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FrIeNdZz OnLy....* [16 May 2004|07:12pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


This Journal is Friends only because many of the things that I say can get me into alot of trouble. I speak what's on my mind, I never censor myself, so if you got a problem with me bein brutally honest...it's best you X out!!

1. In order to be a friend you must have a blurty username, you can get one at blurty.com, then you will comment (click where it says hit this shit to comment on my journal) and I will add you to my friend list.
2. I update alot, so that means so should you.
3. If you want to be added, you must add me back.
4. I will comment on your journals alot, so you should comment on mine alot.
5. I'm a cool person and I have nothing to hold back, so please don't get offended with anything I have to say!!!
6. Please don't ask me to do a layout for you...seriously there are communities for that.

Thank you :-)

x0x erica x0x

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