word only!)?-thing
-last thing you cried about?- i dont remember
-last thing you ate?- popcorn
-last person you talked to?- sarah- on aol
-last person you hit?- Seth
-last person you flirted with?- no one this summer!
-last person you killed or wanted to kill?- the boys, god they were annoying on the way home... they kept farting
-last animal you saw?- Tanner, cat
-last song you heard?- Firebird, Fantasia
-last part of the body you hurt?- head (i always get headaches)
-last thought you thought about?- Anna's on aol... i should talk to her
-last dream you drempt?- i was making a cd- 3 cd's really and they had me in them. Brittany Peace was in it. Then i was on a mission to help an innocent tall girl who might have stolen a wild womens guitar, and very thin pencil.
-last letter you wrote to someone?- an e-mail to Sarah to send her a pic of niagra falls with her head in it.
-last swear word you said?- well, i said the d word once
-last swear word you typed?- p word
-last movie you saw?- Fantasia, but in the movie theatre- Dodgeball
-last tv show you saw?- I love the 90's
-last person you thought of?- Brittany Peace


-best friend?- Jenn, Anna, Nicole, Brittany
-the dumb one- none of us are that dumb really (Junny Hu tho... haha love ya!)
-the smartest one- Jenn or Brittany
-the blondest one- Jenn by far
-the weirdest one- Nicole
-the most thoughtful one- me and Anna
-the nicest one- i'd have to ay me...
-the ugly one- none here, we are all beautiful
-the pretty one (and not yourself you vain person)- Brittany
-the most talented one- this is a hard question since we are all talented...err... me?
-the one who is obsessed with cheese- Anna
-the most distant one- Chelsea
-the closest friend- Jenn
-the advice giver- Anna or Nicole
-the meanest one- Jenn but its cool
-the one that smells like garlic- ... Anna?
-the one obsessed with food- I don't know, i LOVE junk food, does that count?
-the one obsessed with you- no one
-the one who used to like you like you- Johnny Ha
-the one that does like you like you- no one at the time
-the dreamer- very much me
-the sleeper- Jenn, Anna
-the dancer- Anna, Nicole, Brittany
-the singer- Me, Johnny Ha
-the instrument player- none play instruments at the time- Jenn is going to be playing next school year.
-the movie obsessor- Anna and Nicole (they see them all)
-the most annoying one- Jenn hahaha love ya
-the sad one that cries the most- i dont thik we all cry but Nicole and Jenn get sad a lot
-the funniest one- Nicole (becuase she's just WEIRD)


-who hates you?- no one that I can think of
-why?- well... i guess they have a good reason that i don't know about
-did you forgive them?- i always forgive
-or should they apologize?- I don't know... maybe they should
-do you have any enimies even?- none really, unless you count that bum near my house...
-are you an enemy to someone?- oh probably
-who, if so?-i don't know but, i can just not be liked, ya know?
-why if yes?- probably one of the questions we will never know


-funniest memory?- Nicole's "let the body hit the floor" incident sitting crosslegged on a beautiful afternoon with dandelions in the shape of a crown atop her head.
-sadest moment?- When my cat E.T. died
-most annoying time?- 7th grade when I didn't like anyone and was paranoid and stupid in class.
-most upseting event?- When Dan told me about him killing a Raccoon for no reason with a broomstick.
-most pleasurable moment?- Getting confirmed (don't ask me why) but I was very happy about it.
-most confusing event?- When I fainted for the first time... It was funny how I don't remember a couple seconds.
-most embarassing time?- Whenever I'm wrong I get super embarrassed.
-most thought provoking period?- After I have my dreams at night, I always think about what they may mean in my future or past.
-most self controled moment?- Not telling a friend a secret.And wanting to rip a friend apart becuase she did something wrong and was blaming me for it.... I HATE THAT!!!!
-most jelouse time you felt jelouse?- whenever I watch someone perform on stage I get very jelouse.

--What do you think about--

-your mother- I love her, she's sooooo funny and her laughs are crazy!
-your father- he loves me very much, we go everywhere in the car together becuase I never say no. But it's never boring really. I love him lots.
-your brother/s (if any)- well seperatly they are the sweetest things. Seth's fun to "act" with and Zacks fun to pinch all over and call him adorable- also good for playing mercy.
-your sister/s (if any)- I share my room with her and she's sometimes messy and dramatic but we can go places now becuase of her drivers license and its fun. She's always been funny.
-your friend/s (if any)- they are so diverse b3ecuae I'm never mean to anyone no matter what their flaws. Some can be grumpy and huffy but they eventually get over it so I wait till their done huffing and puffing around. I love them all.
-your pet/s (if any)- Fat! My cat Juno is fat and I call her "Fat": by name and she responds. It's fun. All the other cats are cool but Juon's MY cat so I'm recognizing her only.
-your bed (if you have one)- It's a bit harder then I think I should have. I like soft beds.
-your other relatives- They are kind, I got to met a lot of them at a funeral get-together and they are good people.

do you have a...

-bed- well since I answewred the above question, yes.
-computer- it can be slow at times but it has all my digiart on it so I likey so far.
-yellow magnet on your shoe- i took that off ages ago
-green sharpy- I like green so i would have fun with a green sharpy, but i dont have one at this time
-a closet for dead bodies that is currently in use- ah, I had to empty it. The smell was awful!

--Do you like--

-wearing makeup?- yes, i like putting it on too.
-long hair?- nope! I had long hair and I got it cut and its so much eaisier short
-long interesting movies?- yes, Lord of the Rings is a perfect example of that.
-wearing clothes?- yes, I always wear clothing, I don't like to take it off.
-music?-oh my, in this house- EVERYONE loves music.
-tofu?- never had it actually
-disney movies?- yes, mulan's myt favorite but we don't have it anymore :( it broke.
-people?- in general? yes, at times? no. but they do eventually get over little pouts and such.

--What do you think?--

-about my survey?- it was good becuase I made it
-would you tell your friends?- I already spread the news
-would you send me hate mail?- no and others out there better not either!
-have you been inspired to make your own survey?- well, I was inspired to make this survey, yeah.
-do you think i sound gay (as in homosexual)?- no, no butch sentences there
-do you think you sound gay (as in homosexual)?- no you fool! we're the same people!
-do you think others think you sound gay (as in homosexual)?- no, i'm a pretty balanced meterosexual person hahah
-do want me to stop?- i don't care
-any last words?- sofa
-i have one, wanna know?- well, i guess I'll find out in a second anyways
-well, anyways... I *heart* you!!!- thats grand, its always good to be comfortable with yourself and love and respect yourself.
-do you *heart* me?-yes, we are one and I love myself
-ok bye!- toodles

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Niagra Falls is falling down, falling down... [12 Jul 2004|07:53pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | "London Bridge is falling down" Let's all say I made it then ]


I'm home! I said goodbye to my sister at Rochester (Eastman school of music camp thinger). Then my family packed up for Niagra falls.

Everyone in Canada dresses punk! Their were like, thousands of teenagers walking around dressed in punk atire! it kinda freaked us out at first becuase there i was, miss USA in khakis and a cute little handbag with a pink shirt on crusing the "streets" with my fam damily. The hotel was ok, we went swimming one day and this mexican chap sat down and just sat there... watching us swim. Then I went back upsatirs (all wet and chloriny and wiht my glasses on, pale as a ghost because i get that way in water (don't ask me why)) and then a group of punky dudes comes and stops talking once they see me. They watch me enter my hotel-motel room. I hadn't noticed this, but my mom did. Hmm...

Do not EVER eat at Tim Hortons for any kind of meal. I went there and got 3 chocolate chip cookies and they sucked butt. It was altogether-bad!

So then we headed to Niagra falls the next day. I took some fantastci pictures of the falls and got a pic of me and seth with a mounty ( one of the little guard peoples) then we went and bought souviners ( i got a stuffed mouse that I named Nia).

We ate candy then headed back to the motel-hotel room. The next day came home and i cleaned my room (this time without sarah around to mess it up) it was fun...

well, I love the 90's is on in about an hour and i need to potty and stuff so i'll leave you.

Canada was too much like Pennsylvania to call it a foreign country. It was too... underground version of main street, Lock Haven! where everyone dresses punk. ok, well toodles! (plus i have a headache :( )

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I'm retarded and this Survey Proves it [05 Jul 2004|09:08pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | "Poor Jack" Nightmarew before Christmas IMH ]

1. Confirm your identity: Susan Rachael malenke Hosterman
2. How many years have you been on the planet? 15
3. What are three phrases you use at least daily? "oh my gosh", "What?" "Toodles"
4. Are you a survey addict? well... i hate them... but i love to talk about me :-p
5. Do you have an online journal that you use regularly? err... yeah
6. Are you one of those people that are constantly applying lotion and/or chapstick?not at all
7. Name any mental disorders you have been diagnosed with: i love to clean... could that be one?
8. Ever freeze anyone's underwear? nope
9. Name one thing you only do/act like/wear/etc.? what? thats 3 questions! er... sing, a dork, and la ropa
10. Would you consider yourself random? spontaneous? sure, at times
11. Do you have clothes hanging in your closet that still have the tags on them? dress clothing
12. Do you doodle all over your papers/homework/books? yes, a lot on tests
13. Do you write down phone messages/notes on your hands?no
14. What do you think of those Kidz Bop commercials? the digital artisty in the background is quite elabrate
15. What CDs in your collection are you ashamed to admit you own? I'm not ashamed...
16. Got any toe socks? no! I HATE THEM
17. Do you find that you rub off on your friends more, or vice versa? well... I don't do any...
18. What time is it?: 9:13pm
19. Does anybody really know what time it is? ... ah yes, now we start with the "deep" questions, eh?
20. Does anybody really care? well... yes, obviously beacuse we have watches and such
21. Who sings that song, anyway? ooooooohhhh i know this!
22. Do you untie your shoelaces before taking them off? yes
23. Ever have random hallucinations? hahaha not under any drug influence but yeah
24. Ever take your pet for a walk? yes my kitties
25. Have you ever loved someone so much it made you cry? well... no
26. How much do you sleep? 8-9 hours a night
27. Do you think staying at home and raising the kids is primarily "women's work"? no, but it's easier becuase guys would mess it all up :)
28. What do you think about gay marriage? I say, screw them guys and get married to the world!
29. Do blondes annoy you in general? considering i was one once... YES! haha j/k
30. Ever done illegal drugs? no
31. Do you smoke? gasp! NO WAY
32. Have sex? no
33. Yell at your parents? no
34. Compete with your siblings? me and my littleist brother play mercy... does that count?
35. Think you got enough love as a child?: well before i was born my mother fell with me 3 times... but life afterwards was fine
36. Listen to pop music? its too repeatative but yes, sadly.
37. Out of your own, what's your favorite lotion/body wash/cream/perfume/cologne/etc: Lux German body wash
38. Why do fools fall in love? becuase its human nature
39. Why is the sky blue? don't you know this?
40. Did you know that your metabolism slows down at night; so if you have a midnight snack you will probably gain weight in the morning? well, duh
41. Are you going to have an open casket funeral? ... i don't know
42. Do you bruise easily? i dont think so
43. Does death fascinate you? yes, i always wonder about afterlife and such
44. Ever dated someone five years older (or more) than you?no
45. Ever dated someone five years younger (or more) than you? no
46. What's with all the black rappers right now having such terrible teeth? well, they can't afford dental health care.
47. What was the whole "rosebud" thing all about? you mean the sims? It's a code for simoleons
48. How many people do you think would come to your funeral? the world
49. Are you wondering why I'm still on the death thing? not really, i quite enjoy it
50. Who said this: "Death, taxes, and childbirth. There's never a convenient time for any of them." you just did.
51. Have you ever contributed to someone's death? I helped, yes... a little push over the cliff, if you catch my drift *wink*
52. What Hollywood celebrity annoys you the most?: Britney Murphy
53. What do you think about school? it's wonderful, i do love to learn
54. Are you addicted to the internet? HP sites!!!!!!
55. Do you have those little white vitamin deficiency marks on your fingernails? what are they?
56. Dog person or cat person? cat
57. What do you take when you have a headache? Imatrix, IB prophin, Naproxin Sodium
58. What's your alcoholic drink of choice?wine
59. Is "settling down" a major priority for you (meaning; married, good job, spending your extra money on new curtains and mowing the lawn on weekends)? unless i become a professional photographer then yeah
60. Do you have a calendar/datebook? uh huh
61. Was "Beaches" as good a movie as everyone says it is? what is it
62. Physically, are you usually cold or warm? cold
63. Socially, are you usually cold or warm? warm and cozy
64. Ever been so depressed that you don't shower, do the dishes, clean up anything, answer your phone or move from your couch for more than a couple days? nope
65. When you hear the scientific term "the big bang", do dirty thoughts come to mind? No :-/
66. Do you ever walk by someone and they go, "how are you?" and you go, how are you?"....and you keep on walkin'? no
67. Wouldn't you rather we all just avoid eye contact and not say anything at all? no! humans are funny
68. Ever do volunteer work? yesum
69. Do you think community service should really be given as a punishment for criminals? i think it should be required but not as punishment
70. Do you shoplift? no
71. Ever worked so hard that you cried? yes
72. What if God was one of us? no one would believe that he was god!
73. Who sings that song? same girl that thinks gad is a male only.
74. Are you old enough to remember the commercial with little old lady saying "where's the beef?" hahahaha i know it but only from recent occurences
75. Finish this sentence: "My kingdom for a/an ________.": day
76. Do you remember the Care Bear craze?YES!!! I was part of the carebear craze!
77. How about when Oprah was fat? yes
78. Remember Pogs? they never interested me
79. Remember when that gymnast sprained her ankle in the summer Olympics: yes, but I only know it again, from recent occurences.
80. Remember what you were doing yesterday at this time? I was on the computer
81. Do you love shoes? yesseri i love cute little ones
82. What shampoo do you use?Pantene
83. How do you feel right now? tired of sitting on this chair all day
84. Do you let dogs lick your face? i try not to
85. Do you subscribe to Playgirl or Playboy? no
86. What are you doing right now besides filling out this survey? on aol for once
87. What year were you born? 1988
88. Do you rule that year? i love october... i rule the month
89. Do you paint your nails? i hate it, but to make them pretty or if i'm bored i do.
90. What's your hair length? chin... well not any more, its closer to my shoulders
91. When did you get a cut/trim last? 4 months ago
92. Do you have hoity-toity relatives, or trailer trash relatives? no just regular people
93. Would you consider yourself to have an innovative mind? uh huh, wanna see it?
94. Has an old man/woman ever flirted with you? actually... i think i recall a time.
95. Ever written a survey like this? hahahaha yes
96. Would you ever consider dating someone who'd been in prison: depends if they were inncoent
97. Are you worth crying over? depends on the situation- like if i die, sure
98. Do you know anyone who's drowned? yes
99. Would you rather have a one-on-one conversation or go to a party? depends who you are and if i like you like you or not
100. Do you feel better after purging all this random information from your system? in a sense, sure

their, all done. Happy?

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Yet another Job [03 Jul 2004|10:31pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | "Points of Authority" Linkin Park ]

I am now making a webpage- complete hardcore html people! I get paid $100 for putting it up and then $5 every month its up.

Hmm... what's happened lately...

Oh! Went and slept over at Brittany's house along with Anna and Nicole. Jenn was at camp still so we had a moment of silence for her. Then we watched soft porn... i mean a movie called "Century Hotel" or something like that. We watched secret window (Johnny Deppp!!!) I couldn't see it though becuase i STUPIDLY forgot my dang glasses, so I just looked the other way and listened to what was going on. Miraculously i knew what was going on. We watched some rather messed up mother "Bella's Wedding" or something or the sort. Bella died before the "wedding" so it was lame, it didn't follow correct movie styles haha. But i guess it wasn't that bad.

I ushered last night for The King and I. It was good, I rather detested a nasty girl named hem hem Michelle! DEEEEEEESPISE

Anyways, My Lesbian's returned! I didn't get to see her becuase I had to work (again)

well I have nothing but this:

Sirius tips back on two legs on his chair both when he was 15 or 16 and even at his ripe age before he... *sniff* well, you know :( . A sign that he is still lively before he... *sniff* well... yes.

Dumbledore nods and winks at the floor... Harry irritated mostly by the fact Dumbledore would not look at him. It was a "connection" between them, harry always knew what was happening behind Dumbledores eyes, or has a "feeling" of his mood. Whereas Dumbledore does the same with Harry.

Voldemort can suck my Dang you know what! (even though its placed away for safe keeping at the moment)

Harry glimpses a map of the Ministry of Magic.

(these are a few things I must note after reading the 5th Harry Potter book for the 5 time.


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Oh god, I'm outta control! [29 Jun 2004|08:58pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | "Our lips are sealed" IMH Hilary+Haley Duff -DANG THEM DUFFS ]

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


I am crazy, simply put! I am so very happy that I have this title for the 6th Harry Potter book, and this is the confirmed titleby J.K.Rowling herself! She also states that the HBP is NOT Voldemort or Harry! Hmmm time to speculate! WOOOOHOOOO!!!

Anyways, to what I did today. I went driving again, trying to get comfortable behind the wheel. I had nothing else planned for today but THANK GOD humanity came to my doorway, literally. Well... i mean as literal as having humanity such as Anna and Nicole... but I don't know if you'd really agree to them as being "human". Anyways, they came and we walked over the "mountain" and went to Brits house to pick her up. We then stopped for Johnny Hunter (I missed him sooooooooooo much!). We rang the doorbell to no accord, then we walked past the house trying to get him (he was outside) We waved frantically to him and he waved back, but he didn't know it was us, I could tell. He came out front and we hugged and exchanged random summer news of "how's it been so far" and "what'cha doin this year". Then Johnny went away and we went to Mohaks to eat icecream. Nicole felt very giddy and in an unexplanable way... as did I after a large bit of sucking in her used up breath(meaning being near her) she's contagious! We then went back to Brittany's house and looked at fishies and then nicole and I sat on a chair-swingy-thinger. I sang lovely songs very...erm... badly :-) on purpose of course heehee.

God, I ramble don't I?

Lance is "one" with God. Good for him... but bad for God (lol j/k Lance- just not to anyone else haha)

I am extrememly hyper! can you tell by the way I'm writing? wooooooooeeeeeeee now I have to go read the 5th Harry Potter book again (I've just started it even though I just ended it about 4 days ago)

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I'm a Loser baby- you know the rest :) [27 Jun 2004|11:04am]
[ mood | nerdy ]
[ music | Some music off of the videogames the boys are playing. ]

Ah yes, but of course! I was on an internet quizzie spurg yesterday and today... all thanks to my obsession with Harry Potter.

Oh! The title might be a fake due to many significant facts. For one, the punctation was in Englishy instead of Britishy such as instead of using( " ") quotation marks, they use ( ' '). Anyways, back to my quizzy results! Enjoy and you should take some too!

Which Quidditch position should you play?
Quiz by gryffinrose

You're a Chaser! You're one of the best members a team could have. You're fast and up front. You are really good about passing with your teammates to score. You enjoy a good rush and play hard all the time.

Yes! You are Harry Potter obsessed, but that may
not be a good thing. Try something new!

Are you Harry Potter obsessed?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh look, its the amazing bouncing ferret! On, nope
its just Draco Malfoy

Harry Potter Character Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

You know it cold! You know it really well, and you
LOVE it!!!!! Keep up the great reading. By the
way, 120% on this test Miss Granger.

How Well Have You Read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?
brought to you by Quizilla

juniper, 9 1/4 in, merfolk hair.

Choose your Wand (Harry Potter)
brought to you by Quizilla

100 percent!Oh My Gosh! its J.K. Rowling herself!!!

Are you really a Harry Potter fan?
brought to you by Quizilla

Excellent! You know a lot about Harry Potter and
the Philosopher's Stone!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm a fighter like Hermione!
Fighter! Like Hermione, you have a fiesty side to
you. You're brave, daring, and always fighting
against those who do wrong.

How Are You Like Hermione?
brought to you by Quizilla

Bellatrix Black Lestrange
Evil, loyal, powerful, and perhaps just a slight
bit insane. You are Voldemort's most loyal
servant, and hate Harry because he's the Boy
Who Lived, bringing about the fall of your
master and a nice, long stay in Azkaban.

Which enemy of Harry Potter are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You like to beat yourself up. You talk like an ignorant redneck. You are annoying. Learn English and quit beating yourself up. It's just
pissing everyone off.

What's annoying COS character are you? Click here to find out!!

Your best Match is Oliver!

Which Harry Potter Guy are you Most Compatible with?
brought to you by Quizilla

rupert is doomed
Rupert Grint/Ron Weasley! *whootwhoot* Go Rupert
Grint Fans. I'm one my self ^_^

---Which Harry Potter Actor are You Doomed to be With?---
brought to you by Quizilla

According to your hygiene, which Hogwarts old person are you?

this quiz by aoudakav

I'm Lupin!

Which Harry Potter fangirl-bait are you? Find out here!

You're just plain ol' Lucius.  You're as evil as you've even been, though you've been cliched in various fanfictions.  With your Robespierre and Valentino, you can conquer the world!
Plain ol' Lucius

What kind of Lucius are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Draco and Ginny
You are a Draco & Ginny Shipper!

!!!~What Harry Potter Fan Fic Ship Are You?~!!!
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm Mrs. Fred Weasley

The Weasley Boy Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.

[percy + neville]

What Marauder are you?

Created by legomyelfboy with help from

According to your hygiene, which Hogwarts old person are you?

this quiz by aoudakav
gryffindor logo

A Harry Potter Sorting Quiz With LotR and PotC
brought to you by Quizilla
You love Harry Potter Stuff! You love to watch the movies and read the books!

You Are A Hary Potter Fanatic!!! You love the
books and movies. You just love any thing

Are you a Harry Potter Fanatic?
brought to you by Quizilla

[harry + ginny]

[i'm firenze!]

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @

You excel at Transfiguration. One of the most
dificult classes, you seem to be a natural at
turning a coke bottle into a homework pass.

Which Class at Hogwarts Would You Excel at?
brought to you by Quizilla

What Type of Harry Potter Ship Suits You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Canon Snape
Hey, you're not OOC at all! You are... Canon
Snape! You have the dubious honor of being the
ugly, sarcastic, greasy git so many of us know
and love. Regardless of whether you're in a
het, slash, or gen fic, you are the
detention-giving bastard who would never even
dream of cuddling a fluffy bunny rabbit or
wearing purple leather. Even if you do
something that seems OOC, your writer is good
enough to explain it so that it seems
believable. Unfortunately, it's fairly rare to
find you in fanfiction, but for those authors
who write you... Ten points to Slytherin!

What Wildly Out-of-Character Fanfic Snape Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are... Fawkes
YOU ARE Fawkes: You're an interesting character.
Loyal and strong and "Oh no, phoenix
tears; I forgot". You've got this ever so
slightly annoying habit of bursting into flames
every so often, bit it can't be helped. You're
cool and kinda creepy looking, but HEY! You're
so loyal that it's scary, but no headmaster
should be without you!

What Harry Potter Pet Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are...HERMIONE GRANGER!!!you are always
studying and occuppied with books. You are very
smart, and you are best friendz with harry
potter and ron weasley!

(gurlz only)Which gurl from the Harry Potter series are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Be afraid, be VERY afraid...muahahahahaHAHAHA

Are You Reading Too much Harry Potter?
brought to you by Quizilla


What Remus Lupin are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

You're Ginny/Draco...
do those tight leather trousers make odd noises?

Which Ginny Weasley Pairing are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ah. You're the tradition Ginny Weasley. Fiery, as
portrayed in the fifth book, with a nice
attitude and sunny disposition. Happy happy.
^_^ Though the right guy can change/love you
for this. Is often temperamental, spunky, and
opinionated. You go girl.

What type of overly-used fanfic-style Ginny Weasleys are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sirius Black:He stands out in a crowd, that's for sure! He's
been acclaimed for being wonderfully handsome
with long dark hair that made the girls swoon.
You must like the bad boys, because he and
James are always causing trouble!

****NEW AND IMPROVED!!!*****Which Marauder (harry Potter) would you go out with? GIRLS
brought to you by Quizilla

You are an owl! Lucky you. You smart person you! good job
Wow, you're an owl. You are too smart 4 me! good

!!WHaT KiND oF HaRRy POtTEr CReATuRE aRE yOU????!!
brought to you by Quizilla

Movie Partners (Girls Only!) by churchbabe
Your Username
Lord of the Rings PartnerLegolas
Star Wars PartnerLuke
Pirates of the Caribbean PartnerWill Turner
Finding Nemo PartnerGill
Harry Potter PartnerGeorge Weasley
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Hermione Granger
You are a Hermione at heart! You are obviously
smart and sophisticated...but you tend to get a
little annoying at times. I would put down the
books for a little while and get out more!

!!! The Ultimate Harry Potter Character Quiz

brought to you by Quizilla

  • My #1 result for the selector, Who's Your Perfect Harry Potter Guy?, is Sirius Black - you just got to love that bit of animal in him *woof*

    Oliver Wood! Lucky you, he's hot!

    A Dirty Night At Hogwarts! (A Harry Potter Quiz)
    brought to you by Quizilla

    This has nothing to do with HP but here it is anyways

    Into the Woods
    You are Into the woods

    What musical are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    I don't want a toaster.
    Furnulum pani nolo.

    Which Weird Latin Phrase Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    You should be dirty blond

    Do You Have the Right Hair Color?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    thats all! Toodles

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    Ahhh My Harry Potter obsession shall not wither [26 Jun 2004|08:43am]
    [ mood | excited ]
    [ music | "Come to the water" old VBS tune IMH ]

    In the event that took place today on

    I have decided to follow it's lead.

    The title for the 6th Harry Potter book was to be given out on July 1st, but people get anxious and this information was... errr... possibly hacked? but nevertheless, here it is! In her (we're sure of it) own writing!

    "1st July 2004

    Erm… it is perhaps time for me to reveal
    the title of Book 6! I am nearing completion of the
    first draft and have definitely decided upon a
    title. I had numerous possibilities in mind, but
    as I wrote, I realized that only one did the book

    The more clever Potter fans may recognize that
    the title relates directly to both 'Order of the
    Phoenix' and 'Chamber of Secrets.' I will be
    highly amused if one of you can guess exactly
    what's going on!

    On a side note, the length of the book is
    growing so fast, I could swear Filius has put an
    Engorgement Charm on it; an editor's nightmare!
    I promised myself not to exceed the length of
    'Order of the Phoenix,' but every day that passes
    makes that undertaking more difficult.
    Incidentally, I have much more work ahead.

    Alas, the time has come! Here is the reward for
    you lot that so diligently figured out all the puzzles
    on the site. If you scroll down to the bottom of
    this page, I will reveal to you the title of Book 6!


    The title of Book 6 is:

    Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storgé"

    wooooeeee, I was so relieved when I saw that! I just got downwith the 5th one for the 3rd or 4th time(as you may know) and I've been DYING to hear some news on the 6th one.

    I'd like to say my opionions on a couple matters.

    Supposedly Harry is going to have another romantic relationship and I believe this is going to be with Luna Lovegood. They had a very interesting convo. in OotP and Harry felt... special afterwards. He said it wasn't hard for him to talk about "the one that dies" with her. He also states that she believed in Extrodanary things and he felt like their talking lifted a huge weight off her shoulders.

    Also! Percy is drifting away from the Weasly Family... maybe he will become a death eater?

    and! When i read the book again it stated that one of the death eaters had killed the Prewetts. I remembered that and also found out that Mrs.Weasly's maiden name was Prewett... hmmm any relations?

    We still don't know how Wormtail will repay his debt to Harry. I'm waiting!

    Ok, well that's enough potterness.

    Today I have to make 45 cd's... but their are 3 cd's in each case... so thats 135 cd's. and the burner takes forever know and we dont know how to fix it, so it takes 20 min per cd!!!!! i'll be on it for days :( so I won't be able to do much else for around 3 days :'(

    I g2g get started! toodles!
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    Here we go again [25 Jun 2004|08:15am]
    [ music | "Swing Low, Sweet chariot" gospel choir IMH ]

    I'm so freakin' bored right now that, alas, I have done yet another survey. Enjoy, its not really for your entertainment, but for mine filling it out because, hey, I *heart* talking about myself when you can't stop me

    Last Cry: last night! Harry Potter gets to you like that... i wans't even reading the book ! He just went through so much and almost cried becuase he had to talk to Sirius and of course we all know what happens to Sirius later! >:(
    Last Library Book Checked Out:I don't really check out books, i buy them...
    Last Movie Seen In a Theatre: Dodgeball with my homies
    Last Book Read: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoneix
    Last Cuss Word Uttered: none
    Last Beverage Drank: milk
    Last Food Consumed: cocoa puffilers
    Last Phone Call:you mean where they call me?... it's been at least a week, i've called them though.
    Last Movie Watched: Ace ventura, when nature calls. It never gets old!
    Last Time Showered: hahaha at least 2 or 3 days ago, i lose track and i'm never dirty so dont give me that- crap-
    Last Shoes Worn: fluffy red slippers
    Last CD Played: SonGames Vacation Bibler School CD (i'm incharge of the music)
    Last Soda Drank: dont drink soda
    Last Thing Written: like in handwriting?... i wrote down my dream for two nights ago.
    Last Key Used: "."
    Last Words Spoken: "Ok"
    Last Sleep: an hour and a half ago
    Last IM: no one, i hardly get on nowadays
    Last Ice Cream Eaten: Ben and Jerry's half baked
    Last Time Wanting to Die: out of humiliation? or just out of pure madness and mental illness? well, neither.
    Last Lipstick: 2 days ago, smells like yummy goodness why?
    Last Time Dancing: yesterday, in charge of VBS
    Last Show Attended: none yet, what do you mean by show?
    Last Big Car Ride: Going to a funeral 3 1/2 hours away
    Last Crush: oh god... i dont really get many "crushes" but I guess during school my junior boys in Math :-)
    Last Annoyance:little brother most likely
    Last Disappointment: i want a haircut!!!!!
    Last Time Scolded: you mean by "getting scolded at" or just "you scolding"? becuase never really, probably for always asking for money heehee
    Last Shirt Worn: "Coconut Bay" Tee, American Eagle
    Last Web Site Visited:

    :x: hair color= light brown
    :x: siblings = 1 sister, 2 brothers, 1 half brother

    :x: movie you rented = haven't rented
    :x: movie you bought = haven't bought recently
    x: song you listened to = VBS stuff "God Promised"
    :x: song that was stuck in your head = "God Made us" with flag twirling weehee!
    :x: cd you bought = Avril Lavigne I HEART IT!!
    :x: cd you listened to = VBS Cd
    :x: person you were thinking of = Anna and them
    :x: friend you made = everybodys already my friend :)

    :x: you have a crush on someone = no
    :x: you wish you could live somewhere else = right now you mean? i don't know, i want to live in North Carolina or Washington DC
    :x: you think about suicide = no... do you?
    :x: you believe in online dating = hahaha is the pope a Norwegian transvetite?
    :x: others find you attractive = my relatives and some people ,yeah *blush*
    :x: you want more piercings= no
    :x: you like cleaning = OMG!!!! YES YES YES!!! finally someone else does too lol!
    :x: you like roller coasters = uh huh
    :x: you write in cursive or print = print, hate cursive.Its bad enough you cant read my writing in print... just imagine it in cursive!

    :x: long distance relationships = both, depends how long you've been together if a person moves away and how much effort you're putting into the relationship.
    :x: using someone = against
    :x: suicide = against
    :x: killing people = well when you gotta do it, ya gotta do it lol (jk) against.
    :x: teenage smoking = against
    :x: doing drugs = against
    :x: driving drunk = against
    :x: soap operas = against

    :x: song = how can you ask such a cliche` question?
    :x: thing to do = read
    :x: thing to talk about: boners
    :x: sports = badmitten
    :x: drinks= water and milk
    :x: movies = Mulan, Sce ventura when nature calls, Prince of Egypt, Annie, Nightmare before Christmas
    :x: singer = Avril Lavigne at the moment
    :x: holiday = halloween

    HAVE YOU...
    :x: ever cried over a girl = being a b word, yes!
    :x: ever cried over a boy = yes! Harry Potter! oh and Sirius!!
    :x: ever lied to someone = no (i just lied to you hahhaa)
    :X ever been in a fist fight = not where i really wanted to hurt someone on purpose, but yeah just for fun
    :x: ever been arrested = not yet

    :x: shampoo do you use = Pantene Pro-V curly hair thing
    :x: shoes do you wear = sneakers, sandels, slippers
    :x: are you scared of = dark forests and playing hide and seek in them

    :x: of times I have been in love? = 1 time
    :x: of times I have had my heart broken? = none
    :x: of hearts I have broken? = none (unless you count Tim)
    :x: of girls I've slept with? =i'm still experimenting right now (jk) NONE
    :x: of boys I've slept with? = none
    :x: of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?= fab 5
    :x: of people I consider my enemies? = none
    :x: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?:ever? oh god... at leat 20 or so
    :x: of scars on my body?: 4 or so
    :x: of things in my past that I regret? = at leats 7 which i just counted on my hand haha

    :x: disney movie = Mulan
    :x: word = sofa
    :x: nickname = suus
    :x: guy name = alex
    :x: girl name = lilly
    :x: eye color = bright colors of blue or green
    :x: flower = lillies
    :x: piercing on a guy = none
    :x: actor = ya gotta give it up to my Danielle radcliffe and Rupert Grint but my fav is Jim Carey
    :x: actress = Emma Watson

    :x: pretty = in some ways ,yes, and at some times, yes
    :x: funny = yeah
    :x: friendly = i hope i come across like it!
    :x: amusing = for bad things no, good things... maybe?
    :x: lovable = i'm too orderly to seem lovable
    :x: caring = yes by all means
    :x: sweet = read for lovable. I'm too set on my ways toi be too sweet, but i can be.
    :x: dorky = at all times
    :x: a good girlfriend= to a boy or girl haha. i would make a nice girlfriend though.

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    Drivin' a car, drivin a little car do do do do do do do do do do do do do. [25 Jun 2004|07:51am]
    [ mood | energetic ]
    [ music | "Drivin' a Truck, Drivin' a big ol' truck" Weird Al IMH ]

    Weeeeeeee, hello again to all my friends!

    Harry Potter marathon update: I'm on the 5th book having finished the 4th one 3 days ago and then right into the 5th one. I'll be done with that one by today. I've been wondering when the 6th one is to arrive so if anyone knows feel free to tell me in the commments or whatever.

    Yesterday daddy dearest took me driving! :-p very pleased about that. We practiced 3 point turns, parallel parking, plain parking, how to line myself up beside the line,turning signals, reversing, of course steering and driving and that bit. I didn't mess up too much, I tend to want to park closer to my lefthand line but thats ok! So my first day drivin' was fun :)

    VBS: Vacation Bible School: Very Bouncy and Screaming: oh my oh my... I would like to say some things in here but Jessie and Erin wouldn't like me to present it. I was scared for a moment though... Sarah had to leave for Millbrook so it was me and Seth incharge and Jessie and Erin were annoying each other, thats all I'll say. I'll leave this to your imagination, hey! Maybe you can write a book!
    "The Adventures of Erin and Jessica!: the tale of the punctured eyelash!" I like it!

    I made 25 CD's and I'm getting $65 wooooooooooeeeeee!

    nothing else really happened so I'll depart quietly

    P.S. who's ushering for Millbrook in July on the first friday?

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    I'm Home again! [18 Jun 2004|10:54am]
    [ mood | bouncy ]
    [ music | "Together" IMH Avril Lavigne (I heart this song!) ]

    Well, I got back from My great uncle Harry's funeral thingy, i got to met some of my relatives i've never before met.

    I met my second cousin who is marrying a German person named Urgen and we talked about going to Germany and stuff. Everyone told me I looked like my mom did when she was my age. Zack tried CONSTANTLY to interrupt the "adult" conversations by asking stupid questions like "If pluto blew up, would the earth care?" and "If a trains going 1 mph and another trains going .65 mph and they exploded... would they even explode? how about if theres a tnt thing in the middle?" and alos my favorite comment "So a ringbarriers a guy and the flower girls and flower girl... thats sexist!" oh yes, I continually poked him in the side becuase Mom was talkign to Jessica about her wedding music and he kept interupting. Grandma kept throwing Zack the most venomous looks I've ever seen from her hahahahah!

    I ate the best breakfast I've ever had in a long time! First it was a buffet but then I got the "Mogantown Breakfast"
    hmmm... pancakes, ham, bacon, biscit, scrambled eggs... hmmm good times

    oh, Sarah took her drivers test and she got her drivers liscence! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! Mall times!

    let's see... anything else? hmm... not really. Ok then! toodles and keep strong

    Join in

    team up

    get strong

    keep on

    let's celebrate, celebrate

    THANKS BE TO GOD! (VBS starts in 3 days!)

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    Turkey Time... Gobble Gobble [15 Jun 2004|08:17am]
    [ mood | blank ]
    [ music | "Celebrity Overnight" by Twista IMH ]

    so lets see, I'll start with today then work backwards:

    Today I go to some far off distant land in PA, i forget where. I'm going there because my great Uncle Harry died and we have to go to his funeral, just me, mi mama, Zackypoo, and my grandmom. We'll be there for around 2 1/2 days. So DON'T BOTHER CALLING ME IN THAT POINT OF TIME! heehee.

    Yesterday! Yesterday I finished reading Harry Potter and the Socerres Stone for the 7th time and then I started right into Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which I finished yesterday, also. I then precedded to read the series. I'm now on chapter 2 or 3 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (my favorite). So I read 3 Harry Potter books in one day! It's kinda like a person that straddles (theres that word) three centuries. I ended a centuray, began and ended another, and started a new one! heehee.

    The day before Yesterday! That was Anna's birthday, but no one really cared about her, we just went becuase of the food and the makeup thinger.
    Jackie Baker (she was in "Once Upon a Matress" with me) (i just reliezed if you got rid of "in" and "Once" you'd have " she was upon a matress with me"... anyways) is a mary kay consultant and she came to give a free makeover thinger. It was fun.
    Anna loved my gift to her. I made a book called "A work of Cheese" and it had pictures in it and then i stuck anna's face on the other peoples faces... oh god it was fun! I showed it to Anna's mom before anna got back (she went to get a movie) and her mom could not stop laughing! She really enjoyed the one where I'm an Anna Nicole smith person next to a "billion"aire old man... anna was the old man. :-p
    Gigli-ooooo! It was a hoooooooorible movie! and thats why we watched it. We had an "F***" count and they said the F word 115 times. Jennifer Lopez is a freakin lesbian but right before she straddles Ben afflecks state line, she's sitting on the bed, rocking her leg back and forth and she says

    "It's Turkey Time"

    and then ben's like "What?" and she whispers (still rocking that dang leg)

    Gobble, Gobble

    We watched that part again. There was also a part where all of a sudden, not related to any previous topic they were discussing, a "gansta" from New York asked Lewis (really retarded wangsta) this "Would you like to go to medical school?" and then he downright (with my fixated attention) shot the mother Fooooooooooocker in the head! That's not all either! Then the gansta from New York sits down next to him and is having a conversation, with Lewis every now and then. haha, i loved it.

    I wanna go see baywatch, baywatch! <----------- the words of Brian, a menatlly retarded civilian they kidnap to ... what was the plot anyways? WORST MOVIE EVER!
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    Ah yes, The 1st days seem long [11 Jun 2004|10:46am]
    [ mood | chipper ]
    [ music | "Our lips are sealed" IMH Hilary and Haley Duff ]

    Today is officailly the first day of summer vaction. How do I spend it? Well, actually i slept in till around 10:00 and then I e-mailed my Germany pal, Anne and then I uploaded my cameras pictures. And soon I'll be downstairs (where I am right now) cleaning out near the garage bacuse I'm bored and there's nothing to do.

    Yesterday was quite interesting.
    Firstly, school was lame. All we did the whole day was play cards and talk. BUT i did get invited to play cards with the 11th grade boys in my math class (sooooooo hot!). "tony" taught me how to play nine point and I beat his... err... *butt. :)
    Also first period I played a**hole with Meghan and Erin and Devin. I was president all the games we played! woo-hoo!

    Secondly nothing happened and also thridly was the same :)

    After school (and it was a half day as we all know) Me, anna, jenn, and nicole made our way down to the OIP via transportational vehicles driven by our chaffuers, Mi mama and nicoles mama. At OIP we met up with Dani, Mel, and Stinky Steve (Dani's sex-u-all being). Jenn had a fun time spilling peporica (is that it?) and stuff all over the table. I love my lesbo though ;-)
    After we ate we were going to go get icecream but we werenm't hungry, so we decided to hang arouns till we were. we went to the salvation army and picked out ugly,foul, clothing for each other to try on. I have pictures and their fun... i mean funny (hee hee evil thoughts embark on an epic journey across susie's endless mind)
    I bought a bright pink suit top that's quite pretty on me, and fits well. We then went to Shakesperes closet and ran into Dani, Mel, and Stinky Steve.
    I went potty (i just had to write that) and so did nicole and anna (not at the same time hence the fact that there was only on toilet in the place)
    We then traveled to The Scoop and tried endlessly to find a movie we all hadn't watched. jenn and I arn't crazy about seeing every movie that came out so it was easy for us, buyt Anna and nicole have seen everything, so we just got icecream and left.
    We went to a dollar store (i've never been to one) and it was weird! EVERYTHING was a DOLLAR OR LESS! how do they manage it? how do they stay in bussiness if everythings a dollar or less? It goggles my mind haha.

    I'd liek to call attention to the fact that I was the only dry person walking around in my little posse. becuae I was the smartest one, I brought an umbrella and used it. I also recall that some certain person (jenn) made fun of me that morning for having an umbrella and that that person (jenn) got soaking wet and cold. Anna and nicole didn't make fun of me, but I'm not kind so I made fun of them for getting wet. That certain person (jenn) was mostly the butt of my wet dog jokes the rest of the night.... hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah

    *evil enhanced laugh pointed directly at all the wet people in the world, not "cool" or "smart" enough to have obtained an umbrella in thier lifetime*

    well, I better go clean and stuff but before I go I have one thing to say:


    ok, well bye!
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    Anna answered a survey I made a while back [09 Jun 2004|06:59pm]
    [ mood | content ]
    [ music | "I Want you to want me" remake by some gals IMH ]

    Here is annas survey that she filled out. I made the survey, she made the answers:

    -What's yo name?-Anna
    -What's your sign?-Gemini
    -1 word to describe yourself?-special

    --Your Favorites--

    -Fav Hobby?-Dancing
    -Fav song?-oh god, What a Wonderful World ( i like lots of songs)
    -Fav excuse?-It's not my fault!
    -Fav person?-thats a retarded question, um, Nicole
    -Fav actor/actress?-i don't have one
    -Fav band?-i don't have that either
    -fav fruit?-plums
    -Fav saying?-mishamer
    -Fav quote?-"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" -FDR
    -Fav article of clothing?-shirts
    -Fav flavor of pineapple?-..grape...
    -Fav book?-The Giver and The Confessions of Georgia series
    -Fav animal?-elephant
    -Fav time of the day?-night
    -Fav noise?-wilderness noises
    -Fav color?-blue and maroon/dark purple. oh i dont know anymore
    -fav flavor of popsicle?-chocolate
    -fav website?
    -fav food?-pasta
    -fav tv show?-oh, i have many.. Real World, OC, What Not to Wear..the list goes on
    -fav reality tv show (if any)-American Idol (thats not really reality though)
    -fav instrument?-drums(?)
    -fav shoe store?- I'm not sure.
    -fav movie?-Monty Python..
    -fav clothing store?-I'm not sure
    -fav relative?-my sister
    -fav number?-4
    -fav cd?-mixed cds

    --Your Apperance--

    -Eye color?-blue
    -Hair color?-lighter brown
    -Hair style?-around sholder length
    -height?-5'6..give or take
    -eye sight?-contacts..i forgot my perscription
    -head shape?-square?

    -- A B C's--
    What do you think of that starts with the letter...

    -q-ue lastima
    -y-am i taking this
    -and z-zzzzzzzzz

    --At the Present moment--

    -what do you smell?-my house
    -hear?-air conditioner
    -taste?-ice cream
    -feel?-the chair
    -see?-this screen
    -sense (like the 6th sense)?-happiness.summer
    -what are you wearing on your bottom?-pants,underwear
    -on your chestal area?-bra,shirt
    -on your face?-a little bit of make-up
    -on your... ears?-nothing
    -are you singing?-no
    -thinking of death?-i wasnt until you mentioned it
    -what are you thinking?-how odd you are (Susie)


    -what are you reading?-Gossip Girl, On The Bright Side, I'm the GF of a Sex God, and Before We were free
    -what's it about?-rich upper East side girlsl, funny English girl, and a Dominican girl in hiding
    -last song you sang?-Everytime..
    -last word you spoke (word only!)?-i cant remember..oh god
    -last thing you cried about?-i was really stressed out
    -last thing you ate?-Pesto
    -last person you talked to?-susie
    -last person you hit?-um, not sure
    -last person you flirted with?-not sure
    -last person you killed or wanted to kill?-ha, no one
    -last animal you saw?-my cat
    -last song you heard?-"On Fire"
    -last part of the body you hurt?-my foot ( some kid hit it with the door)
    -last thought you thought about?-the memory of todays foot incident
    -last dream you drempt?-are you sure that a, i cant recall
    -last letter you wrote to someone?-a note to my mom
    -last swear word you said?-Fuck.i was in pain
    -last swear word you typed?-Fuck
    -last movie you saw?-Harry Potter
    -last tv show you saw?-Oprah
    -last person you thought of?-Oprah


    -best friend?-Nicole
    -the dumb one-Johnny Hun. (JK)
    -the smartest one-Abby
    -the blondest one-Britt, but i love her anyway
    -the weirdest one-Nicole, me..susie's quite odd too
    -the most thoughtful one-Britt
    -the nicest one-Susie
    -the ugly one-thats rude
    -the pretty one (and not yourself you vain person)-im not awnsering that
    -the most talented one- all talented
    -the one who is obsessed with cheese-me
    -the most distant one-umm....
    -the closest friend-Nicole
    -the advice giver-well, me
    -the meanest one-Johnny Hau. makes mean comments
    -the one that smells like garlic-Britt..
    -the one obsessed with food-SUSIE..doesnt share food
    -the one obsessed with you-Nicole..haha i dont know
    -the one who used to like you like you-Johhny?
    -the one that does like you like you-um dont know
    -the dreamer-Nicole
    -the sleeper-Britt..?
    -the dancer-Britt, me Nicole
    -the singer-Susie
    -the instrument player-Jenn did play the violen
    -the movie obsessor-um, wow i dont know
    -the most annoying one-Jenn when she complains about herself
    -the sad one that cries the most-um, guys,which one of you crys a lot?
    the funniest one-Nicole


    -who hates you?-hopefully no one
    -why?-why is there hate in the world
    -did you forgive them?-sure
    -or should they apologize?-apology accepted
    -do you have any enimies even?-no
    -are you an enemy to someone?-i dont think
    -who, if so?-you're very nosy
    -why if yes?-yes, you are


    -funniest memory?-Dollar Stores and Dunkin Donuts
    -sadest moment?-im not sure
    -most annoying time?-friends fighting
    -most upseting event?-9/11?
    -most pleasurable moment?-school ending
    -most confusing event?-not sure
    -most embarassing time?-when my pants were pulled down at the cast party
    -most thought provoking period?-all of life is thought provoking
    -most self controled moment?-when i want to yell at someone.breathe anna
    -most jelouse time you felt jelouse?-susies going to Europe.hehe

    --What do you think about--

    -your mother-love
    -your father-aggrivates me
    -your brother/s (if any)-annoying, but i love him
    -your sister/s (if any)-cool most of the time
    -your friend/s (if any)-love
    -your pet/s (if any)-love
    -your bed (if you have one)-sleeeep
    -your other relatives-pretty good

    do you have a...

    -yellow magnet on your shoe-no
    -green sharpy-yes actually
    -a closet for dead bodies that is currently in use-i do, but its not currently in use

    --Do you like--

    -wearing makeup?-yess
    -long hair?-sure
    -long interesting movies?-yes
    -wearing clothes?-sometimes
    -disney movies?-yes

    --What do you think?--

    -about my survey?-long
    -would you tell your friends?-yes
    -would you send me hate mail?-no
    -have you been inspired to make your own survey?-no
    -do you think i sound gay (as in homosexual)?-yes
    -do you think you sound gay (as in homosexual)?-yes
    -do you think others think you sound gay (as in homosexual)?-yes
    -do want me to stop?-yes
    -any last words?-i love susie and all above statements are false
    -i have one, wanna know?-
    -well, anyways... I *heart* you!!!-
    -do you *heart* me?-
    -ok bye!-I HEART YOU + A MILLION

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    A survey of some sort [09 Jun 2004|06:06pm]
    [ mood | content ]
    [ music | "gravedigger" IMH Dave Mathews Band ]

    Ah yes! Of course, a survey.Let another way to tell you how much i enjoy talking about myself and you having no other choice but to read what i write. sucks for you!

    -12 random favorites-
    1. lord of the rings pallies
    4. my whaley (not that one ;-)
    6. harrp my hot potter!
    7.saying sofa over and over... sofa, sofa,sofa... sofa *winky* wink* (haha jk peeps)
    9. books
    10. being in a creative mood
    11. making fun of people without them relizing it (lol)
    12. screwin around mentally

    -8 favorite foods-
    1. mac n' cheese
    3. Chicken, Bacon and cheese HOTPOCKETS!!!!
    4. HAM!
    5.mcDonalds chocolate chip cookies
    6. e-clairs
    8.cheese sticks

    -9 most watched shows-
    1. American Idol
    2. What not to Wear
    3. The Fabolous life of ______
    4. Lizzie Magruie (guilty)
    5. "I love the 80's"
    6. As told by ginger
    7. "Driven"
    8. Room raiders (not that i like the show, it's just always on!)
    9. Red Green Show

    -9 closest friends-
    1. Jenn-i-fer
    2. Anna
    3. Nicole
    4. Brittany
    5. Johnny Ha
    6. Johnny Hu
    7. Lynnie
    8. Abby
    9. Dani

    -9 things you really look forward to-
    1. driving!
    2. having my own apartment!
    3. college life
    4. going to Germany
    5. getting married
    6. having my perfect job (whatever that is)
    7. sex... isn't everyone? hee hee NOT NOW OF COURSE
    8. getting a job and making my own money
    9. having my wondeful friends forever ( an possibly becoming lesbians with jenn)

    -8 things you wear daily-
    1. underpainties/bra
    2. blouse/shirt/tee
    3. jeans/capris/skirts
    4. sneakers/flippy flops
    5. belt
    6. eye shadow
    7. foundation (soemtimes)
    8. smelly stuff

    8. -5 things that annoy you-
    1. people that constatnly complain!
    2. people that smell bad, but they dont seem to care
    3. smelly people that smell BAD and make sure to torment you
    4. smelly people in general
    5. people who take things to seriously (unlike those freakin smelly people!!!)

    -5 movies you could watch over and over again-
    2. hARRY POTTER series
    3. bring it on
    4. Ace ventura, when nature calls
    5. Prince of Egypt

    -4 of your favorite toys when you were little-
    1. Jessica, my best pal (fake, imaginary... but in my heart she's grand!)
    2. a glow worm
    3. my blanky and fabric book (my go-go) which i smelled constantly
    4. my mothers thread (we would wrap it all around the downstairs and get yelled at)

    -3 of your favorite songs at this moment-
    1. celebrity overnight- Twista
    2. Gravedigger- dave mathews band
    3. Forgotten- Avril lavigne

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