damn skippy   
09:12am 30/07/2003
  ya know, i apologize for not coming out with it the second after i couldnt take that shit anymore, but i jus wanted to sit back and watch for a lil while longer......just to watch and make sure its not just me, and that u really are pullin some gay shit on people, and have done so for a while now. i'm not mad anymore, i dont really care, i just want you to realize what you're doing. hopefully you'll see things in a mature manner and take in what ur doing and fix it, and not go for the next month not talking to me cuz i'm "such an asshole". you know i'm not really and asshole; i care for you more than i can express, which is why things between you and me can be so upsetting. and yeh, i shoulda just told you what was up.....i know, but........shit didnt happen that way. what can ya do?

last night.....when i finally started talkin, you walked away. real cool. another thing you need to take in is.......theres no one on this earth that you have to impress. not me, not anyone. if u care enough, just dont let me down. thats it. nothing more........i mean, i dont give a fuck about impressing you or anyone else. they dont like me as just plain me, thats their problem, not mine. and yeh, there's gonna be times that you let down the people you care about most....it happens un-intentionally, and yeh it sucks, but it happens. and i know that, which is why i dont care anymore about the way you've done things as far as guys go. i just want you try and fix it. thats not much to ask, and it will be to your benefit, not really mine. if you care to talk anymore, i'm here. don't go without talking to me because "ahh he's been bein a dick". if you really wanna avoid the person who's lookin out for you and others, not much i can do bout that. but i'd advise you not to. thatd be pretty fucked.

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