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orangutang [21 Jan 2004|10:12pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | rooney- if it were up to me ]

dudddeee i like lance again. he still likes me too. i have noooooo idea whats goin on or whats gonna happen but alie is all mad at me cuz of it.... alie dont be mad be glad lol that i dont really want alex anymore. he's really not good for me anyway. but yeah, today was pretty interesting i guess. ok not really it wasn't but i did step all over austins ugly ass perfectly perfect peace sign converse's ahahahahaaa. dude hes like tryin to pull of this emo punk kid think and u know it just doesnt fit. because he listens to metallica... if anyone should be wearing ties and converse it should be me cuz my fav band is rooney :). anyways.... im actually gonna go do my homework yippy yi go me!!!! and then to bed. sooooooooo lateeeeeeeeerrrrrrr


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today [20 Jan 2004|09:29pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | some really shitty celine dion song ]

wellllll lets see. i got to school with my beautifully put together collage. actually it wasn't but you know what's sad? it was better than everyone else's that i saw and it only took me like an hour to make mine. alex came to school this morning looking so high but he was just tired i think. he looked like he was about to die seriously. its funny cuz i didn't see him the rest of the day. i normally see him like 3 or 4 times and i only saw him once that morning. anyways.... in algebra we started something new thats really easy thank god even though im probably failing kirby's class cuz i never turn in my homework. but seriously, the teacher wears the same thing to school. every single day. i have yet to see her out of her normal black/blue straightlegged pants and plain white collared shirt. yeah im gonna like find out when her birthday is and send her a pair of pink sweat pants that she can wear to teach in because that woman needs some color in her wardrobe lol. in science i took a test that i didn't stufy for but i think i made an a or a b on it. oh well if i didn't it doesn't really matter anyway lol. in band we listened to mr. piecuch talk and i always love our class discussions because they actually interest me. and we sightread a piece of music called guachara or something like that. me and tara played our asses off and it was the SHIZZLE. im pretty sure me and tara are sitting next to each other on the bus to atlanta which is cool cuz me and her are becoming pretty good friends and we get along welll.... besides her always knocking me over in front of everyone like she did today. again. we had a fire (like a real fire--some idiots started a fire in the science hallway near the boys bathroom) and it gave me a chance to talk to mr. piecuch while we were outside. :) in theory we had homework that i REAAALLLY didn't understand but yeah deven (or devon however you spell his name) was like all over me it was weirrrrddd anyways.... at lunch we were having a mini food fight at our table. haha i threw an apple core at lance!!!! in health i had to do some stupid evaluation ranking status thing... im not quite sure what it was but i never got a chance to present my collage. oh well. in english we had a sub and we were supposed to be watching a video on john f kennedy speeches but of course you know we were talkin cuz we had a sub... yeah me and joseph played mash and madeline taught me a new way of folding a note. its really cool! in band rehearsal mr. sullivan was gettin all pissy cuz we werent reading well at all but personally i dont really care about him because he smelled like a fart today anyways lol. i went home and watched last nights american idol that i recorded, old school, and part of the sweetst thing. then i had dixie cafe for dinner and called alie. we three wayed tara, tj, lance, and madeline, and none of them knew how to do the theory homework. soooo i decided to call mr. piecuch and he helped me understand and he called me very polite *squeal!* lol i sound like i have a crush or something lol. well i did that homework and then i did my physical science project which is really really bad.... i mean c'mon... bob the salt shaker man? im just reallly not good at making creative names or writing imaginative stories... im probably gonna fail that project. oh well!!!!!!! grrr got school tomorrow but theres supposed to be a new hot guy! but he has a gf so he sucks. jason! i wonder if its jason moore. i guess we'll find out!!! hehehahahahahaaaaaa

welllll i gotta go call alie like i told her i would, so lataaaaaaaa!!!!!!!


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hannibal [19 Jan 2004|09:04pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | outkast- hey ya ]

heeyyyyyyy the movie was the shizzle and right now im tryin to make a stupid collage for my DUMB COUNTRY ASS HEALTH TEACHER!!!!
look at these question marks. don't they just look cool?
yeah they do. but anyways i gotta go do this stupid project.

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wheeeee [19 Jan 2004|02:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | saliva- rest in pieces ]

omg it snowed today! but then it stopped. damnit. and dude i went into my sisters room looking for my necklace and i found 7 of my books, my stapler, my scissors, a pair of my socks, 3 pairs of my underwear, and 2 OF MY THONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grossssssssssssssssssssssss omg thats just plain nasty omg....
I'm gonna go see a mervie today. Me, Alie, Ashley (my sis), and Rachel are seeing Along Came Polly at 5:05 but I have to pick up Alie so I'm leaving at like 4:30. I want Amber to go but because her and Alie are quarreling, it's not possible :(. It's so sad, cuz I've never seen a movie with Amber before.... isn't that just awful? I mean we've been best friends for almost 2 years... and now she's my wifey again. We need to go check out some movie sometime. :) I really wanna see Butterfly Effect but it's rated R so I can't go. My sis is 17 but she doesn't have an id cus she can't drive... and I look older than her hahahaa.
Right now I'm talkin to Lance about the whole Leah situation and he keeps laughing at me and you know what? It's not funny!!!!! How would you like it if someone of the same sex had a crush on you and you just found out?!?! And we were becoming good friends... which is kind of weird.... That's another reason why I'm glad we aren't friends. Hahahahaha I'm freakin Lance out tellin him all the stuff she's done... this is funny, but seriously if I had only known....
anyways.... sean is coming back to school even though I don't know why they are letting him because if you're caught on campus with any kind of drug it's an automatic expulsion. And truthfully I don't want to see him back at the school anyway. I bet if it was a black guy they would of expelled him right then and there. IM SO SICK OF THESE RACIST IDIOTS GRRR!!! lolol sorry I just get worked up.

Anyways.... I gotta go get ready for the movies so I'll update later!


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ummmmm yeah my journal entrrrrray [18 Jan 2004|10:10am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | tonic- if you could only see ]

oh my gawd its been awhile since ive updated this journal... ima use this one again since i dont really like my new one cuz its so freakin boring my god.... anyways things have happened since i last updated. i got 1st chair at all west, went out with lance for awhile then broke up with him (dont ask) and now i like someone named alex that has a girlfriend. oh welll, oh yeah and me and leah got married but i divorced her and we arent friends anymore. oooooo and i just finished honor band where i got 1st chair there too. :) and now im jus bored.......

well uh newayz ima go make a cd cuz i really dont have anything else better to do! byeeeee

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[28 Nov 2003|11:33am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Justin Timberlake- Cry me a River ]

I just woke up like 30 minutes ago. I slept for 12 hours... lol. I don't wanna go to school on Monday! And I definetely don't wanna do all that makeup work that's waiting for me. You know how I woke up? My sister knocked on my door and told me that Mr. Karabell was on the phone for me. I've got a lesson today... ehh at 2:00 and I haven't practiced since Tuesday. Oh well. I personally don't give a gosh darn. Another thing that makes me mad: because of my lesson, I'll have to miss part of the LSU & Arkansas game! :( That makes me very very sad. I wanna watch every second of my boys beating the heck out of them tigers! Ergh... Mr. Karabell just RUINS my life. Lol j/k
I'm gonna make my dad go to the video store. I want to rent Bruce Almighty, The Labyrinth, and Center Stage. It's been FOREVER since I've seen Center Stage and I reaaally miss it. It's definetely one of my favorite movies.

Yeah, it's really really awesome. Ballet movies are just COOL! (Considering I took ballet for 9 years...) I miss it sometimes though. I stopped dancing when I moved to Memphis. Sounds very Save the Last Dance-ish doesn't it? Well... except for the fact that my mom didn't die...
Anyways... I'm extremely bored. Only because Alie isn't here. We talk on the phone. CONSTANTLY! So, you must see how I miss it.

But yeah... i'm hungry so I'm gonna go get some leftovers lol. BYE!
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Haha Memegen's are FUN! [27 Nov 2003|10:27pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Ashanti- Happy ]

Oh I just looove Memegen's. Look at this one:

Your Future Sex Life by electronicoffee
Favorite Postion?You're going to looove giving oral!
Secret Fetish?You'll have your man lick your ears...
Age that you will lose your virginity?16
Bedroom Talent?You're going to know how to give orders
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Lol...... that's kind of odd.... I'm a little scared by that, aren't you?

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Feeling Quizzy. [27 Nov 2003|01:37pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]
[ music | Christina Aguilera- "Dirrty" ]

What better way to spend Thanksgiving? (besides eating turkey (or chicken or ham), cranberries, candied carrots, green beans, corn pudding, corn bread, and pumpkin pie) Why of course! Spending the whole day taking online quizzes!

You are Orange.
You are outgoing and optomistic. You always try to
find the bright spot in everything. You are
energetic and people are naturally attracted to
you. However, you are not always sure of what
your purpose or goals are.
Most Compatible With: Fresh Mint

Which Tic-Tac Flavor Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are DORY!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Lord of the Rings!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Jasmine from Aladdin!

What Disney Princess are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Jello [27 Nov 2003|12:46am]
[ mood | sympathetic ]
[ music | Dawson's Creek Theme Song ]

Hey. Guess what? Lance and Chanera have been broken up for like 4 weeks and I had no idea until Amber told me. OMG if I had known before... well it doesn't matter what I'd done before. All that matters is what I'm going to do now. You'll see! Ima put it ALL out there.... lol.

Me n Am argued for a little yesterday over Lance... but it's over now. Thank goodness... I don't want to break the chain with her. That would make me so sad... She's a great friend. So is Alie, but Amber... she takes the cake. And Mere does too... (Alie you know I'm just playin... I love you just as much as everyone else)

I didn't do anything at all today... I sat at home and watched TV and talked on the phone, till about 8. I went up to my mom's work and I helped her decorate the place for Christmas. I met this cool guy Kevin that works for her, and Ozzy & Eddie. They're really nice too. I talked to Alie and Am pratically the whole time while I was down at Dixie. My sister was being so mean to Amber. She kept calling her ugly because of her birthmark, and nothing about that is true. I love her birthmark lol! It gives Amber a whole lot of character, and she wouldn't be the same without it! My sister's just evil.

Okay... Kevin is seriously like infatuated with Mere, and she knows about it now. He's upset because he really likes her, and she is upset, because all the guys that fall for her are wrong for her. I mean, it's long distance. I'm trying to give her advice, but it's not working too well. I tried...

OMG I got to watch DAWSON'S CREEK this morning! I was so excited... I haven't seen that show in the longest. It was great. Pacey is so fine, and I LOVE HIM! GOD I WANT HIM SO BAD! But I want Santa more...

Ya well, I think I'm gonna go. I'm super tired (THANKS FOR ASKING ALIE)


Oh yeah.... one more thing... ALIE, YOU'RE NEVER GONNA BE JELLO!

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[24 Nov 2003|10:15pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | Ludacris- What's Your Fantasy? ]

Hey... I'm really bored. I seriously don't know who I like. It's getting kind of annoying too. I just want a boyfriend... a boyfriend! PLEASE?! Can anyone hear me? JUST SOMEONE FREAKING ASK ME OUT ALREADY! I'm a'feelin lonely... Anyways, the tuba guy at orchestra likes Leah. He said that even if he could get with her, it'd be like statuatory rape. He's ugly anyway...

Look at this picture. Bran said that it looks like I'm having an orgasm... not exactly...

Yeah, it's quite odd. Look at my toes... god they're so freaking long.

Ok sorry that was random...

Anyways... Austin cut his hair and he loooooks SOOOOOOO GAAAAYYY! It looks really really bad, seriously. Like woah.

Haha, but before I slip away, this is a chat that me n mUr had earlier:

FemmeDencens (8:59:10 PM): boo
LiN x z x 07 (8:59:12 PM): ty
FemmeDencens (8:59:15 PM): call
LiN x z x 07 (8:59:20 PM): WRONG NUMBA
FemmeDencens (8:59:26 PM): o hell yeah!

Haha.... we're so odd.

Well, I best be going.

SANTA IS A SEXY BEAST! I want his body.
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