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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

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    Mommy Dearest
    I think my mommy has lost her ever loving mind. Either that or the woman is going through menopause. Seriously, she is overly depressed, calls my sis acting like a total nut job. Talking about mothers day, which I can understand except for the fact that my mom has never ever asked for a single thing on Mother's Day. Never. So it kinda took me by surprise. Then she gave us a different home address telling us to send her stuff there, incase she isnt there. She's been with my stepdad for almost 7 years, why wouldnt she be there? I dunno what's wrong with this crazy crazy woman but she done gone and lost her mind. Well I cant write much on this I'm in class and all that good junk. Kinda sucks cause it's my first entry but, what can ya do. ~toodlez~

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