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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

Subject:Scott --- Love or hate?
Time:1:34 am.
Mood: loved.
Music:"Counting Airplanes" -Train.
Dear Diary,

So you're probably wondering about this whole "Scott" thing.

Well, there's a fine line between love and hate.

One minute I love him, the next I hate him, and then a few seconds after that we're all over each other and we never want to let go.

You see, the whole thing started a while ago, when he first kissed me. After he did it he said, "I never should have done that."

It broke my heart.

I told Professor Xavier about it, about all my jumbled up feelings. He gave me alot of advice. It was good advice.

Advice that made me fall in love with Logan.

But even I after being with Logan, and telling Logan that I loved him.

I never forgot about Scott. I really thought I was over him. But, I never was.

I acted like I hated him, I guess cause I was trying to disguise my true feelings, trying to cover up the pain. I even threw a shoe at him once. It just got him mad.

Logan told me that Scott liked me, that he had a thing for me, but that me and Scott didn't belong.

I wonder if Logan just said that, cause he didn't want me to go back to Scott, but he wanted me to feel good at the same time.

Then, I saw Scott, it was like, yesterday. We were out in the garden, and we just clicked.

And now I love Scott all over again, and this time, he loves me.

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Time:4:20 pm.
LEO - Your sweetness is appreciated, but don't go overboard with that. It's a day to stand your ground. Refuse to back away from a confrontation with co-worker, as you are in the right. Make a budget, and stick to it.
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Blurty for Scott loves Charmaine --- Charm.

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