03:59pm 12/01/2004
mood: loved
music: Beyonce and Jay-Z "Crazy In Love Remix"
Well, it's Monday...finals this week...yeah it's gay! But anyways, I got to see my baby this weekend so I was real happy. Being with him makes me soooo fuckin happy...I love him with all my heart. But anyways, we saw My Baby's Daddy..yeah that movie is sooo funny and all you should go see it. I also saw it friday night with Kelly and Chelsea. Then we met these ghetto guys there...it was kinda scary then they fucked with my boyfriend and I wanted to tell them off but they woulda ghetto stomped me and my girls. Anyways, I'm trying to hook Sam and Travis up but Sam is leaving Friday and then she's transfering to North Farmington...she's such a sweetie I'll miss her!! Alright, well yeah my weekend was good besides the fact that I had to work. The Farmer Jack I work at should go out of business like the ones in Royal Oak and in the ghetto like by my boyfriends house. Okay I'm out. Peace!