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Monday, June 27th, 2005
10:31 pm - "My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me, so wont you kill me so I die happy"
Today I woke up at like 10:30 and was bummin cuz I was so bored and didnt just wana sit at home all day, the Jessie called and wanted to do sumthin too so me, her, Brittni and Melanie went and hung out in Iowa City at the mall. It wasnt that fun since I didnt have cash to spend, but it was better than just sittin here.Oh my god, when we were driving home at like 9 at night on the interstate this dude just jet past us going the wrong way on a one way! He coulda killed us if we were in that lane! I dont know how the hell he would have gotten to the right side with a big median inbetween both ways! It was fuckin comedy! Tomarrow im gonna try and find me a job...for the 105th time this month.

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Monday, June 20th, 2005
10:32 pm
Ive not been very cheery lately My grandma passed away yesterday:( and If i cant get a job soon Im gonna be screwed, Ive applied at over 20 different places and not a single place has called me back. The car wash Shane got a job at I applied at and they said they could get me on as long as I call on Friday...yeah rite, by then theyll have enough people! I am so upset im just gonna go sleep...

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current mood: aggravated

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Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
10:05 pm
I cant wait to watch that "True Life: Im Moving Back In With My Parents" on mtv tomarrow night, I tell ya it isnt very fun, especially today when my dads yelling at me for letting the remote 'get lost' under the blanket on the couch, and I tell him hes too uptight and he comes back with 'at least I have a job!' excuuuuse me, but I wasnt aware that had anything to do with a 'missing' remote. Besides its not like im not trying to get a job, thats all ive been focousing on for the last month and a half! Ali showed up at my house at about 9:30 this morning wanting me to go sumwhere with her, ur gonna peel me out of bed and have me go anywhere without showering and getting ready. Ide like to see that day...actually, no, no I wouldnt. Im not very attractive when I just roll out of bed! I broke it off with Shane after a year, so I am currently living the single life...yippie...i havent been single in almost 2 years now! thats insane, I am getting old.

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current mood: depressed

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Monday, June 13th, 2005
9:29 am - "She Get It From Her Mama"
I just got back from spendin a couple nites at Shanes. Nick and his fiance chilled with us for a while the other night, and yesterday my sister nephue and soon 2 b brother in law came down so we went out to eat with them. I got another speeding ticket a few days ago cuz I was going too fast in a construction fine: $95! Im so far in debt...I had an interview at Younkers the other day, I hope I get it, cuz I got a part time waitress job but didnt take it in hopes of getting this one. Today Im prolly not gonna do much but call up a few people.

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Monday, May 30th, 2005
3:02 pm
Hey there, I moved back home this weekend. Now Im just trying to find a job, so Ill be spending all day tomarrow doing just that. I feel bad for Shane...hes stuck living with a 40 year old gay dude that his grandma knows. Talk about strange...whenever we go over there hes either sitting outside in a dead stare or laying on his cusion-less couch staring out the window "Watching the sunset" he doesnt watch tv, hasnt had it on in a year and is on fun Shane. Hey u remember that surge soda that was popular like 8 years ago?? check this out

current mood: bored
current music: lil maxso

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Monday, May 16th, 2005
12:44 pm
Wad up, I dont even know why Im updating, cuzza...I dont got much to say! Lez see...uhh...I mite move home soon...or I mite not...depends. I told Micky Ds I was and I would try to get a job at the one down here. Yea, thats rite I was workin at Micky Ds! I had a job At wal mart, but i didnt wana be a cashier, so I took a diff job. But then I got all pissed off cuz the lady at wal mart called me and was gonna offer me a full time position stocking clothing 3rd shift, which is what i wanted, but they wouldnt let her give it to me since I didnt call in. Bullshit. Anyway, I ran into a couple of these guyz I havent seen in 4ever, like 3 years, when I had that job at wal mart, one of em I used to have a thing for, so I stopped n talked 2em for a few minutes, and ran into them like everyday for the next couple days.. not much else has been goin on, well shit, nothin ever does

current mood: weird
current music: "Hollaback Girl"

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
11:01 am
Lets see...since last update I went to Des Moines to see Aaron Carter for the 2nd time, hes so much cuter that b4...chin pubes n all, lol. I got a close spot rite by the stage, only a foot away from him. It was a good time. Then I watched 20/20 two days later and found out he is a pothead and openly admits it...stupid stoner. Ive been nothing but confused and worried lately. I ended up loseing my job at the hotel for the stupidest reason.....ever! I came in on a day i wasnt supposed to work by accident because I looked at the schedual wrong, my supervisor didnt seem to care, seeing me come in all tired at 7 in the morning, and smiling when I realized I didnt have to be there thinking I would get to go back home and curl up in bed for a little longer. But hell no, she gave me a list of beds to make anyway, so I threw on my apron and made the beds FAST...then I clocked out and left when I was done. Half an hour later she calls me up and I lost my job. BITCH! whatever, Ive got 3 jobs to choose from now. Then Shane lost his job at jiffy lube from an accident he had there. So were gonna lose our apartment here soon. Ive almost lost my grandpa, as he has had 2 massive heart attacks in the past month, and now hes got more problems and is back in the hospital. And today Im all dressed and ready to go to a funeral of this guy I knew from school who lost his battle with skin cancer.

toke it up aaron

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Monday, March 28th, 2005
12:43 pm
HEllo there I wuv TAINER! Im back from a loooong trip to my apartment where theres no internet, so Ive pretty much lost interest in this mother trucker...but I thought I mite as well let u know whats goin on so you know im not livin in a van down by the river or some shit like that. Actually, Im still livin in the same place as before, havent left, but weve added a new roomate, Nick. Ive had a couple hundred jobs since last visit too, including Tysons, or ibp where they killed little piggly wigglies and had only I swear to god, 10 english speaking employees, you should have seen all the mexican and bosnians hitting on me I got so annoyed, I mean what in the hell is attractive about a girl wearing frocks, hardhats and 10 other pieces of safety equipment? So now Im workin at a hotel as a housekeeper, I think Ill stick with this one for a while, Im already the fastest one there!

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Friday, December 24th, 2004
Merry Christmas everybody! And my gift to you is an update on whats goin on with me. Lucky you. Its been a hella long time! Ive moved, had a puppy, gave up the puppy, broke up and got back togeather, got fired and almost went into the army since Ive last been here! First off Shane & I went looking at apartments a few weeks ago and settled on the really nice one were in now, its a 2 bedroom fully equiped with a huge living room, garbage disposal, dishwasher, and best of all, a doorbell. Its nice, however I am so paranoid were gonna loose it because my bills are so unbelievable right now! I got fired/quit my job at APAC cuz I was having a really bad day and on top of it they put a double jacker with me on my 2nd day on my own and she was the most annoying middle aged lady ever so I told her I was going on break and that I would be back in 10mins, and what do I do, I left, and never came back, and so I lost my job. Shane did as well. Now Im working at Burger King again, just this one is one I havent worked at before. I start Monday and I am NOT exited, I better get a different job before too long, no friekin way am I gonna stay at that place for more than a few weeks, like it would pay the bills anyway. Shane and I also bought a 8 month old black lab pup weve been lookin at for a long time and I looooved that dog! We were planning on getting an apartment that allowed pets, but we decided on a different one, so Shane took it to the Humane society and they told him they were probably gonna put him to sleep since they were full! That is the biggest bullshit Ive ever heard! If I was there I woulda fuckin flipped on them! My budee Krystals been tryin to hook me up with our friend Scott lately, but he lives 2hrs away! He came n chilled with me a couple weeks ago. But Im back with Shane rite now. Lets see...I also had an army recruiter call me up when I was at the bowling alley the other day talk to me for a while, then he came down and talked to me about the jobs they have in the army and all that, and I was really thinking about going into it cuz u get to pick where you wanna go, everythings paid for you, plus you get a paycheck from your job every month on top of it. I was even supposed to go in and take the test a couple days ago, but the more I thought about it and talked to other people about it I just didnt show up to it. Plus they dont allow piercings, so that would be like over $100 down the drain for me! My mom finally found out I stopped going to class, she flipped a switch. umm lets see, Ive been spending alot of time at the bowling alley and mall lately, I jus bought me a cuuuute pink beanie w/the lil bill thing n its got elmo on I cant really think of anything else thats been goin on lately, Ive jus been way stressed

current mood: worried

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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
3:36 pm
I am falling so behind in class! I havent gone for like a week! Im going to drop my composition II class cuz aint no way Im gona be able to pass it. I have a 5 minute speech on Michael Jackson and his face due on Monday and I havent even started! I got this shit to take the dark color out of my hair, and now it has an orange tint to it, its so bad, everyone says it looks fine, but I dont think so! So I found out that my X Charlie..or shall I say "Brownie" went up to one of my guy friends from high school and told him that he used to go out with me and he broke up with me cuz I didn't drink or do drugs! Now I want to know what even brought the topic of me up when they dont even know each other! Ashley said her Brother told her, then she said he deserves to be slapped. What a creep..I cant believe him, a couple weeks ago Shane and Nick came over after class, and apparently Nick knew brownie cuz he came over with them! Who does he think he is? Jesus Christ.

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Monday, October 11th, 2004
6:04 pm - "Cuz its all in my head I think about it over & over again..."
I just fell in love! I stopped by the pet store cuz I wanna get a puppy...they had a pug puppy! I was so exited, but shocked when I saw the $600 tag! I dont know how long it would take me to save up for that puppy, Ive wanted a pug forever! But anyway, Jess is transfering back to Iowa in January, so that leaves me with no roomate, so me n Shane are going to get a 2-bedroom apartment somewhere else. Hopefully they will allow pets wherever we go cuz I reaally want a dog! Anyway, Friday was homecomeing at waverly's high school, so I went to the game with Kelsey and Shane. My sister and nephu came down and I saw them that day. Ysterday was my first day by myself at Kohls, it went okay, it was pretty much a lot of dragging clothes out of the fittting room, hanging them up, finding where they go, and like over half the time was spent folding clothes..suck...but I did earn a dollar for finding mismatched shoes at the counter when I was checking people out some lady had a 7 and a 7 1/2 shoe. I think its funny we get rewarded for other peoples stupidity. I finally got a new nose ring, I havent changed it since I got it done, months and months ago! Its cute, its a lil playboy bunny, but it it also sux cuz it always ends up turning sideways. earlier today me n Jess were listening to the radio and "Over and Over Again" came on so we cranked it up and our neighbor bronco cranked his shit up even more, and left it on for like a half hour! dipshit, I shoulda knocked on his door this time and told him to turn his fuckin music down!

current mood: determined

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Saturday, September 25th, 2004
2:35 pm
Wow, its been over a month! Thats pretty much because there is a lack of things going on, other than class, work, class and work. My roomie Jess is hooked up w/one a Shane's friends Colione, thats good for her I guess, although, he is not seeming to get along to well with some of us.. last night he had about 5 hissy fits with Ashley and he had one with me the other day. We all went to the cattle congress last week and paid 6 bucks (4 for me cuz I said I was under 18) to stand there in the haunted house line for a frieking long-ass time, they cut the line off after us and right when we stepped into the doorway the cops closed it down, so that was a waste. Eric came down to ride his motocross bike a couple weeks ago, I met him up and watched him, then he took me for a ride on it. I went down to see him last Tuesday. I brought Ali with me, just cuz she was gonna chill with her friend Kyle, but it turned out he was busy so she had to hang with us the whole time, lemme tell ya, that was not fun...not at all. And whoever says it takes an hour and 15 mins to get to Cedar Rapids is full of shit! It only took me 35 mins to get there and 35 mins to get back! Anyway, last night Jake came back so me, Shane, Jake, Ashley, Jessie, Colione and Krystal hung out, we went to a kareoke contest and then went galaxy bowling. I also have a new job. Im a sales associate at kohls now in juniors clothing and register. Im pretty happy with that, I get trained every day next week.

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Monday, August 23rd, 2004
2:48 pm
Today was my first day of class. It was fun, I think ima like it. I liked last semester. I was phsyced cuz there wasnt any waverly kids in any of my classes (exept for Brittni, we scedualed all ours 2geather). I was expecting the school to be flooded with those kids I graduated with, and I wanted to get away from a lot of them, thats why I graduated early and started out there a semester early, so that was good. I only even saw like 5 of em. My classes on Mon/Wed/Fri go till 12:50 and Tuesdays Im done at 10 in the morning, only one class! Ive got that tomarrow, and I know 3 people that r in it with me already! So I went to the Nickelback/Puddle Of Mudd/Finger Eleven concert, that was sweet!! Exept for of coarse the drunk 40-sumthings taking up the whole row infront of me! One was wearing a cowboy hat, so I couldnt see for shit, plus we were on the lower deck, which was still pretty high up. Anyway I see no point in serving beer at concerts, I mean they get up every minute, walk all the way down to the bottom, stand in line, walk all the way back up, drink, most of their time there dancing around like fuckin dipshits not even watching the fucking concert...god, I spent more time watching them than the damn bands...Anyway, I really like Finger Eleven, they kick much ass!...Puddle of mudd yelled out this is the biggest state fair on the fucking planet! I was like, yea, rite...then I found out that it is the biggest one in the USA! How funny, you wouldnt think so, cuz I realized that I hate the Iowa State fair, it is sooo boring! A bunch of history exhibit type shit...and lemme tell ya, I have never seen so many fanny packs in my life!! I thought those were gone for good! parents r pissed at me for some reason, my dad threatened to cancel my cell phone cuz I didnt answer was DEAD!!! Then my mom thinks Im some drunk druggie kid, im like uh, no, if u compare me to most kids my age Im a good kid!! I just dont understand why they would think that, cuz Ive never gotten in any trouble or anything.

current music: "One Thing"- Finger Eleven

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Thursday, August 19th, 2004
10:10 am - Concert 2Nite!!
Hey there again, its been a while since Ive last updated, a lota things have been goin down I dont know if I can remember them all...anyway, last week I hung out with my friend Warren, we talked at my place, then went to BK. When I got back 4 of the neighbors were sittin outside, so I chilled with them for a lil while until my phone rang. Then Shane came over, and then Ashley and Britney stopped by. A couple days ago like 8 of us were sitting on the steps outside talking at like one in the morning and I guess we were bein a lil too loud cuz all of a sudden we can hear 'broncos' husband inside his apartment yell 'Goddamn!!!' and rite when he did we all ran back to our apartments it was fuckin halarius, rite as I was shutting my door he came outside! By the way, Bronco came to my door at like noon the other day saying I had the music on the computer too loud. Krystal came ova a couple days ago and said she dropped all her classes and is going to school in Minneapolis next month! erryone is leavin! :( I had another run in with a wierd ass guy at wal mart! I was standing in the checkout line and this older guy infront of me kept looking at me and then goes 'Its not that bad is it?' I was so confused by his wierdness that I just kinda smiled/gave him a nasty look and said 'nah' then he proceded to tell me about he just delivered ice cream to the store, so now wal mart has ice cream....then he said I had a nice tatoo, I told him I had 4 of them and he goes 'I dont wanna know where the other ones are' what a fucking strange man, I recommend not visiting wal mart at any time past 10:30 at night...I had a doctor apointment and got some ADD medication.Last night Me, Shane and Josh went bowling. When I walked in I hear this little girl yell my name, so I looked and didnt reconize who it was for like a minute, then I finally walked over there and realized that it was Tony from taco bell, so I chatted with him for a little bit, then I bowled, and I have never bowled that bad in my life! It was really fun though, the 3 guys bowling next to us were funny as hell, they kept on talking to me the whole time, and at one point one of em goes, "I see those puppy tracks and all your tattoos, but how did u get all of them cuz I know your not 18" I was like BullShnit! I am too 18! lol. Yesterday was a wierd ass day, I guess u had to be there, but the newspaper was fucking reading our minds, Im not even kidding! Anyway, yesterday I was standing outside my door chatting with a couple friends when I look down and I see brownie boy, you know that neighbor I used to go out with, you know the one who was always up asking for sum tin foil?? Yea, him! Hes back! Ugg...Im sooo exited today Cuz Im going to a Nickleback Puddle of Mudd and Finger Eleven Concert tonite in Des Moines!! Kid rock is playing right before all of them, I wish I had tickets to that one too!

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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
10:08 am
It was storming last night and the electricity went out in all the apartments, so a bunch of us were all hangin outside with the neighbors. Brit, Ash, and Krystal were all over. We hung out n watched a movie. I bought a corona hat yesterday, its funny cuz i havent even tried corona yet, but its so adorable! I decided what my next tat is gonna be, lol, I lied, Im not done with em yet!! Me and Ashley were gonna get lil playboy bunny tats on our necks last time, but didnt, so Ima get it, but I dont know where at yet...

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
11:39 am
Well hello there!!! Not too much has been going on lately that I can remember. Jus workin, hangin out, I went n got a basketball the other nite, so Im prolly gonna be playin that a lot now on the court at the apartments..its funny though cuz the court closes! Me, Shane n these other guys were down playin a game the other nite and they made us leave cuz it was past 10:00...I tell ya...Yesterday Me and Ashley went and got tattoos togeather again! I got the Japanese Happiness symbol on the back of my left shoulder and a really small aries symbol on the back of my neck. Ash got a frog on her stomach and the gemini symbol on her neck. Its sweet, I like em a lot. I think I mite be done with tattoos 4real this time, lol.

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Saturday, July 24th, 2004
1:57 pm
I just got off work, Im stayin at my parents tonite while they r not here, they are in Dubuque...gambling or what, I dont know. Anyway yesterday Me, Krystal, Jess and Brittni went swimming in a rock quary all morning. After that I stopped real quick at the mall and got a pink skirt and whyte polo shirt, then Shane came over. We went up to Waverly to go cruising with Krystal and Kels, when we got there there wasnt anyone hangin at the bridge or anything, so we were pretty bored, and left after not too long. Now my arms are sore as hell and I got a sunburn, it wassnt even sunny! Brandon jus called n wanted me to come boating w/him, but i cant, cuz i dont know where he iz! hmmmm...

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
1:48 pm
So Im pretty pissed, first I get this friekin haircut, then I go in to get it dyed back to blonde and they tell me theres no way they can do anything to it to make dark hairdye come out and go back to natural color..grrr, so basically ima have to grow back my color! thats gonna take friekin forever!

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Monday, July 19th, 2004
8:52 am
Not too much went on this weekend...Me n Jess went for a walk at like 1 in the morning the other day, we were alongside the road and this car slows way down and asked if we smoked weed, when we said no he sped off..Yesterday Eric came down n took me for a ride on his bike, that was way sweet. Oh yea and Saturday I got one of the worst haircuts of my life! Its layred and like 2 inches past my shoulders w/bangs, it looks like shit! Its way too short for me. I cant wait till it grows about three more inches!

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Saturday, July 10th, 2004
3:41 pm
4th of July was alright, went to the fireworks, hung out here with some family n friends I havent seen in a while n all that shnit. I got my 2nd tattoo last night! Its the chinese symbol for 'dream' on my lower back. Didnt hurt at all, n Im getting my next one probably on the back of my shoulder.

current music: Eamon-"Fuck It"

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