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    Friday, February 24th, 2006
    11:03 am
    Lots on my mind
    Okay so much shit has happend in my life these past couple of days I did not even know where to begin so I am just going to dive in and write about it. Please in your respenses do not make any negative comments towards me or my brother or my family. Thank you and it is very much appreciated.

    Let's see the other night I tihink Wednesday my older brother called me and asked if I heard anything about my younger brother. I said No why should I ? And my older brother was like well he got kicked out for testing postivie on a drug test. My younger brother was at boarding school in Conneticut. My younger brother tested postiive on his drug test last semester also but my dad pleaded with the adminstartors at the school that we did not have a house (since the hurricane) and all. The administrators let him go back but since he tested positive again they are done with him. My dad tried telling them that there would be no flights in New Orleans because of Mardi Gras but the school administrators did not want to hear it.
    So I am not really sure what will go on in the future. Whether he wil go to an intensive Drug Re-Hab program or he will just become a bum and work at Burger King.

    A Little history on my younger brother : 17 years old. He is really smart. He takes depression medicine (prozac) and ADHD (Adderall). When he was probably a freshmen in high school he started to hang out with the wrong crowd. I slwoly saw changes in him but my mom and dad were like he is trying to find out who he is. My younger brother is violent. When I say violent I mean I have broken up fights when he held knives to my parents. I have had bruises because when I would break up a fight he would hit me instead of my paretns. Darn hit he would hit me instead of my parents. So like I said he is very violent. When he gets mad or angry about something all hell breaks lose. The cops have been to our house before (old house and new house).

    One time I was not there but my mom and dad told me the story. The cops were called because they were going to bring him to the hospital. I heard he was fighting them. It took 6 police officers and 2 ambulance medics to restrain him. Then the police had to bring him to the hospital emergency room where they did like a bunch of drug testing. And then it was off to the hopstial. Where my dad had to check him in at 2 in the morning.

    There was another incident just this past December right after Christmas. I think our next door neighbors called the police on him because he was on his cell phone and he was really loud curisng and yelling. Obviously he was having a fight with one of his girls. My brother gets really emotional.

    There are more stories I could tell about him but I will not bore you with that. All I am saying is that every time some thing happens to my brother he gets a break. And my brother does not need a break at all.

    I keep telling myself he is on a deadly path on life but that is the life he choses to lead. He will either wind up in jail or dead. Not a nice thought but it is the harsh truth.

    So anyway I am not sure what is going to happen. I talked to my mom last night but not about all of this the only thing I asked her was if she was going home for Mardi Gras. And her response was yes it is my house to and he is not going to keep me away from my husband.
    When my brother was in high school he would have little fits and my mom would just leave go to the movies or to friends houses. ANd I was asking her if she was going home becasue my brother may be there or may not.
    Also on the phone I told my mom that I supported any decidsion that her and my dad make 120 percent.

    So besides all that non-sense. I am doing good. My aunt wants to me to take art lessons, but I am not that creative. Just creative in my own way I guess. She also wants me to get back in dance because she knows I took that for 17 years. I would like to take dance again but I do not have anything here because all my stuff got ruined.

    Anways, well this weekend we are going to New York. Woot Woot !! I will be able to see my older brother before he moves to Seattle on march 1. And my aunt and I are going to the ballet which should be really cool.

    And my aunt is going to be talking to some guy at her work about getting me a job at the attorney generals office. I think it will be cool.

    Phew I wrote a lot !!
    Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
    1:02 pm
    Am I a Selfish Bitch ?!
    So Yea, I am not really artsy fartsy but I made a painting yesterday. My aunt loves it. I totally hate it because the cat messed it up. What it was suppose to be was a yellow ribbon (like the support our troops) and then around it I would have words "Believe, Love, Faith, and Hope" Well, the words came out fine it was the ribbon. My ribbon looks like a fish (you know those Jesus fishes) Yea, not what I wanted because I was going for something else. But anway on the so called ribbon or fish are hearts and little dots. It is defenitely not what I wanted. So this morning I made a collage of stuff. This artwork is really really cool. It is all sorts of stuff from New Orleans. My title was "Come Here Leave Diffrent." And I printed lots of pictures. It really looks cool. Maybe I can't paint but I can defenitely do collages. HeHeHe. I am going to take a picture of it and try to ost it on here or on myspace because it is a great piece of art done by me !! So anyway also today the furniture company came and brought the new furniture for the basement. And Saturday morning we are leaving for New York And instead of Friday night. And next week my cousin, his girlfriend, and my uncle and coming in town for a week. Am I a selfish bitch ? I do not like to share my stuff. I am going to have to share my bed with my cousin's girlfriend. I do not have a problem with it. I just feel like i want it to myself. But I am not going to say that to my aunt that she can't sleep with me. I think i am a little bit of a selfish bitch. And I need to change that part of me. WHo knows maybe this girl is really nice. I think I freak out about nothing. I am sure she is cool because my aunt likes her. So I am sure everything will be okay. Well that is all I have to say really. I am just going to have to learn to not be so selfish. I am off for now !!
    Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
    10:30 am
    My weekend in a nut shell !!
    Wow I have not written in this thing in a long time. Okay so my weekend was okay for almost the fact that my cousin brought a stranger in the house and could have easily raped me or killed me. The guy wanted to use the phone and my cousin oves helping people and all. And Iunderstand it is good to help people but my cousin needs to be a little more cautious I guess. So anyway my aunt got home from New Orleans Sunday night. I was watching the Olympics when she got home. I saw all the Ice Skating falls !! I was like OMG like 3 in a row !! Yesterday my cousin or my aunt did not have work or school because ot was President's day. Its a big Northen holiday. So anyway we went to eat lunch at Applebee's. MmMmMmM good. Well when it came time for the bill my aunt's credit card was being rejected. She had to call the credit card comapny and tell them that this was her. They put a hold on her card because on Sunday she used her card in Louisiana and Monday in Pennslyvania and the credit card company thought it was stoling. Well, last night we also went to the movies. We went to go see Trans-America. It was very diffrent but it was okay I guess. And now I am creating paiting. I am only working on one right now it is called " I live to inspire and dream" I think it will come out cool. This weekend I am going to New York !! Thats all for now I guess.

    Thursday, February 16th, 2006
    1:41 pm
    Another Entry ........
    Well, last night was that dinner thing. It was alright. Nothing spectacular. And Mike was not even there. I looked all sexy and hot for a guy that was not even there. I wanted Mike to be like DAMN she is hot and i would be like sorry I have a boyfriend. HaHaHaWell anyways we had some vegtable pasta junk it was okay. And for dessert Aunt Anne brought a king cake. And it is really funny to see people eat king cake from up north. So anyway after the dinner was done Matt and I had a small snowball fight because the guy house stil had snow. And he could not believe that me and Matt never saw snow before. This guy lives in Hershey. It kind of reminds me of the Smoky mountains. He lives in the woods.
    Well anyway we are dog sitting Aunt Anne's friends dog Sadie. She is a good dog. She was left when the hurricane hit so she is still a little traumatized. But overall she is a good dog. The cat hates Sadie because she is a fairly big dog. Yesterday the cat scratched Matt's hand up. That cat is really bad. So today the dogs are inside and the cat is outside.
    We are suppose to be having Sadie for a week while Aunt Anne's friend goes back to Louisiana next week I do believe. And this was just a test run to see how she would do.
    She does fine. She does bark a lot when people leave and I had to calm her down but overall she is a good dog.
    Gues what ?! I got my valentine present today from Kerry. It finally came. I did not get my card yet. But I am aso happy !!
    That is all for now
    Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
    11:55 am
    OMG okay last nite Matt (cousin) decided to hang a New Orleans flag out the window at 10 pm. How freaking crazy is that ?! Damn crazy if you ask me. My window was open and I was trying (hence the word) trying to watch Boston Legal and all I could hear was cars and cars and fire engines and ambulances and poice cars. That mad me so freaking mad.

    Well, anyway how was everyone's Valentine's ? Mine was okay for the fact tht my boyfriend is a trilion zillion miles away from me. Well, I still have not even gotten his present. I know what it is. Its a cookbook and a card. But he sent it like over a week ago. It the mail in Louisiana is still messed up. So anyway Me Matt and Aunt Anne went out to dinner. We were going to eat at one place which was super crowded I guess because of Valentine's day. Then we tried another restraunt called "Da Pitts" which was freaking packed. Then we just went to have sushi. I defenitely was not in the mood for sushi. So yea anyway we had sushi.See Matt is a vegatarian and it is always a production for anything we eat because he only eats certain foods. Nothing against vegatarians but I think that is super hard because you are changing the way of life. Okay back to me. So after we finished eating dinner we came back home. I washed my hair and made it smell all pretty. Then of course I had to watch American Idol !! Yes, I am a big kid I love reality shows. On Monday I did not see the rest of the Bachelor because I went to bed. So yes, I watched American Idol. Which I love the show even though I think it is retarded at the same time. After American Idol I was watching George Lopez and that is when Matt came in my room to hang the flag. GRRRR !!

    So tonight we are going to have dinner at one of Aunt Anne's co-workers houses. OMG I hope Mike is there. Mike (31 , brown hair, brown eyes, kinda pudgy) he is a cool dude. No I am not going to leave Kerry for Mike. Mike is just nice to look at. He has the most adroabblest (is that a word?) dimples it will make you melt. Defenitely I am not leaving Kerry for Mike. Mike is just NICE too look at when your boyfriend in a zillion miles away. Okay anyway so yes we are going to dinner tonight at the house of Aunt Anne's co-workers. The co worker has a guy my age and Aunt Anne is convinced he is trying to "hook" us up. LMAO . The son is defenitely defenitely defenitely not my type at all. I have my wonderful loving super cool boyfriend. But for eye candy I have Mike here. See its a win win situation. I do not plan on doing anything with Mike because he could be one of those guys that really do not respect women. You know what I mean treat a woman like a piece of meat. I have been there and done that. And there is no way in hell I am going to be used as piece of meat ever again. I know Kerry will never use me or abuse me. Kerry will ask me if something does not feel right or if I do not want to do something because Kerry knows my past. But also I believe any gentelman should not do something a girl does not want to do.

    Well I think that is all I have to say. Just a bunch of rambling of my life.

    Current Mood: creative
    Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
    12:06 pm
    So this is my new journal. Well, this seems a lot more cooler than Kiwi to say. I am still obessed with Myspace for some reason. My weekend was pretty nifty. I got to sit in the hot tub while it snowed. How cool is that !! Well I really would make this longer but I am pretty hungry. I will write more later.


    Current Mood: depressed
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