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Errr.... [06 Oct 2003|06:53pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Playas Gonna Play by 3LW ]

If you read the comments in the last entry, you'll see a stupid arguement. Ehh.. Can't he see that I do care? That I do love him. I mean it every time I say it. I do act like it... when we're a lone I guess. I love just being close to him and being in his arms, yet that still hasn't shown that I luv him? Now please comment and tell me that cute and hott are different. I think they are because lil kids are cute and older people are hott. Will you sue me if I said Adam's lil 5 year old cousin was cuter than him? Would you kill me and think I'd want to go out with his lil cuz? I don't even want to talk to him because I can't even believe he'd think that. And then again... oh nevermind. I wrote that poem in my profile for you, hun. For you, no one else..

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PMSing Sucks [06 Oct 2003|02:59pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | So Yesterday by Hilary Duff ]

Haven't wrote in a while. Nothing really new happened. My birthday is coming up in 3 days. October 9. Ekk.. I'm turning 14. That's creepy. Very creepy. No school today for Yom Kippur. Yesterday was Dee's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE!

Eh... I'm not really in a mood for typing in here. I'm in the worse mood. Very emotional and easily aggrivated. I'm having an ice skating party on Sat. Invite 6 friends to come along. I really don't know what I want for my birthday. I just want to have a good time but no one really seems to believe I don't want anything. Picture day at school is on my birthday and I don't know what to wear. The dance is next week and I don't kno what to waar. Quincy is probably going to take me and he'll be there a half hour late since he has band. Ah well, it's just a half hour.

Got AOL. My s/n is MiNiHeArtSox. It's Mini Hearts ox. Not Mini Heart Sox. Everyone's getting confused. I have it for a month since it's a free trial. I've been playing slingo like non stop since I got AOL bac.

Oh yeah Adam, thanks for telling me about the other girl lined up if we break up. It really makes me glad you have back ups. EH..

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Urge of Happiness [01 Oct 2003|05:24pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Music from TRL ]


Today I had my Algebra chapter test. Wooo!! It counts two times in her book. I got a 98!!! Okay... enough of that.

Does anyone like the pink? I'd rather have blue. I need to find a good blue icon.

I feel like crap. Just drank medicine..

I'm being a french maid for halloween. Ehh... Me? I don't think so. I wanted to be a witch person. I don't know how to spell the word.

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Still CoNfUsEd [29 Sep 2003|07:06pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Cheetah Girls by Disney ]

Ahhh!!! I hope I didn't change Adam. Laurie says I changed him a little. She said I made him more social. When I first got with him, I wanted to make sure he was comfortable with being himself around me. Like the type of music he likes or the colors he likes. He likes the color pink. I didn't say "Ewww... guys aren't suppose to like pink!" I said, "I like pink too!" and really, I do like pink. It's my second favorite color. Ehhh... I never wanted him to change. I don't see any change in him. Just his looks. Flipped hair, hoop earring. He's still Adam. He's the punk version of Harry Potter (quote unquote what Debbie said). AHHH!! IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS. Adam's mom took the phone from him and told me that she's just jealous. I'm sure that might not be the case. His mom told me not to worry about anything and just forget about it. I change people? My number 1 as being a friend is to make that friend comfortable with themself around me. I'd care less if they ate garbage as long as I'm the person they go to for help. Excepting people for who they are. Changes or not. Adam might have changed, but because of me? AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm Confused!!!!!!!

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It's Just Bugging Me [29 Sep 2003|03:48pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Rain on Me by Ashanti ]

This morning wasn't so good. I had early morning homeroom with orchestra and my dad was being an ass because he was printing tons and tons of stuff off the computer. I ended up getting to school around 8:05. That ass. I finally came and Ms. Betzold yelled at me since I'm an assistant I shouldn't be late. I explained to her about my dad, but she didn't seem to believe me. That bitch. She was yelling at me for not getting the attendance right. But WTF. I never did it before. No one showed me how. Bullshit. I'm glad I missed gym today because of strings. We were basically just playing anything. Went to my locker before lunch and I noticed one of Dee's spanish girls (I call them that) go up to Adam and gave him a note. I could only guess it was from his ex g/f because Dee's spanish girl seemed to be friends with her. And yup, I was right. He read the note before he ate his lunch. I didn't bother to ask to read it since it's none of my business. I didn't ask about the letter. He told me she wrote that I changed him. Like, when we started going out, I changed him. And it bugs me now because I don't even know her. I'm sure she's seen me because I'm always with Adam. But it just bugs me. I'd really love to meet her and show her I'm not a bitch or anything. I can't even say anything about her because I don't know her. Ehh.. it's just bugging me. Ehhh... But then again, why should she care if he changed at all? Well, he did. ALOT. But hopefully she doens't think that I TOLD him to change. He has changed. His whole appearance changed. Not because I asked him too. Ehh.. it's just bugging me. IDK y. People think I'm such a bitch, but I'm not.

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I'm a 10 Year Old Inside [28 Sep 2003|07:10pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | Stuart Little Movie in the backround ]

My inner child is ten years old today

My inner child is ten years old!

The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether
I'm off on my bicycle (or pony) exploring, lost
in a good book, or giggling with my best
friend, I live in a world apart, one full of
adventure and wonder and other stuff adults
don't understand.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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I'm A Psycho Bunny! [28 Sep 2003|01:21pm]
[ mood | blah ]

cute but psycho
you are the cute but psycho happy bunny. You
adorable, but a little out there. It's alright,
you might not have it all, but there are worse

which happy bunny are you?
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A Boring Weekend [28 Sep 2003|01:03pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Baby Boy by Beyonce ]

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day...

Yesterday wasn't exactly the most exciting day. Nothing to do. Couldn't really go bike riding. Kinda wet. Dee came over last night. We were just talking, eating pizza, computer, and online. I was talking to Adam online. He hung up for me because he was mad that I "said" or "mentioned" on the phone I was staring at my Oliver Wood pic. We got into this whole agrument. Yeah.. I think I'll keep that to him and me. Then it got into I mentioned 2 people said something about him and it wasn't the nicest thing either. He got really mad and pissed at them. A lot of people judge him before getting to know him and to tell you the truth, when I first met him, I did that too. I thought he was like boring, typical game person. If you read the story he wrote, I was a little iffy about going to the dance with him. But I'm glad I did because he knows how to have a good time and he's more than what I thought. I just people could see what a down to earth guy he is. He's a typical horny bastard sometimes, but the sweetest person in the world. Just like any other guy, he's the typical jerk too. LOL. I luv you hun!!!

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I'm A Mysterious Kiss [26 Sep 2003|10:55pm]
[ mood | tired ]

You have a mysterious kiss. Your partner never
knows what you're going to come up with next;
this creates great excitement and arousal never
knowing what to expect. And it's sure to end
in a kiss as great as your mystery.

What kind of kiss are you?
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I'm Innocent [26 Sep 2003|08:37pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | Sweetest Sin by Jessica Simpson ]


What's your sexual appeal?
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Um... yup thats rite. The type of bride for an evil guy (ahem... ADAM). Yeah, yeah, Adam's pure evil. Innocent? Do I really look innocent? Cause.... well.... I'm not ;) Grrrr....

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If Things Couldn't Get Worse [25 Sep 2003|04:59pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Eat You Alive by Limp Biskit ]

My life today SUCKS.

Today was the orchestra auditions. I had to go down during 5th grade. I have algebra during 5th and it sucks because you can't really miss Algebra. I went to give the pass to Mrs. Agresti. She just told me, "Anything you miss, it's your responsibility to make it up." I went down to the auditions. I was the first violinst to play. I played "Frog in a Tree" and "Out of the Winter". Then she told me to play a d or g major scale. I chose D major scle. I was about to play 2 octaves, but I got nervous and started going back down. Then she gave me music to site read and I thought I did really well on that. I came back to Algebra at half the period and I found out the class took a pop quiz. I went up to her. "We took a quiz?" I asked. "Yeah," she replied. "Can I take it now?" I asked. "No," she said. "Should I make it up after....," I started to say. "You can't make it up," she interupted. "You'll just have one quiz less than everyone else." I was pissed. That BITCH. Well, later that day, it got worse. During 8th period, I spent some time putting glitter lipgloss on my lips. I wanted to kiss Adam and get glitter on his face. I was happy after school while getting my stuff ready. We were going out of the building when I noticed that the seats were up. I looked and my name wasn't first.... I was 2nd. 2nd chair in the orchestra and 2nd violin in symphiniques. I was in shock. Pure shock. Rebecca got 1st chair. She's a really nice 7th grader. She's really good and she has the advantage since she takes private lessons. I wanted to die. I walked out of the building trying not to cry. I kept shaking my hands so I wouldn't. I just wanted to go home. I just wanted to lay down on my bed and cry. Before I went up the hill to see my mom, Adam hugged me from behind. I wanted to cry. I just wanted to cry in his arms, but I didn't want to. I didn't want to embarass myself in front of him. I didn't want him to see the cry baby that I always say I am. I went up the hill and my mom wasn't there. I ended up running down the hill to TRY to catch up to Adam. I did. I ran so fast. I made it. I was on the other side of the street, but something held me back from calling his name to get his attention. I don't know what though. And I just waited for my mom at the end of the street. I told my mom all about school in the car and I broke out into tears. My mom didn't think it was fair that Mrs. Agreti did that to me. She called Mr. Hahn and it was a nasty conversation. I ended up quitting Ballet for SLC. I don't want to do ballet anyway. No one seems to understand. Quincy didn't say that, but you can tell he didn't really get it. Adam doesn't get it either. I don't think Laur gets it. No one gets it. I have a rep for being on top. It's just pressure. Its the one thing I'm so good at. Of course.... no one understands. I thought the one person who would didn't, but it's not his job to understand everything. There are some things I don't understand about him either. Life... I cried and all my mascara was messed up.

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Adam... My Lovable Boyfriend [24 Sep 2003|03:51pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ]

Don't mind that last entry. I was talking to Adam last night and he felt like writing in my blurty. It's this story he's working on. Basically, some is true, but the voices thing and classes and that bullshit is false. Some of the stuff about me and him are true. Like the anniversaries. But let me note that I didn't say "YES!!!" when he asked me to the dance. I said "Uh.. sure I'll go with you." I didn't smile at him that next day. I kinda WANTED to avoid him at the dance. That's a whole different story. But, all of that has changed and I luv my hun :-D Horny, he felt? Hmm Adam, have any dreams lately? I have ;)

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This is ADAM not JENNA! ok just to tell ya [23 Sep 2003|05:17pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Perfect by Simple Plan ]

Devil's Power
by, Adam Zaccone

Chapter 1

The Beginning September 4, 2002

One day, a 12 year old boy named Adam Zaccone was sleeping in his room on his bed. Ring!.....Ring!.....Adam got up and picked up the phone. "Hello?" he said. "Hello, Adam. Are you up? Now get up and get dressed, you'll be late for school," it was his mom. "Yes mom, bye," Adam said, then he hung up the phone. He got his clothes and got dressed. When he went out of his room, he saw his sister, Amanda Zaccone, but before she could say anything, Adam said, "Can't talk! Going to be late for school! Bye!" Then he ran downstairs and got his backpack. He heard a car horn outside. It was Adam's dad. "Come on, Adam! Hurry up!" he said. "Hold on dad! School doesnt start until 8:10 and its 7:45! Geez!" Adam said back.He ran outside and got in the car.Adam got to school on time and he walked to the courtyard. Whenhe past the front doors, he heard a voice in his head. "Master, the portal will be ready for those 5 stupid little kids," it said. Then there was another voice, a raspy voice, "It better be, or it'll be your head for dinner! Now remind who those kids were, again!" it said. "Oh, yes the kids! Hehe...they are Jenna Lo, Laurie Hallick, Daniel Jackson, Amanda Zaccone," Adam face looked worried, "and Adam Zaccone," it said. Adam didnt know what to do. He was worried what'll happen to those kids? His sister? Himself? "The portal will be ready at exactly at 3:25.....today!!!" said the voice again. The, the voices went away and Adam got to the courtyard. He saw his old friends there. They were all going to 7th grade. "Hey, Adam!" said a kid named Josh. His other friends were Julio, Brian, Sean and Jarred. All of them were hanging out in the courtyard making jokes and laughing. "So, what did you do this summer, Adam?" said Julio. "Eh...nothing..." he replied. "Hey guys," Adam started saying, "if I tell you this, you swear to God you will not laugh? And if you do I WILL punch you!" The other guys looked at each other like Adam was weird. Then, Adam said, "Okay, well, while I was walking to the courtyard, I heard 2 voices in my head! They said they were going to make a portal or somthing and 5 kids will go through it and they were Jen..." he paused, "well the names aren't important right now, but I don't know what the portal's going to do of why it's happening," he stopped. The other guys were laughing so hard that they were crying. "Hahahaha!!!" they said. "Shut up!!! I mean it!!! It's true!!!" Adam said. Then, Adam went by then and punched them all in the face. "It's true," he said and now it was time to go inside. He seperated from the other guys and walked through the hallway to homeroom, which was band in the auditorium. Adam was hearing the voices again. "But Master, what if they meet the old which after they go through the portal?" said the voice. Then the raspy one said, "Then we will have to torture them even more!" Adam's looke worrioed and he wasn't paying any attention on where he was going. There was another person that wasn't paying attention a few feet away forn Adam and then....BOOM! They collided into each other. "Oh! Sorry! I wasn't paying attention," Adam said. " "No, it was me," it was a girl Adam bumped in to. "No, it was me," Adam said back. He helped the girl up. "I'm Jenna Lo," she said. Adam looked at her surprised. "I-I'm Adam Zaccone," he said back. They both looked at each other with surprise. "S-So have you been h-hearing the voices???" Jenna said. Adam nodded. "Oh..." Adam said, "Do you know a Laurie Hallick?" Yes, I do! She's right behind you!" Jenna said. Adam turned aroung and saw a punk girl. "Wait a second. I know you! Your in band and you play the flute, right?" Adam said. "Yup!" Laurie said. "So, Jenna, who's your new friend?" she said and winked at Jenna. "Laurie!!! This is Adam Zaccone," she said. "My sister in danger too..." Adam said. "Do you guys know who Daniel Jaskson is?" Adam said. "Nope," Laurie and Jenna said back. The bell rang. "Oh! I gotta go! Bye Laurie and Adam," she said and walked down the hallway. "Well, since we're in band I guess we have homeroom together," Laurie said. "I guess," Adam said. They walked into the auditorium and were seated by their teacher, Mr. Lanzerotti. He gave everyone their locker number and combination. Adam went to his locker and put his backpack in there. He then went back to homeroom. The bell rang and Adam checked his schedule. His 1st period was Literature, room 103.

Chapter 2

Daniel Jaskson

Adam got to his first period class on time. "Made it," he said. He saw jenna and Laurie in the class as well. "Hey guys," he said to them. "Hi," they said back. The teacher walked in. " Hello, class! My name is Miss Picinic, pernounced "Pickinich." Everyone stand in the back of the class and I will seat all of you," she said. All the students went in back of the class, waiting for their names to be called. "First group will be," Miss Picinic began, "is Joe lee, Nicole Masuik, Sarah Rivera, and David Montroni." The four students sat at group #1. "The Second group will be Monika Kapitula, Sokoya White, Elizabeth Mendez, and Carlos Moran," Miss Picinic said. Adam knew Carlos in 6th grade. He was a very stupid kid and no body liked him. "Now, the last group will be, "Miss Picinic looked at the four remaining students, "Laurie Hallick, Jenna Lo, Adam Zaccone, and Daniel Jackson." The four students looked at each other and walked to their seats. "Um...well...hey, Daniel," Adam said. "This is," Adam was about to introduce Jenna and Laurie to him, but then Daniel said, "I know who you are. And I suppose you've heard voices?" They nodded. "Amanda is your sister I guess, right Adam?" he said. "Yup!" Adam said. A couple minutes later, Miss Picinic was explaining some things about the class. The bell rang. Adam's next class was music class. He got up and walked through the hallway.

Chapter 3

The Surprise

Music class wasn't that much of a big deal. It went by quickly. Same thing with the other classes. 3rd period was Science, 4th Math, 5th Social Studies, 6th Lunch, 7th grammar, and 8th gym. The last bell rang for the last time and Adam met Jenna, Laurie, and Daniel at his locker. "We'll find out about that portal right now. As long as my little sister isn't here, she's safe," Adam said. They all went outside and Adam saw Amanda there. "Amanda, what are you doing here?" Adam said. "I heard these voices and I was scared and I didn't know what to do!!!" she said. She was almost in tears. Then, the 5 of them heard the voices again. "Someone has stopped the portal, Master!" the voice said. "What!? Who?!" the raspy voice said. Then they went away. "Well I guess we won't have to worry about the portal until we hear the voices again," Adam said. "I guess so," said jenna. Adam smiled at Jenna. Adam really likes Jenna, but he rather keep it a secret until he's ready to tell her. They all walked home and before they knew it, they had to go to bed.


Chapter 4 April 09, 2003

The Last School Dance

Adam knew everybody in all his classes now. He got to know Jenna, Laurie, Daniel, Sokoya, Elizabeth, and everybody else in his class. He really got to know Jenna a lot. Tomorrow was the last school dance and Jenna had no one to go with. "Hey, Jenna, uh.....since
uh.....er....nevermind," he said. Then Jenna said, "Um ok...?" "Well actually...." Adam started saying, "do you uh....uh.....want to....go....to....the.....the.....the....dance with ...me?" There was a pause. "I'll think about it," she said. "Oh...ok," Adam said. Two days later, Adam was on the computer. His screen name was Shadow8901. He saw Jenna's screen name, JLLJazz, on his buddy list. He IMed her. "Hey," he said. She said back, "Hey." "Did you make a decision yet?" Adam said. "Yes I did," she said back, "Yes! But we're not going out, though, right?" "No we're not," Adam said. Adam said he had to go and he said bye to Jenna and she said bye back and then he signed off. It was time to go to school. Adam saw Jenna at school and they smiled at each other. School went by fast. At 7:00pm, Adam went to the dance with his friends, Josh, Brian, Julio, Sean, and Jarred. He was suppose to meet Jenna there, but he couldn't find her. "Shit, where the hell is she?" Adam was thinking. He was looking around for her. He seperated from his friends to look for Jenna. He saw Jenna with her friend, Quincy. He went by her and said, "Hey, Jenna!" The music was loud so they had to shout out what they were saying. "Hi, Adam!" she said back. Adam said, "Come on!" They saw some of their friends on the dance floor. They saw, Bridget, Sarah, Nicole, and Melissa. Adam's friends didn't want to dance, so Adam danced with the girls. All 6 were dancing to the music. All of Adam's other friends wanted to dance, but they were to shy. So, when they saw Adam dancing, they danced too. After a song, Jenna and Adam went to get a drink. Sarah came along too. There wasn't that much talking going on. After the drink the dance was almost over. The last dance was the slow dance, but Adam had to leave. Jenna and Adam were next to each other. Adam was going to slow dance with her, but his friends came along and said they had to go. Adam wanted to dance with her, but he couldn't. "Er.....I got to go, now..." Adam siad. "Oh...okay. Bye, Adam," she said. "Bye," he said back and he and his friends left the last school dance.

Chapter 5 April 19, 2003

Adam and Jenna

Adam went on the computer in the morning and he saw that Jenna was online. "Hey," he said and she said hey back. "So...uh...i have a quesiton. If I didn't have to leave early....would you of slow danced with me?" She said, "Uh huh." Adam smiled. "I have another question.." Adam started, "did you like going to the dance with me?" "Yup. Actually it was the greatest one I every went to. At the other dances, I was just hanging out with my friends and not doing anything. Then when I went with you, I had a great time!" she said. "I have to ask you one more question..." Adam said, "do you want to...go out with me?" Adam was all nervous on what she was going to say. "YES!" she said at last. "Really?" he said. "Yeah," she said back. "Kool!" Adam said. "I got to go, now," Adam said and they both said goodbye to each other and Adam signed off. Adam was so glad that he was going out with Jenna.

Chapter 6 May, June, July, August, Semptember 19, 2003


On May 19, Adam gave Jenna a silver, heart shaped locket that went around her neck. On June 19, Jenna gave him a card. On July 19, Jenna gave him a triple barrel yard keychain. On August 19, Adam gave her a bracelett with her name on it in blue and Jenna gave him a bag of chocolate. On September 19, Jenna gave him handcuffs. So far, its been 5 months they've been going out and now they are in 8th grade.

Chapter 7 September 30, 2003

The Time Has Come

The school year for 8th grade has started. Adam's first period was Computer class in room 129 with Ms. Colca. He saw his old pal, Joe Witaker. "Hey, Joe!" he siad. "Hey, Adam!" he said back. Ms. Colca was a tall, skinny woman. She was really nice to the class. "Hello, everyine," she said. She explained more rules in the class. The bell rang and Adam looked at his schedule. His 2nd period was math with Mrs. Mullane in room 104. He found out what Jenna's second class was. It was Social Studies in room 103. So she was across from him. Mrs. Mullane looked like a nice lady. She was. She did the same thing with Mrs. Colca (explaining some more rules). Same with Mrs. Mariani, Science. After Science, it was lunch time. Adam and Jenna walked to the cafeteria together and saw their friend, Quincy. “Hey, Quincy,” they said. “Hey,” he said back. They sat down by thier other friend, D’yana. “Hey, guys,” she said. “Hey,” the three said to her. They sat down at a lunch table. They were just talking and stuff. Laurie came by the table and sat. “Hey, Laur,” they said. “Hey,” she said back. They all ate lunch and now it was time for ILT. Laurie, Adam and Quincy had band ILT, Jenna had ILT in room 131, Study. D’yana had ILT in room . ILT was over and now, Adam had Social Studies, Jenna had Algebra, Laurie had , D’yana had and Quincy had . Social Studies was kind of boring for Adam. He almost fell asleep. The bell rang, finally and Adam had 2 periods with Ms. Fabregas in room 116. Jenna, Laurie, Adam and Quincy were the same class together. The 2 periods went by fast and so did 8th period. Adam, Jenna and Laurie saw Daniel outside so they went by him. “Hi, Adam!” A little girl’s voice said it. It was Amanda. “Amanda, what are you doing here?” Adam said. “I don’t know. Just wondering off. Mom knows I’m here, so don’t worry. So, Jenna, I heard your going out with my borther?” she said. “Amanda, shut.....” But before Adam could finish his sentence, all 5 of them heard the voices again. “Master, the portal is reading now! Now! It is ready! Now! Master! Master! Master! The portal, the portal, it’s ready! Master!” said the voice. “I hear you, Gumri!!!” said the raspy voice and then, the 5 of them saw a vision of what happened. They saw the Devil and a little goblin sort of creature. The Devil took his black trident/pitchfork and a bright light came out of it and striked on Gumri. “Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!” said Gumri. As soon as the smoke cleared, nothing was there but a pile of ashes from the little goblin, Gumri.

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Clearing Up... [23 Sep 2003|03:52pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Like a Virgin by Madonna ]

My last entry is not insults or offence to Laurie. It's what I've felt and thought. I never said anything bad. Maybe the poser thing but I mean like everyone poses. Read my words carefully and you'll see there's nothing to be offended by. I never said Laur isn't a bFF anymore. PLEASE READ WITH CAUTION.

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From Lovesick to Tearful [22 Sep 2003|09:08pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Baby Boy by Beyonce ]

Amanda's party was great... his house is kool. He's family's really nice. Some were a lil creepy. His cousin's are kool. His mom kept trying to feed me. I sat on Adam while he was at the computer. I think he liked it too much. His sister got an electric guitar. Went in Adam's room. Trashed it a bit. Went through his underwear. His cousin threw it out the window. There so much more I can say about that party, but the mood I'm in... He looked so cute with his dragon shirt and his hair. Yeah.. We've become so perverted around each other and I'll keep that to Adam and me. Sunday was just great.. I basically spent it with Adam. Laur kinda ditched us. It was filled with hugs and laughter. I just love his hugs... I feel safe in his arms. I practically close my eyes while hugging him. And after those 2 heart warming days... you'd think life would only get better. Today I found out that at the end of the school year, my mommy and I will be going to the Philippines. None of my friends seemed to care. I told Adam and well.. he was just playing around and acting like he didn't give a shit. Got me pissed. I was on his back about "not caring." I went a little too far... I know he cares...why did I go beyond the limit? Well, I hurt his feelings and I feel like shit. And of all people, u'd think I'd know when he was joking around. He thought that too and well he said he was wrong and that just made me feel like shit. I'm sorry Adam.. I know it's a silly thing to be fighting over. I just hope you forgive me... I luv you hun..I really do.

I'm sorry Laur, but I can't stand talking about you behind your back. I'm sick of tired of her ditching me. 7th grade, she was like Ashley. Well, I thought she was. But I realize she wasn't Ashley. She was stil Laur, but she changed. She doesn't act silly like she always does. I think the only word I can say is a lil bitchy at times. I'm sick of her putting down some of the things I say like how I explained my blurty. She so acted like she didn't like my blurty when she asked, "Don't you think your blurty is a little boring?" I feel like she uses me sometimes with Alan. Like over the summer she was only comfortable in front of Alan when I was there. I feel bad for Alan since they're only half going out. "Hey Jen, I'm going to the mall." Oh yea.. WAIT dont tell me. You're taking Ashley, right?? Right? She gets mad when Ashley puts Annette and Lindsay first. How does she think I feel sometimes. To tell you the truth, I'd care less if she'd put me first because I'm so used to it. Now it's this whole poser thing. I look at poser as an "ok" word. It says something about you, might not nessarily being bad. To me, it means changing urself to fit with whats in or just liking it and changing it cause you like it.Supposedly, someone wrote in Ashley's journal about her and Laur being posers. Stick up for them? No. I'm not butting into it and plus, they're kinda posers if you looked at my definition. Not offending them. Not saying they're so bad imma lock them up in jail! It's just how I look at things. I betcha when Laur reads this, she'll say how weird and stange I am just writing in my blurty. Sigh... Sad to say... when people ask me who my best friends are, I say D'yana and Quincy. I'm sry for hurting your feelings Laur. I know I did just by writing all this crap.

I'm going to regret everything I just wrote. I did it for you Laur. Now you know.

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Woo! 5 Months [19 Sep 2003|03:52pm]
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Today's 5 months for Adam and me. HAPPY 5 MONTHS, HUN!

Today was an interesting day. My alarm went off at 6:30. Or course, I turn it off the go back to sleep. Before I did that I just turned on the TV and the compu. I laid peacefully in bed. Then the phone rang. Ehh.. I struggled to get up and well.. it was Adam. He said he woke up at 5. Eww.. he just wakes me up and shit. Went online and it was a delay opening for school due to the weather. It turned out to be a beautiful day. I GOT TO MISS GYM. Wooo!! The day seemed normal after that. During Study.. I wrote a little something in Adam's planner because I was just SO bored. I finished reading my book from the bookfair. People are surprised I finished it within a 2 day period. After school, I stopped by the library to get something for Amanda's party tomorrow. I ended up getting her a sketchbook and a 4 ink pen. Hope she likes it. Walked home after school and gave Adam his handcuffs. Ehh.. HE DIDN'T SAY THANK YOU. That asshole.. Dragged along his other cousin Anthony. He's like the cutest little thing, but the attitude of a brat. But he's adorable. I kept giving him hugs and saying, "We're going to be the best of pals!" Robert is scared to death of me and well it took a while to give him a few hugs. I was about to leave and started walking. Hehe... I forgot about Adam. "Hey! Where's my hug?" he asked sadly. Oops. :-D I gave him a hug. He owes me 8 kisses (don't ask) and he's like "Yea I know." Did he give them to me? NO. I was mad and tried to go away but he kept holding on to me. So at the end he wanted a kiss. Yeah... yeah... I gave it to him. I kidna missed his lips. I was a little off. Oh well..

Yesterday was an interesting day. Mike finally wanted to be friends. He said I was "upgraded" from semi-friend to friend. We share the same interests in horoscopes, tarot, mythology, and all that other stuff. I brough my tarot cards for him to borrow, but he wanted to buy them himself. He seems nicer and easier going now. Before he was always quiet and never talked to me. Kool! I have a tarot buddy!

Tomorrow's Amanda's party. I'm going to be in for a big Italian party. Wish me luck ;)

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Hmmm.... Thinking [17 Sep 2003|05:41pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | So Yesterday by Hilary Duff ]

Yesterday, stayed after with Adam for remedial. Hehe.. I don't like walking home alone. On the way home, his mom picked us up. He kinda got in trouble for not telling Robert about after school. Saw Jon (Adam's friend) walking home and grabbed him too. He looks EXACTLY like Josh. EXACTLY LIKE JOSH. Had to wait for Amanda too. We were just talking in the car. I kinda annoyed the hell out of Adam's mom by talking and talking. Looks like it wasn't such a "happy ever after" thing with Adam's parents. They broke up inbetween. Met other people. Now that I think about it with knowing this information, hey! anything's possible.

Today was a half day. Book fair too. We didn't have enough time during class to find books so Adam and me went after school. Thing is, we forgot about Robert again. Oops. The plan for today was to go bike riding, but Adam couldn't come because he had to look out for his cuz at home. Eh... Walked home and went to the bagel station. Got my usual bagel and cream cheese with Sprite. Picked up Cheetos. Adam took the last White Cheddar popcorn. Ehh.. Ended up going to waste anyway. While walking home, Adam was throwing his popcorn at all of us. I just took out my Sprite, opened it, and aimed. Hehe... GOTCHA!! I got him by surprise. Hehehehe.. He tried to wet be back but he couldn't. I was just a tiny bit wet. Nothing big. Hehe. I didn't feel like hugging him because he was wet. He hugged me twice to get me wet, but I still wasn't wet. Then I just wanted to give him a hug and kissed him good bye. He was about to do the same and I moved away. I'm so mean! When he finally got to, my hair was in the way and just kissed my hair. Ehh... it was fun.

Well I ended up getting How to Disappear Completely And Never Be Found by Sara Nickerson. I heard it was a relaly good book and got it. Adam just got posters. He got a dragon poster too. I really wished we could've went bike riding. Beautiful day.

Back to school night. Yea... my parents never go.

Sometimes I don't get when Adam wrote "Adam and Jenna 4ever" at the park, then say he's not sure if we'll last that long. Ehh.... it bugs me sometimes and I have no clue why.

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Missed My Chance [15 Sep 2003|07:27pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Together Again by Janet Jackson ]

Well, I know Adam won't read this entry because he's sick and punished the whole week. SO I CAN WRITE WHATEVER SHIT I WANT TO WRITE BOUT HIM. Nothing bad :-D Yesterday was actually a fun day. I went to Laur's around 11 and we watched a movie. There was all this food and I only ate half. We watched Sleepy Hollow. Very interesting movie. Cutting people's heads off. Interesting. Around 1, I called Adam to go bike riding and ehh... he was worried about his hair. I told him to do his hair at Laur's house. He came and he did his "gel thing" with his hair to make it look "pretty." Ehh.. he uses a BLOWDRYER. Not saying that he can't, but like he's the first guy I know who uses a blowdryer for his hair. Anywho... we lit candles. Safety matches are GOOD. We were lighting them outside and I got one to light! Then I got scared because I used matches before and burned my finger. The wind ended up blowing it up. Laur was playing with her candles and Adam and me were just on the couch. I don't get why he'd like it if I sat on him. Not that I have a problem with it... Anywayz, we went back to watching the end of the movie. Gross kiss at the end. Alan kept calling. Went to the park and ended up going back to Laur's because she had some chores to do. Adam and me were just hitting each other with pillows while watching TV in Laur's room. He got sweat all over the pillow I hit him with. It looked like he made out with it. Ehh.. We kept banging heads on the bed crib thing. WHATEVER U CALL IT. Laur tried seperating us. We end up lieing next to each other on the bed looking up at Laurie's wall (it have clouds on it). I just moved a little closer so my head was on his top arm, shoulder. Ehh.. I won't if he gets annoyed with that. I kinda broke my chain and the locket was in my shirt. Laur kicked us out. We went to my house. Poured water on Adam. Laur called. Quincy called. Alan called. All meeting at Mt. Prospect Park. On the way, Adam and me found the ice cream truck!! I got a lemon-lime tornado which looked like something... and he got a great white. It was melting in my hand while riding and my hands were all sticky. Alan came about 3 minutes after we did. We were writing all over the playground thing before Laur and Quinc came. Adam made "Adam and Jenna 4ever" darker and put a heart around it. I called Laur, wondering where she was and kinda hinted Alan was with us. We were all just hanging out. Laur was talking to Alan. I was with Adam under the canipy. Quinc was somewhere. Alan went home for dinner. Looking down the hill under the canipy with Adam. His arm was around me. Errrr.... I wanted to kiss him soo bad at Laur's house and at the park. Did it happen? Nope. Ehh.. Laur took my highlighter and started scribbling stuff everywhere. I was just hugging Adam from behind. Does he even like that? IDK. Do I care? YES. Laur added some pictures to this..... yeah and so it got late and we all went home. Got home and Adam was late soming back. Grounded. Laur got home. Quinc got home. Forgot to study for Algebra. Oopsy. The test wasn't that bad.

Adam wasn't at school today. I'm only guessing he was sick and he was. In Language Arts class, I read the "I Am" poems on the wall that our class had made and I read Adam's. He told me it ended up into a love poem but there was only one line that had to do anything with "love." Well.. for me that is.. He wrote "I really care about my girlfriend." I felt guilty after reading that because I was embarassed to write anything about him in my poem. Aw... I'm sorry hun. You know I care so much about you... I hope. I decided to see what was up and just packed my stuff quickly and ran to his house after school. I kidna got lost at first but found his house. He had a fever and a headache. Aww... my poor baby. His dogs attacked me. Tasha ended up not liking me. Katie's adorable!!! I wanted to hug Adam so bad, but he was sick... Err.. Just like grab him and kiss him. Eh.. I ran home all tired and it looks like mommy didn't notice. She better not find out.


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Through Her Eyes With Life [14 Sep 2003|08:48am]
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[ music | Don't Wanna Try by Frankie J ]

I was talking to Laur last night about how my close friends have spread out and made new friends. Like Quincy. Quincy has new friends and met more girls (haha). D'yana met a whole new group of people. Mostly the girls from last year were in her classes this year. Laur was surprised when I said she seperated too and she sure did. She met a COMPLETELY different group of friends. She's the only one out of the 3 who doens't sit with us at lunch. Dee, Quinc, and me sit together at one table and she's at the table behind us. And well me... I kinda stayed and didn't completely seperate. The only difference is Adam's with me 24/7. I'm lonely in the morning when everyone's in the back. Laur's with her friends, Dee's with her spanish girls, and Quinc is with Blake. I started hanging out with Mike, but I'm giving that up now. When me or Mike aren't there in the morning, he just hangs out with his old friends. Sometimes I wonder why he doesn't hang out with them all the time. Then again, I kinda know why. I'm just left behind and lonely. I'm not exactly the most likable person. I'm EXTREMELY weird and loud. There are some chances I love taking, and some chances I just can't. If I wasn't always talking to Adam, bike riding with him, or just going out with him, I'd be really alone. I'm glad he's there. I'm not saying all my other friends aren't. They're always there, but they have other friends too. Not just me. I can't expect all their attention.

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Crowd of People [13 Sep 2003|05:40pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | ...Reached for the Gun fr. Chicago ]

Stuck in a crowd of people
I can't think
I can't breathe
I just worry

That crowd is filled
With the same people
All pretty
All better...

I want to be them..
But I'm not
And I feel so alone.....


Sometime I think I'm going to be one of those girls Adam dumps for another. Ehh... I always looks at the bad side. I always expect something bad so I'm not completely disapointed when it happens. IDK.... He might find girl he thinks is prettier, hotter, BETTER... I'm just saying that something bad always happens to me.

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