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    Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
    4:46 pm
    im soo tired.. and i'm missin everyone soo much.. havin dreams latly.. really wierd dreams.. lol
    Sunday, July 6th, 2003
    9:15 am
    ok i juss wanna say LOOK AT my buddy profile n sign my guest book wen ur dun! alot of ppl hav been askin me how to mak one (ussaly the ppl that hav AOL) ne ways.. if u wanna mak ur own u go to and press the button that says SIGN UP! =D then u hav to register an sn (ur sn for aim or aol) then it shows ya how to do the rest.. well peace!

    *~*hugs n kisses*~*
    ----LOLA BERRY----
    8:42 am
    Hey everyone,
    It's morin.. and oviously as everyone kno's theres nothin to do in the mornin so i'm jusssss sittin here by my grandparents computer doin ABSOLUTLY NOTHING! lol no1 is on.. well dayz was then she went away and that was the only person!! grrr well ne ways.. i'm bored soo email me or come online soo we can talk!! lyl

    *~*hugs n kisses*~*
    ----LolA BErRY----
    Saturday, July 5th, 2003
    2:38 pm
    Ridin my bike
    Ok.. so i rode my bike down the street at my granparents house in sandles ((i'm real smart)) then i forgot that there were handle breaks and i lik ruined my sandles.. lol! ok ne ways.. it's 3:39 and i'm really really bored this time soo yaa send me an email peace

    *~*hugs n kisses*~*
    ->>LoLA BerrY<
    10:23 am
    At my grandparents house..
    Hey Everyone,
    I'm at my grandparents house n Kentucky and i'm really bored right now cuz its too hot to go ne wheres. Ne ways umm.. yesterday we went to this place to see the fire works n they were mad niceee, umm.. were going shopping on weds day so i'm waitin for that.. lol then in a lil CAMP STARTS! i can't wait to see u all! (Bailey,Brooke,Dee Dee,Ellie,Jill,Anto,Amanda,Meghan,Allison) ALLMOST TIME! :P :D haha.. ok soo i gotta go ride my bike i'll be back to talk to u later tonight sumtyme.. lyl

    *~Hugs n Kisses~*
    -xoxo LOLA**
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