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harley's Journal

14th January, 2004. 9:47 pm.


From my point of view, theres no right or wrong way of defining brotherhood. The fire service, as a whole, defines brotherhood as having an infinite number of brothers and sisters wherever you go, whenever you need them; as well as, people who band together when one piece of this family falls whether they know them or not. Its something that is so incredible that there will never be one true definition. It will never be a perfect thing since even in blood related families "brothers and sisters" always have their ups and downs, therefore even our brotherhood will have ups and downs for each of its relationships. Even though company A may not like company B for an amount of time, there will always be in the back of their minds the thought that if something may happen to anyone in either company they know they will let down their grudges and help their "brothers and sisters" out. For each company, brotherhood holds yet a similar but so unique sense of definition that you seem to be amazed each time you encounter a different fire company. I've seen so many individual bands of brotherhood that prove each company, although it does the same service, is as unique as each day that dawns upon us.

For my own definition of brotherhood, I believe its knowing that I have infinite number of brothers, "second" fathers, uncles, and grandfathers that I would not want to give up in any lifetime. Its knowing that wherever I may go that I know I have someone that will be there for me if the need arises. Brotherhood is knowing that I have so many protectors that I have no worries if something goes wrong or I need help with any type of problem whether it be school, family, work, relationships, friends, or even other brothers. With the brothers, "second" fathers, uncles, and grandfathers that have enlightened me in so many ways, I don't think I could ever truly thank them or return the favor since there will never be enough thank yous in the world

Current mood: indescribable.

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