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    Tuesday, October 11th, 2011
    8:28 pm
    You better grab a hold and hold on for your life because you don't get lucky twice.
    Sunday, July 1st, 2007
    9:00 pm
    So, i am apparently not a trend setter.
    but i'm here to talk, and you can sayy whatever you want.
    i'm a good listener.. or reader in this case, but i'm here..
    so hey :]
    Sunday, January 7th, 2007
    9:41 pm
    "At the end of the day faith is a funny thing.
    It turns up when you don't really expect it.
    It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale
    may be slightly different than you dreamed.
    The castle, well, it may not be a castle.
    And it's not so important happy ever after,
    just that its happy right now.
    See once in a while, once in a blue moon,
    people will surprise you , and once in a while
    people may even take your breath away. "
    Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
    6:24 pm


    Monday, December 25th, 2006
    8:59 pm
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    Thursday, November 30th, 2006
    8:53 am
    Monday, September 18th, 2006
    11:35 am
    ugh. bored. sick. home alone. fun.

    adddd meeeee :)

    Spinning around and around
    Until my left was my right and up became down.
    With just one look you knocked me off of my feet.
    So unable to speak. Oh how you made me weak.
    Though it was a while ago, I still can recall.
    That moment so ready, and waiting to fall.
    Can you take me back in time
    remembering when you captured my heart?
    Over and over again.
    Monday, September 4th, 2006
    8:32 pm
    heyy maaaaaa
    Tuesday, August 29th, 2006
    8:32 pm
    guyfriend (8:30:12 PM): school is is for retarded. And the teacher just farted. All the kids in the school stupid. When i walk by the girls they act like they were hit by cupid. All the kids are allways drinking beer. I drink to but I aint queer. some girls are annoying. That you want to die in the morning. Some girls super hot. But no matter what i allways hit the spot. There are some pussy fights. And the some of the bitches bites. There are some stoners. Like justin who has a little boner. I put his mom over my knee and spanked her. And i made her cat pur.

    whatt kind of rapp is thatttt
    Saturday, August 5th, 2006
    9:39 pm

    my brother is going to the hospital :/
    Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
    5:42 pm
    so follow that tune.
    Friday, May 12th, 2006
    6:51 pm
    yeah i know you listen to this all alone up in your room
    and i know you love how all this musics about..

    my boyfriend well.. ex boyfriend
    just gave me the "it's not you it's me" line
    and i'm so fucking confused.
    all of a sudden he doesnt want a relationship
    ... i don't understand.. we we're fine and then bam!
    Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
    5:27 pm
    i've come this far
    but i can't go through with it
    because the truth would hurt
    too much
    this hurts too much
    4:26 pm
    willing and ready to prove the worst of everything you said about- so obviously desperate, so desperatly obvious. so good at setting bad examples. listen trick, i've had all i can handle.
    Monday, April 3rd, 2006
    5:09 pm
    your every smile is an opening night,
    a premier.
    you unveiling yourself.
    dont pretend you don't know what this is about.
    this is your face.
    this is what you think you know best.
    and luckily for us,
    this is all we will ever know of eachother;
    all we will ever care to know.
    beauty is a universal thing,
    it runs through our viens,
    pours beneath our fingertips.
    we hold on to one another-
    we can feel it.
    this is all you've ever wanted,
    Saturday, April 1st, 2006
    4:03 pm
    As I search these bare walls for a clue
    And all the time the truth is flashing in my mind
    That when a heart gets broken, ain't nothing you can do
    12:24 pm
    why would you want to change me? these imperfections made me..
    Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
    5:50 pm
    now you stumble round this drunken town
    on shops and city bars;
    telling tales of just how far you got.
    but they'll all know who you are.
    yeah; you're not so great.

    5:49 pm
    now you stumble round this drunken town
    on shops and city bars;
    telling tales of just how far you got.
    but they'll all know who you are.
    yeah; you're not so great.

    5:37 pm
    cause you only get so many second chances.

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