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    Sunday, February 20th, 2005
    12:22 pm
    Been a while- lots been goin on
    Well it's been awhile and a lot of things have gone on. Just a little insight on the last journal entry- lots of shit was goin on with my b/f and I but things are A LOT better. I realized how strong my feelings really are and how much I do love him. Yea yea I know everyone that knows us is thinkin "oh god- here we go again" but it's not like that he really is DIFFERENT. People don't see it because no one got the chance to really know him like I did. And I know he has changed :) Shane's dad is lettin us live in Grandpa Locke's house for free- we just have to clean it and make it more like a house again. (They had renters and their dogs pissed ALL over the night hardwood floor- eww) SO I get to paint and make the house pretty :) lol! Talkin about gettin married I guess we'll see if that ever goes into effect. Goin to South Carolina with my buddy Danielle to see my grandma Peggy and hopefully meet my Aunt and maybe see my dad... I dunno....I mean I'd like to- but I don't wanna get my hopes up. I'm excited tho- a week away from EVERYTHING a well needed break from work. THANK GOD!!! Things to do- so more later....
    Thursday, January 27th, 2005
    12:27 pm
    First Entry
    Wow- a brand new journal. This seemed like the popular college journal so- here I am. I've got too much to say right now and not enough energy to type it all out.... so....I guess I'll just leave you with the fact that right now I hate anybody with a penis... lol and all I wanna do right now if go to South Carolina and be done with everyone here. Except of course- my REAL friends. Screw all the guys they're all retarded. Have a nice day :)