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    Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
    9:49 pm
    My Thoughts For Today
    Today was hectic as it's almost time for school. My focus has been on the boys as they are starting a new school for the first time and I'm nervous about how they make out. But with all that in mind, I still have my mind full of thoughts of the girls. This may be (hopefully) Diane's last year in high school. It's going to be tough for her to pull it all together but I'm hoping that she can do it and make up for all the years in school that she struggled and slacked off. I'm also thinking about Stephanie a lot. She is at such a difficult age right now. Too young for some things and too old for other things. Sometimes when I look at her I see so much into her future. I think she is going to be the child that goes to places that the others may not. She's bright, pretty and has alot of potential. Stephanie is someone that I smile about even though she doesn't see it all the time. And that's the truth.
    Tomorrow I have a busy day. I have to go to the bank in the morning and then I have to go back to St Marks to do the final registration for the boys. This weekend will be very very very in†eresting as I am colouring Stephanie's hair blonde. I hope it turns out nice for her. I cut it tonight and I think it looks really nice. She coloured her hair a while ago and coloured it dark brown. But I prefer it to be on the blonde side. She likes to wear a lot of pink and it looks especially nice on her when she has light coloured hair. I just know it'll look nice for the beginning of school.
    I'll write again soon.
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