libbi's Day

Monday, May 19, 2003


well, today i didn't do to well. i didn't do to well this whole weekend. i am having the worst time with what i'm eating and for some reason my husband feels the need to force me to eat. i was feeling great last week, drinking only water and eating only fruit and veggies. and then this week i've had more than my share of fast food. it sucks. i don't think he understands that if i don't do this correctly i will never be thin and beautiful. he's the one that always has the fantasy of long, thin legs and tight abs. i'm trying to be beautiful for him and myself. i wish he would understand. i guess he just doesn't because he has a perfect body and he eats whatever the hell he wants. bleh. it makes me so mad. and on top of everything i started my new job today and it sucks as well. i guess i might as well get used to it now.

Current mood: frustrated
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