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6th December 2004

11:09pm: Should be studying.....
Z - Zodiac sign: Cancer
Y - Yummy food: Cheesesteaks, Chicken Ceaser Salad
X - X-rays you've had: back, knee, and wrist
W - Wearing right now: jeans, sneakers, Williamson sweatshirt
V - Voting for: hmmm firehouse elections are thursday..uh-oh
U - Unknown fact about me: I'm shy
T - Time you wake: Depends on the day
S - Song you last heard: "Nothing on But THe Radio"- Gary Allan
R - Reason to smile: my faves from work and the firehouse. my grlies. dunkin donuts coffee. text msgs from the boys
Q - Quote you like: "I love this crazy tragic sometimes almost magic beautiful life"
P - Phobia[s]: Snakes and spiders
O - One time event: Passing out in the burn trailer
N - Number of siblings: 3 sisters
M - Mom's name: Mom, Ma, Judy
L - Love to watch this movie over and over again: Backdraft Coyote Ugly
K - Kindergarten reminds you of: Lunchboxes and Piano time
J - Job title: Student, helper at the training center
I - Instruments: none
H - Hometown: Thornton
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Worms
F - Favorite song of the moment: "Nothing on But THe Radio"; "One More Day"
E - Easiest person to talk to: Brian and Mike and Coupe
D - Dad's name: Dad daddyo!
C - Career in future: Nurse(if I make it) Firefighter
B - Band listening to right now: "Welcome to My LIfe" Sum41
A - Age: 19

1. Went to breakfast with Mike and Vinnie
2. attempted to put our christmas lights up but couldnt find them so cleaned out the garage in search of 'em
3. Visited my new nephew and sister

1. Did a rescue demo at the high school
2. Went to class
3. Babysat for an hour

1. "Suds in A Bucket"- Terri Clark
2. "Nothing on But The Radio"- Gary Allan
3. "My Happy Ending"- Avril

1. Arizona
2. The beach
3. Ireland

1. Family
2. Michael
3. hmmm...

8th June 2004

9:12pm: sooo long
well now once again i have slacked on updating this deal. since the last blurty plenty more has happened. two days after updating the blurty, my company held the mock DUI accident for the pre-prom deal. hopefully kids get the picture but who knows...i had fun working with everyone. that morning i had an exam so nonetheless i jumped outta bed 15 minutes before it and left to take it. eating nothing for breakfast! after the exam which i didnt hafta take becuase I had an A in the class....i hauled ass outta there and to the firehouse. during the accident deal, i had felt a little dizzy and shaky so i backed off for a little figuring it was just because i hadnt really slept or ate anything. after the mock accident we went back to the station and had a barbeque. so i ate lunch and went home to sleep for a while since we had drill later that night. i took a nice long ass nap and woke up just in time for drill. at drill we were doing the burn trailer and so i first said i wasnt going to go in because i still didnt feel good. well after watching everyone i packed up and went in.....then a second time, well shit hit the fan. i passed out and ended up being carried out of the trailer and then transported to the hospital because i didnt know what happen and i couldnt breathe. i laid in the ER for two hours only to learn that i was out of service until cleared by the doctor because i was freaking dehydrated. obviously, most of you dont understand what this meant to me and how much it killed.....it meant for a solid week i could not step foot into my turnout gear and onto a fire truck!!!! tears.....but the quack doctor was a real smartass. he says to me everytime i see your type i tell em before they go into a burning building to drink a quart of gatorade. haha how bout noooooooo! anyways other than that i'm working at my dad;s company this summer and its actually not tooo bad. it just sux having to work 40 hrs a week.
on other news, i got my grades back from this semester and holy shyt i shocked myself. 3 A's and 2 B's with a 3.6 GPA. quick impressive esp coming from me who proscrastinated the whole semester!
house-sititng was nuts last week with shannon! hahah cant forget saturday night.....the ppics just tell it all. staying up with b til 7 in the morning watching the ends of half baked and bebes kids and the ring. shannon spilling the beer bong on herself....whacked ass game of kings cup...passing out for an hour...kenny jumpin on me...shannon puking out...bea hanging out and getting trashed.....hahaha too many good times..
well thats all for now....ill try and update it soon

20th April 2004

11:07pm: well its been a while since ive updated the blurty so i decided that i should since soooo much has happened. lets see where to begin....
i recently went to arizona to visit my sis and her hubby but to also look at arizona state university. OMG i wanna go there sooooo bad!! its amazing out there but i def would miss everyone here esp my grls and the boys. but im going to try and see if i can get into asu for spring semester next year. hey it never hurts to take chances or try new things. the weather was so "clean" and gorgeous out there. surprisingly, i wasn't too bored either because we were always doing something or there was always something to do.
other news:
well like forever ago, the boyfriend and i broke up....and surprisingly i wasnt that upset. he cheated on me with a grl from trainer and then lied to me. hmmm hes obviously stupid but thats a whole other issue. i dont think he ever realized that i have like quite a few good "brothers" that dont like it when ppl hurt me.(lol thnx boys ILY) one other thing, boys id like to hear your input on this question: why do guys seem to get all flustered when you ask grls if they were mad or upset that you cheated on them? honestly is it really that hard to understand why we are flipping upset! sorry i was little heated about that subject.
hmmmm...the other night, my fire company had an outing at shady maple smorgasboard in lancaster; i was a little late since i had an ambulance call but it was good i had some good chats with floebe, who i havent hung out with in forever(cant forget the country singer quiz: im getting there :) ). it was a good time at the restaurant as well, everyone got to mix and mingle with their families and friends. but one of the horrific migraines seemed to have come on that day so i was in a shytty mood. i passed EVOC, o boy thats a scary thought...ill be driving the firetrucks in a few years. :) it was a fun time tho, i spent some quality time with joe....hahaha too many blonde moments those days.
today was so beautiful outisde!! i luv this weather and cannot wait for summer.....and house-sitting. i saw my two of my boys today who i hadnt seen in forever....."are you following me?!?!" aww i miss the good ol' times with them :( i wish we still had what we had a few years ago and this past summer...but i still luv the memories! and i got to see my floebe...hehe what would i do without you buddy? thanks for everything! and keiser!
well thats all for now...maybe more later if not tomorrow.
**smile it makes the day go faster my sunshines**ILY all
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14th January 2004

9:47pm: Brotherhood

From my point of view, theres no right or wrong way of defining brotherhood. The fire service, as a whole, defines brotherhood as having an infinite number of brothers and sisters wherever you go, whenever you need them; as well as, people who band together when one piece of this family falls whether they know them or not. Its something that is so incredible that there will never be one true definition. It will never be a perfect thing since even in blood related families "brothers and sisters" always have their ups and downs, therefore even our brotherhood will have ups and downs for each of its relationships. Even though company A may not like company B for an amount of time, there will always be in the back of their minds the thought that if something may happen to anyone in either company they know they will let down their grudges and help their "brothers and sisters" out. For each company, brotherhood holds yet a similar but so unique sense of definition that you seem to be amazed each time you encounter a different fire company. I've seen so many individual bands of brotherhood that prove each company, although it does the same service, is as unique as each day that dawns upon us.

For my own definition of brotherhood, I believe its knowing that I have infinite number of brothers, "second" fathers, uncles, and grandfathers that I would not want to give up in any lifetime. Its knowing that wherever I may go that I know I have someone that will be there for me if the need arises. Brotherhood is knowing that I have so many protectors that I have no worries if something goes wrong or I need help with any type of problem whether it be school, family, work, relationships, friends, or even other brothers. With the brothers, "second" fathers, uncles, and grandfathers that have enlightened me in so many ways, I don't think I could ever truly thank them or return the favor since there will never be enough thank yous in the world
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5th January 2004

1:12am: well since its been a while since the last entry, this one's gonna be a long one. lets see where to start....
im finally done emt, i thought that class was never going to end. but im gonna miss it. too many laughs were had in that class. good luck with all you do everyone!
the holidays are over finally....those were pretty fun! i was in disney world for christmas. that was a blast! on christmas day, the boyfriend and his fam were flying down to begin their vaca there. we planned to meet up at magic kingdom but since it was closed becuase it got filled to capacity we couldn't. so i had to leave my fam and head over to epcot to meet up with his. it was so nice to spend the day with him. their friends from england were a blast to be around too. we were standing in line for a ride and the wait was two hours so we were talking and jane said to me how did you guys meet and i had said at a fire(cheyney university nov. 15) and she was like "aww it was love over flames instead of love at first sight." too funny! then her and mrs king asked how long we had been together and kev answered a month.....it seems longer than that tho. i left for home the next day and it sucked not being able to spend more time down there. but my 'rents did buy a condo down there so thats all good. after driving two long days, we were finally home and i got to see my sis and her hubby since they were in from arizona. it was good to catch up with her since i havent really tlaked to her because of the busyness i had this semester. she passed all her finals and had a gpa of 4.0....needless to say i was a little jealous but i did receive my grades and they werent too bad considering i carried 24 credits. new years eve was pretty fun i got to chill with my grls lindsy and shannon.....o boy we do have some fun times: "did you buy and put liquor freeze in there?", wathcing the pron director with mom(too funny), and me falling the down the steps. it sucked not having the boyfriend up here for new years but he still called at midnight!
lets see what else has happened. i went down to the university of maryland to visit my cousin and her boyfriend. we went to visit her boy toy at fairfax county fire department then to dinner. i spent the night down there but it sucked cause they werent having a party since all the boys were working but she said she let me know when the next one is.
im dreading to start classes again but its a fact of life. at least im not taking 24 credits this semester. but i do hafta take vehicle rescue, truck company ops, Fire 1 nationals, and fire 2, so ill still be overloaded but not as bad. im quite excited.
well enough updating all of you for now...be back soon....
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5th December 2003

10:55pm: ahh what a long week~
hmm lets see where to start....
turkey day~ ahh what a good day. vball with the fam and lots of talking in the am...i luv going to st.ed's and chatting with the fam over donuts and vball games. so many pics were taking at such an early hour. my fam didnt eat until 7 since the pops had to work, which sucked but someone has to make the money. my crazy aunt and her fam were here for dinner. i ate and then headed over to kevins to meet his fam and what not. fun times...then we went out for a lil. i got to see my linds and shannon for a few...so exciting cuase i missed my linds!
friday~ completely caught up on my sleep, which was def needed. i did a lil hw and then headed to workout at the firehouse for a smidge. that night the 'rents left for annapolis, wha wha. went to kevins for a lil and then got a dispatch for a working building fire. i was pissed since i didnt have my car but kevin went on a call and let me take his truck. i got to the scene and did a secondary search on the first floor and then overhauled with my longwood boys on the fire floor. o wat a fun time! i had to stay at my sis's house that night due to a lil incident that happened the week before. not a prob tho since i had to wake up and go to the airport anyways. well saturday morning came and my freakin sister didnt make her fligth so i had to wait for until 3 before i could go to annapolis for sum good food. no worries tho because i got to spend time with both of my sisters on the way to annapolis since there was mad traffic. visited the fam down there and ate sooo much good food that i slept the whole way home. when i got back in the area i called brian since it was his bday to wish him a good one.
sunday i spent pretty much the whole day with kevin. we went to church(he called and asked me to go, shocker) and then we went to lunch with his buddy mike. i actually watched the whole eagles game too and they won! we watched some more football but i fell asleep for a lil.
monday was a long day too. i had the funeral for my aunt mary( you're a divine angel now...its been your calling) and all the cousins stayed together. the luncheon proved to be quite interesting. my fam seems to be quite the gossipers as well as gabbers. we were there forever but no worries cause it was fun to reminisce and chat with the cousins. haha ily guys! i got to talk with my uncles and we chatted about different war stories of the fire service and i saw claymonts trucks.
the rest of this week was pretty blah since classes are basically over except for finals.....wooo! thank god tho because college is quite the stress causing thing in life.
tonight was horrible! i learned you cant always trust the ones you love and are related too. a good friend told me of a situation which involved myself and some other ppl that i didnt know about. im glad she called in concern for me and thinking that i should know about it. ILY squatter! some people need to realize where the line should be drawn when talking with other ppl.....such as personal life matters!!!!!!!!!! and then have the nerve not to step up and realize that they were at fault for the madness that occured. it makes me wonder why some people talk about other peoples live?...hmmm maybe could it be that they are a little jealous or want other people's so-called friends to be upset? i dunno its ridiculous. this world is full of ppl that are jealous and that take their angerness or upsetness oout with other peoples situations. i thought i could trust you and the fact that we never talked about it fully makes me even more ANGER and UPSET. i guess this friendship should either end or there should be a break taken.
for those involved: life goes on. tru friends stick by each other and support each other not freaking try and break them down. thanks i really appreciate it and to think i called you tru friends.
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20th November 2003

9:37pm: okay i need to get all of this out of my head and this is the closest way of getting all of you to read it....
linds~ ILY! youve been there through a lot and i cant thank you enough, you always give the best advice in the hardest of times....my bday! its amazing how distance can bring two people so close. i think know more about me than some ppl do but you kno i always tell you everything. i luv hanging out with you....yer hilarious when yer drunk! BFF forever!
shannon~ grl what would i do without you?!?! youve always been there and always seem to be there when i need someone the most. thanks for everyhing, ILY! we've had some good times together and some good heart to hearts at your kitchen table. thanks for always going to the firehosue with me.
coupe~ my coupe! ILY! i cant believe we are cousins and we finally became this close...best friends that is! this summer was so amazing....i dont think ive had that much fun in a while. we always had a smile on our faces. cant forget all our good times and our recent heart to hearts. you've been there for me through my hard times this summer and lemme tell ya i needed you and you came through with flying colors. i cant thank you enough for talking to some people for me and im glad i can call you my best friend and my family! the weekend at wildwood was def a much needed one after everything that happened those past few weeks. i love hanging out with you and yer fam! omg cant forget our movie night....chick flicks rule! remember we made the boys watch a walk to remember...too cute!
the boyz....
brian j.~ o boy where can i start?!?! yer like a best friend to me and i dont know what i would do without you. you've been there through so many hard times and yer amazing personality is what got me through those times. we have had so many good times as well.....kings mill drill "was that you?!?!", fire calls, hanging out at the firehouse, phone calls, fourth of july, senior week, and many more. cant forget the first time we finally got to chill...driving around for like three hours, "do u talk?", stopping at the station and meeting the boyz, we drove everywhere that night. parties at yer house...i have no aim playing beer pong, ya hafta gimme some credit it was my first time. so much fun! yer protection through everything....the hard time with pearl and those other ones, yer everyday overprotectiveness that i love. cant forget all the phone calls......esp when you were working and at night. our hard times that we are working to get through right now....so sorry! yer like my closest friend and whatever path you choose in life, please know ill always support you one hundred and ten percent. some people jsut dont understand our friendship and i dont think they ever will or ever need to. ILY always<3
gordo~ even though we dont really talk anymore, yer still one of my good friends. we've always had good times when we've hung out. and our convos are the best. you have a strong personality and dont let anyone tamper with it. hope we can work through this little mishap and our friendship can get rebuilt.
dave~ hahaha yer so funny! i love yer personality...you could careless what other people think and that is so amazing to me. too bad you are too good for me, for us to ever have anything. but i hope we stay friends. remember yer my williamson buddy! yer def a blast to hang out with and def to have convos with. i cant thank you enough for listening to me during my hard times this summer. im glad we finally got to talk after chilling on shannons deck. remember you like grls that get greasy! haha cant forget our trip to pats with josh....that was a little ackward but it was def a fun time. im glad i got to become friends with you....yer a good friend and brother.
josh~ CRUSH! omg i cant believe im friends with you...def never thought that that would happen. your too funny! ill never forget the first time i met and what you had said to me...."hey guys im going to smoke through a paper towel tube with a paper towel on the bottom!" and you were so excited to do it too! haha...ILY you have a crazy and funloving personality. i love talking to you esp car rides! hahah thanks for all the car rides during emt. im glad i got to become friends with you...you are def like a bro to me, not in the way of incest but by means of the fire service. you know im here for you always and id give you the shirt off my back. good luck with yer new job...i know youll do good! remember our pats trip and chilling on shannons deck all the time! luv u friend.
ian~ aww buddy what would i do without you?!?! yer so amazing....thanks for always listening and putting up with me. cant forget the first times we chilled. you always give the best advice too.....thanks for helping me out this summer. i love chilling with you. hahah thanks for sleeping on the floor of the bathroom with me :) and im glad you came to lindsays with me too. yer def a blast to hang out with. ILY always
to all my 63 boyz~ thanks for everything! you guys are def like my second family. you've been there for me through so many hard times esp my dads cancer and i cant thank you;s enough. remember psu delco hazmat?!?! first time i met you guys! you know im always here for all of you and id give you guys the shirt off my back if you ever needed it.
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9:07pm: ahh what a good two nights! lets see last night i went to pat's steaks in philly with floebe, joey, and justin. fun times in the rain and reminiscing(can't spell). then when we got back sam and john shields were at the station so i talked to them for a little bit. then joey and i stood in the rain and talked for like 45 minutes....i was soaked when i got home.
tonight~ i had a heart to heart with coupe. it was so good to have someone to listen to what i needed to get off my chest. omg we reminisced about the summer and last year and how we became friends again even though we are cousins. we had such a good convo about events that have changed people, both for better and for worse. we talked about how i was so excited for my friends to meet someone i call my best friend this summer. o man here are some of the mems from this summer(those involve will surely have a smile on their face after reading them)~ deck nights, miller lite, me falling through the deck, "lets glo stick yer body", "i want a without without...ya kno a without cheese and without onions", fourth of july....ahhh you can only smile thinking of that weekend if you were at my house, ritas, dancing in the car, wildwood to get away from the boys which didnt work, the benefit and after party, the aunts house, shannon falling off my rents bed, pictures that are def worth a thousand words, "yer legal in four days", senior week, "can you let me in yer house...theyre all going out partying and i dont want to", my best buddy came to visit and called to check up on me, car talks, thinking the boys were playing tricks on us outside my house on fourth of july, going to minquas, coupe getting stuck in the car, and so many more. **if you think of any please email me or im me and let me know**

~how can i be so happy now with someone else when i know my best friend is moving away, who i havent talked to in forever?~
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18th November 2003

2:33pm: whoa what an exhausting weekend! ill give ya a lil recap: well friday night i had emt and it was my midterm retake, which with the grace of god i passed. so excited! then i get home and im about to relax when we get an accident with entrapment. since 90% of the boyz were up at penn state, i had to respond. it wasnt too bad...we had oxford fire company, chester county station 21 covering so they went responding too.
saturday~ i had emt all day which was pretty fun. it was all different scenarios...pretty interesting id hafta say. plus i found out i could take my final burn the next day which was pretty f*ckin exciting for me! well i get home and eat dinner when we get dispatched for a building at cheyney university. i responded and i ended up waiting for the 2nd truck since we needed a crew for that. wait till you hear this craziness, fireboard tells our asst. chief that its an alarm tripped by the sprinkler so the chief says recall the assignment. not 30 seconds later, does fireboard tell our cheif psp on location reporting working room in contants fire.....i was mad i didnt go on the first truck but i rode the seat on the tower! then i was interior command while the crews were cleaning up. but it was all in good intent! then we get back to the station and i stayed and chatted with the brookhaven crews since they were covering us saturday night. i found out that ryan and kevin were both doing their final burn the next day, so i was glad that i would know someone.
sunday~ final burn baby! i was so excited. i ended up not being in kevin or ryans group since they put all the come-backs in a group together. the only grl in that group, wha wha. anyways, the first evolution i started freaking myself out inside but i finished it. when i got out i had like ten ppl trying to help me take my pak and mask off and then for some unknown reason i broke down crying. sean took me aside and calmed me down, he allowed me to walk with crystal for a lil. i think i jsut got nervous since it was my first time in a burn building but ive been over that air pak a million times. so who knows....im glad i stuck it out though. after taking a walk, sean went over my air pak with me and then reassured me that nothing would happen because on each floor was either mikey, kenny, or lil b which made me feel like so much more comfortable. im glad i have brothers that watch out for me. he also said he would have mikey shadow me while i was in the building in case anything happened. ILY guys! i didnt really get to see ryan or kevin all day but i ate lunch with kevin. i finished out the day with no other problems and i was so freakin proud to go home and tell my dad, who was a nervous wreck since floebe wasnt working that day, that i did it! i got home and i was beat...my knees are so bruised and the one has a huge like abrasion type wound on it. but it was all for a good thhing! later that night after i showered and ate dinner, i went out with kevin....ahhh so excited! we went to see the movie elf! it was a cute movie!
o wells all is good! hope everyones staying safe!
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13th November 2003

11:35am: hey sunshines! well its freaking windy as anything outside right now. but anyways today's going pretty good. i'm looking to transfer schools since neumann sux. but oh well, im looking at alvernia college and west chester. i would give anything to go to arizona state university but my dad isnt liking that idea too much so i settled for a pa school instead. i like alvernia even though its like neumann but its far enough away from home but still close so i can visit and come back if needed. also at alvernia i wouldnt hafta pay for room and board because reiffton fire company offers a live-in program there so im liking that idea. i spoke with the captain in reference to it and we are going to chat again in more detail about it. so im happy!
as for other news, i hate being sick! im so worn out and it sux. i cant do anything without coughing. on tuesday, we did a rescue demo at the high school for the emergency care class and i had the tool....o boy do my arms hurt. plus it didnt help that we were short manned either but i dragged floebe along even though it was his bday.(HAPPY BDAY hun).
im scared for tomorrow night as well. i hafta retake two of the three practicals for my EMT midterm. so nervous and i dont know why, this should be second nature to me. im starting to think maybe i should just stick to the fire service and let my dad do the EMS work. but at least im trying and making my dad proud.
well i need to go and study BADDDDD since i havent gone to history in a week. luv u all and have a super day!
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