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    Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
    8:11 pm
    Long day
    So today... well another wensday? sure.. I got up at 10:30.. went downstairs no one was here since they had to drop tim(my momshusband) to the airport hes going to florida..break from that YAY.. So then I got dressed and all that ashley came over and we hung out for like 3 hrs? idk..soyeah we chilled. Had some lunch and watched " Cheaper by the Dozen" I have seen that movie like 2x now haha. its great. I get to talk to davey!! At like 10 though since hes still in TX not so bad tho. really! just reallly miss him! Italked to Chase today, we have been bestfriends for a while and he was at work but he can get online so we had a long talk today about how he was forced to believe one thing and now that has been in college he is discovering whether or not he still wants to be methodist. It was pretty interesting and we talked about The Da Vinci code. He's reading it so0o0o.. yeah Then I went for a 2 1/2 mile jog im so tired now. i wasnt sure i could actually do it but i didnt stop once! Im soo proud of myself haha anyways im out for the night ..peace
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