Sunita's Day

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

3:50PM - blah blah blah

hey. i am soo bored. today i asked chelsea if she was still mad at ashley and she said yeah and that she'll never talk to her for the rest of her life. oh well like i said its their probelm not mine. ok on to happier stuff. ok yesterday i asked my mom what would happen if me and my friends became singers since we started a band. well my mom said it would be great. she also said that i was a natural born performer juss like my sis keesha. personally i think i suck at singing but everyone else i kno says that i'm a really good singer. i think that comes from me always thinkin negatively. i gotz to really stop that cuz its makin me lose my self esteem which i have yet to establish. but i'm werkin on it. ok now i gotta bounce. Peace!

Current mood: amused
Current music: Christina Aguilera/Walk Away
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