robyn's Day

Saturday, June 12, 2004

9:45AM - boy crazy

wow i think i am like crazy!!! i had plained to go to the movies with eric but the change of plans and i went to the mall with heathie and we bought shoes my fav. thing to do !!! but i really must say that i am sorry to here because i made her walk the whole mall because i wanted to see this gut that worked at journeys yea and when i finnaly got her to go there ... ahhh it wasnt the guy !! so i had to let downs so farr... so then i told her we could go to the other place then to get her ro0oo's and we though they where on sale ... well not quite right they lied!!!! they were full price so g0o0o0d thing heathie had her plastic (lol) after that we desided to go home and i drove my lil happy butt home with my mom in the passenger seat and three dogs in the back seat i flet trapped mom was like are you sure tyou know how to drive i am like yes !!!!! gurr she makes me so0o0o madd sometimes .... by the way if any guys are headin this i am single and lookin very hard !!! so if you think .. ya know yea well just leave a comment!!!!! lol told you !!! heathie i think your right!!! CRAZY!!! well i am gonna go hang with the parents on a saterday night you know they get crazy (lol j/k)

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